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Lovely And Seducing Hot Gf’s MomI live in Bhopal. This is the story of having sex with my gfs(her name is Nupur) mom and her name is Swati. Swati has very sexy figure even she is now around 43-44. I have seen her many times in saree and jeans. She looks red hot and her well maintained figure add her beauty. Her way of dancing in saree, pallu tucked inside petticoat and her moves, makes me just erect. Her touch when she hold my hands or put her hand on my hand is enough to excite me to erection.Nupur was my gf since almost 2 years. We have done sex many times in our relationship. Even we had done oral and everything. I always loved fucking her and she giving me oral. My dick inside her mouth and the way she carries my dick-looks like she is pro, but no i was the person who lost her virginity. It was so awesome we did first time and i was fucking softly then hard and more hard, even she slapped me in pain. Now i come to main story. I always used to go her house to meet her and have fun (not sex) but other type fun.After almost more than 1 year her mother (Swati) understood she was my gf, as the way she used to hug me, hold me and talk with me.One day i went to her house and Nupur was not there at home. Her mom Swati made me to come inside house and talked me. She asked is Nupur my gf, i had to say yes-the way we talked. But to my surprise she was not angry and said don’t tell Nupur that she knew about us. I agreed. She made me lunch there. Swati’s naughtiness started while serving me food. Even though I always to have sex with her but never thought ki it can happen ever. While serving food she give me rotis , made me eat food and putting her hand on my face and then when she sat with me to eat food -her one hand on my thigh-i was shocked but coudn’t say anything as she was Nupur’s mother. Also she kept her leg on mine. And then i finally understood-yep she is getting naughty. But as an innocent boy i didn’t reacted.After we eat food she told me that there would be no one at home till night. So we have whole time from now (1. 30 in afternoon). I said ok aunty. We chatted for 1 hour and that day she was in saree. Swati said canlı bahis Suresh please cut my nails of leg, my finger pains-i said ok. After i cut her nails she kept her leg on my thighs for sometimes making moments. I was already half erect. Swati did saw that.Swati-Sureah so tell me have you fucked my Nupur (she asked this way)Me- i was shocked, what is she asking-first i said noSwati- don’t tell lie, i know Nupur fucks you when she is with you in night-staying with uMe-aapko kaisa paata auntySwati- I know. The way u hug each other, she holds u down there sometimes- I have watched that many times in this house. Swati was tickling my dick to show me what Nupur held.Me-haan auntySwati-tok kitni baaar kiya hain??Me-bahut baarSwati- so fir woh tujhe ache se satisfy kar leti h?Me- haand aunty—-akhir beeti meri jo hai.Swati- kitna bada h tera. Again ticking with legsMe- kya aunty-Swati- jyada innocent naa ban- tera lund?Me- kabhi napa ni aunty. .Swati she smiled wickedly. Swati so let me measureMe-kaise aunty-Swati-kaise kya . Teri jeans khol kar aur fir tere lund ko measure karungi.Me aunty what you?Swati holed me tightly and said Suresh just fuck me. I want you from so longI was so hesitated. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Swati – don’t worry no one knows ever, it’s just between you and me. U can always fuck Nupur.I was shocked and surprised, so I was silent for moments. And Swati hand got my dick above jeans. The way she held she knew how to control men.Me- aunty but yeah galat hAnd Swati held dick more tightly and one hand on my waist. I could not utter word the way and firmly she held my dick. I was presses against wall and then Swati opened my jeans button and she within moments put her hand inside my underwear and made me erect within a minute. I was shocked how I got erect so easily, even she hasn’t kissed me yet till now. The way Swati held my balls and her finger on tip of dick made me erect so easily. I tell you only a pro women can do so with that much sexiness. Uske baad I kissed Swati madly. Her lips were so sweet and tasty, better than Nupur.Me and Swati kissing madly for 10-15 minutes. bahis siteleri She was kissing like she haven’t kissed her husband in decades. Out tongues rolling into each other, she licking my neck and face with her tongue. Then i put her in my arms and took her to bedroom. The doors closed, lights were of and only light was the dim light coming from window. I made her lie on bed and then i was on top. Within seconds she was on top. Swati was dominating me, I could just do what she say-i was loving this actually. She was feeling me as her body needed sex from decades. Finally she opening my shirt, tearing my inner baniyan with her hands-even hands did hurt me little. Swati was acting like all she need is good fuck. Swati made me nude within minute. She removed her saree herself. I was blessed; her boobs were so soft, me watching from blouse, while she kissed me here and there. Swati kissed me everywhere.Swati tied my hands very hard and legs little loose. She slowly moved down to my dick. Swati held my dick with one hand and moved to kiss my balls. And i was so hard the way she kissed. She licked and kissed all over there. And the great moment arrived -i felt my dick was fully inside her mouth (Nupur couldn’t take completely). The feeling when my tip of dick touched almost her throat- like i am heaven and wanted to fuck many times. As i have done sex many time with Nupur, I have better control now after 2 years. Swati licked for around 10 minutes. Uske baad after she opened my hands and legs, I was on her. Swati directly made me kiss per pussy by pulling up her petticoat above panty. Fir i removed her panty. She took panty from me and made me to take inside mouth . . . She forced for some time and kissed me while her panty was inside my mouth. I could not even breathe for seconds. But then after that Swati told me to lick her pussy and made her cum. I just hurriedly started kissing her pussy. Licking too. . But soon after 2- 3 minutes i realized that Swati is as easy as Nupur to make cum. Swati even wasn’t moaning. She was pressing and holding hands with her hands. Then i decided to lick her deeply and bahis şirketleri opened her pussy. And finally made her moan and breathe her heavy. My tongue playing with her little hairy pussy (yet it was so cleans and not foul smelling) and inserting to make her cum. She finally moan. . . . . . . . Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh Suresh . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Keep doing. . . Finally she splashed her cum on my face. Swati made me licked all her cum with cum and happily I did that.It was after that she said fucked me man. Give me the pleasure of you. The way and her sexy voice made me more excited to fuck her. And the best part is i can cum inside her. Her wetness made me to insert inside her completely in easy manner. I tell you she was not that women to satisfy, when I finally made her satisfies in one session i was all out of my energy. Anyway i was pumping and stroking inside her again and again. Swati moaning and we kissing again and again. . . . Swati got satisfied in around 40 mins and i have cummed 3 times inside her. That day we did sex for 2 hours and i slept beside her nude body for more than 1 hour and the best part was she was awake and she made me sleep like i am in some god of heaven. I woke up around 7. 30 and stayed there till 11 as no one was there.In evening we have some sessions of fun. I roamed nude in her home as she demanded. . . She giving me oral again and again. Then we had dinner in house quickly and from 9. 30 till 10. 30 we have sex final one in the kitchen. It was really great. In this session Swati taught me to find g spot of her and it was really deep and a little trick too find that. I then made her cum 2 times. Swati is so good, she always take cum inside her either from mouth or from her sexy pussy. Now we had almost 6 months of physical relation. I have fucked her in all positions and every place of her house. We also have sometimes quick oral. Swati would not wear sometimes panty, so i can make her wet quickly when she is doing some work at home and we alone. We have many times quick sex, as i used to go early to her place to pick Nupur for date and other fun. As Nupur would take time to dress up for or she is in bath when i go in morning-I and Swati had quick sex. We had sex mostly once a week now . . . And if we get chance we do more. I had many more stories with Swati and one more women having sex with them.

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