Love my brother-in-law

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Love my brother-in-lawAs Brian slammed his cock in and out of Sally’s pussy, she constantly groaned with pleasure, as her tits swayed with every thrust Brian spanked his wife’s buttocks, Sally said she was Cumming and with a ear piercing scream she orgasmed, like mad Brian gripped her hips and drove deep, before filling his young wife’s pussy, collapsing on the bed unable to speak, they had made love nearly all night, as it would be nearly a month before Brian returned home from a business trip, getting in the shower Brian run his hands over Sally’s sexy smooth body, her ample breasts, filled his large hands, playing with her hard nipples, he run them in between his finger and thumb, Sally reached behind stroking Brian’s long cock that hung down, as he kissed her neck his hand rubbed her silky smooth body, finally ending up between her legs fingering her smooth pussy, giving her a small orgasm.As Brian left she said he would phone her when he landed and Skype her when he was at the hotel, kissing him goodbye, Sally went about her business. That afternoon Sally got a call from Brian saying he had landed safely, and would Skype that evening to have a chat, as she put the phone down, a knock at the door, opening it, there stood Jason, Brian’s brother, he was like Brian like Brian in many ways except not married, and had his own company, letting him in he sat watching Sally make a coffee, Jason fancied Sally and had even tried fucking her once, but he was too drunk to get it up giving him his coffee, she sat opposite and chatted away.She sort of fancied him but not enough to throw herself at him, she could feel her pussy getting wet, Jason was a bad boy and he knew she liked bad boys, Brian was the total opposite, nothing i*****l, no smoking, drinking or gambling, as Jason was into that and a lot more dodge dealings. Drinking his coffee he went to go saying if she wanted anything doing, just call, with that he left, Sally was as horny as hell and went in the bedroom and lay on the bed naked. Sally opened her legs and rubbed her smoothed shaved pussy, she was soaking wet she had never been this wet when Jason was around, and incredibly horny as well.Closing her eyes she could only think of Jason fucking her, his bad boy image was too much to resist pushing her hips up, Sally rubbed her clit hard with a surge of pleasure she cum and squirted, collapsing on the bed breathless, she lay there for a while, getting up and having a shower, she decided to cook dinner. She hated cooking when Brian wasn’t there, it was to quiet, her phone rang it was her mum, asking how she was feeling, after a while she hung up and waited for Brian to Skype, she decided to give him a surprise and got naked.Brian called and was surprised when it connected, Sally smiled and said his brother had been round and said if I needed anything doing to call him, Brian said he had asked him, what Sally was thinking wasn’t what Brian had asked him to do, Sally watched Brian wank his huge cock, as she fingered her pussy as well, saying goodnight they both went to bed. The following morning Brian Skype again and chatted for a while before he had to go to work, Sally didn’t really have to work, as Brian had a decent paying job, she did part time cosmetic selling that gave her a bit of extra money. Sally done her online work and after she finished, she decided to shower and have a lazy day of sitting around and watching TV.At about lunchtime her phone rang, it was Jason asking if she was free for a bite to eat, she agreed as Jason said he would pick her up in ½ hour, Sally slipped on a summer dress, with sexy matching underwear, putting on her make-up she heard the horn sound, going out the door and jumping into Jason’s convertible Mercedes driving off into the country. As they drove along the country road, with the roof down, they got chatting about how lonely it must get without Brian, Jason asked what she missed the most when he wasn’t there, she said the company, presence, joking about and sex, “what did you say” “sex I miss the sex” “well there are toys that deal with that” laughing as he said it “oh I know I have a few, but it no substitute for a nice thick cock sliding in my wet pussy”.They arrived at the pub and sat chatting about what she said.“Smiling at Jason she asked what did he miss not having a women in his life, “well I don’t really miss company as always have people around me, men and women but I have to admit I would like to come home to find a beautiful women, like you wanting me in her” “who says I don’t Jason” “sorry what did you say” “look you know I want you so don’t say you don’t I know I’m married but I want you to fuck me”, leaning over she kissed him softly, rubbing her hand over the front of his trousers, feeling his thick lump in his trousers.“Now are you hungry or horny” “more horny than hungry” park up then and lets go for a walk”, doing so they walked along a country lane finding a secluded field, laying on the ground, they kissed and felt each other, Jason slipped his hand up her dress and into her thong, Sally was dripping wet, her nipples as hard as rock, Jason slowly slipped his finger into her pussy, making her groan. Sliding her hand onto his trousers, she could feel his large bulge, unzipping his trousers and pulling out his cock, Sally gasped at the size of it. “Oh my god it so thick and long” it looked like a baby holding a orange, rubbing it slowly as it went rock hard, Jason slowly undone her dress, as she sat up taking it off and undoing the bra, laying back down Jason sucked her nipples, flicking them with his tongue, Sally moaned as the feeling of pleasure, flowed through her body.Jason pulled her thong off and parted her legs slightly, stripping naked he got in between her legs and slowly, pushed his cock into her pussy, Sally moaned as the head stretched her soft pussy lips wide, “oh god push it deep” as Jason slowly fucked her, kissing her passionately Sally pushed her hips up, so his cock went deeper, she wrapped illegal bahis her long slender legs around him, as he slipped in his full thick length, Sally could feel her pussy was stretched, and her juices where flowing, Jason started to thrust his cock in and out, ample tits bounced as he fucked her. “Come on you know I need it badly” as she felt his balls slap her arse, the sun beat down on their naked bodies, as Jason pushed his hips back and forth.Sally moaned begging for more and more, she had never had such a thick cock in her in her life, it was possibly longer than Brian’s as well but deffo thicker, Jason started to fuck her harder and faster, Sally moaned louder begging for him to cum in her, grinding her hips she finally climaxed shaking with a string of orgasms, Jason groaned as he exploded with a massive load into her pussy, Sally moaned loudly as, Jason pumped cum into her. “Mmmmmmmmm now that was worth missing lunch, she could feel cum dripping down the crack of her arse, as Jason sat up his cock slipping out coated in, pussy juices and cum, she lay there legs wide open as Jason looked at her naked. “How do you fancy moving in until Brian comes home, I can always say, I was feeling lonely and you offered to keep me company” Jason agreed and we got dressed.Walking back to the car Sally could feel her pussy throbbing from what Jason had given her, arriving at the car, they drove back to Jason’s place, arriving they went in, Sally grabbed Jason and kissed him passionately, dropping to her knees, she unzipped his trousers and pulled out his limp cock, she wrapped her lips around it, and sucked it slowly, as she worked her tongue up and down his cock, it went hard, Sally had trouble taking it in her mouth, but she was determined to suck him off.Cupping his balls in her hands, she gently squeezed them Jason groaned softly as he could see Sally’s head moving back and forth, Sally put her hand in between her legs and fingered her pussy, Cumming in seconds Sally sucked harder, rubbing his cock Jason groaned, and cum in her mouth, swallowing his load, she sucked it clean, Jason got some clothes and they set off for Sally’s.Arriving Sally cooked a meal and waited for Brian to Skype, bang on 8:30 pm Brian was there chatting away before signing off for the night, Sally looked at Jason knowing what she was going to be doing, and what she was about to get, going up to bed they lay on the bed kissing and stroking each other, Jason run his hand over Sally’s pussy, feeling how wet she was pulling her thong down Jason slipped his fingers into her pussy, massaging her clit Sally gasped and moaned softly.Sally stood up and got naked joining Jason back on the bed, kissing her gently all over, he fondled her tits making her groan, opening her legs Jason rubbed her pussy as Sally fumbled with his trouser zip, finally realising the b**st that was so hard it sprung from his trousers. Helping him get naked Sally slipped down the bed and started to suck his cock, rubbing it as well. His cock was so hard the veins pulsed when ever Sally sucked it, the huge purple head shone like a beacon, rubbing it between her tits Sally sucked it as well, moving back up the bed she reached down and, pushed his cock into her pussy.Sitting up Sally groaned as she moved up and down on his weapon, he could feel her pussy lips stretching, every time she moved feeling her tits she begged for more and more as Jason tweaked her nipples. Sally loved her nipples played with and often or not it made her cum Brian always drove her crazy when he sucked them and, she would have to beg for him to fuck her. Jason knew just how to treat Sally for her to beg and grovel for him, would be such a turn on. “Fuck me you know I want it badly, fuck me like you fuck all your women” Jason knew this was just how it was meant to be, all the time, Sally would show contempt for Jason, secretly knowing she fancied him like hell.As Jason started to fuck Sally she moaned “come on fuck me you know I want you” “yer I know how much you fancy me” kissing her roughly, he flipped Sally onto her back and started to fuck her hard, his balls slapped her arse, moaning loudly Sally was at his mercy, his huge cock slammed in and out of her pussy, her moans of pleasure, filled the room with sound, the head board banged the wall as they fucked like to wild a****ls mating. Jason’s hips thrust like a piston hungrily sucking on Sally’s nipples, making her cum, rolling around the bed, Jason got behind her, Sally opened her legs as his cock slammed in and out of her pussy, he could see her pleasure, by the mirror that was on the wall opposite the bed, Jason’s hands came from behind and held her tit. Sally moaned louder and louder, rubbing her pussy she groaned and breathed heavily, rapid breaths from Sally before she cum, Jason not far behind. Collapsing on the bed they fell asleep, waking during the early hours, Sally nestled into Jason as she could feel his cock, resting in between the cheeks of her arse, reaching behind she slowly rubbed his cock feeling it start to move about, Sally’s pussy was very puffed but, she couldn’t get enough, young horny and very highly sexed in a way, she was a nymphomaniac really, lifting her leg and resting it on Jason’s leg, she fed his semi hard cock into her pussy, groaning softly Sally wanted more, Jason stirred as his cock got harder and harder, before long Sally had his thick cock in her again, grinding her hips, Jason slowly pushed his cock in and out of her pussy.As Sally groaned she could feel her orgasm build stronger and stronger, with a small whimper she buried her head in the pillow and climaxed. Falling asleep again Sally woke to being licked out, Sally stirred moaning softly, Jason pushed himself up the bed, his cock slipped in her pussy with ease, slowly thrusting Sally groaned wrapping her legs around his waist, Jason started to push in and out faster and faster, before long he groaned and cum, falling to the side of Sally as he watched youwin güvenilir mi her get out of bed and go for a shower, Jason lay in bed until her return. Watching her dry herself he suggested they stay in today and have some fun, Sally had arranged to meet her mate Carole for lunch, Jason invited himself along, and this was typical of his arrogant self.After speaking to Brian for a good while, he went off to work. Getting ready she tried to convince Jason not to come with her, but to no avail leaving the house Jason asked about Carole, she was a very dear friend, who had been through a horrible marriage, ending in divorcing him and moving to the other end, of the country, they had no c***dren, but he used to beat and abuse her constantly. Arriving at the restaurant Sally spotted Carole running up to her the hugged and kissed, Sally introduced Jason and explained Brian was away on business and he had dropped by, offering her a lift.They all went in and sat down ordering their meals, Jason offered to foot the bill as he was intruding, they sat chatting and drinking, Jason noticed Carole was knocking back the wine, making her excuses she went to the bathroom, chatting to Sally he said she was real nice and a lovely lady, getting up h went into the men’s room bumping in to Carole they chatted for a moment, “do you want me to come and shake it dry” laughing as she said it “nah you better not if you see it your want it” winking “Oh is that right, I suppose your tell me it huge and I will be shocked at its size, yer yer I’ve heard it all before. “Well only one way to find out aint there” taking her hand he led her into the gents and into a cubicle, unzipping his trousers, Carole sat on the seat looking, Jason pulled his cock out and let go of it, “oh my fucking god, that is huge” Carole’s mouth dropped open as she looked at his long limp cock.Reaching out and holding it she rubbed it slowly, sticking it in her mouth Carole sucked slowly “Mmmmmm tastes so good” as her head started to move back and forth sucking Jason’s thick cock she rubbed his shaft, Jason leant forward and fondled Carole’s big boobs, squeezing them lightly he could feel her nipples go rock solid, Carole sucked his cock, as Jason groaned softly he felt his cock twitch and start to throb, followed by him Cumming down her throat, Carole chocked a bit more with surprise than amount, Jason pulled his cock out of her mouth, and put it away, Carole re arranged herself, saying if Jason wanted to spend the night, at the hotel in her room, agreeing they went back to Sally, Carole with a huge smile on her face. “Oh you decided to come back” looking at Carole she noticed something on the side of her mouth “you have something on the side of your mouth” Carole wiped her mouth and blushed “oh you didn’t Carole” “didn’t what Sally” “suck Jason’s cock” Carole blushed and grinned “I did and he is big” “I know he is I’ve been fucking him all week” Carole was stunned at what Sally had said. Carrying on with their meal Carole said that Jason would spend the night, not having cock in over a year, she was as horny as hell already dripping wet, at the thought of Jason’s cock.After their meal they went and had drinks before going to Carole’s room, dancing about Carole started to flirt with Jason, kissing him and feeling his ever increasing lump in him trousers. Unzipping Jason’s trousers Carole pulled his cock out and started to suck it slowly, Sally laughed as Carole started to slurp and feel his balls, Sally opened her legs, and pulled her panties to one side to show her pussy, wetting her fingers she started to rub her clit and finger her pussy, Carole had now slipped her hand into her panties and was fingering her pussy, Sally stopped and got up kneeling behind Carole, pulling her panties down to reveal a perfect round bum, Sally wet her fingers and slipped them in to Carole’s pussy.Carole gasped moaning softly Sally fingered her faster and faster, Carole moaned louder as she couldn’t hold back and orgasmed. Both women got totally naked as Jason sat on the bed wanking his cock slowly, Jason looked at Carole she was slightly plump but a sexy curvy body, nice round tits, slightly dark nipples and a small tuff off pussy hair, but the rest was smooth as silk, Sally was stunning tall fantastic figure, nice tits with dark nipples and a smooth pussy sitting either side of Jason, he kissed both softly, before suggesting a bit of lesbian action to really turn him on, both agreed and giggled.Sally kissed Carole on the mouth, her tongue deep in Carole’s mouth both played with each other’s nipples and pussy’s, as Carole fingered Sally she moaned softly, Cumming she returned the favour on Carole, Jason was now rubbing his cock as hard as he could, being really turned Carole stood up and straddled him lowering her soaking wet pussy onto his huge thick cock, Sally could see her pussy lips stretch as he slid into her mates hole. Carole moved up and down as she coated his mighty weapon in her juices, her tits bounced about as she started to work his rod in her, groaning louder and louder Carole moaned and orgasmed, given Jason a huge kiss, he gripped her forcing her deep on his cock before he poured his load into her, for the 2nd time.Carole lay on the bed legs wide open, as Sally got in between her legs and started to lick Carole’s pussy, making Carole groan Jason run his hand up and down the crack of her arse and her pussy, spreading her lips slightly apart, Jason slipped his finger into Sally’s pussy, making her groan Carole gasped as Sally drove her tongue deep in and out of her pussy, Lapping up Carole’s juices Sally could feel Jason pushing his fingers deep in and out, rubbing her clit Sally groaned and gasped as a orgasm flowed through her body, Carole arched her back, Cumming 2 or 3 times in a row. Sally’s pussy was slightly open the bright pink pussy flesh glistened with juices.All laying on the bed Jason rubbed his cock, as it lay firm over his thigh, perabet Carole’s & Sally’s pussy throbbed from the intense orgasms they had been given, Jason turned to one side and sucked on Sally’s nipples and rubbed her pussy, then turned and did the same to Carole, looking down Sally could see Jason’s cock was now thick and hard, reaching over his thigh, she wrapped her fingers around it and started to rub it, she could feel it getting thicker, massaging the head Jason jumped with pleasure, he moaned with pleasure as he was told to lay on his back, doing as he was asked Sally straddled him and fed his cock into her pussy, sitting up Carole sat on Jason’s face, driving his tongue deep into her pussy.Flicking her clit Carole moaned squeezing her nipples, Sally moved up and down on his rod, both girls kissed each other and played with each other’s tits, Carole’s pussy was dripping wet the juices flowed from her pussy, Sally started to shake as her orgasm, ripped through her body, kissing Carole moaned and cum as well, riding Jason’s cock was a real turn on and being kissed by a women was, a new experience, as the girls both had orgasms again, Carole could feel Jason nibbling her clit and pussy lips, Sally could feel his cock start to throb with a final grind, she felt the warmth of his cum pour into her pussy.The following morning Sally left going home leaving Carole at the mercy of Jason, that afternoon Carole phoned Sally saying Jason had just left after being fucked for nearly 6 hours nonstop, having had a good long chat about totally everything, Sally hung up feeling so horny she went into her bedroom, getting undressed she lay on the bed naked she reached into her bedside draw pulling out her trusted vibrator, switching it on she wetted her pussy and slipped it in, groaning softly her pussy got wetter and wetter, the door bell rang disturbing her enjoyment getting off the bed, and putting a gown on she went to see who it was.As she opened the door there stood Jason, asking him in Sally could feel her juices running slowly down her inside leg, sitting opposite Sally opened her legs “Mmmmmmmmm nice view” “well you better finish what I started “ spreading her legs wider Jason got up and unzipped his trouser front pulling out his huge hard cock and leaned against Sally slipping his cock deep in her pussy, banging away like mad, Sally moaned loudly, raw sex that’s all this was as his balls smacked against her arse “oh god fuck me harder you bad bastered” as Jason slammed his cock, in and out of her pussy Sally screamed out a huge orgasm squirting like mad, both where soaking.Slowing down slightly Jason got his breath back, and started to thrust again, making Sally beg for his cum, she could feel his cock throb, and hoping Jason wouldn’t cum, Jason had great stamina and would fuck like a piston with his huge cock, Sally groaned again Cumming with force, all of a sudden Jason groaned and exploded deep in Sally, she screamed her head off as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her body, gripping his shoulders and digging her nails in Jason spewed his thick cum into her pussy, her pussy was full over flowing down the crack of her arse her nipples so hard they dug into his chest, Sally could feel her pussy lips throbbing.Jason lifted himself up his cock slipping from her pussy as his cum dripped from her pussy, she slowly put her legs down, breathing heavily she said “oh my god what a fuck” “well Sally I have to say you’re the best I have ever had, and when Brian comes home how about you and I having a bit of fun at mine every so often” Sally knew she could never be fucked like that by Brian and Jason knew she wouldn’t refuse, Sally said it wouldn’t be right and Brian was everything she needed. “Ok well it was worth a shot” smiling Jason went to leave “so I can expect you to call me next week when you want me Sally”, but Sally refused again repeating what she said “yer right your call” leaving,Brian arrived home 2 days later and pulled him into bed making love all that night and the following morning, Brian left for work and Sally lay in bed, getting up a while later, she showered and dressed doing her work, a week had gone by and sex with Brian was nice but not exciting tempted to phone Jason, Sally resisted sitting at her computer she opened a e mail by Jason it was a picture of him Cumming, as she looked at it, she felt her nipples go hard the thick veined cock with a huge head, and thick streams of cum, she couldn’t resist anymore she needed Jason’s cock in her again.Ringing him she told him she needed fucking right away, but he refused Sally begged and pleaded for ages, Jason finally gave in and told her to come over and they would do it in his bed, Sally was so horny at the thought of Jason’s cock in her, she rushed over to his place. Arriving at his place the door was already opened, before they where up the stairs Sally was naked, bending over the bed she demanded to be fucked, slamming his cock deep in her, he fucked her hard and fast, her tits dangled and swayed as Jason rammed his cock in and out of her pussy, spanking her arse demanding she admitted she needed his cock more than ever “say it bitch say it, you need my cock, you can’t get enough, say it now “ “OK I CAN’T GET ENOUGH, I NEED IT PLEASE FUCK ME HARDER” spanking her arse hard Sally cum the sweat was pouring from Jason as each thrust Sally moaned louder and louder until it was too much as a final orgasm ripped through her body making her gush like a fountain, Jason got soaked as he pumped his huge load into his sister in law again.He let go as Sally collapsed on the bed unable to speak or move, Jason stood there his cock hung down coated in her juices, he staggered into the bathroom and stood in the shower, a few moments later Sally joined him, holding her the water flowed over their bodies, Sally admitted she couldn’t resist him anymore and needed him in bed at least every couple of days, she said Brian was a fantastic lover but boring, and needed excitement in bed and Jason was, huge thick cock, knew how to use it and exciting as well. Sally left later that day but got to Jason at least twice or three times a week staying over when ever possible……………………………………….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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