Laura Became an Escort

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


Chapter 1

When Mike found out his daughter was an escort he was furious. What could Laura be thinking? What kind of slut was she to get paid for sex.

He drove up to her college and stormed to her dormitory only to discover she hadn’t lived there for over four months. He called her and demanded to know where she was. She gave him directions and within fifteen minutes he was standing in Laura’s lavish condo.

“What the hell, Laura?”

Laura was a beautiful young woman with gorgeous dark curly hair. She was always a pretty girl but seeing her decked out in her beautiful clothes, jewelry and professional makeup, she was more than a model of perfection.

“Dad, I can explain.”

And the rest of the night was spent with her providing a detailed explanation of how she got into the business of sex work.

“What if I was a massage therapist, rubbing my hands over stranger’s bodies? Would that be wrong? You get massages.”

“Dad, I’d say one date in five doesn’t have me doing anything directly sexual. The guy just wants to talk or maybe have been watching him pleasure himself. Sometimes he just wants to play with my feet. Most of the time it is just regular sex – protected sex!”

And reassuring him that the organization she worked for was meticulous in protecting the workers.

“Every client goes through a verification process and I use a pseudonym, Mindy.”

Mike walked away weirdly reassured that his daughter was safe and had done this for very logical reasons.

What Mike didn’t understand was why he was so turned on. He was so aroused he had to beat off in the car before driving home. He couldn’t get the image of his daughter as a whore out of his mind.

Months went by and his relationship with his daughter changed. He was more forward with her and kept quizzing her about her job.

She would respond matter of factly with such crude language. “You’d never believe it, Dad, two nights ago a guy wanted a threesome with his wife. What it really turned out to be was the guy had a real doll, and he wanted me to fuck him while the doll watched. He then shot his load over the doll’s face and wanted me to clean it up!”

Mike would chide her slightly for her language. “Dad, in this line of work, euphemisms lead to unmatched expectations. ‘Doing it from behind’ can mean doggy style or anal. It is important to know what you are getting into. If I’m not feeling up for anal, then I need to be able to say that so the client isn’t disappointed.”

He found himself eagerly looking forward to their conversations as he interrogated her about her encounters. He found himself asking more detailed questions. Sometimes Laura would demure and be vague and other times she would be vulgar and explicit. She had no shame about anything she did and told him about group sex and lesbian sex, about being tied up and used hard. She talked about the big cocks she fucked and the twisted clients she had who wanted her to be their daughter.

Mike would masturbate when they talked and there had to be a point she knew it. He would go silent and jerk furiously. He was always careful not to ask the questions he desperately wanted to. “What does your pussy look like? Do you like your nipples played with?”

As the summer approached Mike took a chance. He called the agency Laura worked at and went through the entire verification process. He was required to put money in an escrow account that would act as a security against anything happening to his companion. Then he booked an appointment and asked for Mindy. He rented a hotel room and waited.

He knew that she would have his information and if she wanted this, she would show up. If she didn’t, she may send someone else. The knock on the door was anxiety inducing for Mike but his cock was throbbing in excitement.

Laura stood before him, wearing a long coat and a shit-eating grin. “Well, Mr. Smith, is this what you were expecting?”

Mike let his daughter the whore into the room and she removed her coat revealing her very sexy lingerie. “Can I get you anything,” he asked, suddenly feeling very awkward.

“Just your dick, daddy,” Laura responded with pure lust in her voice. She reached out and grabbed the waistband of his trousers, pulling him close to her. “Are you going to kiss your daughter hello?” she asked as she puckered her lips.

Mike leaned in and kissed her. Her tongue aggressively probed his mouth and her hands wrapped around his head.

His heart raced. This was better than he ever imagined. She smelled like heaven. He tried not to rush but he couldn’t help himself. He needed to see her, to know her in an intimate way denied him for so long.

“Daddy, my pussy is wet for you, do you want to see?” Laura asked as if she was reading his mind.

“Yes, baby, yes, I want to see your wet pussy.”

Laura backed away and pulled off her panties. Her pussy was bare and glistening with wetness. “Does daddy like my bare yalova escort wet tight little cunt? I’ve been dreaming of daddy’s cock for months now.”

“Have you?” Mike asked, finding new levels of arousal in himself.

“Ever since you found out… that night, I fucked my tight little hole so hard thinking of your cock, daddy.”

“Oh god,” Mike moaned, “I jerked off in the car. I’ve been dreaming about your body pressed against mine. I jerk off when you talk to me on the phone.”

“I know, Daddy. That is why I tell you the dirtiest stories. I wanted you to cum to my voice. Now I want you to cum in me.”

Mike pulled down his pants and showed off his thick cock. “I brought protection.”

Laura smiled and kneeled down in front of him. She took his cock in her warm hand and gently stroked it. “Daddy doesn’t use condoms. Daddy gets to cum directly in me.”

She wrapped her mouth around his cock and started sucking him off. Mike loved the feeling. It was sensational. The best blow job he had ever received.

“Do you like the way I suck, Daddy?”

“Yes, baby, yes. Oh god, you are so good. But I want to fuck you, dear. Please let me fuck you.”

Laura smiled and stood up. She walked over to the bed and indicated to Mike to lay down. “I’ll be on top.”

Mike removed the rest of his clothes and followed his daughter’s directions. She crawled up the length of his body, kissing him as he moved up until she was kissing his lips against. She reached between them and took hold of his cock and guided it into her wet, bare vagina.

Mike moaned again as his cock slid into his daughter’s tight hole.

She moved up and down his shaft and leaned back a bit as Mike took hold of her terrific tits. He squeezed them and Laura moaned. “Pinch my nipples, daddy, pinch them hard!”

Mike did as he was told and he could feel Laura’s pussy clenching him. God, he thought, I’m making my daughter cum.

“I’m cumming daddy, I’m cumming!”

It was too much for him. He couldn’t help it and he felt his own orgasm. “I’m going to cum in you, baby.”

“Fill your baby girl’s twat with your seed, daddy. You are paying for it, you own it.”

And with that, Mike released his cum, shooting it deep into his daughter’s cunt.

They lay together for many minutes, just cuddling each other. Finally Laura got up and started getting dressed.

“My hour is up?” Mike asked kind of joking.

“It is, but next time, we don’t have to go through the agency and you can have me for as long as you want.”

Mike paused, “Next time? You want there to be a next time?”

Laura turned and started to leave, “Don’t you?”

“I do, but I don’t know that we should.”

Laura turned back to face her dad, wrapping her coat around her. “I’ll leave that up to you, but for what it is worth, Dad, I do want a next time. I do want to be your mistress. It is just that simple for me. Okay?” She didn’t wait to hear his response and left Mike in the hotel room all alone.

Chapter 2

Mike and Laura normally spoke on the phone at least once a week. After the hotel Mike felt awkward calling her and she didn’t call either. This didn’t mean Mike didn’t spend every day and every night going over every second of their time together.

Laura’s breasts, so full and firm. Laura’s hips, a gentle curve. Laura’s hands, so experienced. He lingered in his home office at night toying with his phone. Jane, his wife, would be out for another two hours and he hadn’t spoken with Laura in over three weeks. The urge was too great.

The phone rang for a few minutes before Laura answered. “Hello, Dad.”

“Hi, Laura,” Mike said, suddenly feeling very awkward. “Uh, so how have you been?”

“Oh, you know, doing great as usual. Been real busy but never too busy to talk to you. I was wondering if you would call.”

Mike felt a surge of guilt, “Well, you know, I didn’t want – I didn’t know, after the hotel I felt like we should have some time.”

“Let me stop you there, Dad. I thought I made it clear, but just in case, let me say it again. I put the ball in your court. I want this. I want you. I don’t want our relationship to change except I want to add this physical component to it. Okay?”

Mike cleared his throat and adjusted his hardening cock. “But, I’m your dad…”

“So? We crossed that line already. I’m an adult.”

“It is wrong,” Mike objected.

“Right, wrong, these are only words. What do you feel? Is your dick hard right now? Did you spend any time thinking about our short time together? Do you never want me to tell you about my sexual experiences again? Should I not tell you about how wet my pussy is right now? How I’m rolling my nipples between my fingers?”

Mike moaned a little, unzipping his pants and pulling out his engorged cock.

“I am hard, but I shouldn’t be. You are my daughter…”

“I am a woman,” Laura cut him off. “I am a woman you find sexually attractive. I’m a woman that you fucked.”

Mike started stroking his cock listening yalova escort bayan to Laura’s voice.

“You are so damned gorgeous,” Mike finally said.

Laura smiled at his interjection. It was the first time he gave her such a compliment. She leaned back on her couch and cupped her breast in her hand.

“Stroke that big cock for me, daddy,” Laura whispered into the phone.

“Do you have to call me that? Is that necessary?” Mike asked.

“Calling you daddy? It isn’t necessary, no, but I like it. I find it very arousing. Don’t you?”

Laura could hear his breathing and knew he was deep into the moment.

“I do,” he confessed. “I do like it.” He felt such shame.

Laura smiled and slid her hand down her belly to her black lace panties. They were “work” panties, part of a lingerie set she would wear on dates. She had just gotten home from a date and her pussy ached from the fucking she had gotten. The idea of taking another cock right now was not appealing but she wanted to enjoy the moment with her dad.

“I know, daddy, I know you like it. What else do you like, daddy? What do you want your little girl to do for you?”

Mike moaned again and his voice was shaky, “Everything…”

“You want me to suck you?”


“You want to fuck my tits?”

“God, oh god, yes.”

“My ass?”

Mike gulped as he stroked faster.

“Mmmmm… you’d let me?”

“I’ll do anything for you.”

“Cum… can I cum on you?”

“You can cum anywhere you want. My face, my tits, my ass, my pussy, my feet.”

Mike groaned again.

“What is the kinkiest thing you’ve done,” Mike asked, looking for something to bring him over the edge.

Laura giggled as her middle finger circled her clit and gently slid along her moist labia. “How do you even measure that? I have my limits, daddy, but for you and just for you, I am yours. Completely.”

“What does that mean? Bondage?” Mike’s mind raced. He could think of so many kinky dirty things and he was afraid of ruining this moment, but his twisted imagination was taking over.

“Sure. Do you want to tie your dirty daughter up before fucking me in my ass?”

She had such a filthy mouth. Mike loved it.

“Oh god… what about… threesomes?”

Mike imagined Laura’s beautiful body pressed firmly against another woman, embracing and kissing.

“Daddy wants to watch me go down on another woman or share me with another man?” Laura asked, plunging a finger into her wet hole and pulling it out covered in her juices.

Mike contemplated her words and simply replied, “Both.”

“Daddy is so kinky. What else do you want me to do for you?”

Mike could only repeat himself. “Everything.”

“What do you need right now, daddy? What can I do for you right now?”

Mike knew exactly what he needed. “Send me a picture. I want to see your naked body.”

Without hesitation, Laura tapped her phone, lifted it up over her and angled it before snapping a picture. She sent it off to her dad. “There…”

She heard silence followed by a muffled moan. The picture Mike saw was his daughter, her beautiful bare breasts so firm and proud on her chest, her tousled hair, and her pussy, glistening with juices. Those black panties pushed down to her thighs. He remembered how it felt to push inside her. Her warmth and softness. How he just fit so perfectly inside her. Each stroke was like reexperiencing her for the first time.

He grunted and let his cum spew out.

“Mmm, did Daddy cum from my picture?”

“Oh, god Laura. God. I love this picture.”

“I’m glad, daddy. It was an honest picture, not my sexiest.”

“Looked sexy to me,” Mike said as he grabbed kleenex from his desk to clean up his mess.

“No, daddy, I’ll send you sexy and you will see the difference.”

“When?” Mike asked a bit too quickly. He wanted more from her.

“Tomorrow, maybe. I’m going to do some shopping. I’ll see if anything catches my eye.”

Mike was silent as he just wanted this moment to go on forever.

“I should be going, daddy. I’ve had a long day and need to shower before bed. Are you okay?” Laura asked.

“I am,” Mike responded.

“Are you okay with this, with us?”

Mike’s voice softened and he replied, “Yes. Yes, I am.”

“I’m glad. Good night, dad.” Laura hung up the phone and let it rest on her belly as she contemplated her situation. How far would she go for her father?

Chapter 3

There was nothing unique about Laura, in terms of her being an escort. Slightly above average looking who could make herself look much better in the right light with the right makeup. Long dark hair just past her shoulders, sensual womanly curves, and a bright smile that melted most men’s hearts when they saw it. Laura was not athletic, not fit looking. Standing naked in front of her full length mirror she could pick out dozens of things wrong with her body.

Chicken pox scar on her chin. A paunch to her belly. That damnable appendix scar. Her thighs were escort yalova thicker than she would like and her tits, while wonderfully perky with small pink nipples weren’t as large as she would have liked. She couldn’t lick her own nipples which she always felt bad about.

She also had dozens of things she liked about her body. Her face and eyes. Innocent looking but sensual. Her hair was full and luscious. Naturally dark, a mahogany brown. And her pussy, bare and glistening with her desire. She had full pussy lips that parted to reveal such a bright pink. It was always wet, always in need. It was a good thing in her line of work.

On her bed she had laid out all the pieces for her engagement for the evening. A new client always was exciting and a bit nerve wracking.

She dressed in her lingerie first. Purple and black lace bra and matching panties, a french cut thong. Black hose with a black skirt and a sapphire blue satin blouse, unbuttoned just enough to reveal the curve of her cleavage finished off the basics of her outfit. Her accessories included a simple gold necklace with a butterfly pendant. Small diamond earrings and three bracelets that made the most pleasant jingling sound when she was being fucking roughly.

Now fully dressed with makeup applied she stood in front of the mirror and admired herself. All that was left were the shoes. She slipped on her pair of strappy sandals, grabbed her purse with the long chain strap, and walked out of her apartment to make her appointment at Thakeries, a wine bar known for its steamed mussels. One of her favorite places to meet up because if it was a bad engagement, at least she had a nice glass of wine.

Jason was older, about ten or fifteen years older than Laura, balding slightly, but nice looking. Laura learned a long time ago not to make any assumptions about a man by his first impressions. For some hiring an escort as second nature. For others, they were very new to it and their nervousness creates a bad first impression.

He stood as she approached the table. That was always a good sign. Gentlemanly behavior from a man who is paying for sex showed a certain level of decorum.

The dinner was normal. He paid and offered his arm to Laura to escort the escort out of the restaurant, to his car. He drove to a small hotel where he had previously rented a room.

The room was small, dimly lit, and smelled of nothing. So much so, that it was a bit disturbing. How can a place where so many people have slept smell of nothing? What chemical cleaning leaves no trace odor?

“Did you want a drink?” Jason asked a bit nervously as he draped his coat over a bare chair. Laura turned and sat on the bed. “I don’t need anything. Why don’t you sit next to me?”

Jason stepped over to her and stood in front of her. Laura reached out and unbuckled his belt. Jason grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back.

“Don’t you dare touch me, you whore!” His voice lost the nervous twinge.

Laura was shocked. She didn’t book these kind of appointments and had enough doubt about what was happening that she felt there was just some miscommunication.

“Jason! This isn’t that kind of date, you can’t…”

She couldn’t even finish her sentence. He pulled her off the bed and tossed her to the floor. He placed a kick that landed right against upper back. It was a hard kick and she felt sharp pain. She was shocked and scared. She tried to think and plan, but the next kick blanked her mind with pain. His words were so vile, so violent.

“You are nothing but a fucking dirty whore, sucking cocks, fucking men, doing all those nasty things when I know you crave it, but you make them pay for it as if you are something special. There is nothing special about you, you fucking slut.”

He wasn’t shouting. His voice was calm.

“J-jason, stop!”

His hand were on her body. He was pulling on her skirt, lifting it up. She tried to pull away, her ribs hurt so bad and she couldn’t catch her breath.

“I won’t stop until I get what I want. Get what you made me pay for. The customer is always right.”

She felt him. His cock. Hot and hard against her thigh. He flipped her, pulling her ass up in the air as he yanked down her panties. She crawled forward and Jason punched her head. “Don’t fucking move!”

She felt his cock, pushing into her. She wanted to cry. She wanted to thrash. The pain and the fear immobilized her. Her ribs hurt, her head hurt. She couldn’t think and now he was just fucking her. No condom. No regard for her at all. Mindless thrusting.

He pulled out and Laura thought for a brief moment that he was done; that this terrible moment has passed. That wasn’t the case. That was a false hope. She heard him spit and felt the saliva on her ass. He rubbed his cock in it and then felt him press against her ass.

“Noo… no… , ” she shuddered. His cock pressed into her tight asshole. It hurt. He was not going slow. He had no care for her.

“That’s it, whore, right in the ass. Just like you deserve,” Jason said and started grunting.

Laura felt nothing but pain. As he grabbed her hips to thrust deeper in her he grunted and moaned. He pulled his cock from her and slammed it back into her pussy. Several more thrusts and he came. She could feel his foul seed spilling into her vagina.

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