Loving The Glory Hole

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Loving The Glory HoleLoving The Glory HoleBy: Londebaaz ChohanThis was unbelievable. Joshua never wanted to be a priest, his parents never spoke to him about their interest in priesthood. He was only about a year away from graduating from his school, when he was taken out of his School and shipped to a Catholic School at least 100 miles away because his both parents had some kind of interest in that Catholic School. Now the poor boy not only had to live away from the family but in a very restrictive Hostel life where the monks and the junior church staff were always keeping an eyes on the young adult boys. It is so true, when they say, ‘Boys will be boys’. It was not even a month when Josh got shifted to this Catholic School, the whisper was heard everywhere about the new adult video store which opened its door for the public hardly half a mile away from the school. Josh being new, he was still not given the church duties over and above the class work, home projects and thus he squeezed in some time to attend the new video store during the early afternoon time which remained unbeknownst to anybody else.Now that, a few weeks had passed since his first attempt to check out the adult video store, and he had jerked off more than once every single night, since then; his anxiety was peaking. Partly because he had come of the age and the sexual hormones were rampant in his body making him extra horny and sexy all the time plus when he was there for the first time, he did not stay much longer to explore the store neither he bought or enjoyed anything from there except for looking at the dildos, plastic pussy dolls, various flesh lights and other such sexy crap to make him want to masturbate every time he thought of his trip. Now with the duties assigned, he could easily slip out without telling anyone or seeking permission from anyone because of being on his personal time and he was so wanting to go back. So before he knew, he was one day heading to the video store. It was slightly warm, little after the noon time when he reached the store. He walked in with little more confidence and buoyancy than the last time like he was a regular customer there. The bell hooked to the door sounded loud when he opened the entry door and a young college aged guy welcomed him inside. After paying the entry charges, Josh walked in confidently and began making his rounds with his eyes bulging and his cock about ready to explode in the jeans. He walked through the hundreds of sexy items on display on the walls, magazines and the books on the racks and also being aware of his surroundings and the other men inside, though there were few at that time. As he made his way through all the areas of the establishment, particularly those, he missed last time he was here. As his exploration ended, he noticed couple kartal escort of the dark halls in the back section with a large sign overhead to read ‘Arcade’. Of course, arcade was not new for Joshua and he thought like the arcades at the various malls, it must be an arena where people could go in to play adult games. Soon Josh was cursing himself for being so stupid. How could there be the games in the arcade but then he could not figure out, what it really would be there. He walked straight to the young college aged guy sitting in the ticket booth to ask the guy what the hell arcade was.Grinning at Josh, he answered that the arcade were the booths, that could be visited with the tokens that were on sale here at the box office to watch a selection of videos and Josh suddenly perked, “Oh yes, exactly as I thought” just like a pro. He bought a handful of tokens and walked back to check out the arcade. There were again very few guys in the arcade and almost each one of them looked at the young teen Josh as he entered. Not really sure, what to expect or look for, Josh walked around and finally selected a booth to enter in a flash. He turned back to lock the door behind him and saw a man almost at the door of his booth. This man looked to be a senior citizen and before there was any interaction, Josh had shut the door and latched it as well. The booth inside was very dark except for the little light near the slot, where the tokens were supposed to go. Having no experience, Josh put in all the tokens he had got and a movie started on the screen. Now he could look around. There was chair across from the screen to sit and enjoy the movie and a button to change the channel. He sat down and began flipping the channels until he found one to watch and jerk off to. Hardly a minute had gone by and he heard the door to the next booth slam shut and screen light came on. Josh looked in that direction, suddenly to discover a triangular hole of at least half a football size, cut out in the wall between the two booths. Fuck!! What the hell was this for? Josh did not want anyone to see him jerk off. He felt like a moron. Only if he had not put all his tokens, he could have got up and changed the booth but now he sat there calmly as his heart pounded and he decided to take a quick look to see into the next booth. Through the light, it was not difficult to see the same old man, who had tried to enter behind him. He was also looking through the hole and both saw each other eye to eye. Josh simply could not figure out and just sat there holding his breath. Thankfully, the guy did not bother or tried to talk with Josh. Feeling o k about the situation, Josh started to rub his coming to life cock through the jeans and watching the movie on screen of his booth. bostancı escort Suddenly, Josh thought, he saw the old man put his finger through the hole. Josh thought that he had only imagined that and paid no attention. He did not know the man and could not imagine him giving any signals to Josh and for what? As he was trying to clear his mind, he definitely saw it when the old man did it again. He simply could not understand what it meant and getting nervous was obvious. Just as Josh sat there rubbing his cock and not giving any signals back, the man kept on trying to get his attention. Josh did not make any move nor did he refuse any of the signals. This encouraged the old man and not the finger but the whole hand came through the triangular, half a football sized hole to buff Josh’s thigh.Josh was busy watching some hot ass girl with big boobs, getting drilled while the old man felt his thigh towards the crotch. Josh was about to explode!! Old man’s fingers touched his balls and soon cupped them large teen balls filled with the most precious elixir of life through the jeans. This was too much to endure and overwhelmed with lust, Josh unzipped his jeans and pulled the jeans letting his cock to spring out like a switch-blade. Almost ready, the old man grabbed the bouncing cock and did not start stroking Josh, like expected but simply pulled him towards the hole. It was not at all difficult for Josh to guess, what was next.He quickly got on his feet before the old man would break the cock off the boy’s body and it was guided through the hole to the next booth. Josh felt the warm, wet suction take him and his senses got all blurred and he turned his face cheek towards the wall. Every next second was like an orgasmic high for Josh, he was so hot. The amazing sucking by the new unknown partner was driving him crazy. Suddenly his knees were wobbling, his eye balls rolled into his head and Josh gripped the chair strongly. He shot his load, shot after shot; exhausted and almost passed out into the chair as the quickly limping cock came out of the man’s mouth but not before he sucked hard and Josh felt the pressure in his balls. The screen was still bright in Josh’s booth and if he did not held himself, he would surely pass out. Josh was completely oversexed and his eyes were closing again and again. He lost the time and could not figure out how long he sat there until there was a bit of commotion in the next booth. Banging, closing of the booth door brought Josh back to the world. His eyes opened and he felt the things were changed around him. He was looking at a hefty, healthy solid as steel cock sticking through the hole from the next booth. Seeing the feed being provided to him, the a****l instinct in Josh took him over and he maltepe escort fell to his knees in front of the Lord cock and wasted no time to start munching on it.In full and complete senses, Josh began mixing up the moves, working fast and slow, even used his hands. The old man in the next booth really had a horse sized cock and also moaned loud when Josh sucked him with intent. They were both getting into it and it was not long before Josh felt the old man swell much more and grow to new size; ready to return the favor of shooting his mature gay load in his mouth. The first shot was the surprise for Josh but the manly smell, the awesome smooth texture and the sweet salty taste was all enticing and not wanting to get the cum marking him all over, Josh took the cock deep in his mouth and let him shoot all till the last drop and the old man started to go soft in his mouth. After cleaning himself up a bit and dressing up after returning to his senses, Josh, for no reason wanted to leave soon as he could. He only tried to remember the quickest way out as he sat all ready to leave. Josh opened the door of his booth and was very upset to hear the door to the next booth open exactly at that time. Josh hesitated for a quick second, thinking that the old man shall try to engage him, talk with him, ask him to go with him to the stranger’s house but could not decide anything in a hurry. He came out but was shocked to see the same guy, he had seen at the front counter, who gave Josh the tokens and explained about the back booths.The old man perhaps had sucked Josh and left and during the time Josh was enjoying the jubilation after his shooting in the old man’s mouth and being dazed, the young college aged guy had come in instead and gave Josh his cock for sucking and draining his balls. There was no way for Josh to hide his surprise and whisper, “Oh, it was you”. The young man smiled, and gestured Josh to follow him as they both walked through the store and into the front box office of the store. The man introduced himself as Reilly and told Josh that it was not difficult for him to guess that Josh was a newbie and a total novice when he bought the tokens and that gave Reilly an idea to follow him.When Reilly came back in the arcade, he saw only two booths were engaged and within moments an old man came out of one of them and now it was not difficult to know that Josh was in the other booth and thus Reilly came in and really seeing Josh in the next booth turned him on to get his huge cock sucked by Josh. Reilly offered a tremendous deal to Josh, saying that on weekdays other than Thursday, he could come in around this time and Reilly would let him slip back to the booths area without the entry charges but Josh shall have to buy the tokens as a must.Josh made his way out to the store and then out of the store thinking that it was a great offer to satisfy his new found love for the glory holes and the pleasure available there. Although he was walking fast back to his school but in his devilish mind, he was making a plan for the next trip.The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan April 20, 2020.

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