In the hands of my workmates

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In the hands of my workmatesIn the hands of my workmatesAfter moving to L.A. I got a nice new job and of course, new workmates. One of them, a nice guy from my office called Thomas, suggested that we might like to go to a club on Friday evening, in order to meet other coworkers. He said it was a nice place with a small dance floor. Victor agreed; I decided to wear something conservative as I really did not know what the form would be. I dressed in a long flowing skirt zipped up the back, a white blouse, nylon hose and low heels for dancing. The night was warm, so I did not wear panties.When we arrived Thomas was already at the bar with a couple of mates so we went across and joined them. The two guys were Jonas and Mick. I was a bit surprised there were no ladies with them although they explained their wives were at the cinema that evening so couldn’t join us. My Victor looked a bit put out at this news as it left me as the only lady with four men.After a few drinks the music started and my husband and I had a couple of dances. When we go back to the bar Mick asked me to dance and I agreed. During the next couple of hours I danced with all three guys. Gradually the bar emptied until there was only our little group.I was enjoying the dancing and I have to admit also enjoying being the center of attention for four men, including my loving husband… The barman put on a few records with slow dance music and Mick and Jonas kept me company on the dance floor as Victor and Thomas were chatting very friendly. During the next slow record I found myself dancing between both guys, Jonas dancing behind me and Mick in front of me. After the margaritas I had consumed my defenses were a bit lowered and I thought nothing of this. However when I felt Jonas bump into my buttocks at the same time as Mick bumped into my front I did feel a little unsure. But I glanced at my husband and he just smiled at me, so I thought “no worries then”.Next I knew Jonas had his arms around my waist and was grinding his groin against my ass. Mick was now dancing right up against my front so I had no room to move away from the other guy. Suddenly I felt comfortable and relaxed between these two men and just enjoyed dancing, even with the constant “bumping” against my body.Then I realized that Mick had his hands around me cupping my tits and it felt good. Jonas was moving right against me and I could feel his hard cock through my dress. The barman kept putting on slow records and we three just snuggled closer then I felt a draft on my back and realized that Mick had unzipped the back of my blouse and slipped it off my shoulders, then his hands found my tits again…My nipples were fully exposed balıkesir escort to him, when he took them between his fingers. At this treatment I lost what little control I had and started to grind by buttocks against Mick’s cock. Seeing this, Jonas unzipped my skirt and slipped it off along to the floor.There was me naked on a public dance floor trapped between two horny men…Whilst I was occupied feeling Jonas fondling my tits I suddenly felt Mick’s cock against my bare thighs; the bastard had dropped his trousers whilst I was looking around. However I simply spread my legs to give him access to my now dripping cunt.As Mick was rubbing his cock along my wet slit I leant back into Jonas for a long deep kiss whilst he continued to pull on my nipples and massage my tits. Suddenly I was picked up and laid on the table in front of my husband and Thomas. In a sexual haze I was vaguely aware of Victor there; but my needs overrode any worries as I yelled to the guys: “Well, come on, who is going to fuck me first?”. Immediately Mick thrust his hard rock cock about nine inches deep in my cunt as Jonas slipped his eight inches into my mouth and started to fuck my throat.Seeing me being spit roasted was obviously too much for Thomas, as he was suddenly alongside me wanking my clitoris. My loving Victor just watched the whole scene still sitting there, as her wife was used and abused wildly by three horny men…Feeling my cunt and mouth filled with nice pieces of cock; soon I screamed in lust and had one of the best orgasms of my life. After that both guys came in me; Jonas filled my mouth with his warm seed, making me swallow every drop and Mick exploded deep inside my vagina, feeling his semen burning my body…As I came down from that I saw that the barman was watching us and then I called him. The guy just flipped me over my back onto the table; he put my ankles over his shoulders and then I felt a new hard dick slipping between my stretched pussy lips.After the barman came inside me, it was Thomas turn to fuck me. He flipped on my stomach and fucked me from behind. His cock was the biggest of all four guys and I love it. He fucked me in a wild way and finally came screaming like a crazy man.When he slipped from me, I woke up and watched at the four men with their limp cocks”Thanks guys, but that is enough for the night; I am really well fucked…” I said to them.When we arrived home I asked Victor why he had not stopped me or them…He just answered that I was obviously enjoying myself that “small gangbang”Victor had already gone to work when I awoke the next morning. As I lay there in bed, I noticed that my cunt felt a bit tender. I remembered the escort balıkesir night before and realized why. I found my hand drifting down to feel my cunt which was damp with swollen lips. I started to masturbate slipping two fingers into a cunt that was definitely more open than usual in the mornings. As I worked up to an orgasm I realized that my loving Victor was right: I was definitely going to try “little gangbangs” more often.The three guys fucking me last night worked at my new office so that would be the place to start, of course.With this thought in mind I dressed for work. I put on same slightly flared skirt, white blouse and heel shoes a couple of inches higher than normal. Of course, no panties…When I got to my office there were slightly embarrassed hellos from Jonas, Mick and Thomas who all then immediately pretended to be buried in work. All the other workers treated me as normal; so, I thought nobody else knew anything about the last night.After a few minutes I went across to Thomas’s desk for asking to borrow his ruler. I leant across the desk facing him ensuring that when he looked up he got a good view of my nipples through the stretched blouse. I saw his tongue lick his lips as his gaze locked on my assets. Then I went back to my desk making sure I provocatively swung my hips to keep his hungry eyes on me. I sat at my desk spreading my legs wide and smiled across to Mick who was sitting there watching at my bare cunt.Then I saw Thomas and Jonas going for the coffee machine, so I followed them. I slipped up behind them at the machine and whispered:“My pussy lips are so swollen, you bastards”. They got frozen for a second, but then Jonas said: “I have a cure for that…”“So do you fancy meeting for a drink later?” Thomas asked me with a smile.“Sorry lads but I have a husband who goes everywhere with me.” I said, biting my lip.“But there are plenty of hidden areas around the office” Thomas insisted, pushing his hand up my skirt to my bare cunt to emphasis the message. “You don’t know how much I need another gangbang, guys”. I moaned. “That was not a real gang bang”. Thomas said, as I felt his fingers squeezing my cunt.“You need more guys to be real gangbanged” Jonas said, as he touched my buttocks.“Here is the deal” Said Thomas “At 12.30 go to the store room at the back of the second floor, got it, bitch?” Then he walked off with his coffee followed by Jonas after giving on last squeeze of my now dripping cunt. I went to the store room dead on time and knocked on the door. Thomas opened and I was literally jerked into the room and the door slammed shut. I looked around and gasped: there was a bed and a sofa in the middle of balıkesir escort bayan the room but what made me gasp was the other five men standing there naked, with their hard cocks in their hands.“Well you wanted a real gangbang, my slut Anita, so here we are” said Jonas.“Don’t stand there, babe, we have only one lunch break hour” Hurried me Thomas.He introduced me to the other guys. “Alfred has an eight inches piece; Harry has only six inches but is also very thick and the last one is called “Long” for obvious reasons” He said that pointing to the youngest lad with an eleven inches heavy and thick boner. “Guys, she is our today’s lunch cunt Anita” He said to the unknown men.Then Jonas and Mick grabbed me like last night and laid me on the bed.Thomas started to finger fuck my cunt. Harry went to my nipples and Mick shoved one finger in my asshole. It made me gasp in pain. “Hey, slow down, guys” I gasped…But Thomas replied that we had less than fifty minutes for the gangbang and he continued to plat with my clitoris…The guy called “Long” sat astride my face ad fed his cock into my mouth. I felt I was in ecstasy. Suddenly I started jerking under them as I had a full orgasm. The guys stood back and all watched as I thrashed on the bed and my cunt opened and closed in orgasmic spasms.“Well guys, this cunt is now ready for some cock” Jonas announced happily.Then he flipped me over the bed onto my knees and elbows. Harry slipped under me and thrust his thick cock up my cunt, at the same time Alfred fed his cock down my throat and Jonas started to suck and squeeze my tits.I was soon moaning with pleasure and found myself crying and begging “more, more, please more”. That’s when I felt someone lick my rear rosebud and then push a hard dick slowly up my anus. I vaguely realized it was Thomas and yelled at him “Fuck my ass, Thomas”Just as I was really getting into a nice pumping rhythm both Harry and Thomas came at the same time inside me, filling my cunt and anus with their warm semen.Alfred also came in my mouth few seconds later. He was soon replaced by Mick.I gasped thinking it was all over after Mick came also inside my mouth. “That was just for warming you up” said Jonas. Before I could ask what he meant, Long slipped behind me and shoved his eleven inches boner deep in my asshole. I cried in pain during all the time he sodomized me; his cock was really huge, thick and long…Before he could come in my anus, Mick slipped down my body and inserted his hard dick in my wet pussy. Both guys proceeded to fuck me like a rag doll for about five minutes causing me to have multiple orgasms before I was again filled on my both holes with a full load of fresh cum.Thomas watched me lying on the bed face down; my pussy, asshole and mouth dripping a mix from their six cocks…“You loved this, bitch… Tomorrow we will be here at twelve o´clock, right?”.I only could nod a silent “yes” with my head and he closed the door behind him…

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