Jasper and Alice 02

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The continuation of the story “Jasper and Alice 01”


Contains Pee / Oral sex / Regular sex / Diabetes

DO NOT READ further if those things offend you, or you find the categories disliking!

After the last cozy dance, when I reluctantly left Alice’s arms, we walked hand in hand to her place… and there we were now, undressing in the hall.

“I’m a little tired, and I’m sure you are, too, I guess. So why don’t we go to bed right now…and aim for a cozy and sexy breakfast tomorrow. Although I was thinking about doing something for you, Jasper…you’ve had a rough night. Even if you were lucky enough to meet me… (wink) So, yes…I thought if you’d like to have a good time…and come? I can blow you.”

Alice wasn’t waiting for my answer, just got on her knees and started unbuttoning my pants. With button, fly and belt fixed, the pants and underpants went down in one swoop, and now she was sitting there, right in front of my half-stiff cock…almost sniffing at it.

With one hand in a firm grip on my cock, she started jerking me off…while sucking the cock into her mouth and starting to move her head back and forth.

Wow, that’s sooo good. I got stiff fast as hell, and started gently pushing in and out of her sucking mouth.

“Go dear, hump on sweetie…you’re going to return the favor tomorrow.”

Said an incredibly beautiful and smiling Alice, all while her tongue licked up and down the shaft. Took the balls in her mouth, one at a time, while she jerked me off…then she moved up, nibbled her lips on the tip…and swallowed it.

“I find it arousing with a man who gets turned on by me, and likes stiff cocks in me. Mmmmm, yummy, hump my mouth faster now…I’ll swallow your cum when you come.”

Oh, it was soooo good. Her sexy words and mouth around the cock that went in and out, and a long time since I’ve come…so holding me wasn’t an option here…IIIIIII’m coooooming. I shot my load straight into Alice’s mouth. A beautiful sucking mouth, which swallowed tekirdağ escort everything she got into it……swallowed everything while she was still jerking me off with both her hand and mouth.

After the incredibly blowjob and the best welcome I’ve ever received at the home of a new acquaintance, we went to bed. Snuggled some, and quickly fell asleep both of us.

The next morning, I woke up to a little rattling in the kitchen. Thought back to the very nice ending of the evening…lay there a bit and just felt good, then rose from the beautiful double bed. Went out into the kitchen and was greeted by a nicely set breakfast…and a very nice and sexy woman sitting at the kitchen table.

A smiling Alice lit up when she saw me. “Good morning, my cute Type 1! How’s your blood sugar and how are you? Good? Take your Insulin now, and we’ll have breakfast in peace. No hurry at all. And then we focus on completely different things, if you still want to. And that you want to stay here with me, of course?”

“Good morning, Alice! Thank you, it’s good now. Very good, with this served breakfast, and with you sitting in front of me. Like a beautiful dream. Beautiful stripped-down dream…there wasn’t much clothes you were wearing.”

“No, felt pretty unnecessary considering I wanted you to stay here today. And if everything worked out well today, I want you to stay much longer than that. So only a thin blouse and minimal panties felt like a good appetizer, so as not to make breakfast too long.”

“But, come here. Morning kiss, and then eat.”

We talked a little bit of everything during breakfast, ate from the fine selection. And organic indeed, what a woman…she thought about everything. As we rounded off towards the end, I saw that she was taking a few extra sips of juice and coffee too. Wondered a little what she was thinking, and hoped a little considering that everything around her was so sexy arousing.

“Jasper, I get really excited and horny when tekirdağ escort bayan men lick me, and I love peeing on them too, as you noticed yesterday. I don’t know why, I just like to see them taste me and drink my pee. I come so hard then.”

“Can I do it to you again? That you lick me, and I pee in your mouth? But more and longer than yesterday. Yesterday I didn’t come, and now I want to do that on your face and in your mouth. Your turn to get your mouth full of creamy juice to swallow. Is it okay to be my handsome male toilet paper? And dishcloth, sucking it all up?”

I was so turned on I was about to explode in my underwear. Just thought…stop talking and fill my mouth, I want to taste and drink everything. Everything, now!

I guess she could see what I was thinking, because Alice wasn’t waiting for an answer, she was moving things off the table. Took off her blouse, and my loaned shirt went off too. So now we were only in our underwear and panties…she on the table and me on a chair right in front of her crotch and wide spread legs.

“Come; put your mouth against my panties. I want you to suck up the pee that comes out in them. I want us to start with that. And put your mouth there now, because it’s coming…”

I just had time to put my mouth on her so sexy smelling panties, when they got darkly stained by the pee… With sucking and licking, I got most of hers, today really tasty pee. Actually, I liked it. Not some strong morning urine, but after breakfast-pee…and it was something I liked, really much.

So I licked and sucked hard to get everything I could from her pee-and-pussy-tasting panties.

“Take off my panties, please. I want you to take the last drops straight in your mouth, and then put your lips against my skin, lick me, a lot. Put the panties on the plate…you can smell them and taste more after, if you can’t get enough of me…”

I took off the panties and spread her labia, so I saw the whole inner part of her enticing escort tekirdağ vagina. Damp and so beautifully tempting. I started licking around the outside, the edges…on the clitoris, down to the opening at the urethra, and poked with the tongue to get more pee, and it came as ordered.

Not a strong jet…more just right…so I could swallow and lick at the same time.

“Jerk off a little while you lick me. I want you to be hard in a minute.”

It wasn’t an impossible mission, because I got throbbing hard by Alice’s nice pussy on my face.

“Oh, it’s sooo gooood, lick a little there…ooh, more…press a little harder…… It feels reeeeeaaaaally niiiice there…

Come on up, quick. Get inside me…fuck me, Jasper. Fuck me good! I’m coming now, and I want you to pump your semen deep in me to get me that extra strong orgasm.

“Ooh, mouth. Give me your mouth, darling. Kiss me, so I can taste my crotch-menu downstairs.”

While she was saying this, she rolled her hip and moved along my humping, and wow I came…I pumped her full with the load she helped building up with all the morning sexy talk. And morning smelling, tasting and drinking…her.

“Mmmmm… noooooooow….ooooh, I can feel your pumping in me. Mmmm, oh, noow, noow I cooome too. Ohhhhh…..

She bumped into me and humped during the orgasm, while kissing me and holding us against each other. And I felt how wet it was down there…she was still coming… It was so wonderful, and everything felt so good, I got a feeling…just have to taste again…

So I pulled out of her, and dove down licking the insides of her thighs, and pressed the tongue on her clit…and splash, out came mixed female juice and some pee she had left……and I wanted to taste her a lot more down there. But was interrupted and pulled up.

Got pulled up and kissed on. Kissed on a lot.

“Oh, I don’t think I can get enough of kissing you, honey. My handsome Jasper. And I came just as I hoped I would. And you seem to like me, to say the least. Both the outside and what comes out of me. I think we’ll have to talk about making this a little more permanent, honey. Just like you didn’t want to leave my tasty crotch, I don’t want you to leave me either. I want to be with you now…morning, noon and night!”

And just that perfect it has become!

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