Hell’s Nun

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Hell’s Nunsister Veronica was always a good girl. She was born in 1982 in rural Pennsylvania to a farm family, and spent most of her youth learning the value of hard work. Veronica loved reading, mostly the bible, but other books too. She loved Mark Twain and Emily Bronte. She enjoyed swimming in the big lake behind the farm. When she went to high school she joined the swim team and found that she had a talent for it. But she eventually quit, the day she was taking a shower with her team mates and realized she was spending a lot of time, too much time, staring at their bodies, entranced by every curve and corner. Every inch of female flesh made her feel… different, nervous, a little excited. Veronica knew what she had to do. A few years later she tucked her long red hair beneath a habit and became a sister. It was a hard simple life and Veronica loved it. The hard work reminded her of home and the simplicity was welcome too. She never found herself feeling things for her fellow sisters. Life was good. Although it quickly became more complicated when the Mother Superior, learning of Veronica’s vast love and knowledge of literature, had her transferred to an all-girls boarding school. Veronica worried that being surrounded by all those nubile young girls would remind her of her old swim team mates and it would become more difficult to be the good girl she always was.Morgyn was always a bad girl. Born in 1996 in suburban Pittsburgh to a church deacon and secretary, Morgyn was raised seriously Catholic. She spent most of her c***dhood in Sunday schools and church groups. It wasn’t until she became a teenager that she developed her own interests. Well, just one interest. Sex. At first, being raised religious, she thought she could deal with it. She could keep masturbating three or four times a day and just avoid boys. Then, of course, she found out that masturbating was just as serious a sin. And she decided there was no point to being good. It didn’t take long for it to get around that Morgyn was a wild c***d, fucking through school, over twenty boys and three teachers in a semester. Her parents knew they had to do something and quickly, so it was off to boarding school where she wreaked havoc for another few years, learning to hate the nuns who taught there. She hated no one more than the Principal sister Mary. But a close second was her senior year lit teacher sister Veronica.On the day it happened, sister Veronica had just kicked Morgyn out of her class for the fourth time that year. Morgyn had made a snide comment about how big Ivanhoe’s penis must be and sister Veronica had had enough. Morgyn cursed and stormed out.Later that evening it was Veronica’s turn for last evening checks in the dormitory. She wandered up and down the halls, making sure each girl was in her room for the night. She’d almost forgotten about the altercation with Morgyn until she came to her room, and saw something that shocked her.Although it shouldn’t have. She knew Morgyn was a bad girl. She just didn’t expect to see her pretending to study, poorly, as she gawped at a dirty magazine hidden in a text book. Veronica knew she should say something, but instead she found herself following her first instinct, to watch.Of course, she didn’t care a damn about the big hard pricks that she could easily see in the dirty magazine. Instead she watched Morgyn’s body as it heaved up and down with pleasure, panting as she turned each new page, exposing a new image to her satisfaction.Veronica watched as Morgyn slowly unbuttoned her uniform shirt, one button undone, then another, then another, and finally spreading it wide on her body, exposing her small bra-clad breasts. And Veronica watched as Morgyn slowly slid a finger down into her uniform skirt and moaned loudly as that finger found something to rub.Veronica big her lip. Slowly she reached under her own long robe and slid her plain white panties down to her knees. She knew what she was doing was wrong, but something came over her. Something impossible to avoid overcame her.It would be okay. She decided. She’d please herself quickly, then head back to her quarters, never to think of it again.She didn’t anticipate Morgyn saying “I know you’re watching me.” And she was shocked when she heard it. But she didn’t respond. So Morgyn said it again, “I know you’re…” a big heave of her breasts, “watching me.”Morgyn smiled to herself. She hand’t expected this. But she could sense the presence behind her. The only question she had was, what other student was it. Who else in the school was as naughty as her. She thought maybe the two of them could izmir escort team up, maybe finally convince that hot young priest to fuck them together. But she had to know who it was first, and their lack of a response wasn’t helping. “Don’t you want to join me?” She asked, turning around.Veronica could see the expression on Morgyn’s face as she turned and realized who was staring at her. It evolved from complete shock, to delighted shock, to total wicked delight.”sister!” Morgyn said, then suddenly not sure what to say next. “Um… come in. Please I promise it’ll be okay.” She didn’t know what she meant by that. At least, she knew it would be okay for her. Based on the look of guilt and uncertainty on Veronica’s face, she was in complete control of the situation.Veronica knew what she had to do. She had to pull up her underwear and get out of there immediately. But she was no longer in control of her actions, and found herself stepping through the doorway into Morgyn’s room. She’d never thought of Morgyn sexually before. She’d always just been a nuisance. But now the sight of her tight young body and her eager disposition made her somewhat irresistible. Veronica closed the door behind her. The two women were alone.For a second, Morgyn considered telling her to leave the door open. Maybe the sounds of moaning and screaming would attract the other students and they’d come join them in one big sweaty orgy. But no, she thought better of it. That would probably just scare Veronica off. And besides, there was plenty of time for that later. Right now the important thing was keeping the nun here, and establishing total dominance over her.”Tell me sister, which of these cocks do you like the most?” Morgyn said, holding up her dirty magazine, flipping the pages. “This thick black one? Or how about this uncut one?”Veronica was silent.And suddenly Morgyn realized that Veronica wasn’t looking at the pictures of naked men as much as she was looking at something else. When it hit her, she knew that this night would be easier and better than she’d even imagined.”Or do you prefer something like this?” Morgyn said, slowly letting her bra fall down from her shoulders, exposing her a-cups to Veronica. Veronica swallowed nervously as she stared at Morgyn’s stiff pink nipples. “It’s okay s*s. You know we can do whatever we want tonight?” Veronica looked at her confused. “Tomorrow we’ll both go to confession and it’ll all be forgotten, easy as that.”Veronica tried not to display that she was in total agreement with this plan, but it was plain on her face. Her mind was a whirlwind of confused emotions. She couldn’t stop staring at Morgyn’s nipples. She’d never been this close to a girl’s exposed nipples before. And the last time she was even in the same room as them, she tried quickly to leave. Now she was planning on doing something. Though she didn’t really even know what.”Tell me,” Morgyn smiled. “Would you like to lick my fingers as I masturbate?” She slid her hand back down into her skirt.Veronica stared at her hand under her skirt. Of course she knew there was only one proper answer. She should so “Absolutely not young lady and furthermore…” instead she nodded, and licked her lips as Morgyn pulled three wet fingers out from the top of her skirt, brought them close to her lips.And suddenly smacked them across Veronica’s face.Veronica’s face flung hard to the left. Her jaw dropped open in shock.”Too bad bitch!” Morgyn smiled. “You’re not going to get a taste of my pussy until you admit that you’re just as big a slut as I am.”Veronica was silent.So Morgyn slid her three fingers into her own mouth. “Mmmmm. and I taste so good. Mine is the best pussy I’ve ever tasted, and I’ve had a lot. Do you want to know how many girls I’ve eaten out?”Veronica was silent.”More than you will in your entire life. I promise you that. And this one, this pussy is the sweetest.” She slid her hand down into her skirt for another go. Then back out, then between her lips yet again.”What do you want me to do?” Veronica said quietly.”I want you to say that deep down you want to be a filthy slut.” Morgyn smiled, licking her own juices off her fingers. “But… only if it’s true.”Veronica didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know if it was true. She tried to not think about sex as much as possible. But maybe that meant it was true. She just didn’t now. But she decided, and quickly, that at least at this moment, watching Morgyn please herself, it was true.”It’s true” Veronica said.”Then say it.”Veronica took a deep breath. “Deep down… deep down… I want to be a filthy filthy slut. I really… oh god escort izmir I do.” She stared deeply at Morgyn.”Good” Morgyn responded. “You may taste my juices on my lips.”So Veronica let all her resistance go. She let it slip away from her, not to be worried about any more and she leaned in and pressed her lips against Morgyn’s. She tasted something there, more than saliva, more than sweat. She thought, that’s what pussy must taste like. And she loved it.Their tongues danced together for a long time as Morgyn slid her fingers down into her skirt to get more juice. She rubbed the juice on her left nipple, making clear wet streak across the pink flesh. “Now lick it off my nipple.”Veronica obeyed, sliding herself down the young girl’s body and rolling her tongue over her hard nipple. The sensation was wonderful. The taste of girl juice, the feeling of a hard nipple, the sound of Morgyn’s moans. It was more than she could have ever fantasized about.Then Morgyn slicked a line of wet juice across her armpit. “Keep going” She saidAnd Veronica did, licking up the line of wetness, tasting Morgyn’s s sweat and juices both at the same time. It was demeaning. It was degrading. Something about it made Veronica very pleased.Veronica felt her crotch fill with wetness. And she watched staring as Morgyn finally began pulling down her uniform skirt, revealing a pair of white panties. But that quickly went down to her knees too, exposing a soaked, bald pussy. It was the first pussy she’d seen besides her own in years. And the first one she allowed herself to truly stare at. Something about it took her by surprise.”Darling” Veronica heard herself say, a tremble in her voice “You’ve shaved all your hair.””Yeah” Morgyn laughed. “That’s what you’re supposed to do.”Veronica lowered her eyes. “Sorry darling I didn’t know.”Morgyn giggled again. “Why are you calling me ‘darling?'”Veronica suddenly felt embarrassed. “I don’t know. It’s just what came out I guess.””Would you like me to call you darling back?””Maybe” Veronica answered sheepishly.Morgyn leaned in and Veronica thought maybe she was going to kiss her or embrace her, that her streak of meanness was over.Instead she got slapped again. Hard across the face.”Cunt” Morgyn said, sliding a couple fingers back into her twat, making them wet, then pulling them out and immediately pushing them into her pale, puckered, asshole. “Now lick my juice from there.”The desire to refuse, the urge not to be treated horribly by Morgyn didn’t even enter Veronica’s mind this time. She simply did her duty, leaning in and slicking her tongue over Morgyn’s asshole.”Hey slut” Morgyn called down to her. “Nice try. But my fingers went in my ass and so will your tongue.”Another first. She’d never tasted another woman’s flesh, another woman’s juices, and now another woman’s ass. She pushed her tongue into it and upon hearing Morgyn’s loud moaning reaction, felt proud. She’d never one any of this before, but she was making someone moan already, like a good talented slut. Pleasing Morgyn made her feel wonderful.”Yes! Yes!” Morgyn started shouting “Fuck my ass with your tongue. Deeper!” So Veronica tried to push her tongue in as deep as possible “You want your tongue in my ass forever, don’t you?”And of course she couldn’t make it out in the slightest, but Morgyn knew that the noise Veronica made was her trying to say “yes”Morgyn felt her entire body fill with electricity. Her body shivered, her skin covered with goosebumps. She decided it was time to stop going so easy on Veronica.She sat up, pushing Veronica off her ass and to the floor. “She stared at the nun with equal parts lust and contempt. “Tell me your cunt belongs to me.””Darling…” Veronica hesitated. And her hesitation was met with a big wad of spit right on her forehead. As it dripped down her face she admitted. “My cunt belongs to you.””Now I want to see it” Morgyn demanded, sliding her panties off her knees, and her shirt off her elbows, making herself completely naked.Veronica started to undress.”NO!” Morgyn suddenly shouted. “Don’t you dare undress. I want you to keep that habit and that robe one. I want you to be reminded of the vows your breaking so terribly right now.”Veronica froze”In fact, you should watch yourself as you break them.” Morgyn grabbed Veronica, stood her up and walked her to a full length mirror in one corner of the room. Then, standing behind her, Morgyn slid Veronica’s robe up, exposing her red, hairy pussy. “There. That’s what I want to see.”Then she smacked it. Hard.Veronica shivered.”I bet you always thought this body belonged to god, didn’t you?” izmir escort bayan Morgyn snipped.Veronica nodded.”Who does it really belong to?””You.””And what am I going to do with it?””Anything you want.””And when are you going to stay stop?””Never”Morgyn smiled a wide smile. Veronica did too.”Tomorrow, when you go to confession.” Morgyn said, “You’re going to offer to suck off Father O’Malley as your penance. And you’re going to taste your first cock.””But I don’t like cock” Veronica admitted.”I don’t care. You’re not doing it for you, you’re doing it for me, understand slut?”Veronica nodded.Morgyn went on. “Then you’re going to spit his cum all over your tits and come back to me so I can lick them dry. Understand.””Yes” Veronica said breathlessly.”Then as a reward I’ll help you seduce another nun. Who’s your favorite? Who do you think is prettiest?” Morgyn said, feeling immense power.”sister Mary.” Veronica answered.”Good. If you do a good job, by this time tomorrow, your tongue will be as deep in Sr. Mary’s asshole as it was in mine.”Veronica almost started laughing she was so pleased.”Do you like that? Do my orders make you happy?” Morgyn asked. Veronica nodded. “Good, then get behind me and watch yourself finish me off.”And Veronica obeyed, switching places with nude Morgyn, so she was behind her staring at the mirror. Then she reached around the girl and started to flick her fingers at her clot with one hand and slide them into her pussy with the other.She watched as Morgyn’s body heaved and shivered in the mirror before her. She felt Morgyn start to lose control.”FUCK! FUCK!” The girl shouted, her body turing to jello in Veronica’s hands. It only made her want to rub Morgyn faster and finger her deeper.And finally she screamed a piercingly loud scream. At the same time a squirt of cum leapt from her slit onto the mirror in front of them.Veronica didn’t need to be told what to do this time. Immediately she ran over, fell to her knees and licked Morgyn’s cum off the mirror with a long slick of her tongue, up from the bottom of the mirror. Then another, desperate to get every drop into her mouth.She so intensely attacked the mirror, eager for all of Morgyn’s cum, that she didn’t notice the girl leave and re-enter the room, until she finally turned around and saw her standing there with a razor and shaving cream.”It’s your turn” Morgyn said. “But first we have to make you into a proper slut.”Veronica didn’t hesitate. She spread her legs and let Morgyn slip down between them, foam up her bush and glide the razor over it. Morgyn made sure to rub up against Veronica’s sensitive clit with each stroke of the razor.By the time her pussy was bald, Veronica was in ecstasy. Her crotch felt cold, exposed, but ready for anything.”You know sister, I’ve been lying to do” Morgyn said, suddenly, standing triumphantly over the nun who now ached to be pleased by her. “I don’t just want to send you to confession. I can do better than that. I want to send you to hell. And you’re going to beg me to send you there.”Morgyn walked over to the wall and removed the big crucifix. She held it up to Veronica “How would you like to have your first penetration be from this.” Then she pushed it into her mouth, moaning and she slicked up the long end.Veronica didn’t answer.”Okay, then never mind. We’re done here.” Morgyn went to put it back on the wall.”Wait!” Veronica called. “Please…””Please what?” Morgyn asked wickedly.”Please penetrate me with that.” Veronica shivered. “Please…””No… I don’t think so.” Morgyn said.”PLEASE!” Veronica shouted, her pussy wet and eager.”And when the priest tells you never to do it again. What will you say?”Veronica’s body heaved up and down with filthy desire. “I’ll tell him that I will do it again. I’ll tell him that every crucifix in this place is my dildo. Every rosary is my anal beads. I eat the devil’s asshole. I belong in hell.”And Morgyn ran over and thrust the wooden cross into Veronica’s pussy.Veronica screamed.Morgyn thrust it hard and deep over and over and over. “Scream!” She ordered.And Veronica did scream.”Scream ‘fuck me Jesus'” Morgyn laughed.”FUCK ME JESUS!” Veronica screamed. She knew others could hear. But she didn’t worry what would happen if someone found them. She knew it would simply be another pussy for her to lick, or asshole for her to eat. Morgyn would take care of it. So she grabbed the crucifix from Morgyn and thrust it in her pussy with her own hand and screamed “FUCK ME JESUS!” again. And again. And again.Her entire body was on fire. The rest of the world faded away. She knew that this was pure pleasure and there was no going back. As she felt every inch of her flesh tighten then explode, she was pretty sure that hell was worth it.Hell was worth today. Hell was worth tomorrow. Hell would be worth a lifetime as Morgyn’s personal slut.

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