Me and my girlfriend go scuba diving

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Me and my girlfriend go scuba divingQuick background info for those who haven’t read any of my previous stories.I’m submissive by nature. My submissive side was always a secret until I started to experiment with my girlfriend of 3 years, Sue, which led her to becoming the dominant person in our day to day lives and later led her to cuckolding me.Now that the background info is out of the way we can start with the story._________________________________It’s a really long story about one crazy day!Last week Sue and I decided to go on a scuba diving trip to take advantage of the warm weather. We booked two spots on a charter boat for a full day/3 dive trip, and headed out the next morning.We were the first to arrive at the boat and the captain arrived soon after. We said hi and introduced ourselves, his name was Kevin, average looking guy in his early to mid 30’s.Me: did we arrive too early?Kevin: no why?Me: because we are the only ones here!Kevin: there should be two other divers, looks like they are running late! But don’t worry, if they don’t show up I will take you guys anyway.He helped us load our things and then he started getting the boat ready. After a 30 minute delay, the two other divers showed up. They loaded their things and got onboard and sat across from us. Kevin started the boat up and we were on our way.The trip to our first dive spot wasn’t too long, maybe about 20 minutes, Me and the other two divers started to get ready once we stopped.Kevin looked at Sue and noticed that she wasn’t getting ready.Kevin: Aren’t going to go with them?Sue: no I don’t dive! I never got around to getting my certification.Kevin: Well I have extra gear onboard if you would like to go snorkeling?Sue: Thanks, but I would rather stay on the boat and tan if that’s ok?Kevin: Ya that’s fine!Sue got up and took her beach dress off, which she wore over her bikini, grabbed a towel and walked to the front of the boat.We got in the water and it was way colder than I expected! I didn’t last long underwater, the water wasn’t clear so I decided that it wasn’t worth tolerating the water temperature! I got back to the surface, disappointed with my quick 20 minute dive.Kevin: You’re back early!Me: Ya the water is too cold for me!Kevin: Sorry to hear that! Hopefully it would get warmer later on in the day.I took off my gear and walked to the front and sat next to Sue. Sue was laying face down relaxing.Me: Having fun?Sue: ya… you?Me: well the water isn’t that great which is a bit of a disappointmentSue: Awww… Well you might as well relax with me thenI went to the back and grabbed a soda from the cooler, I noticed Kevin looking out the front window at Sue! He saw me and looked down and started doing stuff on the screens in front of him. I acted like I didn’t see anything and walked back to Sue.Me: It looks like you have an admirer!Sue: what do you mean?Me: I caught Kevin looking through the window at you!Sue: Oh yea? Well how about I give him a bit more to look at?Me: I think that would be hot!Sue stood up and called him and he walked over to us.Sue: What’s the dress code on the boat?Kevin: there is no dress code… Why?Sue: well I was wondering if it would be ok if I tan topless?Kevin: Uh ya that’s fine by me!Sue took off her bikini top, he took a quick peak before walking back inside. I glanced over at Kevin a couple of times and saw that he was still taking occasional peaks at her!Sue: is he still looking?Me: YupSue: Should I tease him a bit?Me: Sure!Sue reached to her bag and pulled out a bottle of sunblock, she put some on her legs and arms then stood up and started applying it to her chest while facing in his direction! He had a great view of her rubbing it on her breasts, she took her time and even squeezed her breasts a couple of times before laying back down.Me: That was hot! Sue: I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself since you didn’t get to dive.Me: Oh this is definitely making up for it!Sue: Yea? Well then I should tease him more to make sure you have a great trip! She got up and walked to the back over to Kevin, I followed her. She stood in front of him and started asking him questions like how he likes being a captain or what this or that screen does?I sat on a chair next to them and watched as he answered her questions, sneaking peaks at her breasts. I was so turned on! Suddenly Sue pointed out that he was staring!Sue: Are you enjoying the View? Kevin: huh? Oh no I’m sorry I didn’t mean to look!She laughedSue: I’m just k**ding! It’s ok you can look I don’t mindKevin: No I honestly didn’t mean to!Sue: Seriously, calm down! If I had a problem with people looking at my boobs then I wouldn’t be topless! He didn’t reply and slowly looked down until he was staring at her breasts! He stared for about half a minute, Sue stood quietly and let him stare. He suddenly looked away and started to walk away. He said sorry as he walked past me then he started setting up a small table with water, sodas, and some food to make a sandwich.Kevin: feel free to make yourselves a sandwich if you are hungryMe: it’s a bit early for lunchKevin: it’s not lunch, just some snacksHe walked around the boat doing busy work to avoid us and soon enough the other two guys resurfaced and came on board. They seemed surprised when they saw canlı bahis Sue topless but they focused on their gear and acted cool about it.Sue: Wow he got really nervous!Me: I know! But it really turned me on seeing him stare like that!Sue: Yea? Well maybe you will get to see more! The two guys grabbed some water and sat down, I made myself a sandwich then Kevin put everything back in the cooler before starting the boat and we headed to our next diving spot.On the way to the second location, Sue sat next to the other guys and introduced her self. She made small talk with them the whole way over, one of them was named Matt and the other was Chris. They chatted with her and occasionally snuck a peak at her naked breasts.We arrived at the second spot and they got up and started getting ready.Kevin: are you going to try again?Me: nah I just ate so I think I’m gona sit this one out.Sue got up and walked to the front again. On her way she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek then whispered in my ear.Sue: Round two! Let’s see if things get more interesting! Me: I hope they do!The guys got in the water, I got up to catch up with Sue. Kevin caught up with me as I walked towards Sue.Kevin: listen, I’m sorry about earlier! I didn’t mean any offense!Me: No you’re fine don’t apologize! You saw a topless girl in front of you and you suck a peak, no one can blame you for that!Sue got up and walked over to us.Sue: what are you guys talking about?Me: Nothing, Kevin was just apologizing again.Sue: You’re still on that topic? You know what, follow me!She winked at me and walked into the cabin, Kevin and I followed.Sue: where’s your phone?Kevin: why?Sue: just let me see your phone for a second so that we can settle this!Kevin pointed to where his phone was, Sue picked it up and opened it then took a bunch of pictures of herself! She handed the phone to Kevin he looked through the pictures with a surprised look on his face. Sue smiled at me then grabbed the phone and handed it to me. She guided Kevin to the chair, sat him down, and sat in his lap.Sue: babe take a couple of pictures of us together!I took 3 or photos while she posed in his lap then handed her the phone.Sue: wait wait, one more!She stood up and parted his legs, she stood between them and sat back down resting her back against his chest! She grabbed his hands and placed on her breasts. She smiled while biting her lip and I took a few pictures. The pictures were so hot, I even asked Kevin to send them to me later!I handed the phone to Sue, she started looking through them with him taking her time still sitting in his lap! She suddenly got off him.Sue: what’s that?She reached to his crotch and grabbed his dick! His erection was very obvious in his swim shorts!He moved her hand away with a shy smile.Sue laughed and walked to the front again. She laid down and I sat next to her, I can see Kevin through the window going through the photos.Me: he’s too shy! I guess things might not go further.Sue: I can act a bit more forward if you want it to go further. Would you like it to go further?Me: Hell yea!Sue: yea? How far do you want things to go? Would you like to see him fuck me?Me: Oh my god! That would be so fucking hot!We walked back in, Kevin saw us and smiled, Sue stood in front of him and leaned forward to look at the pictures with him. I sat across from them.Sue: So are the pictures to your satisfaction? No more apologizing?Kevin: they are great!Sue: They better be after your reaction when we took them!She slid her hand up the leg of his shorts. She grabbed his cock, he took a bit longer to react but he pushed her hand away again. She laughed.Sue: you’re still hard!She reached to his dick again and rubbed it through his shorts. He didn’t stop her this time! They made eye contact for a bit while she continued to rub his cock.It was so hot watching my girlfriend work so hard to seduce another guy in front of me especially since it’s been a while since she cuckolded me!She grabbed his waist band and lowered his shorts. He was an average looking guy, but he was defiantly above average when it came to size! His cock was about 11 inches and too thick for Sue to wrap her hand around it!Kevin looked at me and saw me watching, Sue looked back at me and smiled then looked back at him.Sue: don’t worry about him!Kevin: Really Sue: come over here babe sit over here.I got up and sat next to Kevin Sue: Are you ok with this?Me: Ya I’m fine!Sue: really? Look at his cock, he’s way bigger than you! Are you ok with your girlfriend touching another guys cock?Me: I have no problem with itKevin: I don’t want things to get out of hand!Sue: out of hand how?She got down on her knees and took his cock in her mouth! Her lips were stretched around his insanely thick cock! She sucked him for only a little then stopped.Sue: is this what you mean by out of hand? Kevin: Ya something like thatSue: what about now sweetie? Are you still ok with this? She didn’t wait for my reply and just got back to sucking his cock. He finally relaxed and sat back enjoying the blowjob. Sue moaned as she took as much of his cock in her mouth as she possibly can! She reached down between her legs and started to play with herself.She stopped and stood up.Kevin: really? Why would you start if you were güvenilir bahis going to stop half way through?Sue: haha… It looks like you were enjoying it huh? Kevin: absolutely!She turned around and sat on his lap moving back and forward against his cock. He reached around and grabbed her breasts as her started to kiss her neck which made her moan.Sue: This isn’t bothering you babe?Me: not at allSue: You are enjoying this aren’t you?I didn’t replySue: admit it! You liked seeing me suck his big dick didn’t you?Me: I really did! I don’t know why you stopped!Sue got up and walked out to the front. I followed her and I called Kevin to come with us.Sue took off her bikini so that she was now completely naked.Sue: I’ve always wanted to fool around on a boat out in the open! Is that ok with you?Kevin: ya sure.She got on her knees and slowly started to suck his cock and lick her way all down the shaft. He held the back of her head as she licked his balls. Sue: How am I doing?Kevin: amazing!Sue: Ya? You hear that babe? Your girlfriend is gives other guys amazing blowjobs!She stood up and pulled his face towards hers… They started to kiss as she kept stroking his cock. He carried her and her legs wrapped around his waist. He slowly lowered himself carrying her all the way to the floor until she was laying on her back with him on top of her between her legs.Sue: I thought all you wanted was a blowjob!Kevin: I thought this would be ok! Should I stop?Sue: Mmmm of course not! I want to feel that big cock stretch my pussy!She reached between her legs and held his cock to guide it in. She looked at me biting her lip as he slowly slid inside her. Sue: Oh babe he’s so much bigger than you! Kevin: should I slow down?Sue: No! Don’t He kept going until he was all the way in. He slowly slid in and out as she moaned and kept telling how big he is and how good he feels inside her! Sue: You feel so good inside me! Me: Hes not too big for you?Sue: he’s huge but I love it!Kevin: I’m not hurting you am I?Sue: no I want it harder! Shove it in!He picked up his pace a little bit and she just moaned and begged for more! He got off her and flipped her around then pulled her ass up till she was in doggie position. He started to violently fuck her from behind.Sue: yes that’s it!Kevin: You like it rough don’t you? Sue: oh yesss! Your dick feels so good inside me! Fuck me hard Kevin! Kevin: I’m getting close!Sue: cum inside! Cum in my pussy! He shoved his cock all the way in and started to fill her with cum as she pushed back against him keeping his entire cock buried inside her! He pulled out once he was done and his cum started to drip from her pussy. He stood up and she turned around on her knees and sucked and licked all the cum off his dick.He walked away and got dressed and Sue went to the restroom to wash up. I sat next to Kevin in the cabin waiting for her.Kevin: it’s been almost an hour. The others should be coming back soon.Me: oh man I forgot about themKevin: haha well we were a bit busy!Sue came out and made us all sandwiches. She put her bikini bottom back on and the others were back after a short wait.We helped them get back on board. Matt caught a grouper while spear fishing and he started gutting and cleaning it as soon as he got onboard. Sue hung out with the guys as Kevin took us back to shore. I was still so horny! I had to go to the restroom to rub one out. Once we got to shore, we exchanged info with Kevin and as we were about to leave, Matt and Chris invited over to their place to share the grouper with them for dinner. It was obvious that the invitation was mainly for Sue since I hardly interacted with them, but I went anyway!We got to their house and Sue asked to use their bathroom to take a quick shower and they pointed her to it.We went out to the backyard where Chris started to prep the grill for the fish, Sue caught up with us outside.Once Sue sat out with us, I texted her.Me: Do you have anything interesting planned for them tonight?Sue: no why?Me: well they only invited us because u were walking around topless all day! Sue: do you want me to do anything?Me: I would love it!Sue: Ill try but I’m not making any promises!The night went on pretty Uneventful, we talked and got to know each other then ate. They offered us drinks after dinner and we accepted. Chris was the one who started moving things in the right direction.Chris: so how did the tanning go? Sue: what do you mean?Chris: well it was pretty sunny, I hope you didn’t get sunburn or anything?Sue: no not at all!Me: well did you get any color? let’s see!Sue looked at me and smiled, she was starting her third drink so I know she would be getting in the mood for another round! She stood up and took off her beach dress and gave us a spin. She sat down without putting her dress back on! After talking a bit more Matt got us back on trackMatt: I’m sorry if I’m being too personal! But do you usually tan topless?Sue: whenever I can. Why? Did I bother you guys today by being topless?Matt: no of course not! Sue: I just do it to get a uniform tanMatt: and did you?Sue laughedSue: maybe… Why? Do you want to see?Matt: I wouldn’t object to it!She laughed againSue: don’t play games! If you want me to take my top off then just say so! Its not like güvenilir bahis siteleri you guys didn’t see me topless already!She reached behind and undid her bikini top and took it off! They both stared then they tried to act cool and change the conversation. Sue stayed topless and after a few minutes of chatting, I got a text from her.Sue: this is silly! We already know where this is going lets get passed the small talk and to the point!Me: Sure! Go ahead!She turned to Matt and asked him.Sue: so Matt, you never told me. Is the tan good all around?Matt: ya you look great!Sue: so I look good topless after my tan?Matt: I don’t think you would look bad without a tan either!Sue: really? Is that your way of saying I have nice boobs?Matt: well you do!Sue: thank you! What about you Chris? What do you think?Chris: both the tan and the boobs look great!Sue: aww you guys are sweet!She got up and gave each one a hug, then she laughed.Sue: I’m sorry! I forgot I was topless when I hugged u, I didn’t mean to put my boobs in your faces!Chris: I didn’t mind at allSue: really?She leaned down and pulled his face between her breasts again and laughed then did the same to Matt. Matt got bold and reached up and touched it. Sue just giggled and walked in to the living room leaving her clothes outside. I followed her.Sue: go sit on the couch. Lets get straight to the point with them. Me: sure! How?Sue: I don’t care do whatever!I sat on the couch, she called them inside. They sat on the couch across from me. Sue went to the kitchen and got herself a drink, as she walked back, and sat next to me. I decided to act. I pulled her across my lap and slapped her ass hard! I could tell that she was genuinely shocked because I’m always submissive to her!Me: Matt, how did you like her breasts?Matt: they were niceMe: Chris, do you want to feel them too?Chris: huh?Me: no need to be shy! My girlfriend has been acting like a slut all day! I say we treat her like one!I looked down at Sue and she was looking up at me smiling, I could tell she was turned on by being submissive to me for once. I got up and walked her over to Chris. Me: go ahead, your friend got a feel now its ur turn!He reluctantly reached out and touched them, when he saw that I was serious he got into it. I pointed to Matt to come closer and he sat right next to Chris. I pointed at sues ass. Matt got the point and he moved his hand up her leg and grabbed her ass. They both felt her up for a bit then I made her stand back up. Me: What do you guys say? Should we go further?Matt: I don’t know it’s up to you!Me: well let’s ask my girlfriend! What do you think Sue? Would you like to go further?Before she could answer, I slid my hand in her panties and rubbed her pussy, sure enough, she was soaking wet! I pulled my hand out with her juices on it and showed them.Me: I guess we have our answer!I pulled her panties to the ground then pushed her to her knees.I placed her hands on their crotches and she started rubbing them. I got down next to her and reached between her legs from behind and started sliding my finger in and out of her pussy. She moaned and kept rubbing their cocks through their pants.Me: who wants his dick sucked?Matt unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. Sue got straight to work! So Chris immediately pulled his cock out as well. Sue alternated between both cocks sucking one and stroking the other!Me: she’s good at it isn’t she?Chris: she’s unbelievable!I stood and watched her suck both their cocks for a good 10 minutes. I pulled her to her feet in front of them. Me: did you like sucking two dicks at once?Sue: I loved it!Me: good because now they r gona fuck you! Who wants to go first?Chris jumped up! Sue turned around and got on her hands and knees. Chris got behind her and started fucking her! I sat next to Matt as he watched my girlfriend getting pounded by his friend. Sue looked back at us.Sue: do you like this? Do you like watching me humiliated like this?Me: I love it! You do too!Sue moaned as Chris fucked her silly! He suddenly pulled out and came on the floor.Sue immediately got up and straddled Matt. She lowered herself on to her third strangers cock of the day! I moved closer and pulled her by her hair lowering her head. I pulled my cock out and she started sucking my cock while she rode Matts cock.The whole situation was driving me nuts! I came after a few minutes and filled her mouth with cum. She swallowed it and continued to ride Matt till he started to cum. She lowered herself on his cock taking his cum in her pussy. Once they were done, Sue wanted to leave right away! She put on her bikini and we left.Once we got home I laid down on the couch. Sue surprised me by pulling off her bikini bottom and straddling my face!Sue: that was so hot the way you acted today! But I need to remind you who’s in charge! Lick my pussy!I started to lick and I tasted cum! Matts cum was still in her and now she’s forcing me to eat her creampie! Sue: yeah that’s it! You treated me like a slut today, now you have to lick all of the cum out of this sluts pussy!I licked till she was clean, she got up and went to the bedroom then came back with a strap on! I rolled over and she applied the lube, then she started to fuck me rough in doggy position! She fucked my ass hard for a good 20 minutes before she reached around and started to stroke my cock. I came almost instantly!Sue: this was a crazy day wasn’t it?She kissed me on the cheek and went and took a shower. I passed out in my place on the couch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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