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I sat nervously, hoping that the interview I was about to have would lead to a job.

I’d been out of work so long that I was behind in everything. My apartment rent was 6 months in arrears. My car had been repossessed. My hair hadn’t been cut in months. My girlfriend took off.

I’d ironed the shirt I wore that day by steaming up the bathroom using the shower, and used my hands to pull out most of the wrinkles. Most, but not all.

I had my freshly washed hair pulled back in a pony tail hoping the man interviewing me for the IT job would see me as one of those geeks.

“Mr. Wallace will see you now, sir,” the secretary informed me. I rose and followed her to the office door. She opened it, I entered it.

“Come in, young man. Come in and have a seat. I’ve been looking over your resume` and am most anxious to meet you.”

“Um, thank you Mr. Wallace,” I said hopefully, as I sat in one of two chairs that were side by side.

“I understand that you lost your previous employment because of the pandemic.”

“Yes sir. They were forced to close their doors when the lock-down was enforced.”

“I see. Times were tough for a number of companies and many thousands of people.”

I sat in awkward silence as Mr. Wallace scanned my resume`. Finally, he placed it on his desk in a folder and looked at me as if he was seeing me for the first time.

He got up from his desk. and came around in front of me. Mr. Wallace is a large man. His head once covered with brown hair was now balding and his combover wasn’t working for him. He had a middle-aged paunch at his waist line. A muffin top they call it.

“Son,” he began sitting beside me. “I know you’re having financial troubles. I’d like to help you but you’re simply unqualified for the advertised position for which you applied.”

“I can learn, sir,” I pleaded. “I can be depended on. I’m always ready to learn new things.” I was becoming desperate. “I’ll do anything for a job, sir.”

He sat quietly, studying me. In sotto voce he said he may be able to help me. “You’re sure you want to learn new things?”

“Anything you can throw at me, Mr. Wallace. I will give it my best.”

“First young man, do you have family; a girlfriend perhaps?”

“No sir, I don’t. My parents are dead and my girlfriend left when my finances went South.”

“Any brothers or sisters?”

“None, Mr. Wallace. I was an only child.”

“Excellent. Have you thought about going into customer service?”

I thought about it for a few seconds. “Mr. Wallace, it wasn’t the job I applied for but I’m good with people. I’m non-confrontational. I’m courteous and polite.”

“Yes. I’m sure you’re all those things and more,” he smiled.

He reached behind my head and took the rubber band off my pony tail, letting my hair hang loose. Using his fingers as a comb, Mr. Wallace parted it in the middle so that my hair hung down each side of my face almost to my shoulders. “Very nice.”

He leaned forward, steadying himself with a hand on my thigh. His other hand moved slowly, softly using his thumb to trace the outline of my lips. “Full and soft,” he whispered to himself.

I sat frozen in place as Mr. Wallace continued his exploration of my face. “Nice high cheek bones. Very pretty. Soft, doe-like eyes, arching eyebrows. Simply wonderful.”

His hand began rubbing my thigh lightly, up and down and inside. I was unprepared for this and certainly unprepared for how my dick twitched involuntarily. Mr. Wallace noticed my growing erection and smiled. “Very good johnnie. You don’t mind if I call you johnnie, do you?”

“My few friends call me John, sir.”

“Yes. I’m sure they do. But I find it inappropriate for a sweet boy like you. I’m going to ask you to do something most unusual during an interview, johnnie. But for the position I’m thinking will best suit you and make you an asset to our firm, I must ask you to remove your jacket and shirt.”

“I don’t understand, Mr. Wallace. Why do you want me to remove my clothing?”

“Just a simple inspection son. Nothing sinister, I assure you. Now please do as I say.”

I stood up and took my jacket off, “Where can I hang this, sir?”

“Wonderful. A neat boy too. Hang it over the chair johnnie.”

I placed my jacket on the chair back and did the same with my shirt. I was standing in front of Mr. Wallace nude from the waist up.

He stood up and circled me. I felt his hands on my back, caressing me. “Smooth soft skin. Nice.” Then his hands moved down to my waist. “Very small, that’s good johnnie. That’s very good.”

His hands traveled down to my hips. Muttering to himself, I heard him say, “Narrow waist, wide hips, plump buttocks, Beautiful. Just fucking beautiful.”

He came around the front of me. His hands roamed at will over my chest and tummy. “Nice big and round areola.” He pinched my nipples. “Sensitive nipples. Very nice, johnnie. They like to be stimulated; I see.”

“They’ve always been like that Mr. Wallace,” I said wishing my dick wasn’t so hard.

“Yes, almanbahis johnnie. I’m sure they have been. You may put your shirt back on son.”

My head was spinning as I buttoned my shirt. “Sir. May I ask what that inspection has to do with the customer service position?”

“johnnie, my boy. The job pays $500 a week to start. More if you prove to be the asset, I think you’ll be. You’ll have a company car at your disposal, you’ll travel, and have an expense account.”

“What will I be doing sir?”

“Servicing our clients, johnnie. Just like the position says, customer service.”

“Forgive me but that tells me nothing Mr. Wallace.”

He was prepared for my questions. “johnnie, our clientele have different interests. They will let you know what it is they want expect from you. Until then, get used to wearing your hair the way it is now. Let your finger nails grow a bit longer. Not much, just a bit.”

“I’m going to give you an address of the hotel one of our clients is in at this time. Go there. Tell the front desk that you have a room reserved in your name, johnnie jones. They’ll give you a keycard. In your room if they deliver it as promised, you’ll find a box with some specialized apparel in it. There will be instructions for you to follow to the letter. Think you can do that?”

“Yes sir,” I said ecstatic to finally be working again.

“Wonderful. On your way out, stop by the secretary and fill out the necessary forms and get the keys to your company car. You’re hired my boy.”

“Thank you, Mr. Wallace. I promise I won’t let you down.”

“I’m sure you won’t johnnie. Now run along. Report back to me tomorrow morning after spending the night with our client. I want to hear every detail from you. And I don’t want to hear a complaint from our client.”

“Yes sir,” I said leaving his office. “I understand.”

I filled out the tax forms, the health insurance forms, the non-disclosure form and was ready to leave.

“I’m finished,” I said handing the paperwork to Mr. Wallace’s secretary.

She looked the papers over to make sure they were complete. “Here’s the fob to the company car, John. It’s parked in space B 15. Take the elevator to the basement, that’s the parking garage. Your car is a brand-new 2021, Dodge SRT.”

I didn’t have to be told twice. I almost ran to the elevator. It seemed to take forever for the elevator car to come but when it did, I hoped on and pressed B.

“Fucking beautiful,” I thought. The black car glowed in the light.

I drove out to the highway just to get a feel for the thing. It was like nothing I’d ever driven before. Fast, responsive, with one heck of a stereo.

When I finally got to the hotel, it was after 5. I went to the front desk and told them who I was and that I was expected.

They gave me my keycard and pointed to the elevator bank.

The room was exquisite. A suite with a door to an adjoining suite was on the left as I entered.

Going to the bedroom, I found the box Mr. Wallace told me to expect. The pink wrapping with black ribbon looked expensive. If it was anything like to company car, I knew I was in for something special.

I was more like shocked when I opened the box to find a dark purple spaghetti straps nightie. Pulling it out I saw that it was my size though it hung down just above my waist. The matching thong panty was transparent where my dick would be. Under the nightie was a lipstick tube and envelope.

I opened the envelope and saw the note in it was addressed to me. I knew instantly that it had come from Mr. Wallace because it began with, “johnnie.”

I read the note and chills ran down my spine.

“As you know, you have been selected to service our clients. Some clients have special requirements that are your job to fulfill.

Before you meet Mr. Smith you must shower and shave. By shaving, sweet boy, I mean your entire body; chest, arms, legs, and most particularly your groin. Once you have completed that task, practice applying the lipstick until you get the hang of it. Yes, it may not be the color you’d choose for yourself but Mr. Smith likes it and he is, after all, our client and that makes him your client.

He will knock on the adjoining suite door at precisely 9 PM. You will greet him wearing the lovely satin nightie, lipstick, and nothing more. Welcome him into your suite. Offer to make him a drink. When he sits, you go to him, kneel at his feet and ask if there is anything you can do to make him comfortable.

This is most important, johnnie. Do whatever he asks. Mr. Smith is a very important client of ours and it is in the firm’s best interest to keep him happy. Somethings he may ask of you will be new to you, or perhaps not. Regardless of how those things he expects of you may make you feel, I urge you to do your very best. And remember, johnnie, I want to hear every last detail of what happens tonight. Should all go well, as I expect it will, there will be a significant bonus in your first paycheck.

Make us proud

Mr. almanbahis giriş Wallace.”

“What the fuck is this crap,? I said aloud. I called the office and asked for Mr. Wallace.

“Hello, johnnie?”

“Mr. Wallace, sir, there must be some mistake. The box had women’s stuff in it.”

“Easy son. Did you read my note?”

“Yes sir. But there has to….”

“Listen, johnnie. I understand that a sensitive boy like you has some misgivings. Let me reassure you. Did I say the job paid $500 a week? I made a mistake. johnnie, my beautiful young man, it pays $750 plus the bonus I mentioned in my note. Can you really afford to say no?”

“I can’t do this Mr. Wallace. I can’t.”

“Let me sweeten the pot. How about we pay the back rent you owe plus the increase in weekly pay and the bonus? Does that change your mind?”

“Hello? johnnie. You there, son?”

“I, uh, can I think about it?”

“You have 5 minutes to make up your mind. Call me back when you’ve made your decision.”

“Yes sir.”

Damn. I owe in back rent alone, somewhere over $7,400. I’m about to be evicted for non-payment and although I liked the SRT, I don’t relish sleeping in the fucking thing. They’re gonna pay that plus $750 a week and all I have to do is wear the fucking negligee? But wait. What if the guy wants something like a blow job? Can I do that?

I looked at the clock. I had three more minutes before I had to call back with my decision.

No prostitutes made 7K for a fucking blow job. No one would know. I’d be out of debt and in good financial shape. Plus, there’s the car. That beautiful SRT.

“Mr. Wallace, sir. After a lot of thinking I’ve decided I’ll do it.”

“Wonderful sweet boy. I knew I could count on you. Just make sure you shave completely and don’t make yourself look like a damned clown with the lipstick.”

“I’ll do my best.”

“Good. Remember, I want every detail, no matter how small.”

“Got it, Mr. Wallace. I’d better go now.”

“Bye-bye, johnnie and have fun. This isn’t the end of the world. Make it fun for yourself.”

“I’ll try.”



For some reason a line from the Monkee’s song Day Dream Believer kept running through my mind. “my shavin razor’s cold and it stings….” My chest tingled when finally free of the curly hair that once I was proud to show-off. Arms went pretty quickly as did my legs. I hesitated to shave my groin but thought about the money and made up my mind.

Once I was completely shorn, I applied some hotel supplied lotion.

The lipstick was a whole different story. I tried, maybe 8 times before I got it right. I mean I had the bright red stuff spread out almost ear to ear before I was satisfied. “I’m earning all the money promised,” I thought as I pursed my lips, blowing mock kisses at my reflection in the mirror.

It came back to me in a flash. The painted red lips I was looking at would probably be pulling on a cock in a couple hours. I shuddered and went out to try on the nightie.

Just as I figured, the soft material came almost to my waist. Pulling on the panty, I was struck by how well it fit and felt.

I’m not a man with a big dick but I’m proud of the 5″ of love muscle I have. It hasn’t ever let me down when I needed it most. But right now it seemed to have a mind of its own. My erection was clearly visible through the lace front panel.

I was looking at myself in the full-length mirror. My wavy hair hung almost to my shoulders. Mr. Wallace was right about my cheek bones and eye brows. With the lipstick, I looked like some kind of cute flat chested girl and that my dick got hard was a surprise.

If I had to swear to it, I was a little turned on. I mean here I was, wearing a sexy nightie and lipstick waiting for a gentleman caller. I felt like a whore, a pretty, sexy whore. A whore who needed a drink.

I went to the mini-bar and took out a small bottle of Jack Daniels. Popping the cap, I swigged it down in one gulp and then had another and another.

Soon I was feeling no pain and as the minutes passed all too quickly, I sat wondering about tonight. Would I suck him if he wanted that? Could I?

I got up and looked at myself in the mirror once more. I never had the urge to dress in women’s clothing before but I did look pretty damned good. Maybe tonight wouldn’t be so fucking bad after all.

The light tapping on the adjoining suites door jarred me out of my reverie.

Taking a deep breath, I opened the door and welcomed my guest. “Hello, sir. Welcome. Please come in and make yourself at home.”

“Oh my goodness, what a beautiful boy you are. I’m sure you hear that from all your lovers though.”

Mr. Smith breezed in and made himself comfortable in the over-stuffed chair. I felt his gaze as he looked me over. “Mr. Wallace never disappoints. You are special. What’s your name boy?”

“johnnie, sir. May I fix you a drink?”

“Please. Vodka and tonic.”

I prepared his cocktail and took it to him. Mr. Smith was probably 50 -55 almanbahis yeni giriş years old. Though all he was wearing was an expensive looking robe and slippers, he appeared to be in great shape.

I knelt at his feet as Mr. Wallace instructed.

He took a drink of his cocktail and I noticed a ring on his left hand. “You’re married, Mr. Smith?”

“Married with children. I love my wife but beautiful boys like you have a special place for me.” As he said that, he placed his drink down and adjusted his cock through his robe.

“Tell me, johnnie. How many men has Mr. Wallace had you service?”

“None, sir. I was just hired today. This is all very new to me and very frightening too.”

I could see the look of pleasure come over his face when he learned that I was new. “You’ve never played with a man before?”

“No sir.”

“Well, johnnie my beautiful boy. There is nothing to be afraid of. I won’t hurt you. Well, not unless you want me to. Do you enjoy pain?”

“No sir. Not a bit.”

“Excellent. We’ll get along fine.

I knelt there answering questions and just talking with Mr. Smith like two normal people. He was inquisitive about me, my life, my experiences.

When he asked about the girlfriends I had been with I made up a number trying to impress him.

He looked at me in disbelief. “Baby, lets not start off on the wrong path. If you can’t be honest with me, I’m afraid our time together will end now.”

I thought about the money, the car, the upcoming eviction for past rent. “Please forgive me, sir. I was only trying to impress you.”

“How many, johnnie?”

“One real one sir. We lived together until Covid caused me to lose my income, my car, everything.”

“Tell me about your sex life with her.”

When I hesitated, Mr. Smith said he already knew. “Let me tell you then. You fucked her but she was left unsatisfied after you came too quickly. I’ll bet she taught you how to make her climax using oral sex. What are you; 25, 26? I’ll wager she’s the only woman you ever had sex with.”

My face burned with shame. Was I that easy to read? How could he know?

“You’re wondering how I know these things, aren’t you sweetheart? You’re special johnnie. I already know you aren’t well endowed in the penis department. Your looks, build, the way you carry yourself. Wallace saw it in you as do I. That’s why he sent you to me and will send you to others who share my fetish for sweet boys like you.”

He wasn’t condescending nor crude. Mr. Smith was speaking frankly and calmly like a professor teaching a course. He made me see myself in a whole new light. Yes, I was a lousy lover to my ex. I did cum too quickly and she taught me to use my mouth, even after I came in her.

But it’s my nature to go along rather than argue or fight and she took advantage of my weaknesses.

Now believe me when I say I wasn’t thoroughly convinced that I was doomed to be a failure with women all my life.

Mr. Smith answered my questions readily. After explaining to me that I was made for the job Mr. Wallace hired me to do, I asked about his work, his family and why, since he is married, did he choose to be with someone like me?

His response to that last question flattered me. “johnnie, what right minded man wouldn’t want to spend time with a beautiful young princess like you?”

The more we chatted, the more I felt he genuinely cared about me, my situation. I grew more comfortable with him by the minute. I freshened his drink as necessary and enjoyed his company.

Come, get off your knees and come stand here beside me.”

I stood at his side and his arm went right around my waist. His hand roamed, cupping my bottom and held it there. “Nice ass. You are the most feminine boy Mr. Wallace has ever sent me.”

I didn’t whether to thank him or not so I said nothing. But his compliment gave me goose bumps all over.

“Look at the time. It’s nearly midnight. Time flies, doesn’t it, johnnie?”

“Yes sir, I said surprised by the lateness. “I have to work tomorrow and need to get some sleep so I can report to Mr. Wallace.”

“Nonsense. Your night ends when I say it ends, baby. Don’t worry about Wallace, that old prev. I’ll call him and straighten things out.”

I felt a bit relieved knowing Mr. Smith wanted to spend more time with me. That meant he was happy with me, so far anyway.

“Tell me sweet boy. Do you like the night air?”

“It’s alright, I guess,” I said without knowing where this was headed.

He stood and released my bottom. Gently taking my hand, he led us to the balcony. We stood side by side and looked out over the city as he placed his arm around me once again.

“Your soft, smooth and so pale skin glows in the dark baby. You radiate your beauty like many of the world’s most beautiful women.”

I looked at him to see if he was kidding me but all I saw was his sincere smile.

I decided I liked this older handsome man. I knew he was important to my boss but he didn’t act like a big shot. He was kind. He was gentle. Mr. Smith was someone who, if I was gay, I would want to be with.

Feeling more comfortable with him and remembering how much this night would be worth to me, I snuggled closer and put my arm around his waist.

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