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M & MMary lay, naked on the bed, her long legs spread wide, knees slightly bent and her hands gripping the edge of the mattress. Widowed at twenty eight with a five year old son, she had devoted her life to the boy and shunned any male contact. Ten years of self imposed celibacy as long as you don’t count her middle finger as sexual contact.Suddenly her womanly needs had surfaced and she knew she needed a man, not just to hold and be romantic with but a man who would take her, Gently when she needed it and roughly when she fancied it. Take her to bed and make love to her or sneak up on her and ravish her.Michael had turned out to be that man and she had never suspected it.Six month! Six short months she had found the man she had been so desperately in need of since her husband was killed. And since she’d found him they hadn’t stopped. Morning and evening and sometimes, during a lunch break, they would meet and she would return to work, hungry and smiling and tender when she sat on her chair.Now it was the weekend and Michael had woken early and fucked her. There was never any need for him to ask. She would feel him curl up behind her as she lay on her side, and feel the hard, probing cock as it eased between her buttocks and between her legs. She smiled as it seemed to find it’s own way to it’s goal and open her up. Eleven inches was a good size for this and she welcomed it inside her body.“No need to ask if you’re ready for this,” he whispered as he kissed her ear.“You could let a girl pretend she’s modest and persuade her,” she said, coquettishly.“Not when you’re this wet.”“It’s not all me. You put a lot in there in the early hours you know.”He laughed as his hands cupped her breasts and he began thrusting. She responded with backward thrusts and he gently bit her neck. She could feel his knob stretching her as it went in and out and the tingles it caused in her lower belly. She moaned slightly. She knew he wouldn’t cum until she was at the peak of her orgasm. He had a wonderful self control and when he did release, he flooded her.“Oh, God, Michael,” she moaned. “That is so good. So eskişehir escort fucking good!”“Glad my little whore likes it,” he whispered.“She loves it,” Mary said. “Your little fucking cum-slut whore loves it when her dirty fucking whore-master fucks her.Slowly he built her tension as he explained what he wanted to do with her and how he was going to use her anywhere and everywhere. She knew he meant it. They had fucked all over the town and countryside around the area. Nearly been caught a dozen times but had always managed to get away with it.And now she felt her orgasm rising.“Ohhh, Fuck, Michael!” she cried. “Ohhhh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard. I want your fucking cock all the way up my dripping cunt you dirty fucking bastard. Fuck me! Fuck me! Yes! Yes! YEEEEESSSSSSSSS!”“OOOOOOOOHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!” he cried and released a jet of hot spunk deep inside Mary’s throbbing cunt sending her further into the void of orgasm where she floated free and in ecstasy. Distantly she could feel his body jerking against her buttocks and he gripping her tightly around the waist but she was floating in space.Then, slowly, she returned. Her hand went down between her legs and felt his hard shaft there, still embedded inside her and wetness. Sticky wetness. She was leaking.Michael’s hand moved down to cover hers and his fingers explored between the puffy pussy lips.“Hmmm. I think that needs cleaning up,” he said. She turned her head slightly and smiled.“I know a man who has just the tongue for that.” she said. He grinned.“Yes Ma’am.”He turned her onto her back and positioned himself above her. His leg swung across her and slowly he lowered himself so that she could take his still large but softer cock into her mouth. His face went between her legs and she jumped slightly as his tongue tip stroked her clitoris. She grunted as his tongue stroked the length of her cunt and probed deep inside her. She could feel it lapping at their mixed juices and she closed her eyes. She was sucking him, feeling the softening prick slowly come back to full hardness as her tongue wrapped and worked it’s eskişehir escort bayan way around him. She could hear him moan. And swallowed him as deep into her throat as she could. When she’d first taken him in, she almost gagged on the length but now she could take it further and further down and swallow him whole. Her lips against the bare flesh of his shaven pubes. Her hands parted his buttocks and her fingers began to circle his anus and probe into him. She felt the sudden stiffening of his body as her forefinger entered him and grinned around his shaft. He moaned and wriggled slightly as she probed deeper. His tongue worked past her hole and found her own anus and circled it, His fingers stretched the tight little hole open and the tongue entered. Not deep but enough to bring an approving sigh from her.Michael moved his hips slowly and she relaxed her throat muscles. He was going to fuck her mouth and she wanted that spunk shot straight into her belly. She sucked deeper and he groaned as she penetrated his arsehole deeply with her finger. He was almost there and couldn’t speak because his head was gripped firmly between her thighs. She knew he would have difficulty breathing but she was cumming too and knew he could take it.And there it was. The flood of cum deep in her throat and she swallowed. It caused a sort of vacuum and he was pumping more and more into her eager mouth.And she climaxed! Hard and flooding on his face. It felt like gallons of her juice flooding out of her and he was lapping it and snatching breaths as and when he could.It was like an explosion when they parted and lay, panting and laughing.Michael turned and his face hovered over her.“You are such a filthy fucking whore!” he said. “Such a dirty fuck-bitch!”“Are you complaining?”“Oh no!” he said and kissed her full on the lips, the tongue which had ****d her cunt now ravished her mouth and she could taste her cum on it. He finally fell on her and she cuddled his sweating body.It was an age before either of them moved.“We must get up,” Mary said.“Do we have to?”“Yes, We do!” she said and placed escort eskişehir a soft kiss on his lips as she pushed him off her. “I have things to do, shopping to get.”“Oh, no! Please! Let’s just stay here a fuck all day long!”“We can’t. I can’t! I have things to do and I can’t do them if I can’t close my legs because it’s too sore.”He grinned.“You forget,” she wet on, swinging her legs off the bed. “I’m an old woman and you’re a…….”“You’re not old,” Michael said sharply. “Forty isn’t old!”“Thirty-nine, thank you!”“Sorry, Thirty-nine,” he acknowledged with a mock bow. “For the next eight days.”“Oh, how sharper than a serpent’s tooth……”“King Lear!” he said. “And you’re the wrong sex, mother dear.”Mary looked at him and smiled.“Michael,” she said and held out her hand to him. He took it. “You do know we shouldn’t be……….”“Mum!” he said, standing and pulling her to him. “Don’t. I know it would be frowned on but who cares? Who’s fucking business is it but ours?”“I know,” she said cuddling to him and feeling the tingle of their naked bodies against each other. “It’s just that……”“It’s nothing. You’re my mother and my lover and my love.”“More than that, darling. More than that!”“What more is there than that?”Mary looked up into his eyes. She was nervous and he could see it. Finally she spoke.“The mother of your c***d?”There was silence for a while before he spoke.“Mum!”“I know! I know! I’m stupid for not going on the pill and……”“You’re pregnant?”“Yes! But don’t worry. I won’t…….”“That’s fantastic!”“What?”“I’m going to be a Dad and have a brother or sister at the same time!”“Michael, I don’t know if you really understand…..”“Oh, I do, Mum! I do!” he said. “And one thing I also know.”“What?”“I know you should get back on that bed and let me make bloody sure of it.”He pushed her onto the bed and climbed on top of her, feeling her legs around him.“Michael!……”“Ssshhhh! Open wide darling, Daddy’s going to make sure his little fucking whore is really with c***d, preggers, up the spout!”“Oh, fuck!” she said as his rigid cock forced it’s way into her swollen pussy.“Fuck indeed.” he said looking down into her eyes. “I love you – Mummy!!”She smiled up at him before answering.“I love you too, my son, my husband – Daddy!”He grinned.“What now?” he said.“Now?” Mary thought for a moment before answering. “Fuck the housework, Fuck the shopping, just – FUCK ME!”“Yes mum!”

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