Mom Wanted More Than A Kiss

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Mom Wanted More Than A KissI had to move back in with my parents six months ago after splitting up with the wife. I found it a little weird and slightly disturbing listening to them fucking once a week, sometimes twice a week as mom is a little loud while begging dad to fuck her. It is hard looking her in the face at the breakfast table the next morning when you know what she has been doing, but our mornings can get hectic so that thought is soon banished.Dad is already away to work but mom and I leave at the same time and there has been times when one of us has walked in to the bathroom to fine the other one drying themselves, the towel hastily pulled up and nothing said, just a polite smile as you walk out the door. It’s no better since mom retire a month ago, she still gets up at the same time and we still fight for the bathroom but now after her shower she puts on a long oversized cotton tee-shirt come nightie and it is hard to take your eyes away from her big swinging tits at the breakfast table.She says she still has to get up to make my sandwiches for my lunch, which she started doing when I moved back in. At the start, she would point to her cheek for a kiss before she would hand them over but more recently, she has started to ask for a kiss on the lips.I give her a kiss to retrieve my sandwiches before leaving for work “Kiss me with more meaning,” she says, “These sandwiches are worth more than that”I try a second kiss”Better” she says “Now once more, a little longer this time”Our lips touched and mom started to moan softly, before I knew her hand was on the back of my head pulling us together. All thought of my mom were forgot as I responded to her. I grabbed her bum with one hand and give it a squeeze to fine she wasn’t wearing any knickers and she moaned some more. Passion to over and lack of female company and I found myself slipping my hand between us to feel her tit. Her grip tightened on my head as I felt her tit, all big and heavy cradled in my hand, her nipple started to react, hardening and enlarging against my fingers. Just then, mom’s tongue came bursting through my lips and in to my mouth.There was a frantic fight with our tongues and I felt mom hoisting her nightie up between us, our hands touched and I automatically slipped my hand on to her bare breast. It was all soft and warm as I cradled it again and she let out a long soft moan. Mom’s hand left my head and now her two hands frantically tugged at my trousers, pulling the zip down and undoing the button to let them fall down. Her hand pressed against my cock and she seemed pleased with what she felt as her kissing intensified.I felt the waistband of my boxers being pulled outwards and gently pulled over my throbbing cock. My cock rubbed up against mom’s bare-naked body and I squeeze her bum cheek again.Just then contact was broken between our lips as mom stepped backwards, my hand fell from her bum and from her breast as her nightie slipped back down to cover her naked body.Mom looked at me, trousers around my feet and boxers half way down my legs with a mighty hard cock throbbing with its bell end exposed and covered in pre cum. It wasn’t long before I knew what her intentions were as she grabbed the hem of her nightie and started to pull it up and over her head.Mom stood in front of me with her 63-year-old body totally naked, her big sagging tits and a big hairy fanny spreading upwards and outwards over her age related mummy tummy. Mom is no stunner to look at, a few pound over weight, but seeing her naked made me think again, there was something about her big solid tits sagging and plump tummy that made her fanny stick out and she had the most shapely legs.She took one-step closer and grabbed my hand, fetching it on to her ample sized tit then went to grab hold of my cock. As she fingered it, she moaned softly then started to slip her fingers back and forth along it.Mom started to sink on to her knees and now her face was only inches from my rod of steel, watching intently at the big bulbous head squeezing through her fingers. Her other hand cupped my dangling balls, softly squeezing them.She pushed my cock up against my tummy as she went to kiss my balls one at a time, then suck one in to her mouth and I could feel her tongue flicking over it.Mom let it fall from her mouth eventually then she started to kiss her way up the underside of my shaft. She dropped her hand from my cock letting my cock fall to its natural hard on position, looking upwards at forty-five degrees.I watched as mom’s tongue flicked the now big angry looking tip and worked her tongue behind the bell end. She looked up and our eyes made contact as her lips slipped over my cock end.I grunted aloud as her lips closed and started to slip down my shaft”Arrrrrrrrrrr mam”She started bobbing back and forth and I held on to her head and started to fuck her mouth”Arrrrrrrrrr mam” Was all I could say with her being the first woman in nearly a yearShe took hold of my cock in her hand and started twisting and turning it as she went back and forth, faster and faster”Mom I’m going to come”With her other hand she gripped my arse, making sure I couldn’t pull out, now I knew what her intentions were, have me, her son come inside her mouth.A years worth of cum bubbled up in my balls”Mam” I shouted I could feel it working up my shaft then it happened, one might eruption. My cock bucked and twitched upwards inside her mouth as her grip intensified on my arse, pulling us tighter together.She guzzled on my white creamy cum as my cock pump load after load into her mouth. Our eyes made contact again and I just knew she was enjoying it with the look on her face, unlike my ex wife.She worked her hand back and forth fetching the last few drops along the shaft and in to her mouth before pulling off. Now semi hard she held it still while licking any remaining creamy manisa escort cum from her son cock end.My eyes followed her as she stood up and wiped the sides of her mouth with her finger before licking it clean too. She stepped back against the table and hoisted herself on to it, raised a leg on to a chair by the side and exposing herself.Her sticky out fanny lips opened slightly, all pink, twisted and wrinkly. Then her fingers slipped down each side parting her lips more to expose her clit.”Lick me love”I sank to my knees taking in the wonderful sight of my mom’s big hairy fanny in front of me, held open by her splayed fingers. I heard her gasp with my first touch of my tongue on her clit and a little lift up in to my face.Mom seemed desperate and wanting as I flicked my tongue over her button before sucking it in to my mouth. Her hand came back on to my head and pulled me tight in to her as she moaned and bucked, lifting herself up against me.I slipped a finger along her slit and it felt all warm and wet and soon found her love tunnel. Mom moaned loudly as one became two then I had three fingers shoved up mom’s ageing fanny.All I could hear was the sound of her wet sloppy fanny and loud moans as she came on my fingers. Her insides contracting around my fingers covered in her warm love juices.The weight of her was held on my head pulling in to her fanny as she was overcome with her orgasm, eventually being released to see a broad smile on mom’s face.”Come and kiss me love”I stood up in front of her, our body’s touching as we kissed, then she realized I was rock hard again with her wandering hand. She tried pushing me back while still kissing, lowering my cock and aiming it to the entrance of her fanny; it slipped in with ease so far.”Arrrrrr yes”She leant back on her arms and we were able to see my cock disappearing up inside her”Arrrrrrrrrr yessssssss push it in” she saidI pushed past the tight spot and mom give a grunt as I slowly started to rock back and forth for a couple of minutes”Fuck me from behind” mom askedI withdrew my cock watching her fanny lips slip down the length of my shaft before closing slightly. Mom quickly got off the table, bent over and rested her head on one arm while her other hand came between her legs looking for my cock.She lined me up well with her entrance and I pushed in to her wet sloppy love hole, mom panting and grunting as she took the full seven inches of her son’s fat cock inside her.Grabbing her hips, I started to thrust back and forth gently at first as we got used to a rhythm between us. Mom continued moaning and the pace quickened”Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr yes, keep going love”Our two bodies rocked back and forth and I could only guess what her tits and her tummy were doing swinging wildly about. I slipped a hand forward trying to grab hold of her tit and when I took it in my hand; I was surprised at the size of her nipple.Rubbing her nipple between my fingers made her buck back in to me as a slapping of body’s between us started”Go on Fuck me” she shoutedI dropped her tit and grabbed her waist again and started to fuck her hard”Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr yeessssss” she cried over and overHer body tensed and her fanny became wet with her orgasm but I kept thrusting my cock in and out as the sloppy noise got louder.Mom quickened her breathing”Arrrrrrrrrr yesssss, keep going, keep going,” she criedI banged my mom with force as I was about to explode, one mighty squirt was followed by another squirting deep inside where I was made.Mom was panting hard building up to another orgasm, which I could not deny her. I pushed my squirting cock in deep giving an extra push at the end. Mom give a little shriek then again and again, as I did the same each time.She flopped down on to the table panting hard as her fanny went in to spasm, nipping and drawing my cum out from my cock end. We stayed coupled together long after the last of my seed was sprayed deep in to my mom fanny and I started to take in what had just happened, I had just fucked my mom.My now floppy cock slipped out and a stream of love juice followed running down the inside of her leg. Mom flopped down on to a seat at the table, puffing madly but smiling also.”Thank you,” she said panting”Are you alright?” I asked”I am now, god I wish your dad was still able to last, it’s been a while since I’ve had proper sex””But I hear you twice a week some times mom””I know but he never gets to the end before he loses it, I have to keep encouraging him to last””Oh” was all I could think to say”You’re going to be late for work,” she added”And who’s fault is that?” I askedI pulled up my trousers, took one long last look at mom sitting naked and headed out the door. That night when I got back home I could see mom was in the kitchen preparing tea, I was a little nerves when I opened the door unsure what mom’s reaction would be after what happened this morning. She turned when I came in to the kitchen and smiled, and then I noticed she was dressed like she was going out in a dress and black nylons.“Are you and dad going out” I asked“No, your dad at the football, he won’t be back before eleven” Mom said Mom turned back to what she was doing at the bench “What about giving me a hug” mom askedI stood behind her waiting to see if she was going to turn around but she stepped backwards in to me and I wrapped my arms around her motherly tummy.Her hands clamped on to mine and she started to move them around her tummy with little circles at first. Mom started to breathe a little deeper while one hands started to drop off her tummy and skim over her fanny and her other hand was moving mine on to her breast.Mom started moving about, rubbing up and gyrating her arse against my cock, which was stiffening all the time. Her hand slipped off my hand that was on her breast and she started to undo the top buttons of her dress. manisa escort bayan I felt her dress pull past my fingers and now I was touching my mom’s fully loaded lacy bra.She took my other hand down the front of her leg, making sure I felt her suspender with my finger many times. Mom then slid our hands through the unfastened opening of her dress and straight on to her naked leg spilling out over her stocking top.Mom let out a long sigh as she fetched my hand on to her mighty hairy fanny and I was surprised and found it very arousing to find her without any knickers. Her legs parted giving me easier access to her hanging down fanny lips, which by now was warm and moist.Mom made sure my fingers parted her fanny lips and started to rock back and forth, she then pulled the cup of her bra down and my hand was now on her bare tit. I kissed her neck and she tilted her head away then pushed my fingers inside her.She started to moan “arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr yessssssssss”I found her clit with my thumb and started to rub against it while finger fucking my mom. Mom started to ride my fingers, getting faster and fetching herself off; she let out long moan then a warm feeling spread over my fingers that were still inside her.I held her tight against me, listening to her panting and slid my fingers out from her“Let’s go upstairs” mom saidI followed mom in to my room, she turned and started to undo the rest of the buttons on her dress then opened it fully to her son.Mom looked very sexy holding her dress open with her cream lacy bra and one tit hanging out from it and her black stockings held up with a wide black suspender belt. I started undressing as mom let her dress slide to the floor; I was naked in seconds with a raging hard on, pointing at mom.Mom backed on to my bed, lay down, raised her legs and parted them. I knelt at her feet and ran my hand up her stocking leg, mom grabbed my hand“I want you inside me now” mom said while pulling me over her.I then felt her hand around my cock, pulling me towards her glory hole, she rubbed my cock along her lips then I felt her lift on to me. My cock was suffocated in the warm wetness of mom’s fanny as her hands grabbed on to my arse.It slipped in with ease at first, then mom grunted when I pushed that last inch inside, right up to my balls. Mom looked up and smiled, a dirty looking wicked smile right across her face.I started slowly, using the full length of my cock inside her, she moaned softly as I filled her love hole full many times over. I then started to feel mom lifting herself up on to my cock, wanting it just that little bit sooner.Still on my arms I looked down between us, mom’s one naked tit stood proud, held in place with her bra that was still covering her other tit. I tried bending down to kiss it but it was out of retch. I so wanted that tit, I slid my cock all the way out of mom’s fanny and clamped my mouth around her nipple.Something happened between us at that point, mom’s hand pulled my head and squashed me in and on to her tit.“Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr yeessssssss” mom moaned “Suck me like you used too”I sucked on her nipple till it was twice its size in my mouth, then I felt mom pull the bra down off her other tit and I swapped nipples.By now mom was moaning and panting and I was only sucking on her nipple. I broke off and looked up then mom tugged at my arms, pulling me up over her. Our mouths locked together, our tongues fought, we panted out of breath.My cock slipped back inside and mom kissed with new passion, her legs came over mine and knotted us together. I broke lip contact, rose on to my arms, and started the slow in and out motion of the full length of my cock.Mom grunted with each new thrust, which excited me even more, the pace picked up and I was hammering my cock even harder in to my mom and she was loving it. The bed started to rock back and forth, the headboard hit against the wall and mom shouted out for more.Her legs tightened around mine, her finger nails dug in to my arse and I just kept on fucking her like some machine and trying desperately to hold back.“I’m coming,” she screamedI felt the swell rising up my cock and shoved it as far in to my moms fanny as I could and held there. It squirted out of my cock end with a mighty force and flow.Mom dug her fingernails in even harder as I started to fill her fanny full of her son’s creamy cum. I could feel her fanny muscles rippling down my cock in waves, drawing my seed out from my cock end for another good squirt inside her.We were panting hard but not moving, just letting out joined mother and son sex parts do there job. I lowered down and kissed mom, her tongue pushed straight past my lips and it was the most passionate wet sloppy kiss I had ever experienced. Eventually her legs unknotted from mine and I climbed off mom and on to the bed, I couldn’t resist having another suck of her tits before laying down and sucked her nipple in to my mouth and she started to whimper straight away. I sucked it lovingly knowing mom was getting pleasure from it then lay down on my side facing her. I took in the wonderful sight next to me and ran my hand over her black lacy suspender belt and down her suspenders.“Do you like stocking?” mom asked“I do mom, but Crissy (ex wife) would never wear them for me”“You poor boy” mom said “I hoped you would when I decided to put then on”“Thanks mom”I ran my hand back up her suspender, over her tummy and back on to her tit“Can you remember feeding on them?” mom asked“Not really”“You could just about give me an orgasm by yourself feeding off my tits”“Mom” I said“It true, you could suck like anything, but when you got your teeth you would bite my nipples and send me wild”“Did I”“You would be about four and I would give you the leftovers after your s*s ter was finished”“I can’t remember that”“One day when you were finishing my milk escort manisa after your s*s ter, your dad caught me on the edge of an orgasm. I had my hand between my legs and he was not best pleased with me”“Really” I said“He’s never sucked on my nipples or played with my tits since that day, thought it was disgusting” mom said“He never plays with them at all?” I asked“No, I have to play with them myself now a days” Mom said “At least they are big enough to get them up to my mouth” mom said laughing My mind ran riot thinking of this, mom sucking her own nipples for self-satisfaction.Mom sat up and undid her bra“Ar that’s better” she said, “Dam thing was cutting in to me”She lent over and dangled her tit in to my face and I caught her nipple and started sucking on it. Then I felt her hand around my cock, still soft but life was coming back to him.Her hand worked wonders on it, rubbing it, squeezing it and pulling on it until it was full size again. Mom pulled her nipple from my mouth and shuffled down the bed, pushed me on to my back then bent down and licked the tip of my cock.She pushed my cock against my tummy then started to lick the full length of it, taking in the taste of a mixture of her love juice and mine. I grabbed her shoulder length hair and pulled it out of the way so I could watch her lick me clean.Mom looked up some time later with the naughty smile then moved to her side of the bed and got on to all fours. “We better be quick” mom saidI knelt behind moms parted legs with her fanny just starting to leak now and noticed her suspenders all taught, pulling at her miss shaped stocking tops. I pointed my cock to her entrance and it slipped in with ease and mom give that pleasurable grunt again, I held on to her hips pushing the full seven inches of my cock back and forth in to her wet sloppy love hole.“Arrrrrrrr yeessssssssssssss” Mom squealed outThere was no need to hold back for fear of coming to soon and I fucked her like there was no tomorrow. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw our reflection in a mirror; mom’s dangling tits were swinging wildly about.I retched forward and managed to get a hold of them, her nipples were rock hard in the palms of my hands. I let them slip until I had my fingers and thumbs around the hard erections and mom squealed in delight again. She started to back on to my thrusts, banging and slapping our bodies together with a wet sloppy noise then rock forward again making her nipples stretch in my grip. She was loud and vocal through her panting, something new to me and that started to drive my wild. She had great stamina for her age and her fanny was taking all the cock I could give it.“Arrrrrr god Yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss” she howled “I’m coming”I dropped her nipples and grabbed her waist and banged her on to my cock, I could feel my balls swinging and hitting against her. “Go on, come in me love” mom encouraged “Arrrrrr yeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss mom”She pushed back on to me and I held her there, tight on my coming cock. There was less sperm to exchange this time but I could feel my cock bucking and twitching inside her with new vigour.My cock started to deflate which made her fanny burp with all the air that had been pumped in to her while fucking. I pulled my cock out and there was a rush of cum that came following after and little fanny farts.I watched our love juice heading down to her stocking top then mom closed her legs and got off the bed,“Undo me love” I sat on the side of the bed with mom in front of me holding her hand over her fanny“Do the stocking first please”I undid her suspenders slowly as she turned around then with her back to me I unclipped her suspender belt.“Would you like to take my stocking off,” mom askedShe turned and I started to roll the lacy top down her leg and off her foot, I did the same with the other stocking but this one was well covered in cum.“Go and start tea while I have a shower” mom saidTen minutes later, she came in to the kitchen wearing a tee shirt and joggers and straight away, you could tell she had a bra on by how firm her tits looked. She headed straight for me and kissed me“Thank you,” she said and before I could ask what for? She started kissing again.Tea over and washing up finished I decided tonight to sit with mom in the living room and watch some TV with her. We sat next to each other on the sofa and ended up like teenagers on a date, smooching and caressing one and other. Our hands always on the outside of our clothing but still having a good feel.Eventually I slipped my hand inside her joggers when we were still kissing and found her wearing knickers. I slipped my fingers under the waistband and slid inside and on to her hairy fanny, there is just something so sexy when you feel the stretch of a pair of knickers on the back of your hand.Her fanny felt wet and slack but it was her button I wanted to play with, with a soft gentle rubbing motion. Mom pushed back in to the sofa, lifting herself against my finger. She started to moan through the kissing then I felt her tense, then pant.Mom was coming once again“Quick suck my tits”I moved backwards and watched as mom pulled her tee shirt up to her bra then took hold of that and lifted both items over her tits.Her tits were free and flopped down with large erect nipples and I greedily started to suck on them“Lie in my lap please” mom askedI pulled my hand out from her knickers and quickly lay on the sofa with my head in her lap sucking on her hanging down tits.Mom cradled my head as I sucked and with her other hand on my chest, I lay there suckling mom without the milk but she would swap me from tit to tit as if she was feeding me once again.The front door banged some time later and I hurriedly sat upright, it was dad back and mom was trying to shove her tits back in to her bra and pull her tee shirt back down before he came in to the room.“Any good” he asked pointing at the TV“No nothing on” mom said“I’m off to bed then” he said “You coming?”“Yes I’ll be straight up” mom saidWe waited for him to get up stairs and we had one last kiss and cuddle before going to our different beds for the night.The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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