Impossible Virgins Chapter 15 The Avalanche – The

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Impossible Virgins Chapter 15 The Avalanche – TheChapter 15: The Avalanche – The Finale “All right, here’s what we’re gonna do,” said Tiffany. “Lulu, you’re still dying for more cock, so I’m gonna turn you over to Ebony, for the last ride of the day. If that doesn’t satisfy a nymphomaniac like you, I’m not sure what else we can do around here.” “Don’t worry, Tiffany,” said Ebony. “I’ll fuck Lulu so hard, she’ll be lucky if she doesn’t pass out.” “Ooh! Promises, promises!” Lulu squealed with delight. All Toppsy could do was shake her head in disgust and disbelief. “Don’t worry Toppsy, I haven’t forgotten about you,” said Tiffany. “I want this to be a ride that you’ll remember too, so I’m turning you over to Summer for the last roundup.” “It won’t be too long before Ebony and Summer are ready to start,” said Tiffany. The sexual staying power of all the amazons was well known on the Island, and the sight of Lulu and Toppsy’s knockers transforming had kept everyone in a state of arousal. “Clyda, Dee Dee, Jordan, watch very carefully, because here’s what we’re gonna do. I’ll demonstrate on Lulu here.” Tiffany’s cock was already hard and rigid, and at its full length of two feet. Clyda was almost fully erect too, and it wouldn’t be long before Dee Dee and Jordan were also ready to perform. “First, I take a little oil, and get the head of my cock nice and slippery with it,” said Tiffany. “Get all of it, especially the hole at the top, and the inside of it. Watch.” Tiffany’s cockhead was huge, and the gaping hole so large, she was able to insert the tip of one finger into it, until her fingernail was no longer visible. She flicked her fingertip out, enjoying the amazement on everyone’s face, as they saw what she was able to do. “And now, we’re ready for some real fun.” Tiffany aligned herself so that her cock was level with one of Lulu’s massive tits, and the low-gravity effect of the platform helped make this possible. With one hand, she reached out and held the mound of flesh steady, and then aimed her cock so that the opening on her cockhead was directly on top of Lulu’s erect nipple. Tiffany gently inserted the tip of Lulu’s nipple into her cockhead. Over an inch of the meaty teat disappeared inside. “Oh yeah, that feels wild,” said Tiffany, reveling in the new sensations. “It’s like the tip of my prick is alive and tingling all the time now.” Then Tiffany began thrusting and humping forward, just as though she was fucking a girl. Her huge cock began to vanish into the soft, fleshy vastness of Lulu’s breast. “Whoa! That’s incredible!” exclaimed Lulu as she watched Tiffany. “It’s like my nipple is in a little vise; only it feels really good, instead of clamping down on it.” “You really know how to come up with new twists for sex Tiffany, I’ll say that,” said Ebony, as she marveled at the display. “I’ll be hard in a minute from watching this.” “That goes double for me,” added Summer. “I’ve never seen anything like that before.” “Summer, you and Ebony know what to do,” said Tiffany. “Jordan, you can have Lulu’s other tit. Clyda, you and Dee Dee fill Toppsy’s knockers up.” Ebony grabbed her huge cock and gave it a few loving caresses and rubbed it on Lulu’s tummy. Her cunt was already wet and her pussy lips were red from the incredible ordeal so far. Ebony took her enormous cock and directed it into Lulu’s sweet cunt. It was hot and wet and the lips were twitching. When she felt the hot cockhead poke at her cunt, Lulu let out a howl of delight and looked over to see her sister. Toppsy was busy concentrating on surviving the penetration of Summer’s massive tool into her own glistening, steamy snatch. Summer spread Toppsy’s legs wide and with one hand on her throbbing cock ran it up and down her wet cunt lips. She planted her feet and poked the huge mushroom tip on her hot clit. Summer kept rubbing the bulbous cockhead along the hot nub until a writhing spasm overtook Toppsy and she trembled. Her flesh jiggled on her bones and her tits bobbed like mounds of jelly while the cock remained on her gash. Next, the other three amazons followed Tiffany’s actions; after oiling the head of their cock, they each inserted the tip of a nipple into their cockhead. All three were amazed at the erotic sensation that they were all experiencing for the first time. “Damn, this feels weird,” said Jordan. “But it’s really cool once you get used to it!” “This is a first, even for you, Tiffany,” said Clyda. “My friends back home would never believe me if I told them about this.” “Weird or not, this is definitely a major turn-on, once you get started,” said Dee Dee. Ebony held the front portion of her dark cock in her hand and spread Lulu’s cheeks wide with the other. The massive bulbous tip was brought to bear on Lulu’s open snatch and Ebony rammed her cockhead into the orifice. Lulu was jolted on the platform, and her hands gripped the sides of the platform and she pushed back. Lulu’s mouth gaped in shock and lust as Ebony’s thrusting worked her huge cockhead deep into her cunt. Summer’s nipples were hard as a rock, and she was determined to get her massive prick inside Toppsy. She rubbed the tip of her cock on Toppsy’s open cunt lips. Toppsy swooned with delight when she felt the hot cockhead massage her steamy snatch and her eyes rolled in her head. Putting the cock on her hot cunt like this filled her with delectable spasms of delight, and made her body trembled from head to toe. “Just because I’m not quite as big as Ebony, doesn’t mean you’ve got it any easier,” Summer warned Toppsy. “Once you’re used to me, I’m really gonna shift gears later on.” Next to Toppsy, Lulu’s cunt was stretched out to an incredible proportion, but she refused to give up. She held onto the platform with all her might as Ebony continued to force her shaft up into her. It almost looked like Ebony’s cock was bigger than Lulu herself. “Relax and breathe, girl,” said Ebony. “You’ve had me inside you before. You know you can do this.” “Don’t you dare stop,” panted Lulu. There was no way Lulu was going to give up, and miss out on being fucked once again by such a monster cock. Lulu refused to give up. With the amazons in the audience shouting and egging her on she pushed back onto Ebony’s cock. More and more of Ebony’s meat surged into her. Ebony grabbed Lulu’s curvaceous ass cheeks and pulled her loins onto the black pole invading them. Tiffany and the other amazons continued to fuck the enormous tits of Toppsy and Lulu. Their breasts were so huge, each girl could grip the sides of one breast with her hands to help steady the massive orb. “This is wild,” said Dee Dee. “I can shove my prick in as far and as hard as I want, and there’s no resistance, afyon escort bayan like I’m used to when I fuck a girl between the legs.” “But it’s like there’s a big soft, hot, wet blanket all around my dick,” said Jordan. “It’s really different.” “Lulu seems to like it,” Tiffany observed, as she punched her cock into one of Lulu’s huge boobs. “How’s it going over there with Toppsy?” “Just shut up and fuck me harder!” exclaimed Toppsy. “Shove that cock in me.” Her hateful attitude from earlier was gone, replaced by overwhelming lust and desire from the assault on her body by three of the shemale amazon’s cocks. “That’s more like it,” said Summer as she took hold of her prick and directed the cockhead deep into Toppsy’s hole. She reached out and gripped Toppsy’s buttocks with both hands and drew her onto it. Her hole was dripping and open and Summer kept shoving until the cockhead was firmly embedded in her snatch. Toppsy could feel the outer lips of her cunt grip around the rim of the massive head that filled her. Instantly she felt a string of sensations rush through her body, that despite all of her protests earlier, left her breathless and panting on the platform. Toppsy’s hands gripped the platform and she pushed back with all her weight. Her cunt was sopping wet. Eight inches of Summer’s hard cock pushed inside her gash and she sucked in air from the sensation. Toppsy was frantic for more of that cock to be inside her. Toppsy was already spilling her juices and only a portion of it was inside her. “Oh fuck, yes!” exclaimed Lulu, as another six inches of Ebony’s cock buried itself in her. “Put the fucker up me!” she gasped. Lulu steeled herself, and held her place on the platform. She had come this far and she was determined that she’d see it through to the bitter end. Ebony’s giant bone-hard cock hung half out of her cunt, and was stretching it open to a frightful degree. It mashed the flesh as if Lulu were made of clay. Ebony clutched her hips and kept pulling Lulu onto her prick with a lusty glint in her eyes. Ebony massaged Lulu’s ass a few times to help calm her frantic state. Lulu was determined to have Ebony shove as much of her cock into her as possible. “This is fucking incredible,” exclaimed Jordan. “The harder and deeper I put my prick into her tit, the better it feels.” “Don’t bother trying to understand it all, just go along for the ride,” panted Tiffany. As each girl shoved her cock deeper and harder into the breast flesh, the nipple was being forced further into her cockhead. This resulted in an escalating sequence of pleasure for each girl who was fucking a tit, as well as for Toppsy and Lulu themselves. Summer waited for the Toppsy to settle down. Toppsy found that as soon as the overwhelming sensation of Summer’s cock forcing into her pussy died down, it was replaced with a seething pleasure that forced her to push back and take in more of that cock. She braced herself and took a good hold on the platform and thrust backward again with all her strength. Toppsy managed to gain another six inches or so of Summer’s massive snake. Summer contented herself by thrusting back and forth with the amount of her cock she had in Toppsy’s cunt. Soon Toppsy succumbed to a bevy of writhing orgasms. She held Summer’s cock in place while she rocked back and forth. Next to her, Lulu once again clamped her hands onto the platform. “Hold ’em there, and push back with all your weight when I tell you to,” panted Ebony. Ebony grabbed Lulu’s supple waist and as she pushed back, Ebony tugged on her waist with all her strength and forced her cock even deeper in. Lulu cried out in passion, as she saw how close Ebony was toward her crotch, she could see that well over two feet of Ebony’s cock was splitting her pussy open. As Toppsy’s cunt became drenched with the juices from her spasmic vibrations of pleasure, more of Summer’s cock slid into her. She gasped for air. It felt like she was absolutely stuffed with cock. It felt like it went clear up to her throat. Her hands clutched the platform and she rode back and forth on the cock building up intensity with every drive. She felt like she could get almost half her stately cock inside herself with some of her hearty thrusts. Toppsy kept moving back and forth as she bucked back fiercely onto Summer’s massive missile. She let out a groan of pain and pleasure from Summer’s cock mashing into her and setting her cunt on fire. Toppsy finally relaxed with her cock well over halfway inside her and raised her ass up to enjoy the string of vibrations that pulsed through her. Summer fingered her bloated clit that protruded from her stretched open pussy lips that spread out to accommodate her fearful shaft. Lulu’s fists flailed in the air and sweat ran out from every pore on her body. Ebony held her thighs to control her body. One more thrust and Lulu would have almost all of Ebony’s turgid cock fully embedded inside her body. Lulu was paralyzed in place from being impaled by Ebony’s rock-hard cock that was boiling inside of her. Thanks to her efforts she had succeeded in engulfing nearly every inch of Ebony’s cock. Tiffany and Jordan eyed the spectacle of Lulu impaled upon Ebony’s cock and their eyes twinkled. “Way to go Lulu!” said Jordan as she looked down. “You’ve got a regular bottomless pit between your legs, girl.” “Holy shit Lulu, be careful,” warned Tiffany, as she kept humping her prick into one tit. “Trying to take all of Ebony is something that most of us on the Island can’t even do.” Ebony stared directly at Lulu’s cunt and buried the massive tool inside her gash. There was barely a section of her cock showing. Almost all of it was imbedded inside the body of Lulu. Lulu was panting like a marathon runner. “Okay! My box is maxed out with Ebony’s cock,” she wheezed. After a moment, she regained a little composure. “You bragged about how hard you were gonna fuck me, Ebony. Now I want to see you back it up!” Toppsy let out gasps of orgasmic delight every few seconds. She was a geyser seething with intense pleasure. Her juices flew out of her and painted the insides of her thighs, and splattered Summer’s prick. Summer’s cock glistened from her secretions. Suddenly Summer began to thrust deeper into Toppsy. Her next thrust nearly made her pass out. Summer had been relatively gentle with Toppsy up until this point. Now she gave in to her urges and fucked the blonde dancer at will. “I don’t know about you,” said Summer, “but I know a challenge when I hear one.” Now Summer pulverized Toppsy with all her weight and strength. Over half her cock was already buried inside her. Toppsy was impaled on her dick and screamed in lust and frantic anticipation. escort afyon Summer’s cock was burying itself deep inside her cunt. Toppsy could feel all her weight slamming into her as Summer’s plunging prick sought relief by pummeling her. Summer plunged into the hole that captured her dick with frightening fury. Her balls tightened and the shaft stiffened as Summer felt the pleasure race through her dick. Until now she had only given Toppsy a taste of her powerful strength. She planted her feet firmly, and now she intended to pulverize Toppsy with everything she had. Tiffany and the other three amazons were now fucking Toppsy and Lulu’s tits almost as forcefully as when they would fuck a girl normally. Each girl had broken out in a fine sweat as they rammed their shafts in and out like piledrivers. Ebony’s mighty cock rammed into Lulu’s cunt again and she whimpered as her clit throbbed against her pulsing slab of cock meat. Ebony was pushing gently, but was steadily increasing the force of her thrusts, and Lulu twisted her hips from side to side, forcing her pussy onto her cockhead. Her big firm ass swayed under her arched body. Cunt juice began to pour out, lubricating Lulu’s cunt hole, as Ebony’s enormous cock plunged into her. Her cunt lips spread around her prick, dragging and pulling, as she sucked her prick in. Ebony was wedging her cockhead up Lulu’s steaming pussy, as she pushed her pussy down against her. Her soaking fuck tunnel rippled, straining to accommodate the great breadth of Ebony’s prick, her juices spreading around Ebony’s cock. Finally Toppsy felt Summer’s balls hit her rump. She then knew that the amazon had buried well over two feet of her cock into her. This was deeper than any cock had ever gone before. Toppsy still found it hard to believe that she had managed to accept its whole length inside of her cunt. Toppsy could feel Summer’s cock pull slowly out of her pussy, then she would just ram it back into her with such force that her balls bounced off her butt with each thrust. In and out the mighty cock pistoned into Toppsy’s pussy, driving her mad with excitement. Toppsy had lost count on how many times she had creamed under Summer’s sexual attack. But by now she didn’t care any more. Time and time again Summer would lunge forward until her full thirty inches were buried in the dark tunnel of her cunt. And each time Toppsy would grunt loudly from the strain it placed on her innards. Toppsy’s tits were shaking like jumping beans thanks to Dee Dee and Clyda fucking them with their cocks. “I hope everyone’s got a good view of this,” panted Clyda. “You can say that again,” exclaimed Tiffany. She turned to the audience. “This is gonna be something special, girls. Sit back and watch the fireworks!” For the next ten, long minutes, Toppsy and Lulu were each subjugated to the fiercest fucking that they had ever received. Never had Toppsy ever had such a powerful lover. Lulu twisted from side to side on the platform, as Ebony worked her fat prick shaft up her cunt. Lulu was working her crotch down toward the balls, desperately wanting that entire long, leathery shaft up her cunt hole, while Ebony’s cockhead delved into the very depths of her loins, filling her pussy to the brim with cock. Summer was fucking Toppsy as only a powerful amazon could, savagely. With each thrust, Toppsy felt like her womb was being shoved inside out by Summer. “Ugh! Ugh!” Lulu grunted, forcing her pussy down another inch. Her face was radiant with passion, her head switching from side to side. She was panting like a steam engine. Her buxom body trembled as she fucked herself on Ebony’s prick. With a last thrust, Lulu lurched and took the head of Ebony’s mighty prick as deep as it would go. She gasped, then smiled as she felt the wedge of her hot, hard cock meat throb inside her belly. There were still a few inches of cock that weren’t buried in her cunt. Even Lulu’s marvelous cunt couldn’t manage to take that entire enormous fuck rod. But she had swallowed almost of it, and Ebony’s cock had bottomed out in her pussy. She tilted her crotch up and down and swung her ass from side to side, cavorting on Ebony’s cunt-stuffing fucker. As the massive cock pulsed inside her, Lulu was lifted higher. Her lush ass bobbed up and down and her thighs rippled, tensing and relaxing, letting her move gloriously on that giant prick. Ebony was steadily humping Lulu, almost all of her prick was embedded in her clinging, steaming pussy. Ebony was panting as she felt Lulu’s hot cunt flesh cling and ripple and suck and mold itself around her prick. The girls humping Toppsy and Lulu’s tits began to near their climax also. “Tiffany, it’s not gonna be much longer for me,” Jordan panted. “We’re almost ready over here too, love,” exclaimed Clyda. Tiffany turned her head toward the two amazons ramming their cocks into the blonde dancers. “Summer. Ebony. You think the two of you can time it so you’ll shoot off together?” “No problem, Tiffany!” shouted Ebony. “I’m almost there.” “Same goes for me,” panted Summer. Despite all of her earlier protests, Toppsy found herself losing control by the pounding from Summer’s virile cock. So much so, that she couldn’t get enough of her. Summer kept thrusting her rock hard shaft deep into Toppsy’s pussy, raising her rump off the platform with each powerful forward thrust. Summer was now in a fucking frenzy, grunting and slicing her cock like a long sword in and out of Toppsy’s body. She could feel her hot fuck lube running into her hugely reamed cunt, could feel the skin of her cock sending millions of tiny electrical prickles into her cunt meat. As her massive prick slid in and out of her, hot cunt cream bubbled from Toppsy’s ravaged pussy and ran down the insides of her legs. The tension rushed to a head in Summer’s cock and she couldn’t control it any longer. Lulu was fucked to the very core, whimpering with the pure joy of it. Then she began to pump her loins up and down, fucking herself senseless on Ebony’s cock. Her pussy slid back and some of the leathery cock rod slid out of Lulu’s hole, dripping with her cunt juice. Then she fucked back down onto Ebony and took those vital inches back into her pussy, took the head of that mighty prick into the mysterious depths of her cunt that no other cock had ever reached. Suddenly, Ebony’s body tensed, and she threw her head back. “This is it!” “That’s our cue, girls,” panted Tiffany. With that, Tiffany, Clyda, Jordan and Dee Dee each released their hold on the blonde dancers’ monstrous melons, and pulled their pricks out. They each took a step backward, and began squeezing their balls with one hand, and stroking the shaft of their afyon escort prick with the other. For a moment, there were only the sounds of their hands running up and down the veined surface of their pricks. Ebony rammed her cock in and out of Lulu’s spasming cunt. As her cum exploded into her, she jerked, grunting and gasping. Before she’d pumped half her load into her, her fuck slime was running out of her ravaged cunt like a waterfall. The spurts from Summer drilled her womb, as forceful as hot water gushing from a hose. Toppsy gasped with each explosion, sure that at any moment cum would be squirting from her gaping mouth. The cum was shockingly hot, and its heat saturated every cell of her loins. The massive cock in Lulu’s cunt was spurting out what seemed to be cupfuls of jism. The stuff was overflowing, running out, and was practically gushing over the sides of Lulu’s clinging cuntlips. When Ebony briefly stopped her fucking motions the sperm kept right on overflowing. Toppsy was rocking back and forth on the platform, her clinging cunt sliding on what looked to be over a foot of hard meat, while Summer’s huge cock spurted sperm that kept on spilling out of her slippery snatch. Seeing Summer and Ebony shoot off was too much for Tiffany and the others. They unleashed the torrent of jism in their balls almost as one. Each girl was squealing in orgasm or panting heavily as her balls erupted. Long thick streams of jism shot out several feet from each fist-sized cockhead, landing all over the breasts of Toppsy and Lulu, and splattering onto their neck and faces from there. At this point, Ebony and Summer each pulled their cock out from Lulu and Toppsy’s pus-sy, to finish shooting off their loads. Summer’s load was so profuse that her cum was running out of her cunt before she’d finished pumping out her load. Ebony shook from the thunder of her spasm and her cock jolted from the orgasmic palpitation that gripped it, as a shower of sperm flew out of her enormous cock. For over a minute, all six amazons literally drowned and drenched Toppsy and Lulu in a deluge of cum. When the storm finally abated, Toppsy and Lulu’s tits were thoroughly streaked and splattered with jism, even at their incredible new size. Both of the blonde dancers had managed to open their mouths and swallow some of the jism that was raining down on them, but they were still heavily coated with it. So much cum had flown through the air and landed on the blonde dancers, that in dozens of places it was running off their bodies, and dripping loudly onto the floor below. Once the amazons’ cocks had finally stopped shooting off, Lulu reached to her face with one finger and scooped some of the cum off her cheeks, and then began to lovingly lick it off, savoring the taste. “Tiffany, that’s what I call a cum shower,” said Ebony as she caught her breath. “I think we shot off almost as much as when we had the Milking sheaths on our cocks,” said Dee Dee. As she recovered, Lulu’s face lit up with glee and delight. “That was in-fucking-credible! What’s next for us?” Toppsy was just beginning to come to her senses when she heard Lulu’s words. “Lulu, haven’t you had enough yet, you maniac? Maybe they’ve got a telephone pole that you can sit on next!” “Hey, you were yelling just as loud when you came as I did, you bimbo!” “That’s because when we’re fucked like that, anybody would! We can’t help ourselves, Lulu!” For a few moments, Tiffany and the girls in the auditorium watched and laughed as the two sisters traded insults. The vicious exchange between Toppsy and Lulu kept on going back and forth. Their insults grew more acidic, and their voices escalated almost into a scream. “I can’t help it if I’ve learned to like what these girls have to offer here,” snapped Lulu. “If you’re so stuck up that you can’t accept that, I don’t know what to tell you.” “Lulu, you’re so fucking horny, you’d let a frigging horse do it to you, if these gals asked you nicely enough!” Then it became apparent that they weren’t going to stop, and the only thing holding them back was the weight of their tits holding them in the two platforms. “Well, it looks like you got your wish Tiffany,” muttered Clyda. “I don’t think that any of us are going to forget this day.” “You’ve really pushed both of them over the edge,” added Dee Dee. “If they both weren’t stuck in the platforms, we could probably film a catfight video, and market that too.” “Neither one of them shows any signs of slowing down,” Tiffany admitted. “And although we could probably come up with something else to keep Lulu satisfied if we really wanted to, Toppsy would probably blow a gasket if we did anything else to her today.” Tiffany mulled her thoughts for a minute. “All right. I have to admit that we’ve now got possibly more video and photo footage of these two in action, than even we can probably ever market. Let’s have a little peace and quiet around here, and then we’ll decide what to do with them. Dee Dee, if you’ll do the honors?” “You read my mind, Tiffany,” replied Dee Dee as she rummaged through her medical bag, and produced two syringes. She quickly filled them with a sedative, and handed one to Tiffany. Toppsy and Lulu were still shouting hysterically at each other. The two blonde dancers almost didn’t react when the hypodermic needles were injected into their butt cheeks. It was a moment later, when their speech started to slow down, and the sedative overcame their bodies. Less than a minute later, they were both passed out on the two platforms. “That’s more like it,” said Tiffany. “Even when they’re not screaming, those two have an accent that grates on my nerves anyway.” Dee Dee called a number of girls down from the audience and gave them instructions for transporting Toppsy and Lulu to the infirmary, and what type of care was to be given to them while they were there. “I really think we ought to hold off on any more fun and games with these two, Tiffany. They’ll need a couple days to return to normal, and we’ve got tons of material on them that we can sell later on.” “After everything that’s happened so far, I tend to agree with you,” said Tiffany. “Let’s let them recuperate and get back to normal. By then, it ought to be just about time to send ’em back to the states.” “However, I’ve got a couple of ideas that I can do to our two blonde friends that won’t hurt them, and should guarantee that they’ll remember their stay here,” Dee Dee added with a hint of mischief in her eyes. “You two just don’t know when to quit, do you?” muttered Clyda, as she watched Dee Dee whisper into Tiffany’s ear. Tiffany’s face lit up with a grin. “Brilliant idea, Dee Dee. Do it as soon as you can. The rest of you will have to wait until they wake up, to see what Dee Dee’s cooked up. “Let’s head for the showers everyone, and then we’ll have to get back to our duties around here. I haven’t been through a workout like that since I don’t know when.”

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