Loosey Lucy Ch. 01

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Author’s note: This story contains verbal and physical humiliation. There is an extreme amount of body shaming. If you do not like these things, you should not read this story. Thanks!

Lucy Friedman was the token childhood best friend in a wedding party full of social media influencers and plastic surgery addicts. Duke St. Graves didn’t know much more about the woman (Katrina? Angelina? Valentina?—he couldn’t remember) his youngest brother was marrying besides her follower count, but he did know that her fourth and final bridesmaid was not a member of the girl gang. For one, Lucy was shy and soft-spoken. For another, he’d only ever seen her use her phone to make a call. He would have never made it through this ridiculous spectacle of narcissism with one of the identikit Kardashians on his arm. Lucy had even made learning the damn waltz a tolerable endeavor, mostly because he got to put his hands all over her lush curves.

Surrounded by double-D boob jobs and Brazilian butt lifts, she had the hottest body he had ever seen. Pear shaped, he was pretty sure they called it. Her tiny tits didn’t quite fill out the low-cut dress and her waist was so small he could fit both hands around it, but her hips were almost comically round and she had a big fat ass.

The sage green gown had a risqué slit (apparently Instragram famous brides wanted their #bossbabes to look good—but not too good—in wedding photos) and Duke could see her thick thighs as the two of them snuck off the dance floor right before the Viennese devolved into a tacky choreographed twerk-a-thon. Lucy’s legs tapered into toned calves and thin ankles before ending in dainty feet with perfectly proportioned toes. She had Betty Boop legs, and Duke was frankly shocked that they were even able to keep her upright in those strappy silver stilettos.

He had wanted to fuck the everliving shit out of her since they’d been introduced a week ago. Not just because she had the face of an angel and a body built for sin, but also because she had that combination of smarts and self-consciousness that often created girls who’d let you do almost anything to them in bed. After an unnecessarily long evening that Duke was sure would look a lot more fun online than it had been in person, coaxing the slightly tipsy sex kitten up to the room he’d paid for at the same hotel where the reception was being held was a no brainer.

Lucy gasped as the mysterious older brother of the groom shoved her into an empty elevator and descended upon her like a savage. With his calloused palms, crooked nose, and I-don’t-want-to-be-here attitude, Duke was a man in a crowd of boys. She’d been working up the nerve to proposition him but this brutal domination was so much better. His five-o’clock shadow rasped deliciously along her jaw as he bit his way down her neck, massaging her sizable butt cheeks with his huge hands.

His touch had wandered to her backside during dance practice, and now that he had it in his grip he seemed unwilling to let it go. The elevator dinged and he led her down the hallway with one palm still cupped around her bottom. The other unlocked Room 934, flicking on all the lights. Finally alone, he shot her a look that sent shivers skittering down her spine and ripped off her dress to reveal a strapless bra and barely-there panties.

“Damn,” Duke groaned, taking in her luscious body. His penetrating stare soon snagged on Lucy’s impressive cameltoe. “That’s the meatiest pussy I’ve ever seen.” She blushed bright pink, but didn’t stop him when he reached out to grasp her girth. Lucy had no delusions about her—ahem—assets, but no one had ever objectified them in quite such a manner. In fact, she’d found that most of her sexual parters—the ones that came back for seconds, anyway—avoided mention of her unmentionables altogether. Duke’s words thrilled her, in some deeply fucked up way. He gave her a wicked smile when she bit her bottom lip, before adding to his running commentary. “Shit, little girl, your front butt is almost as big as the back one.”

Lucy couldn’t decide whether his cruelty made her want to die or orgasm. Maybe both. He didn’t give her enough time to contemplate it before his dexterous fingers began wedging her panties between her fleshy outer labia. The crevice between them was already quite deep, but Duke continued until he found her sopping hole and she made no move to stop him. He realized that not only were her pussy lips plump, but she also had a very prominent pubic mound and a rather forward-facing vaginal entrance. Despite her obvious embarrassment, he felt a gush wetness coat the silky material.

“What a fat, greedy cunt,” he taunted as the swinging slabs between her thighs gobbled the material up. It disappeared into her cleft, only making a reappearance where it strained against her clit and snaked out from the top of her ass cheeks. He gave one of her plush globes a satisfying smack, watching it jiggle güvenilir bahis in time with her oversized flaps. “You look cute with a wedgie.”

“Oh god,” Lucy moaned, dismayed by how aroused she was from his abasement. Duke spent a few minutes entertaining himself slapping and pulling on her swollen nethers, degrading her with his words. Not even the panties were enough to soak up Lucy’s overflowing pussy juice, and it began to trickle down her thighs. Submissives were a dime-a-dozen, but a hottie who got off on humiliation? That was a rare find.

He unclipped her bra, chuckling at what he found. Duke had never been a breast man, but Lucy’s would undoubtedly be a lot of fun. Her rosy areolas were way too big for her boobs and so puffy they looked like pillowy domes—except at the bottom, where they sagged under their own hefty weight. The nipples themselves were almost as thick as the girl’s thumb, though not very long. “Damn,” he stroked a finger over one of the pink buds. “That bra must be padded within an inch of its life to hide these massive plungers.” He pinched one and she whimpered, arching her back in supplication. “Are they sensitive?”

“Yes!” she cried, and he answered her unspoken plea, tweaking and twisting her oversized knobs.

“Good,” he replied, enjoying her shrieks when he used them to pull her down to her knees. “Suck my dick and then I’ll fuck that double cheeseburger between your legs.” He unzipped his suit trousers and removed his cock, allowing her a few minutes to worship at the altar of his manhood with her mouth and tongue. She was a surprisingly accomplished dick sucker, and he wondered whether that was because the horny little slut was ashamed of her anatomy. No matter.

After a few minutes, he grabbed a lank of her long hair and thrust himself down her throat, holding her nose pressed against his pelvis while she struggled. It wasn’t long until she’d relaxed her gullet and started breathing with her nose, so he decided that yes, Lucy had probably swallowed a fair share of pork swords in her young life. He fucked her neck with abandon, enjoying the way she snuffled and choked, a steady stream of drool pouring from the corners of her mouth. She was a beautiful sight, eyes watering and lips stretched wide, but Duke could cum into the stomach of practically any girl.

“Up,” he instructed, and she rose from her knees with a grace that only confirmed his guess about her past proclivities. Before she could catch her breath, Duke grasped the waistband of her panties at each hip, and gave them a hard yank upwards. Lucy screamed, rising onto her tiptoes to avoid the painful burn of elastic meeting its limit against her sensitive snatch. Duke was much taller than she was, however—even in her heels—so he continued to seesaw the fabric back and forth against her flesh until it gave and she tumbled unceremoniously to the floor. “I like how percussive your pussy is,” he told her, picking up her prone form and depositing her onto the bed. “Your fleshy flaps slap your thighs really loud when they’re wet. You must get some wicked chub rub.”

She blushed in mortification, but licked her lips in arousal. Lucy couldn’t believe she was letting him talk to her like this. There was obviously something wrong with her. Before she could consider it further, Duke pushed two fingers into her soaking wet cunt, manipulating them such that they produced obscene sloshing noises and proved just how much she wanted what he was offering without a single spoken word. He added a third finger. “I’ve literally never seen a girl produce this much pussy juice. You’d probably drown a dude if he tried to eat you out.” Foreplay was obviously not a deal breaker, so he threw Lucy’s legs over his shoulders and drove his rock-hard member into her oozing chasm.

Lucy looked like a runway model from the waist-up and a pornstar from the waist-down, and Duke wanted to ruin every inch. His dick was well above average in both length and girth, but… Lucy’s hole was so drenched there was practically no friction at all. Holy shit, he thought to himself. Her belly was too flat and her skin too unblemished to convince him that the 22 year old had ever experienced vaginal birth. Which left the next reasonable explanation. Her pussy is naturally this big.

From what he could tell, Lucy’s cock cavity was not only wide but also quite deep. She moaned as he nailed her right about where he guessed her G-spot was, but he could barely feel anything through her gushy slop. He flipped her on to her hands and knees and took a stab at her that way. Her succulent booty cheeks and chunky cunt flaps were heavenly cushions for his push-in, but his dick remained unsatisfied.

“Loosey Lucy,” he ridiculed her, “your pussy is so loosey goosey there’s no way it’s ever going to get me off.” She looked back at him, biting her tongue to prevent an embarrassed apology from escaping her lips. This sex god of a man had basically türkçe bahis just informed her that her hole felt like throwing a hot dog down a hallway!

Duke grinned at her expression, giving her fat ass another couple spanks. “Don’t worry. I’ll still fill you up with jizz.” He scooped up some of her viscous girl goo and worked it into the rim of her anus.

Lucy stiffened, surging forword in a futile attempt to evade his fingers. “I’ve never done that before!” she screeched.

“No shit?” Duke asked, his dick getting even harder. The gift of her anal virginity was right in front of him, and there was no way she could dissuade him from unwrapping it. “That’s a crime that needs rectifying. This bodacious butt is perfect for anal annihilation. I promise I’ll make it good for you.”

He stroked the sensitive flesh of her anal ring and she shivered. Her pubic hair had definitely been lasered off, but she still had a nice target of discolored skin around her booty blossom. That made him happy; Duke absolutely hated a bleached butthole. Sex wasn’t supposed to be neat and tidy and fucking sterilized. Lucy’s pucker was the same pinky brown as her of her inner labia—which were peeking out a bit in her current position. He dipped his pointer finger into her pleat without penetrating her. A few gentle caresses later and she was moaning her enthusiastic consent.

Duke used the wet/dry method of battering fried chicken to get her shit shoot nice and lubed—one hand gathering up the boggy bounty from her pussy and the other applying it to her untried backdoor. It took a while to find her clit in the mess of her fuck flaps, but he located it eventually. “You’ve got a big clit too,” he said, surprised it had taken him this long to notice. “More of a girl boner, if we’re being honest. I can practically jack you off with my fingers, you dirty bitch.” He played with her chubby hood ornament as he plunged one digit into her rosebud. Fuck yeah, he thought to himself, I’m going to gape this hole so big by the end of the night, it will never be the same.

Lucy couldn’t deny the decadence of these dual sensations, and she found herself arching in a silent appeal for more anal action. She’d tried butt stuff before, of course, but it had always hurt too much to continue. Duke’s attention to her forbidden hole felt… good. Duke smirked, pushing his finger as far as it would go inside her and wiggling it around. Her dump trumpet was clean, at least to the depth he could reach. He added more girl grease, pushing it in with a second finger as he got into a steady rhythm. Lube, penetrate, repeat. Soon enough, Lucy was moaning quietly with each breach of her beef bagel.

“Yeah, you like that,” Duke speared her relaxing hole with both fingers, gradually going deeper and deeper. “Letting me stretch you out. You’ve been a bad girl denying other men the pleasure of your pucker, haven’t you? Fuck toys like you should be used in the appropriate holes, shouldn’t they?” Lucy felt her body flame with heat. She couldn’t believe she was allowing him to do what he was doing to her, speak the way he was speaking to her. What kind of self-respecting woman let a man—a stranger—demean her in such ways? What kind of self-respecting woman got off on it? “You shouldn’t even be in charge of your own fuck holes,” Duke chastised, almost like he knew the direction her thoughts were taking. “Your asshole is opening so pretty, so eager for what you’ve denied it. That’s a third finger.”

His reach finally met her rectum, and he rotated his fingertips around her anal verge as he pulled out. He was utterly delighted when his intrusion caused her anal glands to begin secreting clear mucus. This tight-bodied babe was not only hiding fat puffy nipples, meaty cunt cakes, and a pliable pussy hole, but she also had a self-lubricating asshole? Oh yeah, it was going to take way longer than a single evening for him to get bored of playing with her. “Mmm,” he hummed. “Look at my anal whore, taking what I give her. I think she’s earned my nice fat cock.”

Without any further ado, Duke stuck his dick back into Lucy’s slime box, the sloppy sack of a snatch welcoming him with a satisfied slurp. He gave it a few pumps before rewarding her with a push of his drenched dong against the slightly-enlarged opening of her asshole. “It’s going to hurt at first,” he warned her, feeling generous, “but you’re going to take it like the eager piece of anal meat you are, aren’t you?” He shoved into her crinkled cavity without giving her a chance to respond.

The girl beneath him screamed and flailed, but he held her down, letting her sphincter get used to the size of his tip. Even though she was soaked with lubrication, the burn of taking his cock for the first time was inevitable. “This hole is mine now, Lucy,” he said softly into her ear, inching himself down into her. Duke stuck his fingers back in her pussy to locate her anterior fornix, her entrance güvenilir bahis siteleri and canal a touch tighter from the anal invasion. Her A-spot proved too far back for him to reach, but he was experienced enough to estimate. Duke proceeded to batter the approximated area from his position inside her poop pocket.

“Oh fuck,” Lucy chanted, first in pain and then in pleasure as her body adjusted to his size.

“I’m going to give you your first anal orgasm, babe,” he said, apprising her of the thrill she was currently experiencing. “And then I’m going to pack your intestines with so much cum, it’ll be leaking out of you for days.” The sentiment alone was enough for Lucy to detonate into the most powerful climax she had ever endured. It seemed to last forever, her vision going dark while euphoria radiated all the way to the top of her head and down to the tips of her toes. When she came to, Duke had her flat on her stomach while he plowed her porthole with the force of his body weight. It didn’t take long before his pounding became erratic and he shot a steaming hot load as deep inside her as his impressive cock could reach.

“Wow,” Lucy stuttered, basking in the aftershocks of the most revelatory sexual encounter in all her young life. “That was… I can feel your… I’m all warm.”

The brute laughed, pulling his dick out of her with an audible slurp and then wringing every last drop of cum into the winking aperture of her newly fucked hole. “I knew you’d love it, my little butt slut. Plenty more where that came from.” He left to wash his hands and dick in the bathroom sink, and when he came back Lucy was still in the same sprawled on her stomach. He positioned her on her back once again, propping her upright against the headboard and helping her take a few gulps of water from a bottle he’d found in the minibar. When she was done, he placed a rolled pillow beneath her neck and another one under her hips. Still dazed, Lucy let him situate her so that her legs were folded with feet flat on the mattress and ankles resting on either side of her spread thighs. It gave him an upturned view of both her bulging box and ravaged rear-end.

Duke held her chunky labia spread with one hand for better visibility and then eased a finger into her drooling ditch, watching her face for a reaction. Nothing about her half-curious, half-frightened wide-eyed stare changed. “Your hole is so big,” he told her, “I’ve got a finger inside of you and you can’t even feel it.” Lucy squeezed her eyes shut in shame. She didn’t need to look down between her legs to know it was true. Still, she eventually followed his gaze to where his finger had disappeared. She squeezed her vaginal muscles and even then, it was not enough to alert her nerve endings to his intrusion. Duke shook his head in disbelief as his next three digits slipped in no problem.

Duke pulled out and looked around the room. Damn, he thought to himself, I knew I should have grabbed a bottle of wine or champagne on our way up. He returned to fridge and grabbed the largest vessel he could find—a 20 ounce bottle of Coca-Cola. Lucy looked dumbfounded by his intentions as he kneeled between her legs, and she eyed the makeshift sex toy dubiously. Her eyebrows drew together, like she was considering stopping this degrading turn of events, but she never did.

The bottle was probably a good inch and a half wider than his cock, but the bottom end was not tapered, which made it difficult to stuff inside Lucy’s flesh cave. Duke pried her hole open with his fingers, working with a single-minded focus before her soggy snatch slackened enough to take the girth of its new plastic lover. Lucy grunted with each unholy assault, her skin slicking with sweat. After a few minutes, Duke decided to empty the dark brown contents down the bathroom sink, and Lucy took the opportunity to reach down and touch herself. Her hole was… huge! Or whatever the next size up was called. And it seemed to be staying wide open, a screaming mouth begging to be filled. “Oh no!” she bemoaned her discovery. She didn’t need her pussy to get any bigger than it already was!

Duke, however, had other plans. He crammed the empty bottle, label now removed, back into her plus-sized cock sock, top-first this time. The plastic wasn’t crystal clear, but it held Lucy open enough that he could see a couple inches of her pink insides. He was still fully clothed, having only ever unzipped his pants to dick Lucy down, so he grabbed his phone from his back pocket and took a few photos. “What are you doing?” She squawked, trying to cover herself up.

“Capturing the moment,” he said, jerking her hands away. “Calm down. It’s not like your face is in the frame.” He turned the bottle back around to begin fucking her with it vigorously, and she forgot her objection almost immediately. It was everything she’d always imagined sex was supposed to be, the unyielding material actually rubbing against her inner walls. After five—maybe ten—minutes, Duke pushed the bottle into Lucy’s stretched-out snatch until only the red cap remained visible. Then he heaved her legs straight up into the air and sank his dick into her novice asshole once more.

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