In the Garden

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In the GardenMoira lived in the top floor, North end flat in a six flat block near the University. Being so close to the school, many girls in the block were in classes. The only man living in the building lived in the lower South corner. None of the girls knew his name, only that he worked overnights and slept all day. They did their collective best to not bother him and he gave them all the same respect.Moira didn’t attend any classes. Instead, she worked days at a local shop, usually home in time for tea. Like most of the building’s residents, she kept mainly to herself, but gave a friendly ‘hello’ to the other residents when they might meet. She didn’t readily share her secret.In the back garden, between the pool the landlord had put in for the tenants to swim and sun and the East privacy fence, was a pretty garden sectioned in quarters for different herbs and flowers that Moira tended, with a faux stone bench in the middle of a grassy circle to enjoy the fragrant blossoms. On her days out from work, one could find Moira sitting on the bench, sipping tea, reading a book or writing in her journal or, especially in spring and early summer, just taking sun and enjoying her little garden. Sunday mornings would find her weeding or pruning, digging and planting. The others in the building might assist here and there, but all knew it as Moira’s Garden.It was on the night of the full moon each month that was even more special to the little garden beyond the pool. Moira would be out there most of the night, returning to her own flat by the back stairs in the early light of dawn. She was careful not to be noisy or to disturb her slumbering neighbours. On one such morning, she passed the man from the lower South flat on his return from work. A shared smile, a ‘good morning’, and each went their separate ways. If he knew of her secret, he’d never mentioned it to her or any of the other residents.One Sunday morning found one of the newer girls assisting Moira with some weeding in the garden. She was cute and was sharing the flat directly below Moira’s with the petite short-haired brunette who’d been there close to six months. Moira knew none of their names. Instead, she knew them by which flat, hair colour, and how long they’d been in the building. Most stayed less than a year, leaving due to classes, finding lovers, getting married, or some combination. Moira was the second longest tenant. The man was the longest.”This is a lovely garden,” smiled the cute blonde.Moira peeked over her wire-rimmed John Lennon sunglasses at the girl. “Thank you,” she smiled, and returned kıbrıs escort to her weeding. “And thank you for helping me today.””Well, I think it’s nice to help on something like this. Besides, I like playing in the dirt,” she giggled.Moira chuckled, too.”This reminds me a little of a garden my Aunt used to have back in Carrick. I remember it being a bit larger than this one, about half again as large. She’d let me help with it, too. It had similar herbs and was laid out like this one. I used to run figure eights in and around the paths. The neighbourhood k**s used to whisper that she was a witch,” she giggled. “Right, my Aunt a witch…” she giggled again.”It’s a fairly common garden set up, actually,” smiled Moira. “The herbs and flowers are, for the most part, maintenance free. I just like to ensure the weeds don’t overrun the place and add some water, a little fertilizer… and love.”The girl laughed. “That’s what my Aunt used to say, too!””Most gardeners do. I can’t really take credit for what grows from the Earth. I just try to keep this plot healthy and pretty.””Well, you do,” smiled the girl. She looked up and smiled at the clear, blue sky, and stood. “I’m going to take a quick dip in the pool.” She pulled her top up over her head, revealing her evenly tanned body and breasts. “Thank you for letting me play in your dirt,” she smiled, turned on her heal and jumped into the water with a squeal.”Thanks for your help,” Moira called after her. “What is it with c***dren and witches?” she chuckled to herself.Night had fallen and the full moon was rising large in the Eastern sky. Moira took her simple leather bag with her as she took the back stairs down toward her garden.”That’s a pretty cloak,” smiled the blonde girl as Moira passed her on the stairs.Moira smiled, “Thank you. Have a lovely evening…” each continued on her own way.Once at the outer edge of her garden, something in the back of her mind told Moira to look to the windows in the building. She’d never done before, but, this time…. ah, yes… this time there were two heads silhouetted in the window in the flat below her’s. The blonde was curious before, and with the chance passing on the stairs… she and her petite flatmate were watching. Moira smiled. She’d never cared if she was seen before, but now that she knew she had an audience… “Can’t disappoint them now, can we?” she chuckled.Moira moved to the bench, laying the leather bag on the left end as she faced the rising full moon. She withdrew a chalice, bottle of red wine, a dagger, a white candle, matches, and a box of kosher escort kıbrıs salt. She undid the tie of the cloak at her neck and let the garment fall, revealing her clean, soft, slightly freckled skin. Gracefully bending, she scooped up the cloak and placed it on the right end of the bench. Only then did she notice that she was more excited than usual about her monthly devotion. She wanted more than anything to turn and see the girls’ reaction, but kept her composure to keep from scaring them off. She took the box of salt and stepped along the path to the Eastern most edge of the garden. She began her ritual by spilling the salt to the ground around the outside of her garden in an anticlockwise direction, not stepping inside the ring until just before the circle was completely closed at the East. Then, choosing the dagger, she stepped to each of the four sections of the garden, slicing off a flower or herb twig which she then arranged around the candle. Once the candle was lit, she poured some of the wine into the chalice, breaking her usual habit by taking a quick sip. She raised the chalice above her head facing first East, North, South, then, finally, facing the building, West, all the while reciting her prayers, sipping from the chalice once each directional incatation was presented.Still standing facing the building, Moira added another quick incantation, directed especially to the two flatmates still peering out their window. “Free their eyes to see the truth and let the truth be free.” Another sip of the wine felt warm in her belly and sent a wry smile to her face. She opened her arms wide, freely exposing her nude self in the bright light of the full moon.Returning to the bench, Moira set the chalice to the left of the candle and once again retrieved the dagger. She skipped and danced around the bench, again in an anticlockwise direction, stopping on each rotation at the next compass point, facing that direction, throwing her arms above her head, dagger held high in her left hand. The last direction to face, again, was West. Moira smiled to see the two were still watching.Moira collected the chalice and dipped the point of the dagger into the wine then shook it out into each of the sections of the garden. Returning to the bench, she then took each of her cuttings and snapped them in two, putting one portion into the candle’s flame and the other into the chalice. Once the last piece was placed into the chalice, she again raised the chalice to each direction, saving the West for last, and drank it down, allowing most of the elixir to spill out from kıbrıs escort bayan the corners of her mouth and to drip down to her chest and exposed breasts. This was far more for show for the two flatmates than part of Moira’s usual ritual, though it made her feel very good, and very sexy.Taking her cloak from the end of the bench, she placed it on the ground next to the bench, head to the East. This part of her ritual was always her favourite, but, with tonight’s audience, engrossed in her every move, Moira was truly looking forward to this…She gently rubbed the wine into her skin, into her breasts and belly, her taut nipples tingled with every pass of her fingers. She caressed her hips and thighs as she sat herself down on her cloak, bringing her hands to her inner thighs and then back up her body to her shoulders and neck. She hugged herself and lightly bit her lower lip, her excitement building ever so quickly. She lay herself back and shamelessly opened her legs, the cool evening air lightly kissing her lips, causing her to allow a tiny gasp to escape. Her hands were making circular motions on her knees, while her internal struggle between teasing herself and quickly pleasing herself were at a tug of war stalemete. A small puff of a breeze licked Moira’s nipples, causing her back to arch and her fingers to graze their way across her inner thighs to her moist, parted, waiting lips and distended clit,Moira lost herself in lustful abandon. Her need and desire overtaking any conscientious thought, her hands working and pleasing of their own accord. Her orgasmic ride peaking and ebbing, only to peak again higher with every imtimate touch. She greedily sucked her nectar from her fingers, only to fuel and prolong her quivering need of sweet relief. Her ears were a buzz and her nostrils were full of the scents of the garden, and of her own excitement. Her body trembled and shook as her fingers found that one true spot, deep inside… that one true spot to send her hurtling over the edge, alternately whimpering and screaming, riding the crest of the biggest and most powerful wave, crashing in rippling aftershocks and tingles.Moira blinked her eyes and smiled. Some time had passed as she regained herself, the moon had travelled a considerable distance in the night sky. She slowly picked herself up from her reclined position, smiling at the minor light headed feeling. She stepped over to the West edge of the garden, kissing her left hand, and smelling her aroma in the process, and then placing that hand to either side of the pathway on the salted circle, gently wiping the salt away with the second touch, breaking the circle. She looked up to the window where her audience had been, only to find the window now dark.A wicked smiled crossed Moira’s face. “Maybe a quick swim before I go inside…”

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