Her Second Time

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Her Second TimeI was on vacation going snowboarding with a few friends. Usually after going boarding all day, you party in the late afternoon/evening/night. I took private lessons from a guy employed by one of the local skiing and snowboarding schools.Soooo long story short, one night I didn’t go party with my friends, because I was invited by my snowboard coach. So Carl, my coach, invites me to go partying with him and of course I’m allowed to bring friends, but since at that point we kinda had the hots for each other, we both knew I wouldn’t. In general it was fairly clear beforehand where the evening was headed. At least so I thought.So we schedule my lesson with him for the end of the boarding day (was on Friday, Saturday I went back home ). Afterwards I went home, took a shower and changed and met him at a local bar. Partying there are insane. Everyone gets really drunk and just parties really hard. So when we got there (about 8pm) it was fairly late (people start aprés ski at like 4-5) and the place was already packed and crazy. So we get in and take some drinks. Drinking pretty fast too, because we got there late and needed to “catch up”, sort of. After a while I’m fairly tipsy (not flat out drunk though), so is he. About an hour later someone taps him on the shoulder – a fellow snowboard teacher. So they start talking about random stuff and both of them walk over to a group of skiing and snowboard teachers. We chat a little more, drink a little more and eventually start making out a little.So at about 11 we leave the bar, heading for his place since that’s closer, within walking distance. When we get to his room, we pretty much start undressing each other immediately. The only thing that stayed on were my heels, because he liked them so much. 😀 His room was fairly simple, a sink in the corner, two single beds at the left and right wall (from the door), a wardrobe for each and a window in the wall opposite the door. Other than that it’s fairly empty and not that small, when I think about it now I guess a table belongs in the middle of the room, but there was none. Anyway, getting off track. So we start by me giving him a blowjob and after he gets off he licks me, and after a while turns me around (I was lying on my back and he “put” me into doggie position) and starts fucking me. I have no idea how long we’d been at his place by then, because … well, to be honest we were both fairly drunk. Not so drunk that you don’t know what’s going on anymore, like … good drunk. But fully conscious. Anyway, we have sex and it’s great. He’s good, pretty rough and wild, but good. Pulling my hair and spanking me and all.And then out of nowhere his room mate from the coaches-group walks in. He freezes in the doorway, but doesn’t turn and leave. Behind him there’s another face, that guy leaves though. I freeze as well, in surprise (might as well call it shock). Carl stops. Then I can hear him laughing it off behind me and he says “Have I introduced you to Roger earlier?” The other guy laughs too and shuts the door. Behind him. After walking in. By that time I find my senses again and try covering myself with the blanket, except that’s outta reach at the foot end of the bed, so all I can try doing is covering myself with my hands. I can’t move much though, because Carl still has a tight grip on my hips. And he goes “I hope you don’t mind me having a room mate” and slowly starts pushing back inside of me. I find my voice and go “what the hell? are you crazy?” but he continues going in and out and says “oh, sorry … well, if you want me to stop just say so”, but he still keeps going. And … truth is, I didn’t want him to stop. I wanted Roger to get out and then continue having sex. But since I couldn’t have both … it took a second or two of hesitation but then being horny (yeah, and drunk) won out over feeling embarrassed. Plus I had had sex in public places before where I was sure we’d be seen. Just not with the guy watching standing right next to us. So I just started going with it and it didn’t take any time at all until I was back in “sex-mode” and didn’t care about anybody watching anymore. As for Carl – back then I obviously didn’t think about that, but looking at it now I’m 100% sure that wasn’t the first time this had happened too him. Or the other way around.So we’re on the bed, having sex while being watched. This goes on a while and I start to forget there’s even someone else there. After a while Carl starts slowing down more and more, then stops. I turn, catching an eye on the guy watching in the process, but at this point I really don’t care. I tell Carl not to stop, because I really wasn’t done. But he responds he’s almost done and turns me on my back, starting to lick me. It feels good, but … well, I prefer actually being fucked over oral anyway and at that moment I want him to go back inside me even more since I’m so “heated up” from what he was doing before. So I tell him I want him inside me. He doesn’t react. I tell him again, well actually I’m begging for it by now since to my experience begging works way better than demanding. Looking back on it I obviously know he needed a break in order not to finish immediately, but in the situation I didn’t realize anything other than being insanely horny and wanting him. Although usually I understand when guys do stuff like this to take a break, but … well I guess the drinks from earlier didn’t let me that time. So I’m begging for him to go back inside me and after repeatedly doing so Roger (the other guy) gets up and goes “Maybe I can help you with that if you want”. Carl looks up and goes “good idea, I think she needs that” and then to me “you do, don’t you?”. By then I should have realized they’d probably done that kinda stuff plenty of times before, but as clear as it is now, back then I didn’t think along any of those lines. To be entirely honest I didn’t care either. When I’m having sex it’s like … I don’t care about anything else. I get sucked “into the zone” completely, like my brain switches off and my desires take over. Not just a bit, but completely. Carl asks what I think about the idea, and I feel me head turning towards the other guy. And don’t say anything for a moment. Roger goes “I think she wants it”, and only then I fully notice I’ve been staring at the outlines of his hard-on that are clearly visible through his pants. Without waiting for my answer he takes a step closer, pulls down his pants so that only his boxer briefs cover his hard … cock and says “go on, touch it”. I still don’t answer, but the “dispute” that’s been going on in my head since he got up gets decided. It was two thoughts literally battling it out – one saying “what the hell is going on, this is insane” and the other “you’re horny, you’ve never had a threesome and you wanna try”. The last thing I know I was thinking is “there’s not gonna be a better time for this, last day of vacation, nobody knows you here and you won’t see them ever again after tonight” … and then I feel my hand reaching up and touching his cock. A second later I feel Carl resuming pleasuring me orally and another moment after I’m relaxed and back in “sex-mode” again. My brain switches off and I’m gently stroking Roger hard-on. After a short while Roger pulls down his boxers and I keep stroking. Size-wise Carl was good average, Roger was a little bigger, especially in term of girth. Roger keeps dirty talking, telling me to show him how much I want it and so on.So I’m sitting up a little while Carl is still busy down there, moving my face closer to Roger cock. He gets what I’m trying to do immediately, takes my head in his hands, moves his hips down towards me and a second later I’m starting doing a blowjob on him. Because of the position it’s hard for me to move my head well though, so he moves and controls it. It does go fairly deep. I think he noticed I’m trying to take it in as deep as he pushes it in, that I’m ok and no stranger to this sort canlı bahis şirketleri of blowjob, because he gradually goes deeper and deeper. The position obviously isn’t the best for taking it in deep though, so I’m having quite a bit of trouble (and gag reflex to be honest). Carl must have noticed the noises, because he stops licking, raises his head and goes “Oh, look at that! You didn’t do that when you sucked mine earlier. Guess that means you were holding back”. I hear Roger respond “Yeah, looks like it. And I think she still is”. I feel his cock being shoved into my mouth a little more roughly. I gag and pull my head back, coughing for a second. Then I feel him tightening his grip on my head a little, turning my face towards his. He looks directly at me and “You’re not fooling us. I’m sure we haven’t reached your limits yet. Am I right?” I look at him, not sure what to say. Actually until then I was sure I was already pushing my limits by doing it with multiple guys at once, but his question actually made me realize that … well, honestly … I loved it and indeed wanted more. As you said … being tossed around is a real turn-on for me. But the situation was new and I wasn’t … I guess confident enough … to say it. So I remained silent and just look up at him. I hear Carl laugh. Roger waits for a moment, for me to respond. As he realizes I don’t he says, still looking right into my eyes “I don’t think you’re that shy. Fucking with someone watching, begging for a cock inside you, sucking my dick to earn getting fucked some more. Don’t act like you haven’t done this before”. Now I know they thought I was playing a game with them just like they were with me, but back then … at that point I didn’t know what to say. I remember the thoughts “am I disappointing them right now?” and “they better not find out I have no experience whatsoever doing this” crossing the far back of my mind very briefly. Obviously I don’t want to be saying anything of that out loud, but what escapes my mouth before I can stop it is an unsure “Sorry … i … erm” then fall silent again. Obviously I’d just given away that I felt like it was sort of my “duty” to please them and that I thought I was failing at it, why else would I apologize. Back then I didn’t realize that though, I just thought it was a stupid thing to have said and nothing else. Carl laughs again. Roger looks at me, grins, then goes “How’s that pussy feeling?”. He dangles his cock in front of my face and goes on “still wants to be fucked by that cock, hm?” Well, he is right on that one. The break had been lasting far too long already and I felt very clearly that my desire for getting fucked again was huge. So I “instinctively” do the thing I believe gets me there fastest – I nod. But obviously he knows now that he’s got leverage. So he goes “So tell us. Tell us what a dirty little slut you are and how bad you want to get fucked”. I can feel Carl meanwhile teasing me, touching my pussy just a little to make me want more. So I finally give in to my horniness again. My brain, having been switched on by the doubts concerning my “pleasing-abilities” they had awoken a little, switched back off again. And I just do what I know will get me where I want to go – I start begging again, saying “I am. I am a dirty little slut. Please fuck me. Please, I need it so bad!”. An enormous grin flashes across Roger’s face. Even back then I guessed he knows I’ll do whatever now. And Carl knows, too, because he says “I’m not sure she’s earned it yet.” Roger smiles and responds “I think you’re right.” He grabs me under my arms, lifts me off the bed and stands me up in the middle of the room between the two beds at the walls, wall with the door behind me, wall with the window in front of me, behind him. I realize I’m still wearing heels because my legs feel kinda unstable. I see Carl sit down on the bed in the corner of my eye, still rock hard. Roger grabs my head (and hair) with his left hand, looks at me and says “Or do you think you’ve earned it yet?”. Obviously by now I’m not only insanely horny (yeah, and tipsy), but I also now know for sure that they have realized what … well, “type” of girl … I am and that they are gonna exploit that as much as possible. I know I’m not gonna get away with anything other than doing what they want me to. I look up at him and slowly nod. He looks at me without saying anything, so I begin sinking on my knees. He lets me and I’m re-starting the blowjob, this time way deeper with way more ease, because the position is so much better. I hear Carl say “looks like you were right” and Roger goes “still not the limit” and then to me in a smug voice “you’ll have to get it in all the way if you wanna get fucked, sweetie. and better put those hands behind your back”. I’m really desperate now, I can feel how wet I am and the more he withholds it, the more I want it. So I do as he told me, grab my wrists behind my back so my hands stay put and force my head onto his cock, trying to get it all the way in. But when I’m almost there my gag reflex hits, so I need to pull back out. They both laugh. I try again several times until I feel tears running down my cheeks. Then I finally manage to do it. As soon as it’s all the way in, Roger grabs my head again (he’d let go of it when he told me to get it down all the way) and presses it against him for a few moments. When he lets go I snap my head back and cough.So I’m kneeling there sucking Roger’s cock, really deep. And after a while of really, really having my skills tested (meaning he was rough and very demanding) I feel a hand touch my hands behind my back. Carl must have gotten up from the bed, which I didn’t notice at the time, and walked around me. I only took notice when he touched me. And he wasn’t just touching. I can feel him pull my hands up, so my forearms are horizontal behind my back, basically on top of each other. He then starts to bind them together with some sort of tape. It wasn’t really sticky on my skin, but I could immediately tell that it would still be very firm when he was done, so I instinctively pulled my head back, off the cock, to ask what’s going on. But obviously the words wouldn’t come out right away, pulling back made me cough and my mouth and throat was full of saliva preventing me from talking for a second, especially since with the coughing some of it … well, got out and spilled down my front. :S So all I could do for a moment was look up at Roger with watery eyes. His expression changed from an initial grin (I guess from seeing me like this, but not sure) to a stern look, then he said “you better not stop sucking my dick if you want to get fucked some time, slut” (I don’t remember the exact words, but the meaning I do recall quite clearly). I can feel how wet and horny I am, but I’m also a little scared of getting tied up by two men who essentially are complete strangers. But he doesn’t give me much time to think. He grabs the back of my head, pulling it backwards by the hair and presses his dick against my face, saying “open up!”. And just like a reflex I do it without thinking, more to the cock against my face than to his words. Well there I was, stuck with a huge piece of meat in my mouth not being able to complain about anything even if I wanted.After a short while I can feel the tape tight around my arms, now unable to move them at all. Carl apparently is finished. I only really notice though because the binding prevents me completely from acting to the “get your hands in front reflex” I’m constantly getting due to my mouth being … well … pounded pretty hard. :S No other way to describe it. I feel a fairly hard slap on my ass. Then Carl proceeds to tease my pussy, touching it from behind (I’m still kneeling there, legs open). It feels good, but it’s torture at the same time. It’s always just a little, just to keep me as wet and horny as possible.Then all of a sudden Roger pulls my head back. I cough again, canlı kaçak iddaa trying to find some little composure. After a second I realize he’s stroking his cock. Then he tells me “keep that mouth open, slut”. Obviously I realize he’s about to cum, so I do as he says. And just about time. I barely get my mouth back open wide and tongue out before he shoots a pretty big load over my face and into my mouth. He then makes me clean up his cock and swallow. After I’m finished he looks at me and says “look at you”. He laughs. “And it took you like half an hour to admit that you’re a dirty slut”. A though flashes through my mind. He’s right. For the first time I really feel how I must look right now. Physically I mean. Tears were rolling down my cheeks because of the deepthroat, my makeup must be a mess. There’s saliva on my upper body that has been dripping down all the time. My face is full of cum. I’m a little sweaty and my hair is roughed up from all the pulling. And my knees hurt on the cold floor.I’m almost panicking, but the moment I’m about to react on it I feel Carl grab me by the hips and stand me up. I feel him push my legs open a little farther with his right foot on the inside of mine, then he pushes my arms up behind my back so all I can do to avoid the strain is bend over. And without further “warning” he shoves his dick inside me from behind and starts fucking me again. Very hard and deep. I remember very clearly how all the wild thinking there was a moment before simply vanished. My brain positively switched off. Instead of expressing any of the embarrassment I felt I immediately start moaning and screaming very loud. Well I didn’t notice how loud I was at the time, but I came to know later. And I came almost right away. All the teasing and keeping me on the edge they’d done the whole time made me get there super fast. But Carl doesn’t stop and I don’t want him to, either. I barely am aware of what happens around me, Roger walking over to a bed and sitting down, watching us. I feel repeated slaps on my ass. Carl has a firm grip on my hips and he fucks me sooo good. I come several times more after he decides to straight me back up, reach around with his right hand and play with my pussy while doing me.Then all of a sudden I hear the door of the room crash open pretty loud behind me (I’m still standing in the middle of the room with my back to the door, facing the window, beds left and right). Carl stops and turns around, but keeps a grip on my arms so I can’t. I hear a guy’s voice say “seriously guys, what the fuck”. He sounds very drunk. I feel adrenalin rush through my body, get very shaky. But in all honesty I’m halfway torn between “oh my god, I wanna crawl into a hole and die, so embarrassing” and “why did he stop, screw them, just keep going I need it”. Then I hear Roger ask ” what?”. He doesn’t sound very concerned. Then a second unfamiliar voice (also very drunk) behind me goes “What? You k**ding? Impossible to fucking sleep next to your rooms”. And the first unfamiliar voice adds “you’re fucking noisy all the fucking time”. Carl laughs and responds “maybe you’re jealous?” and the first voice answers in a heated tone “Or maybe I’m getting a fucking headache from your bitches waking me up all the fucking time with their screaming and shit!”. Now I hear both Carl and Roger laugh and Roger says “Well if she’s waking you up then let it out on her, not us. Besides, he’s right, you’re just mad you don’t get any”. And they laugh again. From the door one of the voices says “Whatever, get that bitch to be quiet” and then the two voices talk in a language I neither understand nor recognize, my guess now is they were immigrants from somewhere in eastern Europe who went to live in the alps to make money or something. I’m still thunderstruck. I have no idea what to do. Honestly I have no idea what I thought or felt, it was just too much all at once to retell. I know I was shivering from adrenalin and embarrassment and I also know my body wouldn’t move an inch. The talking in the foreign language stops. In fact, it gets silent entirely for a moment. I feel Carl put his hands between my legs and touch my pussy. Only then I clearly notice how soaking wet I still am. I feel Carl turn back around behind me again because the angle from which he has a hold on my arms changes. They all laugh. Again a moment of silence, then I hear footsteps approaching me from the door. A new rush of adrenalin runs through me, I’m still pretty much immobilized by the “shock” if you can call it that. Then, without warning, I feel Carl let go of me and then a very, very hard and painful slap on my left butt cheek. I whirl around. One of the strangers (well, the two “new” strangers) is standing right there. He’s about the same age as Carl and Roger as far as I can tell and wearing only boxers. And he’s bald (by choice, not because he’s old). He grins and says in a very drunk tone “that’s for waking us up, slut”. They all laugh again. And me … I’m a little scared now, so … I stutter a quiet “…sorry”. Something changes in the guys expression. He’s eyeing me up now. After a moment he turn around to the other guys “well, she is hot”. The other unfamiliar voice responds “Yeah, and I like her attitude”. That voice belongs to a very tall … well, big guy. He barely fits through the door in height and looks like he lives at the gym, more or less. He also is only wearing boxers. They talk a few words in their language again. Then the bald guy turns back to me and says “sorry, are you, honey?”. I slowly nod. I can’t help having a look at him, too. He’s decently athletic and then … well, my eyes fall on his groin area. It’s pretty obvious that he’s rock hard underneath his boxers. I quickly turn my look at his face again, but he already noticed. He’s grinning. It also becomes more and more apparent to me that he’s wasted. He says “So you’re as dirty as you look, hu? Well glad you like my dick, bitch. Why don’t you take a closer look?” and pulls down his boxers. A pretty huge, rock hard cock springs free. He definitely has a bigger one then Carl and Roger. It’s a little oddly curved though. I didn’t think much about that at the time obviously. Though I must have stared at it because he says “yeah, I know you like it, they all do”. The other three laugh again, then Carl walks over, next to me. He looks me in the eye and very softly says “why don’t you show them what a good girl you are?”. Then he leans over, kisses my neck and rubs my pussy with his left hand. After a second he steps back, still looking at me. I look at him, adrenalin still pumping through me heavily. But that kissing and touching felt sooo good. I feel how horny I still am. My thoughts are racing. Eventually basic instincts win out again. A voice in my head says “who cares if it’s 2 or 3 or 4? you’ll never see them again anyway”.So I slowly sink back to my knees again and start licking the bald guys hard cock. He lets out a sound of pleasure. Slowly but surely he gets more and more demanding and after a while I’m taking it in deep again. This time not to the finish though. After who knows how long he says “stand up” and as I do he looks around at the big guy, then back to me and says “I’m not the only one you woke up”. The big guy walks over. He’s quite intimidating. He says “yeah – and I don’t believe her. she’s not sorry … yet”. I don’t know what to say, but can’t say anything anyway before he picks me up, carries me over to the bed on the right side (Roger’s still sitting on the other one) and drops me, face down, onto it. I then feel him pull my hips and butt up, so it sticks out upwards, in a doggy position. Except my face is on the mattress because my hands are still bound behind my back. He reaches around my waist with one arm so I basically can’t move, then, without warning, starts spanking my ass pretty hard. The others laugh. It hurts, I start screaming and moaning in pain and yelling at him to stop. canlı kaçak bahis He doesn’t. I feel my cheeks get red and hot, it hurts more and more. I remember that I didn’t have any clear thoughts, wasn’t aware of the situation as a whole or the circumstances, all I thought is “Oh shit, I really pissed him off”. I didn’t think about the fact that technically I didn’t do anything wrong and even more clearly he obviously had no right to treat me like that. Instead I started begging, telling him to please stop and that I’m really, really sorry. And after a while of that he stops. Then he asks “Does that mean you’re willing to make it up to me?” I say that I absolutely am, so he goes “Good to hear. How about this: I’ll make you scream some more, but this time for me, and we’re even” and touches my pussy, teasing me. It’s still wet. Or again, I don’t know. What I do know is that I love the prospect of getting fucked instead of spanked again. By now my impulse to resist is basically worn out to zero. I’m fairly exhausted, and I’d love a good fuck right now, no matter who watches. So I agree. From the other bed I hear Roger demand “then say it. beg for it slut, like you did last time”. This time I don’t hesitate. I immediately respond “please fuck me. Please, I need it”. They laugh again. Then there’s silence for a moment. The big guy grabs my hair and turns my head so it’s on the mattress facing the wall instead of the room. I hear a drawer open, then feel the bed move as the big guy is “positioning himself” behind me. He grabs my left hip firmly, lifts my ass a little further up. And then he pushes his cock inside my pussy and starts fucking me, slow and very deep. I start moaning again, it feels goooood. After a few thrusts I feel something cold on my ass. Lube – he’s rubbing my backdoor with it and tries to insert a finger. I squirm, a panicky “no, please don’t” escapes me. He responds by slapping my ass, hard, and says “We had a deal slut, right?”. I don’t know what to say. I was still afraid of anal sex because of my first encounter with it, but I was also afraid he’d start spanking me again. Also … well what weighted most was that I was horny and didn’t want him to stop doing me to be honest. So all I got out was a stuttered “… yes … we do …”. I hear Carl say “good girl” from the back, but all the big guys says is “then shut up” and he pushes his finger down my backdoor while continuously fucking me. And to my surprise it doesn’t really hurt. Well, it’s very tight. But the lube and the fact that it’s just a finger make it ok. He then puts a second finger (index and middle) in from above and starts stretching me out. I can feel a little bit of pain again, but it’s way different from the first time I had anal. It was … I have no idea how to describe it, really. Well it hurt and was tight and everything, but it also felt good at the same time. After a while he pulls his cock out of my pussy and pushes it against my backdoor. I let out a moan. It hurts more now. I tell myself that I have to relax and manage to do it decently. His cock slips in, I can feel him stretch me out quite much, it’s very, very tight. It hurts, but this time it’s just the stretching that causes pain, not the movement in and out. So after a little bit of stretching his cock slips in and out very fluently. What I remember very clearly still was that I felt amazing, even though I was in pain a little. My view of anal sex changed in that moment, because this time there was this really, really good feeling beside the pain. Maybe some of it was relief that it didn’t hurt as much as expected, but it was a great experience. It was like it had two levels. One was a quite noticeable amount of pain, but the other was great pleasure, the feeling of being able to give this kind of “treatment” to a man – can’t describe it, just feels amazing. Even though he for sure didn’t hold back. After initial slow stretching he pounds my backdoor as hard as he possibly can and I am screaming, probably close to the top of my lungs. In between he keeps dirty talking, calling me slut and asking me if I like getting my ass fucked (to which I respond that I love it, obviously, since … honestly I kinda did). And then, after a (long) while, he stops.Then he goes “turn around and show me those awesome blowjob skills, too”. I start to try moving, but while I do I can hear Roger say “wait a second, I think it’s my turn” and he laughs. The big guy thinks a second, then gets off the bed, stands me up too, facing the bed, sits down in front of me on the bed, pulls me by the head down onto my knees (on the bed, so I’m sort of in a doggy position) and pushes my head down on his cock. Then he says “go ahead, I don’t mind.” and then to me adds “do you?”. But I obviously can’t answer, since I already have his cock in my mouth and he doesn’t stop pushing my head on it. So he says “See? She doesn’t mind either”. A moment later I feel someone grab my hips and then start fucking my pussy again. At that moment I had my last glimpse of embarrassment of the night. I thought how cheap it is, but that was just a very, very small spark of doubt. The biggest part of me was just telling me to switch that damn brain off and keep it off. The truth is I liked it, even if it’s embarrassing. Being able to have the great feeling of being able to pleasure a man with a good blowjob AND getting my wet pussy fucked at the same time was absolutely amazing. So I tossed all doubts overboard and from then on just went with everything they did. Which is more or less a blur – I know they took turns on me, eventually untied my arms so I could do a handjob while sucking and getting fucked too. What they didn’t do was pussy and anal at the same time – but probably not because of me but because they’d have to get too close to each other. I obviously also know that Roger later on fucked my backdoor, too. But Carl and the bald guy didn’t. They also never changed the position other then eventually standing me back up. But there was no riding or missionary (up until the end) or anything, just doggy and from behind while standing up. And all the time they made sure to stop whenever they were about to cum, so they could “work” on me as long as possible. The bald guy took longest to get to the edge of cumming.Then eventually they were all close. Roger took charge. I was getting fucked by the bald guy and sucking Roger. Carl’s cock was in my right hand, the big guy was somewhere behind me, doing whatever. It was pretty clear that they all were ready to go, even for a guy (yeah, sometimes you don’t notice things 😀 but this time it was obvious enough). So Roger took me by the hand and turned me around, my back towards the bed, slowly pushing me backwards onto it. He then grabbed my ankles, spread my legs and pushed my feet back (I was laying on my back this time). He then sank down on his knees and started licking my pussy. By that time I was already completely worn out and exhausted. I had come god knows how many times and when he made me cum once more my legs were trembling and I was screaming like no tomorrow. He didn’t stop until I begged him to stop and told him I couldn’t take anymore. Upon that he simply responded “you’ll take as much as we want you to, slut!”, then he got up and started fucking me again. So I’m there on my back, legs spread wide, getting fucked hard and screaming “please, I can’t take it” and he says “if you want us to finish then beg for it, slut”. I immediately do as he says and beg him to cum, saying that I want it all on me, saying that I need it. And then, finally, he does it. He fucks me hard, then pulls out and shoots his load from between my legs all over my upper body and face and everywhere. Then the big guy does the same. Then the bald guy, who takes a pretty long time fucking me until he’s ready. And eventually Carl finishes it up, he’s the only one to kneel over me and make me suck it after fucking me a little before he comes on my face and makes me clean his cock after.Once he’s finished my head drops down. I’m completely exhausted. By the time I’ve regained some composure they all left, except Carl. He offers me a shower and (upon my request) walks me to my own hotel. He’s a nice guy. 🙂

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