Massage 2

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Massage 2Will wakes up to find the bed next to him empty. He wonders if it really happened but know it did when he looked down at his cock and stomach. Both were covered in cum he got up and jumped in the shower. As he stood there he asked himself what he was thinking. Oh my god!! I could go to jail and my oldest is just three years younger than her. “Where did she learn to move like that? Fuck I am so stupid. I’m her dam god father, shit.” He washed up, stilling thinking about her tight little pussy wrapped around his cock. He jerked off real quick, rinsed himself off. He got out wrapped a towel around his waist. Head to his room to get dressed and stopped in his doorway.I was laying on his bed wearing my cuties bra and panty set (white lace and matching pushup bra). I had on knee high socks with my shortest skirt and my shirt was opened. I put on a little bit of makeup and my hair was in two ponytails. “Hey, Blue want to play?” I got off the bed and walk to him. Ran my hand down his chest and pulled his towel. “My mom is not coming home into late. She’s working a double today. I have time before I have to join my friends.” I bend forward and lick his tip. I take his tip into my mouth and suck it. I wrap both hands around his cock and stroke. I started to suck harder and stroke faster. His taste has my panties wet. I tried taking more of him in my mouth. He’s leaking pre-cum like crazy. I’m swallowing as much as I can. I had to stop or I’ll have a stomach full of pre-cum. I stand up and take off my shirt and skirt. I went to take my bra off but he stopped me. “I don’t think we should do this again Baby Girl. I could get you pregnant, plus I can get in a lot of trouble.” His cock was dripping wet. It looked so freaken hot. I wanted to suck it again.“I take birth control my period was weird so the doctor put me on it. So I can’t get pregnant I took it this morning after I got out the shower. Plus I will not tell I want to keep having orgasms like I did last night.” I ran my finger under his tip catching the pre-cum. I sucked it off my finger looking him in the eye as I did. “You know you want to.” I pulled the front cups of my bra down and pulled on my nipples. I took my arm up the straps, walk to him and rub his cock between my breasts. I pushed my breast together and rub them along his cock. He grabbed me and threw me on the bed. He pulled my panties off and buried his face in my pussy. He started licking, fingering and sucking my clit. I grabbed his head and pushed it more into my pussy. “Fuck me now. Let me feel you deep in me.”“I shouldn’t but I want you bad.” He grabbed my legs and pulled me to the end of the bed. Running his cock over my pussy, playing with me before he slams into me, I arch up off the bed.“Oh yes, harder, Blue, harder. Keep pounding my pussy. Make me cum Daddy. Make me your cream pie, Daddy.”He turns me over. “Get on your knees Baby Girl. I want to try something.” He walks to the dresser and takes something out the top drawer. “Stay still ok Baby Girl I don’t want to hurt you.” He pours so kind of liquid on my ass and his cock. He started pushing his finger in my ass real slow.“Oooww, that feels good.” He gets his middle finger all the way in my ass and works it in and out. He pours more of whatever he had in his hand and pushes it in. He then puts two fingers in my ass and works them in around.“OK Baby Girl I want you to hold still alright.” He grabs my ass, spreads my cheeks and starts pushing his cock head in my ass.“Hey what are you doing? You are way too big to get in there.” He pushed forward.“Let me just try please. If I can’t get it in I will stop. Ok, please.” His head was in. “Ok but if I say stop you will right?” He pushed in more.“Yes.” He had an inch in and pulled out a push in again, this time going deeper. “Mmm, keep going.” “You sure?” “Yes.” He pulls back again canlı kaçak iddaa and slams into my ass.“Fuck yeah! Do it again harder this time.” He could not believe it and fucked me harder.“Oh dam, this is even tighter than at beautiful pink pussy. Move forward and put a pillow under your stomach. I’m going fuck the shit out of you Baby Girl.” I did as he said “Lay down on the bed and keep that ass up for me.” He followed me down never pulling his cock out my ass. “I want you to hold on. I’m going to give you one hell of a ride.” He started moving slow and steady increased his pace. He was slam so hard in to me I could not believe I was not in pain. All I could feel was pure pleasure. I could feel every inch of him. My ass was like the perfect glove for his cock. I was cumming, so dam much, I felt it on my thighs. He pulled my hands above my head and held them with one of his. His other hand was on my ass holding one side open. “Raise your hips up and spread your legs more. Oh yeah. Dam I could just fuck this tight ass all day long.” He was just drilling me hard.“I’m Cumming. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Ahhhh!” I know I soaked the pillow just then. Two minutes I orgasm again, and again. I feel him get harder and longer.“Fuck! Fuck! I need to cum and I can’t. Dam your ass is so dam good.” He pulls out and slams it in my pussy and I can feel it in my throat. “Keep that ass high, I’m going to cum soon. Don’t move. Don’t move. Fuck yeah. Here it goes..aaahhhhhhhh. Dam! Shit.” He collapses down on me. He’s still pumping his cock in me. He lends a little to the side. Rubs my ass. “You took that like a pro Baby Girl.” He pulls out my pussy and sticks it back in my ass. He pulls me on my side, lifts my leg over his hip. “I can’t get enough of you.” He kisses my neck. He doesn’t go soft but not totally hard either. He starts the pace up again. “I want to see you squirt. Look in the mirror watch me fuck you.” I look and see his cock going in and out my ass. I see my woman’s body and it excites me.“Oh, Blue. I wish we could take a picture like this. I know we can’t but I wish.”“Spend the day in bed with me.” He keeps pumping into me.”I can’t I have a football game and we are going to the beach after.” “You can cancel just call and say something big come up.” He laughs turns on his back. “Spread your legs.” He lifts my legs and starts to pump more into my ass with long strokes.”I planned it last week and made sure everyone was coming yesterday.” He bites my neck and slips one hand down to my pussy.”Mmm, I have to go.” He started fingering my pussy.“You know you want this big dick in you, Baby Girl.” He was increasing his speed with his fingering and cock. I started to cum so much that it covered his thighs down to the top of knees, fingers, cock, balls and kept flowing out. I was cumming so hard no sound was coming from me. My body tightens and my back arches all I could do is moan. He keep up the pace until he was ready to cum. He pulled out and it shot all over my stomach, on my thighs and butt. “Dam maybe you should go. You will be the death of me if we keep this up.I just laid there on his chest not moving. “I need to take a shower and get dressed.” I look at the clock I have an hour before I have leave. “You want to take one with me? Just a shower nothing else.” I sit up and move off his body. I stand up and have to sit back on the side of the bed. “It appears I can’t stand up my legs are too weak. Hehe! You have fucked me until I can’t even stand on my own.” I try again and I can stand.I walk to the bathroom and turn on the hot water in the shower. I sit on the side of the tub letting the water warm. I stick my hand in the water and adjust it. I step in the shower and let the water ran over my body. I turn and let it ran down my back. I put my head under the water, lift my arm to push the water through my güvenilir casino hair. I feel hands on my breast I open my eyes and Will has gotten into the shower with me. I smile and continue to let the water ran over my head. “There like caramel apple, so firm and ripe. Just asking to be tasted.” He bends down and licks my nipples. Going from one to the other. “Don’t worry you will not miss your game. I will take you to the park.” He picked me up and slammed his cock deep in my pussy.“Oh cool I was going to ask. Dammmm, again I will not be able to play if you keep this up.” I grabbed his shoulders and held on. He put me against the wall and fucked me good and hard. We both cum quick and washed each other up. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me. ”I will be back up in a little bit. I have to put on my swimsuit and shorts. Plus I have to call my mom and let her know I’m leaving.” “Ok take your time I have to find my swim trunks. I’m going to stay, watch you play and join you at the beach.” He grabbed me and gave me a quick kiss. I headed downstairs throw towel on the bed and grabbed the sunblock off the dresser. Rubbed it into my skin and opened the top drawer. Grabbed my one piece but decided to wear the bikini Miguel’s mom brought me. It was blue/white and really cute, showed my breast off perfectly. She had got it for her daughter but she didn’t like it. Her lost my gain, this was the second time I put it on. I admired myself in the mirror for a minute and brushed my in to a ponytail. Put on shorts and shirt from the drawer, put on my gym shoes and put sandals in a bag. Put my wallet and keys in the bag too. I made sure all the windows were locked and lights were off. I headed back upstairs. Locked the back door, I went upstairs and stood in front of his door. “You ready to go Blue? Why are you still naked? I thought you were taking me to the park?” He was going through his drawers.“I can’t find my swim trunks. Have you seen them?” He looked at me and I was enjoying looking at his beautiful body.“You’re looking in the wrong place. There in your closet in the container on the bottom. Its labeled summer clothes, remember you only wanted your work clothes in the drawers. So hurry up and put on some clothes.” I lick my lips looking at him rubbing a hand over my nipples. “I’m going to grab your keys and wait in the car, before I jump you.” The last said under my breath.I’m sitting in the car listening to music. There’s a tip on my shoulder. I look over to see Miguel and Jose. “Hey what are you guys doing here? I’m going to meet you at the park you know. My god father is taking me and going to watch us play.”“We come to get you he figured you were going to walk. I told Jose we did not have to come but he never listens.” I laugh and roll my eyes.“I know but my told me to have him take me. That way she also knows I will not be out all night.” I shrugged and lend back in the seat. Will walked out the door just then and heads to the car.“Give me your keys so I can lock up. Oh the phone was ringing as I was about to leave. Your friend Lupe needs a ride her mom’s car would not start. We can pick her up on the way.” I hand him the keys from my bag and he goes lock the door.“Hey we’ll pick her up and meet you at the park.” Jose says with a big smile. He has the biggest crush on Lupe. She is 2 years older than us and a real beauty. Will get in the car and ask where Lupe lives. I tell him Jose and Miguel are going to go get her. That’s why they left. “Ok so how many of your friends are meeting you at the park?”“There will be 12 of us playing and 4 more are going to swim with us. So all together there will 15 of my friend if everybody shows. Thou it might be more because usually someone’s brother or sister tags along. So, let’s go before we’re late.” He pulls off and starts down the street. I reach into güvenilir casino my bag and pull out little pouch I always carry. I open it, take out a blunt and light it. “Hey, what the fuck? Put that shit out you trying to get me arrested.” I just look at him and keep taking hits off it. Smile and blow smoke at him. “I always smoke before a game. That’s why I always walk to the park. I can smoke a whole blunt by the time I get there. I stay on the side streets and be high as a kite. I would have already had one but I was real busy this morning.” I give him a devilish grin and ran my hand across his thigh. “Just go the back way to the park and don’t worry so much.” I take a big hit off the blunt, hold it for a minute. “You smoke all the time and now you want to say something.”“When did you start smoking weed, much less blunts?” He grabs it from me and takes a few hits. “Dam this is some good stuff Baby Girl.” He gives it back and plays with one of my breast. I take another hit, put it out and put it back in my pouch. I move over to his side and put my hand in his shorts. I look around to see how many cars are around us. Not see any close I pull his cock out and start sucking it. “Want you in me Blue. I’m going to climb in your lap. You can pretend you’re teaching me to drive a stick.” I pull me shorts down to the top of my thighs and slide it his lap. His cock is hard and sticking straight out. There is no problem getting him deep in me. I just slide right down on it with ease. “We’ll pull into the next alley and park behind a building. I want to ride this big cock hard.” We went passed a few before we pulled into one. It was perfect it was behind a boarded up apartment building. He turned the car off and put his seat all the way back.“Take off your shorts and turn facing me.” I do as he says. I take off my shorts and turn around in a flash. I bend forward and kiss him and start bouncing hard and fast on his cock. We are both moaning like crazy. He grabs my hips and slam into me as I slam down. I cum so hard, so fast its unbelievable. He grabbed my around the waist and managed to turn me over and started fucking me real hard and deep. He fucked me hard as he cum. The more he cum the hard he slammed into me. “I want you to stop taking your pills. I want to fill this tight little body with my baby.” He kept on slamming into me still hard. He pulled out of me, his cock dripping with both are juices. “Turn over I want that tight ass.” I do and he slams into my ass so hard. I scream but not in pain. He fucks me hard again and allI keep yellig was.“Fuck me, harder, harder, oh blue, Fuck me,” Over and over again. This lasted for a good twenty minutes before he busted a huge load of cum in my ass. He pumped every last drop deep in my ass. He collapse against my back and kissed my neck. “I need to get you to your game before they come looking for you.” He pulls out of me and he is still hard. He pulls his swim trunks back up. I turn and look at him and open my legs.“You need to take care of that first and its not going to go down if you don’t. Maybe you should not have smoked.” I giggle and take him back out his trunks. “Once more should do it and then we’ll go.” He sinks back into me and rides me real fast. He’s looking me right in the eye as he does. “I will stop taking my pills and give you a baby.” He cum at my words.“Dam what’s in that weed? I’m still hard as a fucking rock.”“Let’s finish that blunt and see if that will help.” I move out from under him and grab my shorts and bikini bottom. Put them on and grab my pouch light back up the blunt. We finish it and look down at his cock. It started to go down. “There’s a store about four blocks up. Let stop there real quick, I need something to drink.” We head to the store grabbed a few things. We arrived at the park and not everyone was there yet. Those of us who are there started a game. I played football over the next two hours. Tired and sweaty I grabbed something to drink from the cooler Lupe brought. Her mom really went all out on giving us food. We ate and headed for the beach…… to be continued

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