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LOSING MY VIRGINITY TO AN OLD MANAs I have been asked on several occasions HOW I lost my virginity I figured it’s about time I told how it really happened. I grew up with fairly broad minded parents and my Mum and dad are nudists, even still they go to a club regularly but since I got married my guy Troy is not really into public nudity so although we have been with them to the nudist club it’s not a regular thing.We had our own cabin at the club which we still own and there was an old guy at the time that had the cabin next door but his wife had passed away some years earlier but he remained a member which was allowed as he and his wife joined when they were much younger because the club is a family club and basically singles are not allowed even to this day. There were around 300 family’s as members but not many people my age which at the time I had just turned THIRTEEN and I was still a virgin although a couple of my school friends had lost their virginity but not under pleasant circumstances or they reckon it wasn’t as good as they thought it might be. On this particular day Mum and dad had to go with friends into the local town which was about 25 kilometres away but I didn’t want to go as it was like totally boring and I was a little miss super bitch back then but my sister who was then only eight loved hanging out with mum and dad so I just said I would curl up with a book. They hadn’t been gone long when I noticed our neighbour was roaming around his cabin and as I used to con soft drink and lollies out of him quite easily so I couldn’t resist paying him a visit which I did quite regularly, him and my parents got along really well so he was like a very trusted friend to us and I could chat with him about anything pretty much. At that stage I had been getting my periods for about 12 months but my little tits were basically non-existent with my nipples being just two brown little bumps that looked like baby mushrooms that you can buy in a can but my nipples often ached back then and mum used to tell me it was because they were growing and I should massage them if they got sore which they seemed to do more around that certain time of the month and although I had pubic hair it was very sparse and sat flat against my little cunt which was so different to the adults there that had curls upon curls to show off. As soon as I went in to his cabin (which I never used to knock but that was like acceptable) he started his usual tormenting me about boys whom he did very regularly but I pretended to hate it but I think he knew I relished it and we would always make smart remarks at each other. Back then I used to be very tom boyish and Mum was always into me about the way I sat as I really didn’t think much about sitting with my legs apart or sitting with my legs crossed at the ankles which naturally opened my little crack and I could never understand that we were at a fucking nudist club mum so why give a shit hey. Anyway I plopped onto his sofa and sat with my legs up and feet on the cushion as I often did and I must admit that I sometimes caught him looking casino oyna at my little cunt but everyone at the club often had a quick perv at each other and I have to admit I used to look at the other members cocks, cunts and tits as well, it was only natural I thought and I often used to watch old Ken when he was working in his garden and how his donger as we called them would wobble around if he was using a garden hoe or that. But for some reason I had been feeling different to normal latterly and I had certain attractions to my own sexual parts quite frequently even though I didn’t really masturbate but just enjoyed feeling myself. Old ben left me sipping on a can of creaming soda and ducked outside to do something and while he was out I just glanced down and noticed I had some fluff right on my cunt crack and so went to remove it then I pulled my cunt lips open to check if there were any more, as I was doing this I didn’t hear old Ken come back in and when I did realize he was there and staring at what I was doing I quickly closed my legs and went as red as a beetroot and attempted to explain about the fluff and Ken being Ken started teasing me about masturbating. “I WAS NOT” I said, “honest there was fluff there” and we both started laughing and he said “ Well Sammy you should have asked me to remove it for you” and we both laughed again and me being the miss super bitch who always wanted the last say said, “ Well, come and check it for me” knowing full well he wouldn’t but to my surprize he said, “ okay, get them open miss cocky bitch” but looked as though he didn’t mean it and naturally I just had to pull his bluff as I couldn’t let him get the upper hand could I? So I opened my knees right back so my little cunt crack gapped and pushed my hips forward on the sofa and he took no time at all and dropped between my legs and grabbing each of my cunt lips in his fingers stretched me open and had a look in, “ AHHH” he said “ your right there is still a bit there and as he grabbed at it he touched my clit and I let out a , “Huh,,,ohhh” and he said, “Ummm a bit sensitive in there are we, can’t take it huh” I replied, “NOOO I can take anything “ to which he replied “BULLSHIT” with a big grin on his face” “I can too” I said and he gave my clit a little rub and it felt so fucking good hey and I said “ See” as he kept rubbing it. I remember at the time I knew I should have said stop but I was a little shit head and didn’t want to be the one to say stop so I let him keep rubbing me and it started to feel really nice hey, I noticed that I was starting to feel really hot, not sweaty hot but warm especially around my face and neck and then he went straight down and started licking my now wet little cunt and it felt like so warm and I could feel his breath softly on the area around my cunt and I didn’t want him to stop it felt so good, he soon started pushing a finger into me as her licked which felt weird but nice and I had an irresistible urge to move my hips towards him which I did, that’s when he asked me to put my ankles back under my arm canlı casino siteleri pits which when I did he started pushing his tongue deeper into my now wet little tight cunt and he was using his finger or thumb to massage my little arsehole, wow, I thought this is so cool and that’s when I noticed that his cock had become fucking huge, it stood straight out and was at least three times bigger than it usually was. I said “ YOUR cocks got fat hey” and he replied “ well Sammy that’s because it’s as excited as your hot little love hole and it thinks it’s going to get a fuck” “ha ha ha does it” I said and he replied “ that’s why all cocks get stiff Sammy and that’s why all pussies get wet so that the cock can slide in easily” and I replied, “BUT that wouldn’t fit my cunt hey, it’s too big hey” and he said, “actually Sammy it would fit if I put it in real slow, can I show you” I said, :Ummm well go slow then hey and if I say stop then stop hey” he then held my legs back tight and rubbed the knob of his erect cock up and down my crack and especially around my clit and it felt like so fucking good hey as he slowly very slowly put the head in a bit. I remember distinctly dropping my mouth open and staring straight at his big cock slowly edging its way deeper and deeper into my slowly stretching cunt lips and it did hurt sort of but it wasn’t a bad hurt hey, it was more of a tight hurt and I could feel my cunt tightening on it as he kept pushing until he was about half way in and then he started to with draw, as soon as he was back out to his knob he pushed it in again and kept doing this for quite a while while I just stared at this cock going in and out with such ease and remembering how bloody good it felt, “ can I go faster Sammy, do you mind, “ If you want” I said as he started speeding up and I arched my back a little and realized he was now going right into my cunt up to his balls and I was still enjoying it. I remember at that stage feeling a strange sort of love for him, not in love but more of a friend love and the way he was enjoying fucking me gave me a feeling of pleasure that I can’t really describe hey. So on and on he rammed his cock into me and he was totally enjoying it big time and he was sort of swearing saying things like, “FUCKING hell your hot cunt is tight Sammy, fuck your tight, so fucking tight” and “Your so fucking smooth and wet inside your hot tight cunt I want to split it for you” and I said, “Don’t split it.. that will hurt” and he said, “I don’t mean it literally Sammy it is just a way of saying I want to fuck you harder ,” so I said, “ ohhh okay well yeah you can split me then hey” and he said “tell me you want me to split your hot cunt” so I said, “ “I want you to split my hot cunt, and he said “scream it to me Sammy scream it to me” so I screamed out loud, “SPLIT MY HOT CUNT,, SPLIT MY HOT CUNT” but I started laughing and so did he but he kept ramming his cock into me tho hey. then when he finally blew he pulled out and the cum spurted out in short spurts up my belly and onto my tiny tits and that’s when casino şirketleri I noticed blood on his cock and I said, “Ohhh fuck your cocks bleeding “ and he replied, “No Sammy that’s from your little cunt girl, I’ve broke your little hymen girl so your no longer a virgin” I said, “ but it didn’t hurt” and he said “ It doesn’t have to you were probably pretty much ready to lose it” I said “are we going to do this again sometime”?, and he said, “ Yep, right now” and he opened my legs again and shoved it back in and started fucking me again and this time he started fucking me hard right off and he was pushing me back into the sofa as he fucked me so fast and so hard and I remember gritting my teeth and he was almost laughing as he said, “ fuck you can take it can’t you, you have the hottest little tight cunt Sammy, I’ve been wanting to fuck you for so long now” and I told him that I had thought about fucking but didn’t realize it would be so much fun and he said, “so you like my old cock in your tight little cunt then” as he rammed his cock in and out of my eager hot hole and I replied, “yep it’s an awesome feeling hey as I grunted and my words bounced to the shaking if us fucking so hard. He stopped and said” you need to orgasm girlie” and he went back to licking my cunt again but he was shaking his head violently around as he licked my little clit and he told me I had the best tasting cunt of any girl he has ever licked and that my cunt tasted like expensive wine which made me feel really good as I often thought that it might stink but he loved it hey. And I sort of felt really weird when he his tongue often slipped around and lapped my arsehole and I actually wondered at the time if he knew he was licking my arse or did he just not realize where my cunt crack ended and my arse started lol. But it was so nice when he licked it that I wasn’t going to stop him hey. He licked my cunt for ages and like all of a sudden I had this really funny feeling almost like I was going to faint and it was really a fright but a fright of pleasure as I started feeling all weird and almost shivery and then my cunt lips tightened and I almost squealed as my stomach started involuntarily sort of heaving and the most awesome ever feeling came over me and I brought my knees together and almost curled up into a ball as my whole body seemed to erupt in uncontrollable spasms and I let out a terrible moan as he grabbed my knees and held them together really tight, “ you’ve orgasmed Sammy, like it” and I just sort of looked at him as my contractions subsided and said, “WOW” that’s was pretty awesome hey” I like orgasms I think, ha ha” old ken and I used to fuck regularly after that for about 2 years and no one ever knew until he got killed in a car accident which wasn’t his fault, I was so upset and I cried my eyes out at his funeral but no one knew what there was that I was crying for. Ever since then I have been like heaps partial to older men as the first time I did fuck a guy my own age he seemed to have really girlish skin and it wasn’t the same although I had loved Troy for some time and with Troy it didn’t bother me that his skin was smooth so I really cannot explain that hey.But I have absolutely no regrets as to what happened that day and it was so much fun and so exciting that I often wish I could relieve it hey. Sammy

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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