Len and Masie 7

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Len and Masie 7Len and Masie 7He woke slowly and opened his eyes to see unfamiliar wallpaper. He could feel her warm body pressed against him and hear her slow deep breathing and for one fleeting second he thought he was in bed again with Rose.Then he was suddenly wide awake as the memories of the previous night came rushing back and he realised he wasn’t. He lay quietly for a while not wanting to disturb her while a myriad of thoughts rushed through his brain.He had never in his wildest dreams thought that his life would take a turn like this, with such speed and intensity, from a woman who up until recently he hardly knew. But now here he was, sharing a bed with her, someone who had a lust for sensuality that he had never experienced before, and who had asked him to share it with her.Certainly he was flattered, very flattered that she thought that much of him to invite him into her life like that but he wondered how long it would last. She was an energetic and uncompromising lover and a fear that had crossed his mind a couple of times was would he be able to keep up with her. He had met all her needs thus far but how long would he be able to?And when he couldn’t would she tire of him and cast him aside? The thought made him shudder and he heard her breathing change.‘Are you alright?’ a voice mumbled into his shoulder-bladeHe pulled away and twisted round in the bed to face her.‘Good morning,’ he said softly, ‘did you sleep well?’She smiled. ‘Yes, I did,’ she said sleepily, ’what about you?’He nodded but before he could answer she moved forward for a kiss pressing her lips against his for a long gentle contact.‘What have I done to deserve that?’ he asked as he pushed his arm under her to bring her close and nestle her head against his neck.‘It’s a thank you.’‘What for?’‘Last night………so much…….everything.’ She put her arm across his chest and her leg across his body just at the top of his thighs. ‘You have brought so much back into my life, things that I had thought were long over.’ She twisted her head to look at him. ‘You are a very special man Len and I am so lucky to have found you.’He beamed with pride and his heart swelled with the feelings he had for this woman.‘Yes…..I suppose I am really….and yes you are!’They laughed and she gave him a playful poke in the ribs. They cuddled for a while content in each others’ warmth and company and talked about what plans they had for the day. Len decided he had nothing in particular to do apart from a little shopping but Masie said she would go and visit a friend she hadn’t seen for a little while.‘But first a shower and breakfast.’ she said pushing herself up on one elbow. As she did her breasts came into view hanging down sideways and Len looked openly at them.‘You have such a beautiful body,’ he murmured as he caressed one, gently pulling at her nipple.‘Do you think so?’ she asked looking down at them, ‘they’ve always been a bit heavy but they’re hanging down a lot further now.’‘You are a beautiful woman’ he said pulling her gently towards him for a long leisurely kiss. She pulled away a little reluctantly.‘You continue with that and we’ll never get out of bed!’‘Good idea!’ he said eagerly making a grab for her, the sight of her body causing his penis to start to thicken. Despite his misgivings earlier he knew he could never get enough of this woman at the moment.She laughed.‘Come on lazybones get your lovely bum out of my bed and into the shower!’As instructed he did, feeling completely at ease naked in front of her as he walked into the little bathroom. As he turned on the shower she followed him in to see him standing at the toilet having a pee. She stood and watched him openly looking at the strong stream then smiled at him.‘You look as if you needed that,’ she said as he finished, ‘no don’t pull the flush I want to go as well.’She sat down and he heard her flow start to pour into the water and looked at her as she had him. Looking at him she suddenly sat back and opened her legs wide so he could see as well as hear and once again he felt himself hardening. As she finished she looked at his semi erect penis and smiled.‘Mmmm, I’ll have to remember that for another time.’ She said seductively before giving him a quick peck on his lips and a pat on his bum. ‘Now go and shower!’A little later over their toast and coffee he reached canlı kaçak bahis across and put his hand over hers. His earlier thoughts were still worrying him but he didn’t want to say or do anything that might affect or even end their relationship. But he knew he had to and took a deep breath.‘Masie I think there is something I need to talk to you about.’She looked at him a little apprehensively but waited for him to continue.‘These last few days have been amazing….’‘But you want to call it a day…’ she interrupted flatly with a resigned look.‘Good god no!’ he almost shouted, ‘Never! Notat all!’She looked at him questioningly ‘Is anything wrong? Have I done something? Was it in the bathroom?’He got up and walked round the table and, taking her head in his hands, kissed her lovingly on her mouth.‘I’m sorry I shouted,’ he said, ‘and no, it is absolutely nothing you’ve done, I promise.’He returned to his seat and took her hand again.‘Look, these past few days have been wonderful for me and I get the impression that you’ve enjoyed it too.’She smiled. ‘Oh yes.’ she said softly.‘It’s just that it has been very intense and I’m worried I won’t be able to keep you happy. You are a very sensual woman Masie and I love that but I’m afraid I just won’t be able to keep up with you.’A look of relief crossed her face. She had been anticipating the worst but it wasn’t anything like that. She smiled at him gratefully.‘You frightened me then,’ she said softly, ‘I thought you’d had enough of me and wanted out.’‘Oh no,’ he smiled back at her still holding her hand, ‘you have become very precious to me.’He went on. ‘It’s just that these last few days have been very……how can I put it?’‘Energetic? Enthusiastic?’ she answered for him.He smiled. ‘That’s one way of putting it.’ He paused. ‘Please don’t get me wrong Masie, I love every minute of your company……but it’s just that it’s been a bit intense and I’m concerned it will burn itself out if we’re not careful.’‘Mmmm,’ she said, ‘we have been going at it a bit hammer and tongs haven’t we. Perhaps we need to slow down a bit.’ She paused, ‘I know!’ she said brightly, ‘No more sex for a month!’‘WHAT!!’ he shouted, ‘No I didn’t mean it like that!’Then he realised she was laughing. ‘Oh Len, your face!’ When she stopped she said ‘If you think I could last that long knowing there was such a wonderful lover next door, you have a lot more confidence in my powers of resistance than I have!’‘I want you Len, I need you. I never dreamt I could feel like this again but you have started something I don’t want to finish.’He looked at her and suddenly realised the depth of his feeling for this woman.‘But you are right,’ she went on softly, ‘we do need to take it a bit easier….it’s just at the moment it’s so good.’He nodded.‘What say we try and keep our distance for a couple of days and see how we get on?’‘Ok,’ he said simply, ’let’s do that.’A little while later she went off to see her friend and after a kiss on the landing outside her front door he went back to his own apartment. He didn’t have any real plans for the day so tidied up and decided to go out to the shops. He thought about the last few days and how they had changed his life so radically and realised he was whistling – rather tunelessly it has to be said – as he went about his chores. He hadn’t felt like this for a very long time.A little later in the day he called in at the club and chatted with some of the others there but Albert wasn’t among them. He was feeling a little guilty about him, not for what they had done but because his own life had got so much better suddenly and his friend’s hadn’t. He didn’t know how he was going to tell him but he knew he had to.He made himself a simple supper but it seemed strange eating alone and he realised just how lonely his life had been after Rose and before Masie. In spite of what had been said that morning, he longed to be in her company just for her companionship and good humour. He couldn’t imagine her ever being in a bad mood or angry and she lifted his spirits in a way he had not experienced in a long while.He watched television after his supper and did actually get immersed in a couple of the programmes.Then just before the late evening news he heard her front door close just as he had many times before but this time it was more significant. It meant casino firmalari she was home safe and sound and that suddenly meant a lot to him.He thought about going round and had to fight the temptation quite strongly. He was sure she would be pleased to see him – at least he hoped she would – but he didn’t want to intrude where he wasn’t expected and the last thing he wanted was to risk a scolding for giving in so easily. A couple of days she had said so that is what he would try to do.When the news ended he turned off the television and got ready for bed. He undressed and picked up his pyjamas but on impulse put them down again and got into bed naked. After years of going to bed clothed it seemed a degenerate and exciting thing to do and he snuggled down under the covers. He wondered if she was naked too and the thought started a thickening in his penis.He was just enjoying the thought and holding himself when there was a soft tapping on the wall. Tap tap tap-tap tap. He quickly tapped twice back and smiled at the simple but effective way she had let him know she was there.As he resumed his thoughts his phone rang which startled and alarmed him. Late night calls usually meant a problem so it was with some trepidation he answered it.‘Hello my sexy man.’ said a soft voice.He laughed with relief.‘Hello gorgeous,’ he replied, delighted to hear her voice, ‘did you have a good day?’She told him all about her visit to her friend and the shopping they had done and the lunch in town, and all the while his penis was getting harder and harder. Just the sound of her voice was doing that he realised, and wondered if he were with her now what they would be doing.He suddenly realised she had stopped talking and had asked him something.‘I’m sorry…..I got a bit distracted,’ he apologised, what was it you said?’‘I asked did you have a good day…………what distracted you?’‘Yes the day was ok, nothing special except I called in at the club and had a pint but Albert wasn’t there.’‘Ah….that’s a shame,’ she said, ‘will you tell him about us?’‘I’ll have to really….but nothing to embarrass you.’ he went on quickly, ‘just that we’re together. If that’s alright with you?’‘Yes it is,’ she said softly, ‘and I’m glad you feel we are.’‘I do.’There was a long silence although he could hear her breathing, then‘Are you in bed?’ she asked quietly‘Yes. You?’‘Yes. What have you got on?’‘Nothing.’He heard her quick intake of breath, then almost in a whisper‘Me neither. Are you touching yourself? I am.’‘Oh Masie.’ he groaned softly into the phone.‘What are you thinking about?’ she went on, almost whispering‘Us’ he said simply, ‘things we’ve done.’‘Me too. Are you hard? God I am so wet.’ You and me both thought Len. ‘Here, listen.’He could detect movement through the phone then heard a rhythmic squelching noise which he knew was from her masturbating. He listened as it continued for a few seconds then she was back again.‘Did you hear me?’‘Oh yes,’ he breathed back, ‘you sound wonderful.’‘I’d love you inside me now Len, wouldn’t you like that? Warm and wet and clasping your cock as you move in me.’‘Oh Masie don’t…..please!’‘Wouldn’t you like to feel my arms and legs round you, your penis slipping easily in of my cunt?’‘Masie we said………’‘I know what we said,’ she interrupted with a slight growl in her whisper, ‘but it feels so good when you are with me and so wrong that you aren’t now.’‘But…..’‘It feels so good when we cuddle afterwards and you hold me as we go to sleep.’‘I know but…….’‘Oh Len please come round….please come and fuck me. I want you so much.’He could feel his resolve crumbling, a woman who openly wanted him to take advantage of her, do things to her was no more than a couple of feet away separated by a thin wall. He tried one last time to resist her entreaties.‘Masie I’m trying to be firm but you’re not helping……..’Once again she cut across him.‘Come and be firm with me….and in me! Oh please Len, just this once.’All of a sudden a thought came to him. She had said for him to be firm so if that was the way she wanted it……Suddenly he was decisive.‘Go and unlock your kitchen door and open it a fraction. Don’t turn any lights on then go back to the bedroom and close the door.’‘Oh yes.’ He heard a slight shiver in her whisper.‘I haven’t finished yet. Lay naked on top of the bed with your knees up casino şirketleri and your thighs apart and your cunt facing the door.’‘Oh God yesssss!’ came the reply as he clicked off his phone.He got out of bed and put on his dressing gown which tented visibly at his crotch. He could feel his precum spreading on the thin fabric so he lifted it clear, fearful that the rubbing of the material would take him over the top. He had rarely been as aroused as he was now and he didn’t want it to finish before he got to her.He went to his kitchen door and cautiously opened it and took a quick glance outside. There was very little illumination along the rear landing, just a couple of bulkhead lights on the wall but neither of them thankfully between his door and hers, so he slipped out and quietly closed and locked his before taking the few steps to enter her kitchen quickly. He closed it very quietly and shucked off his gown and left it on a chair, and because his penis had begun to flag a little he rubbed it a few times to restore his erection. He tiptoed to the bedroom door, opened it quietly and in the dim light coming through the curtains from the lights on the front balcony saw her laying as he had instructed. Without saying a word he closed the door and crossed to the bed.‘Oh Len.’ she said softly.‘Shhhh! Don’t say a word!’ he commanded quietly.‘But…..’‘Shhhhhh!’‘But….’‘Do you want me to stay?’She nodded‘Then don’t say a word.’He got up on the bed between her thighs and, supporting himself on one arm, guided his penis to her open cunt. As soon as he found her entrance he pushed slowly and resolutely into her until he was as deep as he could go. She gasped as she felt his entry, an invasion without any preamble or foreplay, and urged her crotch upwards to accommodate him completely.Once more he delighted in the feeling of her body, slippery and hot, clasping his penis and he began to thrust in and out of her supporting himself off her body on his straightened arms. He could feel her matching his movements and from her little gasps and soft moans he knew she was close to her orgasm.She reached up to put her arms round him and pull him to her but he took each of her hands in turn and pinned them down on the bed under his own. ‘Oh God!’ she gasped among the little grunts and moans escaping from her mouth, all the while her head twisting from side to side as he fucked her deep and hard. It took all his willpower not to cum especially when she started to buck and writhe uncontrollably under him, eyes closed and her mouth open uttering obscenities between her gasps.He remained propped up and looking down at one of the most marvellous sites imaginable; a woman in the throes of a massive orgasm. He watched as her head lifted and fell on the bedding several times and felt her clenching his cock over and over, strongly at first then softer and softer until there was no more than a soft aftershock or two.As she calmed down he released her hands which just lay where they were then she opened her eyes and smiled at him.‘God Len,’ she gasped as he got her breathing back under control, ‘I’ve never……’She lay panting slightly, her breasts hanging slightly to each side of her chest rising and falling with each intake, the nipples swollen and proud peaks. He said nothing and just looked down at the woman he realised he was now in love with. He leant down and kissed her softly on the lips.‘Was that firm enough for you?’ he asked softly.‘Oh yes!’ she gasped and kissed him back.He lay on her for a few seconds then pushed himself up on his arms again and just looked at her smiling up at him.Suddenly her eyes opened wide. ‘Oh my God!’ she exclaimed softly as she felt his semen pumping against her cervix. He had purposely kept completely still even though he knew his orgasm was inevitable, and controlled himself to the extent that the first thing she felt was his glans swelling slightly then his cum, hot and sticky inside her. Throughout his ejaculation he kept rigid as his balls emptied into her, a few strong spurts then less so until he could feel the last of it oozing from his hole.Then he collapsed into her arms gasping and panting into her ear, exhausted at the sheer effort of the last few minutes.‘Oh Len,’ she whispered as she wrapped her arms tightly round him, ‘that was…that was so wonderful.’She twisted her head around a little until her face was close to his and kissed him long and softly, then putting her lips close to his ear said simply‘I love you.’‘Oh Masie……’ was all he could manage before his tiredness overtook him and he fell asleep…….

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