It Could Be Worse Ch. 08

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Working for Leon has its perks.

Once in a while, when business is slow, Leon will lock up early and have his white women put on a private show. A daisy chain of white women eating white pussy for the amusement of Leon and a few select friends is usually a prelude to a wild fuck session.

My role during these private events is to serve drinks and with the other two white bois, clean well fucked cunts. I am also permitted to suck an occasional black cock to its full magnificence so one of the lucky white bitches can be fucked.

It was at one of these private parties where I finally got my boi pussy fucked. Unfortunately I was not deflowered by my black master.

No, he had one of his other white bois do that.

It happened after the girls were all fucked and all our black men were lounging around smoking weed, their balls drained, cocks softened, and cleaned. One of Leon’s guests requested something different. That something different turned out to be me getting fucked.

My mother and wife, as well as the other women and the other white boi, were there to witness my de-flowering when Leon gave me to the white boi.

Returning with a tray of cocktails for Leon and his Bros, I was directed stand in the middle of the room. As I stood waiting to see what was going to happen, Leon did an “eenie, meenie, minie, moe” on the other two white bois.

Finishing on roberta, his slave white boi name, Leon told me to go to roberta and take his hand and bring him to the center of the room. I did so, curious as to my fate.

Leon announced, “joanie (my sissy name) is going to lose her cherry tonight. joanie, please kneel before roberta.”

I slowly dropped to my knees, eye level to roberta’s dick which was evident through his pale blue thong. Like me, he has taken his Cialis and is still hard. I thought Leon was going to have me suck him off, which was nothing new to me… or roberta for that matter. We’ve been sucking each other’s dicks for our release for months now.

Our wives, my mom and the single white women also engage in lesbian activities when we’re locked in our basement apartment. We bois get turned on watching our women make love to each other. But our white dicks are not permitted to penetrate a white woman in any way. Even them giving us hand jobs have stopped. Cin, my wife, finds it boring for me to fuck my panty pussy and has stopped offering it to me. Our only release is either our hands or the offering our mouths to each other.

Leon then told me “look roberta in the eyes and ask him nicely to fuck you.”

“Huh”, I stammered. I was frightened.

“Do it cocksucker” Leon said with a stern voice.

My Avrupa Yakası Escort eyes welling with tears, I looked roberta in the eyes and whispered “please fuck me.”

“Louder” Leon demanded. “We all wanna be part of dis.”

Taking a deep breath. I looked again into roberta’s eyes and begged for all to hear, “please fuck me roberta. Please take my boi pussy. ” I hope Leon is pleased.

roberta smiled down at me. I think he’s wanted to fuck me for a while, not completely satisfied with the blow jobs I give him.

“Pull his panties down” I hear my mom shout out. “Get that faggot ready to plow your ass joanie.”

If I’m going to do this, I’m going to give them the best show I can.

From my kneeling position I run my hands up his torso. I tug gently on his nipple rings. I stick my fingers in my mouth, wetting them. Then returning to roberta’s nipples, I rub my saliva on each making them hard. I toy with them a bit before sliding my hands to his back.

I pull my hands down to his round, taut ass. I pull him to me and kiss his dick through his panty. I make loud smacking sounds as I completely wet the outline of his dick. Turning to my audience, I wink at them, and using my teeth, I slowly lower roberta’s panty. Waist band between my teeth, I pull it out and over his dick. I use my hands to tug the thong out of the crack of his ass and down.

His dick is at eye level. I lower my head to his hairless ball sack and lick them. I’m putting on a show for my black masters. I slowly lick my way to the head of his white dick and tongue bathe it gently, slowly.

Taking control of the situation, roberta takes his dick in hand and slaps my face with it. “What do you want bitch” he teases. “You want this dick? You want me to fuck your boi pussy?”

“Please” I say trembling. I needed him to take an active role. I wanted his aggression. “Please fuck me like the cocksucking whore I am” I plead. Although I’m scared, I mean it.

“Get me wet fag boi.” roberta is enjoying this. “Suck the dick that’s going to make you a woman.”

I do so gladly.

After I sucked his little white dick and got him wet, he had me lie on my back. Lifting my legs under his arms to where they nearly met my shoulders, he told me to put his dick in my pussy.

I reached for his dick and placed it at my virgin opening. He pushed into me with little effort. “Relax that ass bitch” he whispered,

“I’ll try to make this as painless as I can.”

I wanted to relax but the pain was terrific. roberta held still until I was able to stop tensing. He slowly pushed his dick further in me. Once he passed the sphincter, the pain lessened. Avrupa Yakası Escort Bayan

He eased further in and when I felt his balls on my butt I knew he was as all the way in me.

He started fucking me slowly, in and out.

At first it hurt, but not all that bad because his dick was small. Then his fucking me began to feel good, then great.

I began to fuck him back, humping my ass to his groin. I put my hands on his ass and pulled him in deep. Hunching and humping me, his dick was hitting my prostate. I heard laughter from those watching, when I begged him to fuck my pussy hard.

No matter. I was filled with dick. Little white boi dick and he was fucking me like they way our black masters fuck their white women.

I loved it.

Sucking roberta’s dick was just okay. I’d rather be on my knees with my face in the crotch of a black man. Mainly I did roberta so he’d reciprocate and get me off. It’s how we bois get our release.

Something clicked inside my head. I wondered why I waited so long to take a dick in my ass. It feels so good. I feel so sublime, on my back getting plowed like a bitch.

I wish Leon would fuck me. I want my man’s big black cock in me. Sadly, that won’t happen. He’s too much of a real man to fuck a pansy like me. He uses me and other white bois for his personal gain. It’s rare, but he will reward one of his bois by allowing us to worship his cock and balls until he pumps his spunk down our hungry mouths.

But that’s only after we’ve done something special that pleased him.

Leon had fucked many a white punk while he was in prison for drug trafficking. Now that he’s out on parole, my black master is making up for lost time. His cock belongs in a woman’s pussy. And white women are what my man wants.

He only has white prostitutes. White bitches he calls them. Bitches like my wife and my mother. They make the real money for him, the women do.

Bois like me, roberta and the other are kept around for him and other superior black man to abuse. They enjoy taking a white wife from a white man. They enjoy watching those white bois like me debase myself for their amusement.

And white bois like me are naturally drawn to superior black men. Our black masters.

roberta smiled down at me as he fucked me like a woman for 10 or so minutes.

I came on my stomach and chest without touching myself. My orgasm washed over me suddenly, unexpectedly. “Oh my God” I moaned. “I’m cumming, ugh” I groaned having the most intense climax I’ve ever had. “I came without touching my dick.”

I heard some one clap.

roberta came shortly after I did, grunting his Escort Avrupa Yakası cum up my ass and telling me to” take it all bitch.” I did. I liked the feeling of his twitching dick spewing it’s spunk in me. I wanted to be a bitch.

After cumming in my ass, roberta was calming down from his orgasm when he surprised us all.

He kissed me right on the mouth.

Now I may have sucked a lot of cocks, and had more balls on my chin than a trained circus seal, but I’d never kissed a man. The sensation was new. That he’d just fucked me and made me cum, messed with my mind. That we were being watched heightened the eroticism.

His kiss felt so natural. He was kissing his bitch after fucking her.

In thanks for the wonderful, gentle way he took my virginity, the way made me feel like a woman, I closed my eyes and kissed him back. Opening my mouth to receive his tongue, we French kissed like lovers.

“Oh my god” I heard Cin exclaim. “Look at the two homos making out. My faggot husband is frenching another cuck sucker.”

Mom snickered, “I told you he was gay.”

None of that acknowledgement mattered.

roberta’s dick softened in my ass and when he pulled out I could feel his cum leaking out of me. I now knew what a woman felt. It was wonderful. I liked being fucked. We continued our passionate kiss, holding each other and rolling back and forth.

Finally we ended our embrace. Lying there at the feet of my black masters, my mother, and my wife, and others, I was spent.

Suddenly I was overcome by a feeling I was unfamiliar with. I didn’t know if I was happy, sad, or what, but I began to cry. I crawled over to Cin and buried my face in her lap and wept.

“There, there” she soothed me. “It’s alright joanie. You’re feeling emotional about realizing you’re a full blown homo. It’s understandable. It’s taken you so long to get here. Go on, my little fairy, let it all out.”

“Daaamn” one of the black men said as he dressed. “Damn Leon, you got these white mutha fuckas doin some weird shit man.”

Leon laughed. “Day do what I tell em.”

Who yo daddy motha fucka?” Leon’s talking to me.

“You are Sir” I’ve stopped crying. I hurry to him. Kneeling at his feet, I hug his thighs, My cheek on his big black cock, I say in a soft voice, “you’re my daddy Leon. You’re my black daddy.”

“Who own yo ass? Who bitch are you?” Leon wants more devotion from me.

“You own me sir” I plead. “I’m your bitch. I’m your worthless white bitch sir.” In a show of my sincerity I take his soft cock between my lips and gently use my tongue on it.

“Den whu chu you say?” he asks.

Pulling my head off his cock, it dawns on me. I owe him.

“Thank you sir for allowing me to get fucked” I say humbly. “Thank you for turning my ass out.”

In an act of servility, I kiss his bare feet.

My head bowed to my black god, I hear a distant “click.”

I never heard the shot that killed me.

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