Michelle school days

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Michelle school daysMichelle was a sweet little 16 year old being brought up by her step dad after her mother left them 10 years previously, her education was very strict going to an all girl catholic school, there were 2 male teachers at the school, Matt and Chaz. Chaz was head of history and Matt was head of sport and fitness. Matt was well fit and very good looking he was dating the Maths teacher Tracey a very nice person and well liked by all the girls, Matt was drool factor 10, all muscles and a real tight ass that all the girls wanted to handle, also he wore track suit bottoms that left nothing to the imagination the girls where always staring at the huge bulge that wobbled around when he run. One day Michelle was in the changing room getting into her sport wear.Michelle was a bit of a fitness freak always trying to keep fit and had special permission to use the gym whenever she wanted. She started her usual fitness routine jogging round the outside of the sports hall concentrating on her work out she had not noticed Matt watching her, “keep going” as Michelle stopped and looked across seeing Matt. “Hi” as she jogged across “you’re looking good Michelle you already for the school championships” “yep need to work on a few things but that won’t take too long” “do you mind if I run with you” “no not at all” as they both jogged on.Michelle dropped back a few steps to get a good look at his tight bum Michelle licked her lips (Mmmmmm) she was thinking what she could do with that ass “come on keep up stop looking at my bum your too young to be thinking of that” Michelle blushed as she felt herself go bright red her body tingled at being caught “sorry but you have a nice bum” Matt laughed “Michelle your making me blush now” smiling he stopped and started to stretch and loosen up.“Do you honestly think I have a nice bum” Michelle blushed nodding her head “yer coz I do, so does all the girls in the school think ur ass is well sexy” Matt blushed “Oh I better watch myself or your be pinching it next”; laughing loudly Michelle spurted out “we think your cock is huge” Matt stopped stunned “what did you say” Michelle said “we think you have a huge cock” Matt smiled “well I suppose you young girls must think of that sort of thing” “well have you” Michelle said “well I think it is a nice size but other people may think it small and others think it big”.“Hmmmmmm well I could be the judge of that Matt” “no Michelle that would be all wrong” “well who would know I’m not going to say anything am I” Michelle could feel her nipples getting hard and her pussy getting wet at the thought she may find out how big Matt’s cock is and could get to touch it. Matt looked at her boobs as her nipples started to show through her top Michelle had a far size pair of tits and nice big nipples, “well I have to say Michelle you’re not making it easy to say no are you, come on then let’s go somewhere that we are sure not to be caught”. We went into the sports masters office and locked the door, Matt came up to Michelle and kissed her gently “now are you sure you want to do this” Michelle nodded as Matt stood back and dropped his trousers and then his shorts Michelle gasped at the site Matt’s cock hung down a huge head on a very long semi hard shaft “OMG that is massive” walking over and touching it Matt’s cock jumped up getting harder with Michelle’s soft touch. Matt reached out and touched Michelle’s tits making her nipples harder as she groaned; Michelle wrapped her fingers around his cock and rubbed it slowly.Michelle knew what to do having wanked a few guys off from the nearby school for a laugh but Matt’s cock was huge very rigid Michelle’s fingers only just wrapped around the shaft, Matt slowly undone her top to reveal a real sexy bra, her nipples where rock hard and she could feel her pussy was wet, Matt took his top off Michelle gasped again at how ripped he was he was so fit “god I’m so horny” Michelle said. Michelle stood back and undone her bra, her top and bra fell on the floor, her tits were nice and firm as she watched Matt rub his cock slowly.Michelle reached round undoing her skirt letting that drop to the floor Matt smiled “nice panties” Matt said “thanks do you want to take them off” as Matt moved forward pulling her panties down to reveal a nicely trimmed pussy, he pulled then past her knees as they dropped to the floor, turning her round and bending her over Matt grabbed his cock guiding it into her young slit. As his cock head pushed her lips apart Michelle groaned gently pushing deeper in, Michelle moaned with pleasure “oh god fuck me Matt my pussy needs your cock I am so wet.Matt pulled his cock out slightly looking down he could see his shaft shine with Michelle’s juices, Matt moved a bit faster as Michelle groaned her tits moved with the force of Matt’s thrust. Michelle reached back feeling Matt’s cock slide in and out of her young slit rubbing her clit she cum making herself wetter “I suppose you’re a good catholic girl Michelle” “look who’s talking who’s got his cock in a good catholic girl making her cum” as Matt pushed his cock fully deep into Michelle. Matt pulled out and lay Michelle down on the desk kneeling in between her legs he started to lick her slit that was slightly open she cried out with pleasure, never having it done to her before it felt weird, “Mmmmmm pussy juices so sweet” she heard “lick me more make me wetter”. Michelle begged for more and more as Matt stood up Michelle’s pussy was slightly open as Matt guided his cock into her.Matt moved back and forth as Michelle sighed with pleaser Matt grabbed her legs making sure his cock slipped right in “Oh god that is massive” Michelle yelped as Matt started to fuck her harder and harder “oh yes yes yes I’m Cumming arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” as Michelle arched her back , she shook as her hips bucked with a massive orgasm, Matt pulled out wanking his cock hard before Cumming over Michelle’s stomach and pussy hair “oh yes what a fuck” as Michelle sat up looking at Matt, “you know Michelle this can never happen again as much as I would like too” “what if I brought a few of the girls in as well would that tempt you into fucking us 5 young girls wanting to suck your cock and you fucking all 5 one each day whilst the other 4 watched” “no you know that cannot happen” as Michelle reached for Matt’s cock holding it gently “are you sure I can’t temp you” rubbing his cock Matt gave in.They both got dressed and Michelle left with a smug grin on her face, Michelle was busting to tell her mates Matt had a huge cock but knew it would get him in serious trouble, her lesson was with Tracey Matt’s partner, she sat in the classroom her pussy throbbing like hell real tender but she smiled with the memory of what she had got from Matt. Carole Michelle’s best mate asked why she was smiling but Michelle said she was just happy so Carole left it. That evening on the way home Carole kept asking why Michelle was smiling, Michelle was bursting to say something and couldn’t hold back any longer “you can’t say nothing in what I’m going to tell you promise me Carole” “ok I promise” “well this morning I was in the gym and Matt came in” “no way you mean he had you” Michelle nodded her head smiling “well tell me all” as Michelle explained all as they walked home in great detail she explained Matt’s cock was huge thick and very long “did he cum in you” “no on my belly and pussy” “Oh my god are you going to do him again” “yer I convinced him to have 5 of us”.The following day Michelle was in the gym again working on her weaknesses when Matt walked in, Michelle’s heart jumped a beat, “fancy some help” “yer why not how would you like to help” Michelle hoping he would suggest a good fucking on the crash mat’s “don’t tempt me young lady” laughing away like mad. “I’ll spot you on the weights” “ok” as she lay on the bench Matt stood above her looking down, “Mmmmmmmm what a view” Michele said “will you stop that” Matt blushed as Michelle licked her lips, “can’t help it I loved your big cock” as Michelle did her weights all she did was smile at Matt, after a good while Michelle stopped an started to jog, Matt joined her as they chatted, Michelle was dying to get Matt’s cock out again as was pondering on how to do this.Michelle stopped pretending she had a stitch, Matt rushed back to see if she was fine as Matt approached Michelle grabbed Matt kissing him passionately, her hand went down his trousers grabbing his cock that had gone slightly firm, she was rubbing Matt’s cock as he responded to her kisses. They fell on the matt as Matt started to rub her tits making her nipples hard, Michelle pulled Matt’s cock out bending down she started to suck the huge head “Mmmmmmm” as Matt’s cock disappeared into her mouth, Matt’s back arched bahis şirketleri with pleasure.Michelle lifted her head and pulled her top over her head and undone her bra letting her tits fall free, standing up she removed her shorts and panties, Matt feasted his eyes on this naked beauty who had shaved her pussy, Matt’s cock was rigid as he slipped his trousers and boxers off, sitting up he pulled his top off as well, holding out his hand he pulled Michelle down as they kissed passionately, Matt felt in between Michelle’s legs as Matt’s fingers slipped into her pussy rubbing her clit, Michelle whimpered as Matt brought her to a orgasm.“Fuck me like you did before Matt” this time he didn’t hesitate as he rolled in between her legs slipping his cock deep into her making her moan, Matt’s balls started to slap Michelle’s ass as her tit’s moved up and down Michelle moaned and groaned as she got louder and louder, Matt’s cock was sliding in and out with ease as Michelle was dripping wet, Matt sucked hungrily on Michelle’s nipples as she held his head “that’s it babe suck my nipples make me cum” as Matt flicked his tongue on her very hard sensitive nipples Michelle cum again.Matt pulled out burying his head in between her legs licking her pussy “OH GOD LICK MY CLIT FINGER MY PUSSY” Michelle shouted as Matt pushed 2 fingers deep into her pussy massaging her G spot, Michelle screamed with pleasure begging Matt not to stop as her pussy muscles gripped his fingers, Matt rubbed her spot making Michelle arch her back he pulled his fingers out as Michelle squirted screaming like mad Matt rubbed her clit vigoursly making her squirt more like a fountain, Michelle couldn’t stop Cumming as she bucked her hips like a out of control hose pipe, her orgasm was that intense she passed out coming too moments later.“Omg what the hell was that” breathing heavy “my pussy is throbbing” as Matt pushed her back getting in between her legs slamming his huge cock in and fucked her hard, Michelle couldn’t resist as she begged for more and more Matt shook as Michelle locked her legs around his waist “I’m Cumming I can’t cum in you” “yes you can I want you to shoot your load in me” it was too late as Matt exploded his huge load into Michelle’s pussy, his hips bucked as his cum pumped from his rod.Michelle unwrapped her legs as Matt rolled to one side fuming mad he said “why did you do that you’re not on the frigging pill and I didn’t have a rubber you could get pregnant” “I thought you wanted to cum in me Matt and the chances are, I won’t get pregnant I’m due in a few days”. As matt got up dressing Michelle was unable to put her knickers on as her pussy was still puffed up and to sensitive she went and had a shower getting into her uniform before leaving all sad.On the way home Michelle told Carole what had happened “omg he made you squirt” Carole said “I couldn’t put my knickers on my pussy is still swollen, “can I see” Carole said as they reached Michelle’s house they went in and up to Michelle’s room. Michelle and Carole had seen each other naked many times having a bit of fun on the way, Michelle lay on the bed opening her legs “omg that is puffed up you are still wet as Carole dragged her finger over Michelle’s slit and sucking her finger “Mmmmmmmm nice” as Carole lowered her head licking Michelle’s pussy, Michelle gasped “what you doing Carole omg that feels awesome” “don’t worry I have always wanted to try this” as she licked Michelle’s clit making Michelle moan.Carole got up and stripped naked Michelle had not seen Carole naked in a while her tits where a great size huge thick nipples, her belly button was pierced and had a totally shaved pussy, “sleep with me Michelle” as Michelle stood up stripping as well they got into bed, and started to kiss and touch each other Michelle making Carole whimper as she cum, Carole sucked Michelle’s nipples as Michelle’s door opened and in walked her dad “what the hell is going on here” looking at both girls in bed, Michelle looked down at her dads groin, a huge bulge had developed as he shut the door.Well what are we going to do about this, as both girls tried to cover up, “no good doing that I know what you have been doing you dirty girls I am doing to have to punish you both unzipping his trousers pulling out a massive cock a lot bigger than Matt’s ,Carole gasped “what the fuck are you going to do with that thing that’s massive” as Michelle’s dad rubbed it slowly “your both going to suck this and Carole I’m going to show you cock is tastier than pussy now get out of bed and let me lay down. Both girls got out standing naked whilst Michelle’s dad lay down “now suck my cock you sluts” as both girls started to rub and suck his cock. Michelle was unable to wrap her fingers around his cock; she was only just able to with Matt, as Carole opened her mouth wide only just able to get a bit of his dick in her mouth.“Mmmmmm that’s better now please me whilst I rest, Carole sucked his cock whilst Michelle rubbed his huge balls, they were very heavy totally hairless they hung down, Michelle looked at how big her dads cock was it had to be at least 12” or 14” long and thick wasn’t the word if he fucked Carole she will scream, as I saw Carole start to finger her pussy as she sucked my dad’s cock “that’s a good girl suck my cock do you like the taste” Carole’s head nodded as she slurped and sucked, I moved and sat to the side of Carole pushing her hand off her pussy and slipped 2 fingers into her wet hole.Carole moaned as she sucked and rubbed that monster, Carole cum coating my fingers in her juices, Carole stood up straddling dad’s cock slowly lowering herself she guided his cock into her pussy, I could see her lips starting to stretch as it went in deeper, she stopped for a few seconds before lowering herself a bit more “your cock is huge” as he smiled he said “you wait until it fully in and I’m fucking you; you won’t wanna lick pussy anymore” as Carole lowered herself further down “Michelle come sit on my face” as Michelle did as she was told she could feel her dad’s tongue slip deep into her hole, Carole now was fully impaled onto dad’s cock and had started to grind her hips whilst Dad was busy sucking on Michelle’s pussy making her groan, Michelle wasn’t too long in Cumming Carole was busy working his cock in her pussy as Michelle lifted up looking at her father’s face she could see all the pussy juices around his mouth his long tongue lapping them up, all of a sudden Carole groaned as Michelle’s dad started to thrust up and down Carole cried out she was Cumming as she shook with a intense orgasm he held her hips erupting deep in her pussy, pumping his huge load into her young body, Carole got off as his huge cock slipped out of her cum filled pussy, “now suck me dry both of you” we did as he demanded, to be honest the combination of Carole’s juices and cum was nice as I slipped my hand onto my pussy slowly rubbing my clit.Michelle’s father got up and dressed “well that was nice I’ll be back for more one day” Carole and I sat naked on the bed, “well what was his cock like” “huge look my pussy is still stretched” as Carole opened her legs I could see her beautiful pink pussy with cum seeping out “why don’t you taste it” Carole said laying back legs wide open “ok” as Michelle bent over and started to lightly lick Carole’s pussy, Carole sighed at the feel of Michelle’s tongue running up and down Carole’s pussy slit, Michelle loved the taste and carried on as she heard Carole moan softly, she gripped the bed sheets tightly as she arched he back “oh god yes lick me more” Carole moaned as Michelle buried her head deep into Carole’s pussy, Michelle could taste Carole’s sweet juices as she licked harder and faster before Carole arched her back moaning as she cum.She lay back on the bed as Michelle sat up all Carole could see was Michelle’s mouth covered in her clear juices, “you sure you aint licked pussy before” “nope first time today but have to admit I will do again next time without cum mixed with it”. Carole left not long after and Michelle made tea whilst her dad sat down reading his paper. Daddy can we have more fun later, “as in what Michelle” “well I would like to suck your big cock and maybe you put it in me and you can fuck me” “hmmmmm well I would say you do have a real sweet tasting pussy” as Michelle watched her dad rubbing his trouser front “let me do that for you please” “ok you be a good girl and take care of me” as Michelle knelt in between his legs slowly undoing his zip and pulled out his semi hard cock.“How long is your cock daddy” “I have no idea why don’t you go get a tape and then get it nice and hard” “ok” Michelle rushed off all excited finding a tape measure returning and kneeling again. “How would you like me to get güvenilir bahis you hard” “up to how about sucking it like Carole did” “ok it looks rather big though” “just take your time and suck it slowly”. As Michelle opened her mouth lowering her head she sucked it slowly gently rubbing the huge shaft up and down, her your jaws where getting sore as she had to stretch her mouth to fit his cock, deep in her mouth. His cock now was huge, rigid and pulsing Michelle stopped sucking and got the tape, as she pulled to the tip of the head t measured 13 ½ inches she then around the shaft at 6inches Michelle gasped at what she had seen.“Well are you happy now you know” “oh yes very pleased” Michelle said smiling, she stood up taking her clothes off showing her naked body to her step father who was stroking his huge shaft slowly “come closer my dear” as Michelle stood in front of him as he reached up touching her hard nipples rolling then between his thumb and finger Michelle closed her eyes feeling how good that felt his other hand went to her pussy his finger slipped up and down her slit as Michelle opened her legs slightly letting his finger slip into her very wet pussy. Michelle groaned as he rubbed her clit slowly, she opened her eyes focusing on her step dads’ huge rigid rod the purple head pulsing looking for young pussy.She pushed him back on the sofa and straddling him wetting her fingers and rubbing her pussy, she started to lower herself onto his monster, she felt her pussy lips start to open as the blunt monster entered his prize Michelle groaned as her lips stretched lowering down inch by inch, he held her waste helping her slide onto him. “Are you ok baby” “yes daddy I want it all in me” as she went a bit lower, “Oh yes this is so good” as Michelle moved up and down on only half of what was in her, making herself more wet she pushed down a bit more as she heard him groan from the feeling of a tight pussy on his cock.Michelle was now close to being fully impaled on her step father’s cock, she started to move up and down, moving faster her tits started to bounce up and down, Michelle was starting to groan louder and louder has her nipples got harder than ever before “are you going to cum in me” “if you want me to baby” “yes I want to feel the force of your load deep in my pussy” “ok it won’t be long my cock is throbbing” he played with her tits rubbing her nipples she groaned again “I’m Cumming daddy I’m Cummmmmmmmmmming as she bucked shuddering like mad, she could hear dad moaning as he grabbed her waist, he groaned and shot his load deep in her pussy.“Omg” she shouted again as his hot load splashed the walls of her pussy, Michelle slumped on his chest his cock still fully inside her, she lifted up feeling his cock slipping out of her pussy, she felt his cum drip out of her pussy and run down her inside leg. “Oh dad that was fantastic I have never had such a big cock in me before”, her dad looked at her and said “have you had cock in you before” “yes I have, he a person from school” “oh and what’s his name” “Matt” “is that the teacher” “yes it is” as she bowed her head in shame “Mmmmmm get across my lap NOW” he shouted as Michelle laid across her dad’s lap his hand came down on her bare bottom, the track of his hand left on her buttock.“Ow daddy please that hurt’s I have only fucked him twice his cock is not as big as yours” as his hand came down again, “I told you before not to fuck other men” he bellowed Michelle pleaded “what can I do to make it up to you” “you can call Carole tomorrow daddy wants you both to put on a show for me, but for now you can suck my cock” “ok I will”, as Michelle knelt down she took his cock and started to suck it until it was hard again.His cock slowly grew as she sucked it hungrily, until it stood proud Michelle slowly rubbed and sucked his cock as he lay back looking at her tease his rod , “Mmmmm that’s it baby suck it good and slow” as Michelle’s head bobbed up and down on her Step fathers huge dick Michelle rubbed his cock hard as he groaned, the huge purple head shone where she had sucked it, a drop of pre-cum came out of the head “Mmmmm that’s it daddy is going to come” “how would you like me to have this” “just wank me and watch the cum” “ok” as Michelle rubbed harder she felt his cock throb, as the thick cum spewed from his cock and down his shaft over her hands. Michelle let go as his softening cock hung down “was that better” “yes it was nice now go to your room and think of what you have done, fucking another man is just not done”. Michelle went to her room and stripped laying on her bed she felt her nipples that where hard she felt in between her legs her lips where wet, she reached over to her bedroom side draw opening it she pulled out a dildo she had been given as a joke, she didn’t like to use it as it was never as good as real cock, sucking it slowly she lowered it onto her pussy slipping it in deep, she groaned softly as she moved it in and out, pulling on her nipples with her other hand.Her legs where wide open as the dildo felt good, she was close to Cumming as she moved it faster and faster, Michelle arched her back as a orgasm ripped through her body, making her feel good. Michelle fell asleep on top of the bed waking up the following morning feeling very horny, reaching down Michelle rubbed her clit hard and fast, as her back arched she moaned loudly hoping her dad didn’t hear her as, she shook with a orgasm that ripped through her body making her pussy soaking wet. She lay on the bed breathing heavy for a few moments before getting up and going for a shower.After a while she phoned Carole asking her if she wanted to come round for the day and explained why, Carole was excited and agreed, Michelle went downstairs and had breakfast, her dad was sitting at the table as she explained Carole would be around soon. Michelle went back to her room after a while as she was getting very excited about what she was going to be doing. The door bell rang and Michelle went to answer it; it was Carole Michelle called her dad and the girls went upstairs sitting on the bed they sat waiting for Michelle’s step father, who came in a few moments later and sat in the chair across from the bed “ok you may start”.As Michelle and Carole started to kiss they could see him unzipping his trousers and pulling out his huge limp cock, Carole reached in between Michelle’s legs and started to rub her wet slit, slipping 2 fingers deep in Michelle moaned with pleaser as Carole slowly undressed Michelle and kissed her naked body, Michelle lay on the bed whilst Carole pleased her, opening her legs Carole started to lick Michelle’s pussy, as Michelle looked across at her step father she could see his huge cock standing hard as he rubbed it slowly, Michelle groaned at the pleasure she was getting of Carole.Carole lifted her head kissing Michelle on the mouth the sweet taste of her pussy juices tasted fantastic as Michelle helped Carole out of her clothes, Carole got off the bed and bent over removing her Panties as she did this the words “stay where you are” came from the corner of the room as Michelle’s dad got up stripping naked “Carole lick Michelle’s pussy “as she did he went behind Carole slipping his huge cock into Carole’s tight cunt, Carole muffled a sigh as he started to fuck her hard, licking Michelle’s pussy Michelle cried out with a huge orgasm.Carole lifted her head “fuck me harder fuck me good and hard” as he rammed it in and out making Carole beg for more grabbing her hips, he groaned as a huge load of cum pumped into Carole’s small pussy filling it up it dripped down her inside leg, “Oh god my pussy is full” as Carole slumped on the bed Michelle got up and knelt in between Carole’s legs, licking the spent load out of Carole, Michelle rubbed her pussy, Carole had a string of orgasm’s as Michelle’s tongue lapped it all up. All that afternoon Carole and Michelle had some serious fun before Carole left to go home.The following morning Michelle phoned Carole before they went to school “how do you fancy fucking Matt with me” “Mmmm that sounds good is he that good” “yer he is a good fuck” “ok see you at school”. That dinnertime Michelle went to the gym as usual meeting Matt when she was there, Carole had hid herself where Michelle was going to have Matt again, Michelle had started to train and as usual Matt just happened to walk in, they had started to jog when Matt, pulled Michelle onto the crash matt, pulling her shorts off Carole could see Matt eating Michelle’s pussy, Carole was amazed at what was happening.Michelle sat up lifting her top over her head and taking her bra off, Matt stood up dropping his shorts, Carole gasped at what she saw Matt’s big stiff cock, laying down next to Michelle, Carole bahis siteleri put her hand up her skirt and down her panties feeling her very wet pussy rubbing her clit she could feel how good it felt. She watched as Michelle and Matt started to fuck Michelle moaned as every thrust of Matt’s cock drove deep into her, Carole was rubbing her clit harder and harder not paying a blind bit of attention to Matt & Michelle, Carole was close to Cumming as she groaned a bit too loud.“Who the hell is there” Matt said pulling out of Michelle “relax Matt it’s only Carole she wants to fuck you as well” Michelle said, as Carole stood up all she could look at was Matt’s cock, Carole took her top and bra off as she walked up to Matt reaching for his cock he was powerless to resist, as he started to go hard again, they all laid down and started to feel each other, Carole rubbed Matt’s hard rod sucking it every so often, making Matt lay Carole got on top feeding his cock into her pussy, groaning loudly as it slipped deep into her very wet pussy, Michelle sat on Matt’s face so he could lick her pussy deep.Carole moved her hips back and forth whilst Michelle was having her pussy licked by Matt’s long tongue, Carole groaned as a orgasm flowed through her body Matt had his hands on Carole’s ass spanking it lightly Michelle sighed as Matt flicked her clit, all of a sudden Matt moaned as his cock, exploded in Carole, she yelled out as it triggered a string of extremely large and very powerful orgasms, making her shudder and shake like it was a electric shock, Carole fell off Matt’s still rigid cock, but it was going soft.Michelle was excited at seeing this as Matt made Michelle cum like Carole Michelle yelled out as a huge orgasm, ripped through her lower body. Michelle lifted of Matt’s face, Carole took Matt’s soft cock and sucked it clean “Mmmmmmmmm now that tasted so good” Carole said laughing like mad, Matt started to feel Carole’s tits sucking her nipples and slipped 2 fingers into her pussy rubbing her lie mad, Carole was unable to stop moaning as she had 3 huge orgasms in a row.” Now Michelle your go” Matt said as he started to suck Michelle’s very sensitive nipple, Michelle was very wet Matt slipped 3 fingers deep into her making her cum as soon as they slipped in, Michelle begged for more as Matt rammed his fingers in and out, he pulled his fingers clear as Michelle shook and squirted unable to stop her rubbed her clit to spray the fluid, Michelle had to beg him to stop.Michelle slumped in a heap naked and soaking wet “well that was totally fucking awesome but I can’t fuck you girls anymore at school it too risky” Matt said, “hmmmmm well maybe we could fuck somewhere else have one last good night of nothing but your cock Matt” Carole piped up. “Ok Matt said one last night where and when” “I’ll get back to you and I’ll get a few more girls make a night of it with some yummy toys as well”, Michelle looked down Matt was rubbing his cock again “OMG you wanna fuck us now” as Matt nodded his head Carole started to rub his huge hung balls whilst Michelle kissed him and help rub his cock. Matt finally shot his load over Carole’s and Michelle’s tits.That weekend Carole had arranged for a party at her parents place leaving her in charge of the house whilst her parents went away with the main guest Matt, the evening came an a few of Carole and Michelle’s mates turned up, Tanya, Mary and Sandra. The door bell rang as they all cheered welcoming their main guest, the music was going and the drink was flowing, Matt was sitting in between Tanya and Mary kissing and rubbing Matt’s cock through his trousers, Michelle Carole and Sandra all stood watching Tanya un zip Matt’s trousers pulling out his huge hard cock, Michelle and Carole smiled but the other 3 gasped as Tanya started to suck his cock Mary ad Matt were kissing Matt had Mary’s tits out they were huge and dark nipples.Tanya and Mary stood up along with Michelle, Carole and Sandra all getting naked Matt sat rubbing his cock trying to pick what pussy he was going to have first, “Mmmmmm Michelle your pussy is so sweet, Carole’s as well both nice and smoothly shaven, Tanya I love the little strip at the top as well as being a natural blond” sucking her nipples and rubbing her pussy made her cum “Mary I want to fuck your pussy I love a nice trimmed bush” as he reached Sandra bending her over he slipped his cock into her making her moan loudly, they all watched as his cock slipped in and out of Sandra’s wet hole making her cum, Matt had great control and had fucked Michelle for a good while not Cumming but Michelle had “well get bent over I’ll make you all come before I do.Tanya bent next to Sandra them Carole, Michelle and finally Mary who was destine to be fucked so hard as Matt fucked Sandra making her cum so hard, he pulled out and slipped his cock into Tanya, Tanya gasped as his huge thick cock slipped in and out of her wet slit he spanked her ass making her whimper before she shook and cum, her pussy lips puffed out, her tits swayed back and forth as Matt hammered her sweet hole. Matt pulled out as her moved to Carole, she had looked forward to getting fucked and had rubbed her pussy to make sure it was so wet Matt had no trouble getting it in her, she had a very tight little hole and had been fucked before Matt but the guys cock was very thick and it had hurt her as he pushed, Matt guided his cock into Carole as she groaned “fuck me Matt make me cum” as Matt started to move in and out no sign of him Cumming Tanya and Sandra watched as Matt’s huge balls swung.Tanya started to rub her clit as Sandra sucked Tanya’s nipples, Matt watched getting very turned on by this sight, Tanya moaned and cum again as Sandra carried on playing with Tanya, Carole cum again and again as Matt fucked her hard, Michelle waited in anticipation, her pussy dripping juices as she saw Matt pull out and move behind her, feeling Matt’s cock pushing his cock into Michelle, she gasped, as how big it was “oh god that is fucking awesome Mmmmmmmm” as Matt slowly pushed his cock all the way in and drew it out slowly, rubbing Michelle’s nipples it made her cum her juices dripped out of her pussy and down the inside of her leg as he reached round rubbing her clit until she screamed with a massive orgasm.Mary looked nervous at what was Cumming Carole, Tanya and Sandra all stood and went over to Mary, rubbing her pussy and her nipples Mary whimpered with pleasure, what they hadn’t told Matt, Mary was still a virgin, as they looked up Michelle collapsed with the force of a huge orgasm, Tanya knelt behind Mary and licked her pussy, Mary gasped at the feeling , Tanya gently pulled Mary’s pussy lips apart and rubbed her clit making her moan and very wet, “Mmmmm nice pussy Mary” Matt said “now to please you until I’m ready to cum” Tanya said to be careful as Mary was a virgin, Matt stood back surprised at what Tanya had said he nodded his head and slowly rubbed his cock up and down Mary’s perfectly shaped slit, pushing slowly Mary moaned the other girls watched as Matt’s cock pushed Mary’s pussy lips wider and wider Mary sighing with pleaser Matt groaned at how tight Mary’s pussy was.He pulled out and dropped to his knee’s burying his head in her crack he licked and nibbled Mary’s pussy making her cum and very wet, “now that’s better” as he got back up and guided his cock in again this time it slipped in with no problem grabbing her hips Matt fucked her slowly, Mary couldn’t help herself moaning with pleasure “Mmmmmm so tight I’m not going to be able to hold on much longer” Matt said he had been fucking for a good few hours he had great stamina as he pulled his cock out the girls could see all the juices on his cock with blood as well, he had taking Mary’s virginity as it disappeared back into her Mary cum again and again before Matt grabbed her hips and started to fuck her a bit harder “cum in me I want to feel your cum fill my pussy” Mary shouted out the others looked shocked at how she had turned into a hungry whore.Mary was pulling her nipples begging for Matt to fuck her harder and harder as Matt rammed his cock in and out Sandra reached in between Matt’s legs feeling his balls as he groaned and slammed in before he shot a huge load deep into Mary making her scream at the feeling, shaking like mad Matt held her hips his cock so deep in Mary. Matt pulled out as cum dripped from Mary’s gaping gash Tanya and Sandra knelt sucking Matt’s limp cock of any cum that had dripped from it. Mary dropped onto the floor exhausted unable to close her legs, she ribbed her finger over her open pussy, smiling she sucked her cum coated finger.The rest of the night Matt was sucked by the other 4 girls before he left the following morning after he had got some deep head off Mary Cumming down her throat. Carole and Michelle carried on fucking Michelle’s step dad; Matt left the school later that year and moved in with Mary after Tracey caught Matt and Mary fucking in their bed………………………………………….

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