Love Shack

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A note to the reader: This story takes place during the mid-1980s. Those were very different times. Fashion and language were different. We didn’t worry about seat belts or STDs. The drinking age was 18 and pubic hair was all the rage. The only sexual fear was getting pregnant. I have tried to be as historically accurate as my aging brain can remember. Thank you to WokeUpOneDay and LindsayMurray for editing and reviewing this manuscript. Although there is reference to earlier times, all sex is between characters who are at least 18 years of age.

During my last two summers in high school I managed to land a lifeguard job at an upscale country club that paid twice as much as the local lake. I would have loved to work just up the street from our house, but the town had instituted a minimum age requirement of 18 for insurance purposes. The nice thing about the country club gig was that I got to meet some incredibly beautiful women.

The problem was that they were all out of my league. Once a rich man’s daughter either saw the beat up old Rambler I drove or found out that my family wasn’t wealthy, I became persona non grata. The other issue with that job was that the lifeguards ended up doing all the shit jobs no one else would do. Things like emptying trash barrels loaded with maggoty food, cleaning the nasty restrooms at the end of the day, or cleaning up a little kid’s puke from poolside. That September as I went off to university, I decided it would be my last summer as a lifeguard.

Over Christmas break, one of my good buddies, Jerry, asked if I was interested in taking the head lifeguard position at my hometown’s lake. Jerry was planning on applying as a lifeguard, but wasn’t interested in the top job. He thought that if I got the job that he would be hired. The pay wasn’t as good, but the position promised to be a lot more laid back. I applied for the job citing my previous job experience, had a phone interview in February, and received a letter in March telling me I got the job.

After finishing my last final exam, I reported to Town Hall and was given a stack of applications. I knew several of the applicants; the Finn sisters and Jansen brothers from high school, and of course Jerry. One of my first tasks was to hire my staff. I needed seven lifeguards and had 16 applicants. I talked to my supervisor, Lorraine, and floated the idea of a skills test to weed out some weaker candidates. She thought it was a good idea and I called all 16 and told them to be at the lake at 8 AM on Saturday ready to swim.

Saturday dawned clear and bright, but cool. When I got to the lake at 7:30, I discovered that the water temperature was quite chilly. I found a thermometer and measured the water at 59°F (15°C); not exactly mid-summer fun temperatures. Lorraine showed up fifteen minutes early to observe how I conducted the test.

As the applicants started showing up I went around and introduced myself. One of the things I loved about our current fashion was that, unless you were older, women’s bathing suits didn’t have breast pads. It led to a lot of nippage, especially on chilly mornings like this one. Most of the swimsuits were made from thin material and pubic hair was definitely in. While all the women shaved so that their hair wasn’t exposed, it was not unusual to get a nice profile view of a bush on top of a mons as seen through a wet suit. The pleasant view of some labia hiding under that ultra-thin material was also a frequent occurrence.

The first people I met were the Finn sisters. Kathleen and her older sister Becky had swam on the high school swim team and I was sure they would ace both tests. They were slightly taller than average with the broad, muscular shoulders that one earned through hours in the pool. Their figures were lovely in their competitive racing suits, slim hips and average breasts with prominent nipples in the chilly air. They could have passed as identical twins with one exception: their hair. Kathleen had stunning red hair, while Becky was a dark brunette: classic red and dark Irish.

Kathleen exclaimed, “Pat, so good to see you!” She gave me a hug. Becky gave me one as well. Their breasts pressing into my chest.

“How was college?” I asked.

Kathleen said, “Not a bad as I thought it would be. It helps to have a big sister to help you out.”

A shorter, shapely, buxom brunette approached us. She introduced herself as Juliana Hildegard. I saw the Jansen brothers, Jake and Jonas, arrive and I shook their hands as well. By eight o’clock, 13 of the 16 applicants had showed up.

Lorraine observed, “If they can’t get to a job interview on time, you probably don’t want them to work for you.”

I checked my watch, time to get to work. I called out, “If everyone could gather around.”

The group came over. Jerry said, “You’re not going to have us swim in this are you? That water’s freezing.”

I stated, “Fifty-nine degrees in fact.” In a louder voice, “Thanks for coming down this morning. I met some of you. My name is Pat Sullivan. eryaman rus escort I’ve been hired as the head lifeguard for the coming summer season. I have to fill seven positions. There are 13 applicants left, all of you.” I pointed to them. “I am going to ask you to do two easy swim tests this morning. For the first one, you will swim from here to the first raft, then to the second raft, and finally back here. I think it is about 100 yards all together. So, not hard. It isn’t a race, just a swim.”

Someone in the back called out, “But damn cold.”

I said, “When we start on Memorial Day weekend, the water won’t be much warmer.”

Julianne asked, “What’s the second test?”

“I’ll have a victim…” I used air quotes. “Swim out to the rope line. The person being tested will swim out and do a non-equipment rescue. When the rescuer is almost to you, I want the victim to submerge. Pull them up and get them in. Everyone will get a chance to be the rescuer and the victim. Two simple tests that you had to do to get your lifeguard certification. Any questions?”

Someone in back shouted out, “So if we don’t want to do it?”

“Then you don’t get the job.”

“I’m outta here.”

I observed, “OK, we’re down to 12 applicants.” Many laughed. “Let’s do the swim first.”

I stripped off my shirt and walked to the water’s edge.

Kathleen came over, “Pat, why are you swimming? You already have the job.”

“Leadership by example.”

“That’s cool.”

A shorter fellow said, “Maybe we should go in two heats so we don’t run into each other.”

I replied, “Good idea. What’s your name?”


“Thanks Owen. Good idea. I need six of you to swim with me.” There were four female applicants and they all stepped up. “I need two of you gents.”

Jerry and Owen stepped forward.

I shouted, “Ready?”

Then without waiting, I ran and dove into the water. The initial shock of cold water nearly knocked the wind out of me. I thought, Go, Pat go! Set the example. I started pulling as hard as I could, thinking the exercise would overcome the cold. I saw the Finn girls pass me, but I reached the first raft in third place and pushed off for the second. I looked to see where everyone else was and I had a nice lead. I reached the second raft then headed for shore. I looked up and the Finns were already walking out of the water. I reached standing depth and stood up.

As I emerged from the water Kathleen tossed me my towel, “Don’t get all the way dry. It will be easier when you go in again.”

“If you say so, coach.”

Kathleen and Becky were sporting some very nice nipples and I could detect abundant pubic hair on their modest mons. Julianne came up next to me also nipped out. She grabbed a towel and started drying off. Jerry and Owen were emerging from the water. The fourth woman, who I learned was Peggy, reached the shallows. The first heat was done.

I yelled, “Next group. Go!”

The six men scrambled for the water and were soon making their way over the course.

Peggy was a thin blonde. She ran and got her towel. Her lips were blue, her jaw chattering. “I don’t think I’m going to be able to do the second test.”

I said, “I don’t want to force you to do anything.”

“OK. I think I’m going to pass.” Peggy headed toward her car.

I heard, “Shit!”

Julianne ran and dove into the water. I looked to see what the problem was.

“I only see five heads!” Becky shouted.

I saw Julianne’s feet go up and she soon brought head up out of the water, pulling for shore. As she gained her feet, the body she pulled in started coughing. We weren’t done with the first half hour and we had already had a real rescue. Not a great start to the summer. The fellow Julianne pulled out was a thin guy by the name of Tim.

The rest of the heat made it to shore. Lorraine came over, “Do you think that it is a good idea to continue?”

I said, “It’s going to be this cold on Memorial Day. Our staff has to be able to do this.”

She nodded, “Alright.”

I spoke to the group, “OK, time for the second test. I’ll be the first victim. Julianne, I don’t think you need to do this one. You nailed it for real just now. Who’s going to rescue me?” Becky raised her hand. “OK. Here I go.”

Kathleen’s advice was good, but it was still cold as hell. I got into position and turned to face the beach. Becky ran, dove, and started swimming to me. As she approached, I sunk below the water. She quickly pulled me up by my chin and crossed her other arm over to pull in the prescribed manner to shore. Everyone had a chance at the second test. By the end, I was down to nine applicants. Lorraine suggested we hold interviews which we did the following Monday. As far as I was concerned, Kathleen, Becky, and Julianne were no brainers. They had their act together in the water. To round out the team, we ended up going with Jerry, Owen, and the Jansen Brothers — Jake and Jonas.

I made all the phone calls then held an organizational meeting. With ankara escort bayan eight staff, everyone would get one day off. We would have two off on Tuesday. We drew the days out of a hat and I drew Monday. The town had a requirement that we needed to have at least two lifeguards on duty at any time. I asked if anyone had preferences for hours. Jerry, Jonas, and Jake told me that they had second jobs and would like to have evenings off. That worked out well for me as I was able to set up the schedule so that I closed every evening with a female companion: twice with each woman.

_ _ _ _ _

The season started off well and the beach had nice crowds. Well, nice crowds for a small mid-western town lake. A combination of Owen, Jerry, Jonas, or Jake opened up shop each morning; and I closed up with one of the ladies. During the busiest part of the day I would have six of us on duty, with one on break at any one time.

It was our first Friday and Kathleen and I had the last shift. There weren’t very many people on the beach so she came over to my station. Perhaps it was me, but I thought she was moving a bit more provocatively.

She smiled, “I’m not one to tell you how to run the beach, but would it be better if you and I were together at some central spot on the beach?”

“I think that’s a great suggestion.”

I climbed down and we moved to a spot where we could see the swimmers. As I followed her, I couldn’t help looking at her fine ass.

She stopped at spot that strategically covered the four people still in the water. “So, any plans this evening?”

“I was going to ask you the same thing.”

“I was thinking we could get something to eat, or maybe just hang out together.”

I decided to tease her a little. “So we would go hang out down town in the middle of town?”

Kathleen winked at me. “Actually, I was thinking hanging out here at the beach would be a little more private.”

That brought a smile to my lips. “Private is good.” I looked at my watch. “Just a couple of minutes to seven. Why don’t you get the equipment from your end of the beach?”

We walked back to our respective stations and collected our equipment. At seven, I blew my whistle and announced that the beach was closed. Kathleen and I met at our lifeguard shack.

The shack was a small, 25×20 foot cinder block building with no windows and a linoleum floor. It had a couch and two overstuffed chairs. There was also a bathroom with a toilet and a sink; plus a little kitchenette with a sink and a refrigerator.

I sat down in one of the chairs and Kathleen settled herself down onto my lap with her arms behind my neck. My cock immediately began to stiffen with that fine ass on top of it! I placed one hand on her thigh and the other on her bare back.

She joked, “Pay for this job is OK, but the benefits are great.”

I was a little naive and asked, “What benefits?”

“Getting to hang out with you.”

I smiled, “Oh, those benefits. Probably the only benefit for being head lifeguard is getting to write the schedule. I scheduled it so you and I get to close up shop two nights a week.”

“I wish it was more, but I’ll take two evenings with you.”

Kathleen leaned in and kissed me. “You have really nice lips.”

She kissed me again. Her soft lips sent a shiver down my spine. I felt her mouth open and I extended my tongue. Her smooth, warm tongue caused my heart to beat a bit faster. Kathleen brought her hand to my face and moaned. I placed my hand on her breasts and she responded with her tongue probing further into my mouth. My fingers moved gently over her erect nipple under the thin fabric. I felt goosebumps on her back. Kathleen arched her back and lifted her legs, pressing her ass into my rapidly hardening cock. This time her moan was more passionate.

Kathleen said, “I think I feel something nice and stiff under my butt. Why don’t we lie down on the couch?”

She got off of me and I had the idea that I wanted her on top of me.

For being 19, I thought I had a decent amount of experience with women. My first time was after senior prom. My girlfriend and I fooled around a bit the previous summer, but I didn’t learn a lot. When I went off to college I had a couple of dates during the fall, but once I came back for spring semester things changed. I started seeing a sophomore named Charlize and she taught me many things about a woman’s body. I sort of had a plan, but not a great one.

I lay down on the couch and Kathleen rubbed the bulge in my swim trunks. “Ooh, I like this.”

She lay down on top of me, positioning her crotch on top of my cock. She propped herself on her elbows and started kissing me again. I immediately placed my hands on her ass. She groaned into my mouth. Then I slipped my hands through the leg holes of her suit so that I held her silky skin. I cupped her butt cheeks and she responded by pressing harder against my mouth.

Kathleen broke the kiss. “Would you like to feel more of me?”

“What elvankent escort bayan do you think?”

Kathleen pushed herself up so that her weight was fully on my erection. Her erect nipples highlighted her red one-piece. “I feel something very nice on my muff.”

“I feel something very nice on my cock.” I placed my hands on her shoulders, “May I?”

“Yes, you may.”

I slid the shoulder straps down and exposed her breasts. Her fair, freckled skin had a nice tan line; her erect pink nipples standing proud against her white skin. I placed a hand on each mound and gently circled her areola. She looked at me with what can only be called lust. Kathleen bent forward and I took a nipple into my mouth. I gently sucked and then traced my tongue around her areola, then moved on to the other breast. I moved back and forth several times.

I spoke into her nipple, “I have an idea.”

“And what might that be.”

“I think we should remove this bathing suit and then you should sit on my face.”

“Patrick Sullivan, you are a man after my own heart!”

Kathleen stood at the side of the couch. She hooked her fingers into her suit, dropped it to the floor, and then stood proudly displaying her beautiful red bush.

I put my hand out to touch her pubes, “God Kathleen, you are beautiful.”

“Do you need something to prop up your head?”

“Good idea.”

She walked across the room, her ass swaying, and grabbed someone’s dirty sweatshirt. She put it under my head. Kathleen swung her leg over my head and nestled her pussy over my mouth.

She said, “I have never had anyone want to be in my muff like this.”

“I am happy to be the first!”

I placed a hand on each ass cheek and just breathed in her incredible scent. I had really enjoyed smelling Charlize, but Kathleen was even better. I extended my tongue and gently touched her labia. She groaned.

I said, “I’m not sure exactly what I’m doing so, let me know what you like.”

“Well, this is a great start.”

I ran my tongue the down length of her slit, getting my first sweet taste of Kathleen. I probed her vagina and received a groan. I moved to her clit. At the same time I raised my left hand to her breast and began fondling her.

Kathleen’s voice was breathy. “Oh, yeah. Nice. Nipple. Stay on nipple.”

I began focusing on her clit and she began moving her hips to increase the contact speed. I had a thought that perhaps I should tease her a bit and I slowed my pace.

She said, “No. Don’t slow.”

Her juices flowed over my face. I just kept my tongue moving, lapping up as much as possible. Her hips rhythmically ground her labia into my mouth. Kathleen leaned forward and placed her hands on the arm rest of the couch, her pubes pressing into my face, her pheromones driving me crazy. Another opportunity presented itself. I placed my finger at her opening and heard an approving groan. I slipped my finger in, probing and feeling the wonderland that is a woman’s vagina. Kathleen groaned again. Licking her clit I began moving my finger around inside her, and then I decided that if one was good, two would be better. With two digits moving around inside, I figured I was bound to hit something that set her off.


I asked, “Where?”

“Whatever you just did.”

I couldn’t tell what I had done so I started systematically moving my fingers around in her vagina.

When I reached the roof of her vagina, she said. “There. Right there. Keep touching me there!”

I felt this wrinkly area which I have since learned was her g-spot. I started rubbing her while continuing to lick her clit.

Kathleen’s pussy began to contract on my fingers, “Oh. Oooooh.” All I heard was panting as she tried to catch her breath.

She pressed her clit into my mouth, cutting off air to my nose. I wasn’t going to budge now that she was cumming. I kept licking her clit, rubbing that wrinkly spot, and tweaking her nipple. I heard Kathleen whimper and then she slid down, moving her clit away from my tongue so that her stomach was on my face. I still had my fingers buried in her vagina, so I kept working her vagina and nipple. Finally, she rolled off me and eased herself to the linoleum floor, lying on her back.

I rolled on my side to look at her splayed body. Her nipples were hard and I could see her pussy contracting. Her labia glistened with a combination of her juices and my saliva. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open, panting as if to catch her breath.

“Oh god Pat. What did you do to me?” She said laughing. She then sighed, “This floor is cold.” She continued lying there, “I’m not an expert, but I think you just made me cum.” At that moment I became a lifelong fan of cunnilingus. Eventually she sat up, looked at me, and sighed, “God that was great.” She gazed at my bulge, “After that I have to do something for you.”

“Only fair.”

Kathleen smiled lustfully, “Have you ever had a blow job?”

“Yes, I have.”

“Not as good as the one I’m going to give you. Lose those trunks!”

I returned to my back, lifted my butt, and pulled my swimsuit off. My cock was like a steel pipe.

Kathleen came over and took my shaft in her hand. She lightly petted the soft underside. “Your penis is calling my name, Mr. Sullivan.”

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