Holidays Break

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Holidays BreakI was home on holiday break from College visiting along with an assortment of other relatives. My parents had worked out bed assignments so after mom told me who my roommate would be for five days I objected. “Okay”, my mother conceded, “maybe it’s not the best sleeping arrangements in the world but we don’t have a choice. With so many people coming you and your brother are going to have to share a room.”“But Mom! There is only one bed in my room! You mean that he will be in my bed with me!?”She looked at me exasperated “No, of course not, he’ll have a sleeping bag on the floor.”“But —-”“Listen girl, its either him or your two cousins. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind getting you alone behind closed doors again.” The last time my father’s family came to visit over the 4th of July my twin cousins spent most of the time trying to seduce me. They had me cornered in my room one night and were trying hard to get me to fuck them. They stopped short of physical force but it took me forever to get them out of my room. They only left because I convinced them I was on my period and wouldn’t fuck anybody just then. The next day I told my mom what happened and she made sure they stayed away from me for the rest of the visit. Now they were coming back and I knew they would be pestering me again. Mom continued “With your little brother there, they will probably leave you alone.”Score one for logic. “Okay, but it’s twisted mom, perverse, and I want you to know he can stay only under protest.”“It’s only perverse in your mind girl, nobody else is going to wonder what the hell you two are doing behind closed doors. It won’t be the first time you and your brother shared sleeping quarters.”“Maybe not but the last time we did I didn’t have tits and he wasn’t old enough to get a boner.”Shaun marched into my room with a big smile and a monster smug attitude. “Hey Cheryl, it’s you and me Babe!” He threw his rolled up sleeping bag onto my bed then glanced around for floor space.I tried to freeze him with my glare but didn’t succeed, he was still moving when I reluctantly pointed to a corner and told him “Over there, and don’t even think you are going to change clothes in here and you’ll be gone when I change too.”“Yeah, okay, whatever.”I sneaked from the family reunion about 10 that night and found quiet solitude in my room. I was tucked in nicely listening to tunes when Shaun threw open the door to come in. Over his shoulder I could see my twin cousins standing behind him straining to look into my room. Two sets of identical eyes locked onto me and flickered up and down the form of my body under the blankets. I scowled “Shut the damn door Shaun!” My brother tossed a quick goodnight to the spectators in the hall then closed the bedroom door. God, it was going to be the longest five days in my life. How in hell was I going to stay out of Frick and Frack’s space so long?My brother must have forgotten the rules because he stood in the corner and stripped to his briefs then crawled into his bed sack. I didn’t want too, I didn’t mean too, but I watched as he bared his body. He is 16 months behind me in age but in the last couple of years he had grown to be six inches taller and outweighed me by 40 pounds or so. He had his back to me so my view was of his broad shoulders and back which angled as a V to his 32 inch waist. The form of his butt under the snug briefs looked solid and muscular. His long defined legs were adorned by a thin layer of light brown hair. When he turned to kneel down to the sleeping bag I caught a quick glimpse of the outline of his works. The shape and size of the bulge in his shorts smacked me in the head with the realization that Shaun had become a fully matured man. As he turned off the light I knew I would never be able to call him my ‘little’ brother anymore.After the light was out he sent across the room “Good night Cheryl.” When I heard the tone of the words I cringed with embarrassment, he must have known I was eyeballing him while he stripped.I had a restless night. I had a hell of a time clearing my mind, it took forever before I managed to sleep. It was my brother that caused me to lay awake so long. I couldn’t get the image of his tight, sculpted body out of my mind. Shaun played sports in school but I didn’t think all that exercise could shape him that well. Genetics had to be a factor too, our father had been an NFL running back for nine years. Whatever the cause, I couldn’t get over the fact that my younger brother was hot. Once that thought was established firmly in my head I started thinking about his girlfriends. He had dated a few girls then settled into a long relationship with Bridget. Hmmm, I wondered how much Bridget enjoyed being up close and familiar with Shaun’s body.The next morning I roused to find my brother lying on his back staring at the ceiling. “Hey” I greeted him.He turned his head “Hey back.”“How did you sleep?”Shaun grimaced “I didn’t, this floor is too fucking hard but I didn’t want to get up and find any blankets to put under me. I didn’t think this would be different than camping but it is. At least the ground has some give, the floor doesn’t.”“Well, I’m getting up, if you want you can come up here and try to sleep for a while. It’s still early so nobody else will be up yet.”“Then where are you going?”“I want to be up and dressed before the two lechers find me.”Shaun smiled “Yeah, they were telling me last night how they want to tag team screw you. I’ll help keep them away from you but I can’t be there 24/7.”“Thanks, come on up.”My brother threw open the sleeping bag then sprinted across the space and laid on the bed beside me. I stole another surreptitious look at him then drew the blanket over him and got up. He closed his eyes for rest while I began my day. I decided I could change with him there so I dropped my night gown and slipped on a pair of house pants and a t-shirt. When I turned to leave I checked Shaun again. He had been watching me. I felt a flash of hot irritation but it quickly cooled when I remembered I had seen him only in briefs so I guess him seeing me in panties was about the same level of exposure and since I had my back to him he didn’t see my tits.The day passed and I managed to stay out of my cousins’ reach. Shaun was there to keep them busy so I was able to relax and enjoy the family as we prepared for the holiday. That night Shaun was the first to slip away, twenty minutes later I said good night and followed. bakırköy escort When I went to my room the adjoining bathroom door was closed and I heard water flowing, my brother was taking a shower. I had to piss like crazy but I didn’t want to go to the hallway bathroom because the twins were in the house somewhere, lurking, lusting after me. I eased open the door and peaked through, my brother was behind the steamed glass shower door so I knew he wouldn’t see me so I went in to pee. I dropped my panties and sat. As I flowed into the toilet I could see Shaun profiled though the frosted glass. As he moved around, stepping in a circle under the stream I caught fuzzy glimpses of his body. He was facing the glass when he stepped close enough I had a clearer view of him. My eyes focused immediately on the junction of his legs. The dark patch of pubic hair was prominent but even more intriguing was the outline of his cock. I couldn’t judge how round it was but it was long enough to cover his nuts and then some. I stared at my well hung brother just enough to feel depraved then diverted my eyes, wiped my pussy then fled the room. I didn’t flush because I didn’t want him to know I was there.He came into the room wearing pajama pants, no shirt and went to the sleeping bag. Earlier he had found a foam pad in the garage and put it on the floor but when he laid down he grumbled, “Fuck, this is still hard.”“Maybe you can put more blankets down, that might help” I offered.“I don’t think so, they would just bunch up under me then I would be lying on lumps.”I turned the light off and we were quiet but I could hear Shaun scuffling around trying to get comfortable. After about twenty-five minutes of listening to his frustration I felt sorry for him and made him an offer, “Hey, come on up here, you can sleep on my bed.”“Where are you going to sleep?”“Right here, but I’ll be under the blankets, you can be on top.”I heard the tease in his voice when he asked “On top of you?”“Kiss my ass, now you sound like those two degenerates.”Shaun crawled over me and laid down beside me, on top of the blankets. I rolled away from him when he said “Ah man, this is so much better.” It took him less than a couple of minutes for his breathing to even out to deep sleep mode.I drifted in that zone between awake and REM. I knew I was resting but I also knew I wasn’t’ sleeping. Every once in a while I would open my eyes and check my clock, surprised that time was actually passing. Gradually I realized why I wasn’t sound asleep. I was too aware of my brother lying beside me. No, not my brother, somehow my brother became misplaced and I felt a man, a male member of my species on my bed and my internal workings were reacting to him. My entire body was warming, my pulse was quickening, the temperature under my blankets was rising. I rolled over to look at Shaun. He was on his back, arms set at angles over his head. I checked his peaceful face then allowed my curiosity to take in the rest of him. His broad muscular chest was bare and I noted the cloud of hair sprouting dead center between his nipples. My eyes drifted further down to the pajama pants where his boner was revealed. His Boner! My brother had a long fucking hard-on poking up from the pee slot in his pjs, it was too large to stand straight so it was angled toward his chest. When I saw his unconcealed arousal I stopped breathing, my heart shook and my cunt shivered with a sexual thrill. I flopped back to my side away from him ashamed of the feelings that were rattling my nerve endings. I was too warm so I pulled the blanket off my leg, baring it from thigh to toes so the night air would keep me cooler. The vision of his hard-on was etched into my eyes. I’d seen several stiff cocks in my life and I’ll be damned if his wasn’t among the more appealing. He had a nice looking erection!No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t keep my imagination from focusing on Shaun. The longer I lay there the wickeder my thoughts became. Would that thing feel as good as it looked? How would it feel sliding in and out of me? Were his balls as entrancing as his cock? I hadn’t seen them clearly, would he wake if I tried to look at them? How much cum could he unload when he got off? Could he make me get off? I wondered if I should ask Bridget those questions but quickly decided that would be unwise. I self-consciously slipped a hand into my panties and massaged my cunt while those questions spun endlessly through my mind. After a few minutes of soft abuse my body gave in to the attention and I climaxed, keeping my mouth closed to mute my moans of satisfaction, trying to keep my body motionless. As my eyes closed for the final time that night I still had a vision of my brothers arousal shadowed on the insides of my eyelids. I focused on that vision until my libido finally gave up and let me sleep.Shaun was gone when I awoke that morning. I stirred around lazily then roused to shower. After preparing for the day I picked up the excess clothing lying around thinking I should put it n the laundry hamper. When I grabbed my brothers flannel pajama pants they came up in a ball, didn’t fall loose and open. When I studied the wad of material I realized that they were bunched up and glued together by dried cum. Shaun had ejaculated and used his pants to soak up the discharge. I felt myself burn red in the cheeks and hurriedly threw the pjs into the hamper. My brother had jacked off in my bed? With me lying beside him? That was exactly the kind of nightmare I tried to tell my mother I might have to live through, my entire body shivered with revulsion. All the erotic curiosity I’d felt, the feelings I had as I masturbated with him on my bed vanished in the face of the physical evidence of my brother’s act.The day passed, most of the time I was with my mother, grandmother and aunt shopping and getting excited for the next day which was the main event. Gifts would be shared, food cooked and consumed then our home team was taking on their greatest rivals. I gave little thought to what I had discovered that morning.A little.Some.But not much.By bedtime that night I was over my shock at discovering my brother had beat off next to me so I had no difficulty with the prospect of sharing my bed with him again. Shaun was sitting on the floor with his laptop over his crossed knees when I came into my room. He was wearing another set of sleepwear and I knew beşiktaş escort why, the first set was wadded into a sticky ball in the hamper. He looked up “Hey.”“Hey back, what you doing?”“Checking Facebook, waiting for you.”“Me? Why?”“Cause the twins asked me again to set them up with you. They want me to convince you to screw them as a present. Man, those two are rabid for your bod.”I wasn’t surprised, “Are you going to talk me into bed with them? That would take a lot of convincing and an ironclad guarantee for some really big future favors? A hell of a lot of huge future favors.”He replied with a hint of tease, “Does that mean I can’t talk you into a sex party with your favorite cousins?”I laughed lightly, “Shaun, I would rather get fucked twice by you than once by the two of them.” As soon as I said it I knew I had stepped way over any boundaries I had set up in my own mind. My brother stopped talking and held my eyes prisoner for a few moments before I scuttled off to the adjoining bathroom. I closed the door and sat on the stool and felt total shame and embarrassment envelope me.I composed myself, brushed my teeth, fluffed my hair then opened the door. Shaun had moved from the floor to sitting on the end of the bed. I stepped timidly past him to my bureau for a night gown. My mind was in that zone where I could do things but not think about it so it took me a few seconds of fumbling before I grabbed some sleepwear then retreated back to the bath to change. Shaun didn’t say a word.I opened the bathroom door, hurried to bed and slipped under the blankets. Only after I felt the cool sheets on the length of my bare thighs did I realize I had selected a nightie that I’d worn only a few times, when I met a former boyfriend at a motel. I dressed to seduce him and when he saw me in the sheer shorty he got hotter than a groom with a virgin bride. And now I was wearing it in bed next to my brother; with a shock of awareness, I recalled how I dug under three other night gowns for the one I was wearing. Why in hell did I do that!? I didn’t need a mirror to know what Shaun saw. The material was thin enough that my breasts and body were visible and he couldn’t help but see my blue satin thong. I pulled the blanket up to my chin and laid away from him, I was teetering on the edge of the bed, my thoughts boiling with unbidden recollections of his erection and wondering why in hell I dressed as if to seduce him. I felt Shaun lie down behind me.For several minutes I didn’t move, couldn’t move as I tried to control my breathing but no matter what, my body was reacting to the guest on my bed. Just as I made the determination to chase him back to the sleeping bag he rolled to his side so he was facing me then put a hand on my hip. Shaun pulled me close to him, the only thing between us was a few layers of cloth and bedding. I felt the pressure of his hard-on on my butt and even though it should have revolted me, it caused my loins to bubble with increasing warmth. I wanted to move away again but I couldn’t make my back muscles obey the command. Shaun bumped me lightly so I felt the contour of his boner press deeper along the crack of my ass.Mother Nature blanked my rational mind and took control. I bumped back on my brother then reached behind and gripped the hot blood filled muscle projecting from his sleepwear and squeezed it while kicking the blanket down to my thighs. I bent forward, increasing the pressure of my butt against my suitor then lifted the top leg and laid it over his. Shaun put a hand between my thighs, pulled the thong to one side then repositioned so I could guide the end of his cock to where we both wanted it. He thrust forward, his erection slipped through my loose grasp then into my wet dilated hole. I moved my hand then lie very still while my brother started fucking me.Sub-conscientiously we both knew we had to keep quiet so other than the slight slap of his groin on my ass when he pushed in we made no other sounds. The longer we screwed the harder it was for me to keep my building passion from flowing over my vocal cords. I was getting well fucked and I liked it and it didn’t matter the guy doing it was my sibling. Just about the time I opened my mouth for a large gulp of cool fresh air Shaun banged into me hard, gripped my hip and my pussy started getting wetter and hotter. My brother was bucking rapidly against my butt as he unloaded and all I heard was very soft muffled whimpering over my shoulder.He fell away relaxed and I rolled over to face him. Shaun couldn’t look me in the eyes until I cupped his cheek and pulled him to look at me “You fucked me” I stated the obvious. He blushed and tried to look up but I held his head in place.His eyes locked on mine, concerned, “I hope you don’t get all weird and fucked up in the head now, I’m sorry but I kinda got hot and it just sort of happened.”“Would you have stopped if I said ‘Stop, back off?”It took him a couple of moments before he uttered “Well, yeah.”I paused for effect then admitted softly, “Well, I didn’t did I?”Shaun looked at me for several moments then began to smile with more confidence “That’s right Cheryl, you let it happen.”I got off the bed and went to clean up. When I came back I sprinted across the floor then launched myself at Shaun who caught me neatly then tucked me under him, he was over me, his groin pressing pleasantly on mine, my legs curled up and over his. He put his mouth next to my ear and reminded me “You said you would fuck me twice before you let them fuck you once.”“I remember.”“Did you mean it?”“MmmmHuh, I do now.”He lifted off me and pulled off his pajamas then helped me strip naked. When we bonded again as a couple his bare skin was caressing mine, causing the woman to rise from my womb with a heated urgency to couple again.We still couldn’t make noise, the house was full of family so my brother and I screwed with caution but without limitations. It was actually one of the hottest sex sessions I ever enjoyed because we took a lot of time being careful to be quiet. The long slow fondling, necking and fucking caused me to start a series of orgasms that I had to muffle under my pillow while Shaun came in gushes.My brother saturated my womb three times that night. We were not being careful but I was safely on the pill so I let him enjoy me all the way.It was all I could do to keep my hands off Shaun the next day. I wanted to flirt with beylikdüzü escort him, to tease him, to build his desire all day then let it happen again that night but with too many sets of eyes around he and I behaved like normal siblings. The lecher twins weren’t so subtle, they were constantly hanging near ready to snatch at any opportunity to hit on me. Screwing my brother three times the night before had mellowed me considerably so I didn’t rebuff them with a lot of vigor.I went to bed first, Shaun and our cousins were hooked up to a video game so I said goodnight to my relatives and parents then went to make ready for another heated night. I showered, powdered and primped then slipped into bed naked. It took him another half hour before he came in. He sat on the bed next to me and kissed my neck while passing a hand over my exposed breasts. His tender lips and gentle hands caused me to shiver with barely controlled excitement. “Take a shower, but make it quick” I urged him. When he stood my eyes were locked on the evidence of his anticipation. Shaun pulled his clothes off in the room, making sure I got a good preview of things to come. When he was nude he let his erection lead him to the shower while I laid back on my pillow and fingered myself.He came to me still wet. I rolled to my stomach, spread my legs and gave him unspoken permission to do whatever he wanted. He came up from the end of the bed over my back, put his head between my thighs then put the tip of his tongue on my anus. I experienced my first orgasm while he mouthed my ass. I thought my heart would burst it was pounding so hard when he rolled me over and put his lips on my cunt. Shaun ate his pleasure of me then moved up to put the heavy head of his cock against the entrance to my body and pushed down and in until his pubic hair tickled my pussy. I didn’t need to neck, pet and fondle to get hot enough to fuck my brother, when his balls mashed against me I moaned with another hip shaking orgasm then raised my knees and willed Shaun silently to ravage my body.Shaun screwed me for twenty minutes. He bent me; he twisted me; he turned me over, around, and upside down. By the time he filled my womb with the produce of his nuts I’d come five times, my ardor was completely wilted with exhaustion and satisfaction.We lay side by side, silent in the afterglow of fantastic sex. I rolled my head to look at him and he smiled limply, “God Cheryl, that was hot.”I rolled to his side, threw my leg over his thigh, pressing my pussy on his leg, I nuzzled his ear,“I got off a lot, you only once, is that enough for you?” I was feeling sexy, he made me feel sexy, and even though I had just been fucked damn near to oblivion I knew he was still riding a high level of lust. I slipped a hand over his semi-hard cock and started building him back up for another party with his sister. His prick regained its status as an erection under my slow teasing fingers. I lifted up and started kissing and licking him anywhere my mouth met his skin while fingering and pulling on the man between his legs. I seduced my brother that way for several long minutes until my head was resting on his stomach, I was closely inspecting his cock. I looked up at him “Hey, Shaun,”He answered “What?”“I’ll take whatever you can give me.” With that declaration I returned to the prize in my hand and pulled it between my lips and over my tongue. As my mouth formed a seal around the thick shaft my brother shuttered, brushed my hair back then watched me give him head. As I bobbed, licked, kissed and caressed his hard-on I felt it swelling even more, growing stronger and longer. I cupped his big balls in my left hand and began to roll them in my fingers. Shaun’s hips bounced, he groaned then he put a hand on my head and pushed me to take him deeper, the end of his boner made my throat bulge. I pulled up to catch a breath then I encircled the head with my lips and encouraged him with my eyes on his to cum. His cock convulsed then a flood of semen surged into my mouth. I sucked him half way in then let him pump straight down my throat.Nothing was said, there was nothing to say. We were both completely sated so sleep came gently as he cradled me in his arms. I woke up, it was dark, I was nude and had a man between my legs. Awareness came slowly until I remembered where I was and who was behind me. Shaun had grown another erection and was using it again. Even though I was asleep when he started fucking me I quickly heated up for him. He took me softly, slowly until he got off then pulled out. I rolled over, kissed him, wished him goodnight again then we both fell back to sleep.I woke about 5:30, the winter sky was still dark and cold so I snuggled against Shaun and let the cozy warmth envelope me. I was thinking about what we had done, brother and sister, fucking with the passion of new found lovers. I felt another yearning blooming in my womb, preparing for another hot encounter. My pussy warmed, puffed softer with warmed blood and I reached for my desire. Shaun s prick was flaccid when I first gripped it but in mere seconds it transformed into a woman’s sex toy. When he was fully aroused I shed the blanket then rose up over his lap. I held his hard cock then eased down until my body swallowed him completely. I started rolling my hips, sliding the long hard muscle though the entrance of my body, watching my brother come up out of sleep. He looked up at me, lifted his hands to my breasts then massaged the nipples while I fucked him. Shaun and I exchanged smiles then I bent to kiss him. We rolled over until he was over me, I pulled my knees up to my sides then my brother screwed me to another string of awesome climaxes. My he flooded my cunt again while he shook and trembled over me. I didn’t need to wonder or ask what Bridget felt, I knew.The family reunion was over. Frick and Frack were openly disappointed that I hadn’t entertained them properly so I promised I would the next time we got together, a promise I would never keep. Shaun bundled his sleeping bag back to his own room and we acted as if we were relieved to have our privacy again. Our mom asked me “Well, was it so bad, sharing space with your brother?”“No mom, I was surprised we got along so well, even with the door closed.” I went to my room to pull the sheets off my bed before she did. I didn’t want her to see how well Shaun and I got along.Shaun was loading my luggage into my car when I approached him, “Hey.”“Hey back.”“I’m going to Florida for Spring Break. I’ll be down there six days, want to go with me?”“Spring Break? Isn’t that where it’s all about Girls Gone Wild?”“Yeah, but this time it would be all about Sister Gone Wild.” I let Shaun think about that for a moment then added, “And if Bridget is Bi, bring her along.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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