Mom & Daughter Go to Beach II

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Mom & Daughter Go to Beach II(This story is continued from an earlier installment. Please visit my profile for the earlier installment.)Chapter 5As I walked back to the beach my mind kept replaying the sight of my mom and Robert having sex. On one level I was so happy that my mom got to enjoy cock for first time in many years. On another level I wanted to personally know what sex was like.When I got back to the beach the others were playing in the water and they encouraged me to join them. As we got in the water they all started playing around by splashing or dunking each other. It was fun but at one point Josh put his arms around me to pull me under but when he did his hands cupped my A cup tits. When we came to the surface I just turned and looked at him. He quickly moved off to his sister Lisa. I stood there and thought; “he just copped a feel!”I quickly got distracted as Brian and Keith started picking me up and tossing me back and forth. At one point I accidentally brushed my hand against Keith’s cock and was surprised to feel it hard. It felt big and I wondered if it was as big as Brian’s that I had seen the night before. The next time I passed into Brian’s arms I let my hand find his cock. It too was hard and massive. He smiled at me and patted my ass as he tossed me once again to Keith. I reached down and felt Keith’s cock again and was surprised that both were about the same.Lisa came up behind Brian and pulled him under the water. Keith went his rescue. I was grabbed from behind and as I went into the water I felt hands cupping my boobs again. I also felt a very hard cock pressed against my ass. When we came to the surface again I looked Josh in the face. I then jumped on him to pull him under the water. My body was pressed to his. I could feel his erection pressed against my thigh. I wanted to know how his cock compared to Brian and Keith. I let my hand grab his cock and I could tell that even though he was the youngest he might even be larger!When we once again surfaced I was still in his arms and my hand was still on his dick. He looked me in the eye and I felt his hand reach for my pussy. Just as he touched me we were knocked over by Keith. We all rolled the surf but when we came up Josh attacked Keith with punches. I was shocked to see the two brothers fighting. Suddenly their dad entered the fray and pulled the two boys apart.”Calm down you two or you go back to the room for rest of the day!” Robert said as pushed the two apart”You think you’re so hot you little shit!” Keith yelled”Fuck you asshole!” Replied Josh”Both of you get up on the beach until you apologize to each other and Shelby!” Robert said firmlyThey both headed up to their blankets. They bumped into each other showing that they remained at war with each other. I headed up to my mom who was watching the whole thing.”So what happened?” asked my mom” I’m not sure. We were just wrestling around and Josh got pissed.” I saidMom just laughed and then looked me over.”Looks like my daughter just had her first two boys fight over her for her attention!” She saidRobert walked up and joined us and looked both my mom and me over.”Sorry about the guys there Shelby. They are often jealous of each other. Josh is so anxious to grow up and puberty has hit him hard.” He smiled”See I told you so! You come out here looking like every teen boy’s wet dream and then you’re surprised that they fight over you!” Mom laughed and Robert laughed even harder Suddenly there was another flurry of shouts between the two brothers. Robert hurried over to get them back under control.”Mom, I did not want to cause a canlı kaçak iddaa problem.” I said apologetically”Baby it is not your fault! By the way those two are not the only guys lusting after you. Brian might be distracted by Lisa but he would all over you the first moment he could! You also got Robert checking you out as well. He was practically drooling over your little ass when you were playing in the surf” She said with a smileI thought about it and I was flattered thinking that all these guys being interested in me. My little pussy tingled again as I remember my hand holding Josh’s cock.”So mom did you have a good time with Robert?” I asked with a smirk”Oh Yes! I forgot just how much fun I have when there is a man to play with!” She said with a dreamy look on her face”I saw you with him in the bedroom. He is huge!” I saidMom just smiled at me.”So are you going to do him some more? He seems really nice.” I said”I think so. At least I hope he wants some more.” Mom said”Can I join this conversation? I’m tired of all the testosterone over there.” Lisa asked she sat down by us”Sure! I’m Shelby’s mom Barb and I know you are Lisa.””Do your brothers always get into it like that?” I asked”Not always but Josh has gotten an attitude in the last year. Besides he can be such a little creep.” Lisa said”How’s that?” I asked”Well I have caught him peeping at me when I change clothes and I have also caught him steeling my panties.” She laughed”Well he is a 14 year old boy. He has permanent hard on!” Mom giggled”I know and he jacks off so much that it is about all he does!” Lisa giggledRobert walked up looked down at my mom; “I need run back to the condo for some more liquor. Want to come along?” He smiled and winked at her”See you later don’t let those boys fight too much!” Mom said as she left with Robert”So is your mom is fucking my dad?” Lisa whispered“Yes, are you ok with that?” I said“Sure but you should know my dad fucks every woman he can. So he will go after the next woman he meets and that includes you. So this will not be a long term thing.” She laughed“That’s ok my mom is just looking for a hard cock to play with!” I giggled“Sounds like the perfect match! Now you just need to decide which of my horny brothers you want to do!” Lisa laughed”There both cute! Do you think that either of them really would like me?” I asked”Both of my brothers are so frigging horny they would fuck the first thing that did not move fast enough! It is your choice or you could do them both!” Lisa giggled”What about Brian?” I grinned”He is mine for now as long as you don’t put a move on him!” Lisa said with a smile“What do you mean?” I asked“He is just like my dad. He wants fuck every pussy there is. I saw him looking at you. He wants some of you in the worst way!” Lisa replied“I wouldn’t steal another girl’s boyfriend…” I started to protest“It’s alright Shelby! I’m like my dad. If there is another nice cock around I will want it too!” She laughed“Too bad Keith and Josh are your brothers; they both have nice big dicks!” I giggled as I explained how I had felt all three of their cocks earlier“You really felt them all! You are almost as big a slut as me!” she laughed again“It’s your fault! If we had not caught you sucking Brian off last night….” I started“Was that you and your mom last night?” She askedI shook my head yes. “We were really impressed at how big his cock is!” “That was the first time I had done anything with him. I wanted to fuck him so bad! Can I take him to your condo? I really want to fuck! Your mom and my dad are probably going to be busy for a while!” Lisa canlı kaçak bahis said”Ok but I’ll have to show you to the unit. What are we going to do about your brothers?””I just want fuck! Maybe you can keep them busy for a while.”Chapter 6In few minutes we were back at the condo. Lisa grabbed Brian’s hand and led him down the hall to the bedroom. Josh and Keith both just rolled their eyes. I got us some drinks and we turned on the radio. I started to dance as that is what I like to do. I saw both of them look at me as I moved my petite little body. I went over and took Josh’s hands and invited him to dance with me. We were just getting in a groove when Keith tried to join. They started to push each other and I knew another fight was about to start.”STOP IT!” I yelledIt startled both of them and they looked at me. It was dead silent for a moment but then we could hear the bed squeaking down the hall. Both of the guys smiled at the sound of fucking. I also noticed that both of them had big tents in the front of their trunks.”You guys are going to have to stop all this fighting!” I said as the squeaking was joined with gently moans and heavy breathing”I guess you are going to have pick one of us so the loser can get out of the way since we both like you.” Keith saidI really understood for the first time that these two guys were competing for my attention. The problem was I did like them both. I looked at Keith and he was being smug as he felt as the older, taller and bigger guy that he was the natural choice. Josh apparently felt the same as he looked like he had already been beat. I could hear voices down the hall as the fucking was getting harder.”I don’t want to choose! I like you both! Can’t we just have some fun? It’s not like we are going to get married! You just want to have some fun and so do I!”I walked over to Josh and kissed him on the lips. His tongue quickly slid into my mouth. I pulled away and then walked over to Keith and kissed his mouth next.”You see we can all have fun and I do not have to choose!” I saidDown the hall we could hear Brian groan as he emptied his balls with Lisa’s help.We all sat down on the couch and I took turns kissing each of them. Their hands roamed over my tits and down to my pussy which was getting wetter by the minute. My own hands reached for both cocks and I stroked them through their trunks. One of them untied my top and my nipples were exposed. Josh lowered his mouth and sucked my tits for the first time. I loved the feeling while I felt Keith’s finger work into my bikini bottom and started stroking my pussy slit while he French-kissed me.”Show me your cocks! I want to see them!” I beggedThey quickly pulled off their clothes and I wrapped my hands around two cocks and started pumping. I could see juices flowing from the little holes at the top of both ducks. The guys both leaned back and moaned as I stroked them. I felt so sexy and even powerful as they both were lost in their passion. I looked up to see Lisa and Brian watching and I grinned at them. Suddenly Keith’s cock exploded with cum shooting all over the place. Josh groaned and his cock shot an even bigger load with much if it landing on my stomach and thighs. I watched as Lisa grabbed Brian’s dick and lead him back to the bedroom.”That was fucking awesome!” Josh said”Fuck yeah!” Add Keith”Well I need to cum too!” I said as my pussy was demanding some attention”I know what to do! Watch this little b*o!” Keith said as he knelt in front of me and spread my legs.I could feel his warm breath on my excited pussy. He then moved forward and kissed bahis siteleri canlı my hot little hole. He then licked from the hole up to my clit and sucked my little nub between his lips. My breathing got harder and then Josh kissed my open mouth. His hands pinched my nipples. My head was spinning and my hips were jerking. My orgasm hit me like a runaway truck. I felt like my pussy coming right out of my body! I had never felt like this! I just kept cumming and cumming! Finally my body started to calm down a little and as I opened my eyes I could see both guys looking at me with desire.Both Josh and Keith had stiff cocks again and I slid off the couch onto my knees. I thought “I ‘m going suck both of their big cocks!” I licked my lips as I stroked both cocks. They were looking at me and I was staring up at them. I leaned towards Keith’s cock and kissed it just under the head. I could see the veins in the cock throbbing as I licked from the balls to the tip. I then tasted his pre-cum and I knew I wanted more. My mouth opened and for the first time in my life I took a cock into my mouth. My pussy flooded with juices again.”Oh Shelby that feels fucking great!” He moanedI looked over at Josh and squeezed his cock so that he knew I was not forgetting him. I let Keith slip from my mouth and I licked the pre-cum from Josh’s cock. I then took as much of him as I could get in mouth. I started pumping on his wonderful dick. My mind was filled with passion as Josh’s thick cock slid in and out of my mouth. I felt so sexy as I felt the head of his cock touch the back of my mouth. I stated to gagged but I controlled my reflexes and took him even deeper. I switched back to Keith’s cock and I worked his cock like I was possessed. I looked up and saw him looking down at me with absolute passion in his eyes. I knew at that point he would do anything I wanted! This was the power that every woman could hold over a man. I sat back a smiled a seductive smile at him and he just moaned. I then moved back to Josh’s big cock. He may have been four years younger but his cock was just slightly larger. I focused on taking as much of his dick in mouth as I could. He grabbed my head and pumped his cock in and out of my teen mouth. I looked up and he groaned and shot a load of sperm into my mouth. I was surprised but I knew I wanted to swallow it down. I was shocked at how good his spunk tasted and I wondered if Keith’s would taste as good! Josh collapsed on the couch and watched as I went back to Keith’s cock.I could see the dick jerking in its own from excitement as I kissed and licked it again. I then leaned forward and started pumping with my lips and hand. I felt his cock throb and I knew my mouth was going to be filled again with sperm. I wanted it so bad! I looked up and could see the veins in his neck standing out as he tried hold back but I knew that I would win.”Cummmmmmming!!!” He shoutedMy mouth felt his cock explode as strong streams of cum hit the back if my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could but some of it dripped down my chin. I sat back on my knees and looked up at my two young studs and felt proud at how satisfied they were. I looked over my shoulder and I saw Lisa and Brian standing watching the whole seen. Lisa had a look of jealousy on her face while Brian just gave a smile that said he was going to get his chance with me soon.“Well if my two pervert brothers can get their clothes on we better get back to the beach before dad comes back.” Lisa saidLisa did not know it but her mom was having a good time at that momentTo be continued…..(A word from the author. This story is a creation of only my perverted mind. If you enjoyed the story show your appreciation with a thumb up or a comment. Please visit my profile to sample other tales from my perverted mind. I am always looking for new ideas so message me with any thoughts.)

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