Michelle’s Story – Part 2

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Michelle’s Story – Part 2That afternoon Michelle went home and showered and she passed by her full-length mirror again. She stopped and took off her robe and dropped it to the ground and looked at herself again. She did look good, she knew that. She worked on her body everyday and took care of herself and was blessed with her mother’s beautiful face and dark brown hair. But she had never tried to really look sexy, to intentionally lure men. She had dedicated her life to being a mother so that she had given up much of her own life. She had no regrets, but now, after being with Jake, after having his beautiful cock inside her, something had awakened.“Why do I never glam up?” Michelle thought. “Women pay me a lot of money per hour to look great so they can turn on their boyfriends or husbands and I never think about doing that for me. Maybe I need to let men know that I’m…open for business” she thought. Jake wasn’t home and she had no plans. “Another boring Saturday night at home…” she thought. Then looked at herself and thought “No…no more of that. I’m going to do something for me now, like I did with Jake” and she felt a wave of confidence and calmness. She got dressed and decided to go shopping. She had gotten dressed and she was in a pair of dress shorts and a polo and thought “No…that’s not the way to let men know…” she said and rummaged through her clothes until she found a pair of shorts that she always meant to return because she thought they were too short, to the point where her asscheeks barely peeked out of them from time to time. She put them on and looked at herself and thought “yes, that will do” and found a halter top that matched and she looked at herself again. The outfit accentuated her long,fit legs, frim ass and large boobs. “That’s much better” she thought and she headed out the door ready to do some damage at the stores.She came back hours later, past nine with what seemed to be a dozen bags. She had bought half a new wardrobe: panties, bras, miniskirts, tops, tight jeans, she even bought a couple of new bikinis for the warm weather which had just started. Some sexy heels to round things out and some new makeup and perfume. She poured herself a glass of wine and had more fun than she could remember trying on the different outfits in front of the mirror and liking what she saw. “I hope Jake likes these” she would think to herself. She knew that he loved her and was smitten by her but she wanted her son to find her sexy as well, like any other man would. She knew what she and Jake had done was wrong in the eyes of some people but they couldn’t understand that he loved her and she loved him and hated seeing him in such agony, wanting to be with her and not having that love fulfilled. She hated seeing him with such a big hard cock and knowing it was her fault. She wanted to take care of him and his needs. She thought it was the right thing to do and he was so beautiful, it was hard to resist. She drank more wine and tried some of her new, sexier thongs and bras and some lingerie she bought. She then began to get wet, she was in heat now and began to rub her pussy. “Oh, Jake, I wish you were here for your mom” she moaned out loud and she stripped off the thong and went to her drawer and pulled out her vibrator. She looked at it and thought “Jake said I wouldn’t need you anymore but he was wrong” and she laid down on her bed and turned the vibrator on, hoping to satisfy the growing lust inside her. But Jake was right in a way because the vibrator couldn’t fill in for Jake’s huge cock. She even slid the vibrator into her pussy and began fucking herself with it but it wasn’t enough. She began playing with her nipples with her other hand and she moaned in pleasure but couldn’t seem to get herself to have an orgasm. “Maybe I need to think of something dirty” she thought and began to think about Jake and she felt herself closer to an orgasm. She thought about Jake more and more and she came closer and closer but couldn’t get herself to climax. Suddenly, out of nowhere, an image of Frank and all of the other friends Jake had growing up, of them being in her room naked, all of them young and in shape with erections flashed in her mind. “Ohhhh!!!!” she exclaimed as güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri she saw all the men move closer to her, closer and then she felt a huge surge inside her and began to cum furiously. “Oh My God!!!!” she yelled out “Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!!!!!!” she yelled until she began to cum hard. Wave after wave of pleasure tore through her and she kept moving the vibrator over her clit and she tried to remember how all those young men looked at her like a piece of meat to a hungry dog and she came and came and came again.Finally, the wave subsided and her legs were trembling. She was breathing heavy and felt like she was hit by a truck. “Oh my god…that was so good”. She simply laid in bed, naked and let herself go to sleep. Before she drifted off she thought about that scene with all those naked young men and how that sent her over the edge.The next morning Michelle woke up early with renewed vigor and drive. She slept late and saw that Frank would be here in an hour or so. She showered, then took time with her makeup and picked out a new outfit that she hoped he liked. She then had breakfast and thought about how she would approach being with Frank. Frank pulled up to Michelle’s house. He had done his workout and drank his protein and showered and changed. He wore shorts and a tight white t-shirt. “I hope she’s not a fucking tease” he thought. He knocked on the door and it soon opened.“Hi Frank, why don’t you come in?” Michelle said after opening the door. Frank was stunned. Michelle wore a tight-fitting black top that was almost like a fancy sports bra and a short miniskirt that showed off her flat stomach and belly and hips. “Frank…do you want to come in?” she asked and he snapped out of it and walked in. Frank had never seen her before purposefully trying to look sexy but it worked. She was HOT. “Come on, let’s sit on the couch. I brought out some iced tea for us” Michelle said. As she walked Frank to the couch she wiggled her hips a little more. She saw the look Frank had on his face and she liked that look. She wanted more. Frank was transfixed on her body. “Fuck, look at that fucking perfect ass!” he thought. “How the fuck does Jake not tap that?” he wondered as the miniskirt barely covered her asscheeks. “She wants it all right” he thought to himself.They sat down on the couch and she poured each of them a glass and began some small talk. But there was a tension there, Frank wanted to get his hands on Michelle and Michelle had never done this before, she wasn’t sure exactly how to do this.“Frank” Michelle then began “Jake told me last night that when you and he and your friends were in school and would hang out that…well…some of you had a crush on me. Is that true?”Frank thought about how he wanted to answer that but decided to play it cool. “Yeah, Ms. Curtis, we all did. Jake is a great guy but we all used to look for reasons to come over so we could see you.” He felt like saying “we’d all look at you and go home and jack off over how hot you are”.“That’s really flattering, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that” she said but she knew part of her was lying. She liked the attention from those young men but she didn’t want to get into trouble. Frank then decided to make his move. “Mrs. Curtis, you’re still one of the hottest women I’ve ever met. You’re gorgeous” he told her. His cock was getting harder looking at this woman seated next to her half naked, he had wanted her for years.“Thank you, Frank, you’re sweet” she said and kissed him on the cheek. She pulled back but he held her upper arm and slowly pulled her back in and kissed her deeply on the mouth. While they kissed he put her hand on his raging erection and said “this is what you’ve been doing to me for close to 10 years now” By now Michelle was getting wet, knowing that this man was turned on by her. She whispered to him “Maybe I should take care of it” and she moved off the couch and got on her knees facing him. She tugged at his shorts and when she finally took them off her eyes grew wide. Frank’s cock was huge! Thicker than Jake’s, a little darker but just as long. She reached out and grabbed it and began stroking it with her hand. “Oh my Frank! You’re a big healthy perabet güvenilir mi boy!” she said before she opened her mouth as wide as she could and began to go down on Frank’s cock.“Holy shit!” Frank thought as he saw this woman who had fantasized before and through all his years of puberty into his teens was on the floor on his knees sucking his cock like a slut. She sucked it hard and stroked it fast. She definitely wanted to please him. Part of him wanted to be rough with her, really rough like he liked it. But he didn’t want to scare her off and knew that over time he’d get her to do whatever he wanted. Like he always thought, there were two types of women in the world: Those that were sluts and those that were sluts but didn’t know it yet. He was going to teach Ms. Curtis how to be a slut.Michelle kept trying to take more and more of Jake’s cock in her mouth and into her throat. She loved the musky smell of his cock, it was different than Jake’s, more a****listic. But it was so much she thought she’d never get it all in her mouth but she tried as well as she could.Frank put his hands on her head and was in heaven. Michelle was trying to get his huge cock into her mouth and he almost wanted to laugh. Only that slut Anne that Rick had could do that. She was knocked up and stopped going to training but Rick told her that she had just had the baby and was going to be in the movie business he was starting. Frank was going to be one of Frank’s studs in the movies. “I haven’t had one of those great blowjobs from Ann in quite a while, I’m going to have to pay her a visit” he thought. “Maybe have her teach Ms. Curtis how to do it.”Michelle then slid his cock out of her mouth and began to suck on his big meaty balls. “Oh fuck! Yeah… I love that! He moaned as he was getting close to cumming. “Put it back in your mouth baby!” he snapped and she did and he held her head in place as he started to pump it into her mouth. “Fuck…fuck….fuck!” he moaned and then his cock felt like it exploded cum into Michelle’s mouth. Michelle couldn’t believe how much cum his cock spewed. It was more than Jake’s, it was a lot. She tried to swallow every drop she could but had some dribble out of her mouth as his cock kept gushing cum. “What a man!” Michelle thought as she greedily swallowed as much as she could. She loved the taste of it. It was strong, pungent, different. Frank’s cock finally shrank a little and she let it plop out of her mouth, but it was half hard. She looked up at Frank and said “How was that sweetie?” Frank, gasping, said “that was so fucking good. He then reached down and lifted Michelle off and reached to her miniskirt and pulled it down to her ankles. She saw pussy juice run down her inner thigh and said “take off that top, now it’s your turn.” He got up and she did as he told her and slipped off the skirt. “Lay down on the couch” he ordered and she did and he got on his knees next to her on the ground and reached a hand to her soaking pussy and began to play with it. He then reached to her boobs and began to suck one very hard. He then moved her hand to his half-hard cock and and said “stroke it. Always make sure you stroke my cock if it’s not inside you, understand?” he ordered. “Yes Frank” she said, looking at how strong he was, how he ordered her around. She was a strong woman and men were often intimidated by her but Frank wasn’t. He was in charge and that turned her on. She began to stroke Frank’s cock. “Good Ms. Curtis” and he went back to sucking her boobs and fingering her pussy hard. It didn’t take long for the fingering and rubbing to take effect. “Oh god, I’m cumming!” she moaned and Frank finger fucked her harder. “Cum for me Ms. Curtis, cum for me.” And he began to suck on her nipples harder and began pinching them. He wanted to start her out slowly with the rough stuff. He knew he had time.“oh god, oh god!!!!!!” he wailed as she came hard, the waves rushing across her body. Frank kept fingerfucking her hard, intensifying her orgasm. Wave after wave came and she just about began crying from the intensity when Frank stopped and grinned. Michelle lay their panting. “Oh Frank…that was so good…” she moaned. He then moved his fingers tipobet that were in her pussy to her mouth and said “open” and she did and he slid his fingers into her mouth and she began to suck on them. Michelle had never tasted anyone’s pussy, much less her own but she sucked on his fingers and she enjoyed the taste surprisingly. Frank then slid his fingers out of her mouth and stood up and slid off his shorts and took off his shirt and Michelle smiled when she saw his ripped chest and arms. “Oh my god, what a body” she thought. He then moved between her legs and placed a foot on each shoulder and, grabbing his cock, he began to slide it into Michelle’s pussy. “Now it’s my turn” he said.He went slowly in and she had a hard time taking all of that cock in. She was a little sort from Jake yesterday but Frank’s was thicker. She had never had such a large cock inside in her before. She was amazed at how big and thick and hard he was. He was turned on and she loved knowing that she was the cause of it. Frank then grabbed her wrists and put them together above her head and held them with one hand. He had her pinned and he was in control and she loved that. Loved that a man wasn’t intimidated by her and was showing that he was in control. “Oh Frank…you’re so big. Please..fuck me…fuck me” she moaned and he did just that.He began to pump quickly in and out of her pussy slowly working his cock inside her deeper and deeper. He was fucking her hard and fast like he liked and before long his entire cock slid in and out of her to where their bodies slapped together with each thrust. “Oh damn..fuck!!!!!” Michelle moaned as this massive tool fucked her pussy deep and hard. It wasn’t long before she came again but Frank didn’t let up, he kept fucking her hard. He loved to do this to train sluts, to make them cum and cum again until they couldn’t resist his mental intimidation. With his free hand he moved it to her face and held it in place.“Whose slut are you? Whose slut are you?” he said sternly. “Frank, what?” Michelle said confused “he then reached down and pinched her nipple. “ow!” she said, feeling pain but also pleasure. “I said ‘whose slut are you?’” and Michelle replied “Your slut, I’m your slut Frank”. He let go of her nipple and said “Good Ms. Curtis, very good” as he kept on pumping. She knew that she was losing all resistance to him and would do anything he asked right now. She felt powerless but that turned her on.Soon Frank pulled out of her pussy and moved up and had a leg on each side of her chest and lowered his massive cock in between her boobs. “Put your boobs together” he ordered and she did and he began to slide his cock, slick from her pussy, in between her boobs. He then let go of her hands and squeezed her boobs together and began to fuck her tits furiously.“You’ve been teasing all of us for years Ms. Curtis” he said through gritted teeth. “You knew what you were doing and loved getting us hard” he sneered and she knew it was true. “Now, you’re going to pay me back for all those hardons you gave me” he said as he began to fuck her tits even faster.Michelle never knew this side of a man, especially one she had known as a k**. She liked this side, this a****l side and it turned her on. It wasn’t long before Frank’s breathing became short and he pumped faster. “Fuck…gonna cum!” he said as his cock began to spray cum on Michelle’s neck, chin and chest. He then let go of her boobs and began to stroke his cock and cum splattered on Michelle’s face. Michelle was shocked at how much cum he had left in him and that he came on her like this, like she was just a slut. His cock finally stopped and he put her hands above her head once again and with his free hand scooped up some of the cum from her chest and said “open your mouth” and when she did he slid his fingers inside and said “lick it off”. He kept doing this over and over, so that he could continue to train her. He then moved off of her but grabbed her hair and moved her mouth to his where he kissed her deeply. He didn’t care about the cum she just swallowed. He knew that deep kissing was important when you dominated a woman. He looked her in the eye, faces inches away from each other and said “we’re going to be seeing more of each other Ms. Curtis then let go of her head and got dressed. “I’ll see myself out” and he left and she lay there panting, feeling like she was fucked by a sexual tornado. Michelle knew that it was some of the best sex she ever had but worried that Frank would only get rougher.

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