Joining the Army (4th Story)

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Joining the Army (4th Story)Joining the ArmyI graduated high school in 1991 and joined the Army shortly after. Upon graduation, I was stationed at FT Ord CA (Monterey/coastal area), where I purchased a motorcycle, figuring its CA and I could cruise along the coastline. I lived in the barracks with all the other guys, but since I was the odd man out, I was given my own room. Usually, lower ranking soldiers always have a roommate, but this unit placed me in an old room they had near the side entrance that was always loud in the evenings. I was very content, I could walk around naked in my room, and it didn’t take long before my gay desires started resurfacing. So, I started checking out local video stores in the area that rented porn, but not just any porn, gay porn. I found several stores that had a large selection of gay porn, so I joined and started feeding my gay desires. Gay porn was considered taboo, the Army had not changed to “don’t ask, don’t tell”, so you couldn’t be caught with any porn. I still remember the name of the first one I rented called “Cum Suckers”, and I loved it! It had been over a year since I left home and watched any porn, so I was loving life. Shortly after, I started buying cucumbers and fucking my asshole daily in front of a mirror while watching videos. My asshole was getting so loose, that I started buying wider and wider cucumbers stretching my asshole making myself gape open easily! I also purchased my first panties and a lacy black teddy at the local base store, I was so nervous, but I did it. I was in heaven, I had my own room, watching gay porn, wearing lingerie and fucking myself in the ass “I never wanted to leave”! One Friday evening, me and about 8 guys went out to eat after training. After dinner, as we were walking out, my friends noticed an adult shop across the street. Up until this point in life, I had no clue what an adult shop was, but I quickly found out. Upon entry, this store had everything, movies, magazines, sex toys, I was in aww. My friends all split up, so I started cruised up and down the aisles looking at all the explicit movies and magazines, I turned the corner into the aisle where all the guys were, and I was in complete shock! I was in the gay aisle! All the magazines and movie covers were very explicit, and all the men looked at me, thinking I was gay! Feeling embarrassed, I quickly moved out of the aisle to the back of the store to the video booths. I found one of my buddies, asking him what these booths are used for? He informed ödemiş escort me, that you could watch a variety of porn movies by depositing quarters. So, I got some change from the cashier, entered my first booth, locked the door, and sat down. It was dark, except for the glow of the tv screen, after my eyes adjusted, I dropped my quarters in the slot, and to my amazement the movie appeared. I watched for a couple minutes, and changed the channel flipping through mostly straight and lesbian porn until I found the gay channel! Being taboo, I didn’t think they would play something like that, but I was enjoying it! My dick was so hard, I pulled down my shorts and started jerking off. As I was jerking off, I noticed a hole to my right shoulder with a flickering light. I repositioned myself, peering through the hole, and I saw a man from the waist down jerking off! I was in shock, I moved away hoping not to be seen, but I wanted to see more. I again moved in close, peering through the hole as he had stood up stroking his dick close to the hole. It was apparent he had noticed me, and was now putting on a show cumming all over the floor. I was so horny watching him, that I started cumming as well. When he was done, he dressed and left his booth. I exited my booth shortly after and met up with my buddies, who were hanging around in the hallway. We all joked about what we saw, and decided to leave for the night. Over the next couple days, all I could think about was the video booths. So one weekday evening, I shaved myself completely smooth, put on some loose cotton shorts with no underwear, and I left my room enroute to the adult video store. Upon arrival, I walked around the store, cruising all the aisles (even the gay aisle), I then acquired my tokens, and moved quickly towards the booths. I did draw some attention to myself (followers) while I had walked around, due to my loose cotton shorts silhouetting my partial hard-on, but I entered an empty booth, scanning to ensure a hole was present. Once inside I locked the door, and stripped completely naked except for my shoes. I dropped my money in the slot, and sat down in the plastic seat. It was then I realized, I had just sat in some guy’s spunk, as it smeared on my ass up my back lower back. It was a gross feeling, so I used my shirt to wipe myself off, sat back down and started stroking to the videos on the screen. I then immediately started peering through the hole, seeing it was occupied with a guy jacking off. I then faced my chair towards escort ödemiş the hole, spreading my legs allowing him full view of me jacking off, while I watched him. It didn’t take him long as I watched him cum, get dressed and then leave. I continued watching movies, as I saw the next guy enter the booth. I stayed seated with my legs spread stroking, as I saw him pull out his cock. What was different with him, he leaned forward seeing all of me! I didn’t expect that, but then I heard him say “turn around”, I did what I was told, by repositioning myself so he had full view of my ass. He then told me “pull your ass apart” and I ever slowly slid my hands along the back of my legs, up to my asscheeks, grasping and spreading them, fully exposing myself to the stranger! It felt so kinky, exposing my asshole to a stranger. I then heard some noise, as I glanced over my shoulder at the hole, my neighbor had stuck his whole cock through and it was twitching! I turned around, sat back down looking at his cock, while stroking mine. Unaware of what to do, I then reached out and stroked his cock slowly! His cock was big, leaking pre-cum, as I just stared at it, I then heard a faint knock on the wall, and all of a sudden his cock starts shooting jets of cum hitting my face and chest! I continued stroking him until he finished, and went limp! He then pulled his cock from the hole, got dressed and left, as I sat back in the chair thinking about what just happened. Unable to control myself, I started running my fingers through his cum on my chest and tasted it. Quickly another man entered the booth next to me, and saw him fully looking at me. I was so turned-on, I started cumming all over my chest! I then ran my fingers through my cum, mixing it with the other man’s, and scooped it up feeding myself while he watched. I then got up to get dressed, when I felt my strangers’ hand on my ass as I bent over to put on my shorts. I stopped dressing, and let him run his hands all over my ass then he focused on my asshole, rubbing it. He quickly removed his hand, and slowly I saw his cock appear through the hole! I thought to myself “another cock”! His cock was extremely hairy, as I bent over, and slowly jerked him off, until I heard him start grunting shooting his cum into my booth landing on the floor. As he went limp, he pulled his cock out, dressed and left. I too got dressed, exited my booth, and when I did there were several men standing around looking at me. That’s when I thought to myself, these men must ödemiş escort bayan have saw me, I was kinda embarrassed, but turned-on at the same time. That evening I jerked off to the events that unfolded that evening, but knew I’d be back for more. That Friday after I got off work, I rushed to my room and prepared myself for the evening. I started by shaving my entire body smooth, then I put on my black lace panties, with black thigh high stockings under my pants. Once the sun went down, I headed out to the adult shop. One I arrived, I walked toward the store feeling nervous but excited at the same time. The shop was busier than usual, the clerk recognized me and smiled as he handed me my tokens. I then quickly cruised the aisles, and walked toward the back viewing booths. The hallway was lined with men waiting for a booth, so to my frustration, I had to get in line. I waited about 30 minutes hoping no one would recognize me, as I saw men cum-&go from the booths, seeing the guilt on their faces upon exiting. Finally, an empty booth became available, and I quickly moved inside. Once inside, I deposited my tokens and stripped down to my panties & stockings. Instantly, I had a hand reach through the hole, feeling my legs and rubbing my ass over my lacy thong. As I stepped out of my boy clothes onto the floor, I could feel the wet cold cum on the bottom of my feet. The guys hand had now moved to my cock, he started stroking me getting me erect. Knowing I was dressed as a sissy, he removed his hand replacing it with his cock. I was amazed at the size of him, as I got down on my knees, staring at the pre-cum on his mushroom head, as I stroked him. I then thought to myself “it’s now or never”, so I leaned forward sticking my tongue out pushing into his slit, tasting the cum of the stranger. The more I licked, the more I wanted, so I opened my mouth swallowing his cock pressing my nose to the wall. With my nose firmly against the wall, I could smell the remnants of others cum that outlined the hole making me even more excited. I tried sucking him the best I could, but all I could do was hold my mouth open, as he vigorously went in-&out, fucking my mouth. It didn’t take long until I felt his cock starting to swell, and twitch filling my mouth with his hot chunky cum. It was that moment, when I knew, I was officially a cocksucker! I savored his cum in my mouth swallowing him completely. As the stranger retreated through the hole, he looked through and told me “you suck the best cock”, and I replied with “thank you”! I saw him dress and exit, while I remained on my knees savoring my reward. He was soon replaced with another patron, but I left shortly after to focus on what I had done, knowing I’d be back in the cumming days!

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