Indian Student Cheating on Boyfriend – Part 2

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Indian Student Cheating on Boyfriend – Part 2Sounds like you guys want me to tell you the rest of the story – so here goes.I had just cum all over Sarv’s mouth and skilful tongue and was lying on my back on his bed. He moved back up the bed and started kissing me gently. His hands were still roaming over my body – he used his big strong palms to brush over my tits and nipples which were still hard from the attention that he had given them before. Every so often he would pinch one and pull it to make sure I knew he was in control.My pussy was still throbbing from the amazing orgasm I’d just had. My head was swimming from a mixture of the drink, the fact that I was naked in another guy’s bedroom and the euphoria of having just cum in my boyfriend’s roommates mouth!! We carried on kissing and just moaning gently. After a few minutes Sarv guided my hand down to his cock again. I was quite surprised that it was still quite swollen and heavy.He made me put my hand around his shaft and slowly pull the foreskin back over his massive purple dome. My hand looked tiny next to his great big mushroom shaped helmet. I could barely get my fingers around his shaft as it started to grow bigger and thicker. I was utterly mesmerised by his big thick brown cock. He started breathing more heavily as he grew to his full size – it was at least 7 or 8 inches but just so thick; like a can of hairspray!! His cock was sticking straight up in the air – rigid and proud. I felt his hands on my shoulders and without saying a word he pushed me down towards his cock again.I got a better look at it this time and held the base of his shaft and just enjoyed how hard and juicy this bone looked. I opened my mouth wide again and took his bulbous tip into my mouth. I used my tongue over his helmet and slid it around his foreskin. His eyes were closed and again and he was just writhing in pleasure. I loved knowing that I was turning him on so much and tried to get even more of his cock into my mouth. I was using my finger nails to sc**** and squeeze his great big hairy balls. They were atakum escort like a couple of golf balls in his heavy dangling sack and they were rising and falling like they had a pulse of their own. I carried on sucking on Sarv’s wonderful cock and really enjoyed the sensation of him in my mouth – he started getting more aroused and was moving his head from side to side and was grabbing the back of my head and pulling my face further down onto his cock. I had never had such a big cock in my mouth and was not used to how deep it was going. He even made me gag as it got further into the back of my throat. My eyes bulged and watered but I loved the fact that he was just using me as his fuck mouth. I know now that he was trying to get me to deep throat him but back then I was more naive. He just had handfuls of my hair and was thrusting his cock in and out of my hot mouth.I thought he was going to cum soon and was looking forward to taking another hot load of spunk down my throat but then he stopped and pulled my head away. I was a bit disappointed and tried to get it back in my mouth but he stopped me and said he didn’t want to cum in my mouth again but that he wanted to fuck me. As an automatic reaction I started mumbling something about DJ and that we shouldn’t fuck and that I had a boyfriend but he knew it was just lip service and as if to prove a point he touched my pussy and immediately shoved two fingers into my dripping hole. I was still soaking from the earlier tonguing and they slipped in easily. I was so turned on that I couldn’t say anything. I was lying on my back and Sarv carried on fingering me roughly with two big fingers. My pussy squeezed hard on them and continued to produce copious amounts of thick creamy juice.Sarv moved into position on top of me and I spread my legs for him allowing him access to my hairy wet sex. I was looking up at him and was stroking his hard hairy chest and pinched his nipples and could feel the weight of his muscular body on mine. He reached down and grabbed his rock hard cock and guided his escort atakum helmet to my soaking wet hole. He took his time and just nudged the head up and down over my cunt – coating his purple helmet with my sticky cunt cream. Then I felt him push down and allow his hips to fall slightly so that he was entering me. I closed my eyes and groaned. It was amazing – my pussy was stretching to wrap itself around his massive head. It hurt and I bit my lip but it was a good pain and i loved it. My cunt lips were being stretched and i could feel him inching more and more of his hard cock into me until finally I felt those great big balls against my tight arsehole and I knew he was all the way in. I started breathing again! He left it in me for a few moments – just letting me get used to his size. Then he slid it back out till just his tip was in me and then, BAM, slid it in again – all the way in one go this time. I cried out as I still was not totally used to it. He didn’t care though – he had his eyes closed and his face was contorted into a grimace. He pulled it out and slammed it back in again. He started really fucking me now – sliding all the way out and and really ramming it into me hard. I could feel his balls slapping against my arse and was sure I was leaking pussy juice down over my bum.Slap, slap, slap he went, trying to get deeper and deeper into my pussy. I loved it and was grabbing his taught hairy arse and pulling him into me deeper. My cunt was on fire and I loved it. I scratched him and was screaming at him to fuck me harder and that it felt so good. It was at that moment that I noticed the bedroom door move slightly and saw a crack of light about an inch wide from the landing. I could see a person there looking at us. Sarv was oblivious as he was looking down at me and was pounding me for all he was worth. I couldn’t be sure but reckon it must have been DJ back from the Union looking for me. The person on the landing didn’t say a word but didn’t leave either. Knowing someone was there watching me getting the fuck of my life atakum escort bayan just made it even better. I started swearing at Sarv and telling him to fuck me, telling him how great his big cock was! I could see the sweat pouring off his bald head and he was telling me what a dirty bitch I was. I loved it. I loved being used and being controlled by this fuck machine. He was banging me as hard as he could. I could feel him begin to tense and his strokes get shorter and more urgent and knew he was about to cum. I suddenly panicked because we weren’t using a condom and tried to push him away but he was too far gone and just grabbed me by the hips and bore down with all his weight and ground his cock as deep into my cunt as he could and started to twitch and shoot wads of hot sticky cum into me – all the way up into my cervix. It was too much for me and my pussy twitched and went into spasm as my own orgasm ripped through me. I couldn’t help myself and just wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him onto me and was sobbing. My whole body had tensed and my back was arching up as I thrust my pussy up into the air to get as much of his bog cock in me as I could. I writhed around and our hips were grinding hard against each other. Then he collapsed onto the side of me exhausted from his exertions. I closed my legs and touched my hairy mound gingerly with my fingers. I could feel his thick spunk oozing out of my spent pussy. I noticed the door move again as it was pulled shut. I was covered in sweat and felt great. I had never known how good sex could be and was just enjoying the afterglow and the feeling of floating. My nipples were tingling and my pussy was still throbbing and I felt great. I began to feel a bit cold and Sarv just wrapped me in his strong arms and held me close.We just cuddled like that on Sarv’s bed for the rest of the night. We did fool around some more in the night at various times, mainly him eating my pussy though as I was a bit sore from the pounding that I’d got!So that is the story of how I cheated on my boyfriend at Uni. I loved it. Needless to say that I dumped DJ – he never said whether it was him at watching at the door but I hope it was. I’d like to think he was ashamed of his puny feeble cock and at watching his girlfriend getting fucked by a real man! xx

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