Massaging Your Mom, Part 2

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Massaging Your Mom, Part 2Josh paused at the bottom of the stairs and looked back. Shelly was laying on her side, under the cover, with her head propped up on her hand. She could have been a Renaissance Era painting. She looked voluptuous and beautiful. Her smile was impish and her cheeks were flush. The eye contact was minimal, however, because both understood just how far beyond the realm of acceptable they had gone. Shelly looked away and then rolled to her back. She spread the sheet over her torso and closed her eyes.Josh for a moment considered the alternative. Allow her to remain in “savasana”, another yoga pose when the body is at full rest, and let her get herself under control. Josh could take a cold shower and hope she never confronts him about taking advantage of her in a state of meditation.But that thought lasted about two steps up the stairs. Among the massage techniques he had learned from the holistic center was, of course, sensual massage. If she got that hot over a simple Amma massage, just imagine how she’d react to sensual massage.Shelly heard her son return to the table and kept her eyes closed. Her body was still trembling some from her mini orgasm, which now had her body in a state of hypersensitivity. Her pussy was swollen and wet. Her nipples were erect and tingling just from the touch of the soft sheet over her.She just wanted his hands on her for a little while longer, she told herself. There was no one around, no one to witness what had just happened. Josh took the initiative and, therefore, she felt confident in trusting he was as willing as she was in this experience.Josh lit a pheromone candle, switched the music to smooth, gentle jazz sounds and squeezed a large dollop of warming lotion into his palm. He then looked down over his mother, her eyes closed, her hair back and her cheeks flushed, and admired her natural beauty.He then peeled back the sheet to her waistline.Her breasts were large for her frame, which came as no surprise, of course. Josh had peeked on his mother several times as a younger boy, curious about a woman’s anatomy. Shelly stands 5’3″ tall and is just under 150 pounds. Her body is fleshy, but not fat. She has the curves of a grown woman who has bore c***dren, with sturdy thighs and a soft pouch around her belly. Her arms are thick and meaty. Her breasts, a 38DD, are heavy. She has wide, light pink areolas. The skin over her breasts have amazingly maintained well, with very little wrinkle (just in the cleavage and around her areolas). As she laid there on her back, her breasts fell to the sides against her arms. Her nipples canlı bahis were erect and areolas goosebumped.Josh found himself staring at the tits he used to dream about and masterbate to as a boy. Here she was, willingly letting him not only see them, but touch them.But he didn’t go right for them. No, that’s not how it’s done. He started with her neck and worked slowly, methodically, around her shoulders. His slow, firm movements occasionally shook her, which caused her breasts to jiggle. Josh would glance at them each time he would make a firm movement with her body. Shelly’s tits rippled like the ocean on a beach, ebbing and flowing back to her sides.Shelly laid still and quiet, feeling his hands run from her shoulders down her arms. She felt so exposed, her breasts bare and jiggling so much. She had an instinct to cross her arms and sit up, but there was something rhythmic about his movements. She forced herself, for the first time in her life, to let go and connect with the touch and the movement.Deep in her stomach, she could feel energy generating. It was turning the anxiety to arousal. Her pussy tingled as she mashed her thighs together tightly. Her breathing slowed and as she inhaled, the erotic scent of the candle made her state of arousal heighten. She had never been so horny in her entire life.And all she kept thinking to herself is, ‘When will he touch my breasts?’Josh’s hands grazed them a few times. They felt like they were headed that way a couple of other times. But each time he would stop just short of massaging her breasts and move back to another part. Her shoulders, her arms, her fingers then her stomach.Josh waited. He knew what was next.His fingers ran down each side of her obliques and met at the V of her hips, just under where the sheet was folded. He could feel the heat eminiating from under the sheet, knowing his mother was a spirit of erogenous fire. He was impressed at how still she kept herself throughout this technique.Just fondle my breasts! Shelly said to herself as Josh once again ran down her obliques to the inside of her hips. She let out a sigh as his fingers touched her muff. It stirred the first movement she made since she rolled to her back. Her shoulders curled inward and her arms folded across her breasts as if to hug herself. Her nipples poked out like tacks and she shuddered.Josh slid the sheet down further, exposing his mother’s dark muff. He left the sheet at her knees, but really he could have just slid it to the floor. Shelly was warm from the lotion and her body was tingling from his trained touch. As he ran one more bahis siteleri time down her obliques to her inner hips, she raised her pelvis off the table as if to meet his hands.Shelly’s muff was thick, black hair that she would trim only for her panty line. As a woman in her 50s, Shelly didn’t come from the era of trimming pubic areas, only the panty line. So hers was a thick thatch that hid her pussy, unless, of course, it was as engendered as hers was at the moment. Josh could see her pink clit swelling out of her lips and the hair matted wet around it. No candle he had was as strong as the scent coming from there, either.Josh felt his cock begin to stir again. He put more oil on his palm and worked around her hips. He ran his fingers from her pelvic bone down inside her hip and inner thigh. He flowed his movement several times around there and she would raise her hips to meet his touch each time.As he ran his fingers along her thigh, she opened her legs. The sheet fell off the table.Shelly was completely naked, exposed and ready to be taken, yet again, by her son. There was not a shred of anxiety left in her. She was completely lost in the experience.Josh moved to the end of the table, by his mother’s feet and slid his hands upward along the arches of each foot. The foot, he learned, has several trigger points that stimulate different senses in the body. One third of the way down, there is one that promotes arousal. As if Shelly needed any more stimulation.Josh lingered at these points and Shelly’s breathing intensified. She lifted her arms up over her head and ran her fingers through her hair. Josh looked upward, between his mother’s open thighs and gazed at her swollen pussy as he massaged her ankles. She was sighing and purring. She was ready.He tugged on her legs, pulling down down the table to him. She laid on her back, with her legs off the table. He took off his shirt and positioned himself between her thighs. Shelly laid with her eyes closed, awaiting his next move with anticipation.Then she felt his tongue. It ran gently along her slit. She moaned.Josh tenderly kissed his mother’s pussy, using his tongue like another set of hands in the massage. He poured more oil onto his palms as he kissed her pussy deeper. Shelly tensed up and moaned louder as her son continued essentially making out with her pussy.Then she felt something she had been anticipating with great anxiousness for several minutes. His large, firm hands, coated in that wonderfully warm, scented oil, had cupped her tender tits.Her body exploded.Ohhhhhh! she cried and sat up.She put her hands bahis şirketleri over his hands, massaging her breasts along with him. He continued to lick her clit and she felt herself losing control of her functions. As she started to feel another mini orgasm come on, she squirted into his mouth. She gasped at the sensation of the warm fluid shooting out of her pussy, which was something she had never felt before.Ohhhhh, Goddddddddd!She looked down at Josh’s surprised face, as he wiped some away from his cheek.”I’m so sorry,” she said breathlessly. “I don’t know what….ohhhh.”She never got to finish her apology. Josh rose up, pulled down his scrubs and slid his erect cock up inside his mother. It was the second time in the hour that he had penetrated her with his cock.Shelly held onto him and dropped her head back in ecstasy, feeling her son fill her hungry cunt yet again. Her inner muscles clamped down on his shaft and began to quiver.Josh moaned as he held himself deep inside her. Feeling her muscles jerking him off inside her pussy. He looked at her, head back and moaning softly, and began to kiss her neck. He then pushed upward so she was on her back again and dropped his face into her cleavage. He sucked her left breast, biting the nipple hard enough to make her squeal. She wrapped her legs around him and held her breasts to his face.He raised up and held her hips firmly and fucked his mother with all the energy he had left in his body. The table shook as he pumped her hard, her tits sloshed violently under her chin. Shelly’s moans grew louder until they were cries.Oh! OH! JOSH! OH! UH! OH! UH! OH! YEAH, UH, OH, UH, OH…Josh couldn’t contain himself either.Fuck, ungh, yeah…so…fuckin…hot…MOM….Shelly heard him say mom and something burst inside her.She let out a loud wail and lifted her legs around his neck. Her orgasm shook her entire body and Josh felt his cock sucked into her spasming pussy. He watched his mother lift her own breast to her mouth and suck it as she came. He pulled his cock out just as she squirted even more juice all over him and the table. Josh jerked himself off quickly and came onto her stomach. Their streams actually crossed twice, which he found to be an amazing and rare phenomenon. Shelly’s body finally began to relent and she laid exhausted on the table. She scooted herself up some and closed her eyes again. Josh fell over her, tenderly kissing her nipple.She stroked her sons hair as the two lay there in this massage room he built in her basement. The music still played softly, the candle still burned its scent. Their bodies stuck together by oil and sweat and cum.”Hopefully,” he then said, “you’re back issues are gone.”She looked up at the ceiling, feeling alive and fucked for the first time in her life, and smiled.”Hopefully,” she said, “not.”They both shared a laugh.

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