Moms Drawer

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Moms DrawerIt was kind of a dull rainy Saturday and Mom announced that she would begoing out to do some shopping for the afternoon. She asked if I would liketo accompany her, but up to that point I found her shopping quite boring -and besides, I had other things in mind. But first some background. I wasthen about 10 years old and by some crazy fluke had recently discovered aunexplainable fascination with my mother’s lingerie and, of all things -her shoes. Mom was in her late 20s and although not beautiful, was a verypretty brunette with a nice figure and a kindly manner. And she was smarttoo. I often got the sense that she knew more about things than she wasletting on with me. I can’t remember where my dad was that day. Perhapshe was working. He always seemed to be working odd shifts at a steel millin our city. Anyway, my Mom kissed me goodbye and said she’d be backaround supper time, and told me not to get into any trouble. She wasalways telling me this. I watched her get in the car and waved to her asshe drove away. I was already smiling as I thought about the afternoonahead.I walked into her bedroom and felt that same strange sense of mystery comeover me. It was as if this was a special place, because of someunexplained mystery that resided here. I don’t know, but I always felt atingle when I went into her bedroom. Her soft ever-present floral perfumewas in the air, mixed with a faint powdery fragrance. The combination ofthose two smells came to be “my Mom” for me.I gingerly approached her dresser, trying u*********sly not to make anynoise, even though there was no need for silence this afternoon. I knewfrom previous visits that top right drawer was for her panties, the leftone for her brassieres and stockings, and the deep wide middle one held herslips, girdles and pyjamas. I opened the panty drawer and looked for amoment, feeling such a sense of wonder and excitement. Her panties were amixture of white and pastels, and all were silky, cold and slippery totouch. I had always been partial to white, and today was no different. Idelicately lifted the top pair from the neatly-folded pile, opened them upheld them there before me. My face felt flushed and hot, and there was astirring in my middle. This was where my hesitation usually spoke up. Iknew that for some unknown reason, what I was doing or was about to do, wasprobably wrong. I knew I had no business in her room. Mom would certainlybe mad at me if she caught me in here going through her drawers. But shedid say she was going to be away for the whole afternoon. And what couldbe so wrong about looking through your Mom’s dresser drawers for a while?A quiet voice from deep inside me – one that I don’t think I even heard,was leading my actions. “I’ll do it,” I whispered to myself. I laid thepanties down, unbuckled my cowboy-style belt, and climbed out of mytrousers. I tossed them carelessly on the foot of Mom’s bed, and thenstepped out of my undershorts. It felt strange to be this naked, and itwas almost as if I could feel the air moving around the room on my exposedskin. The socks and tee-shirt were the next to go and they joined the pileon the bed. No time for neatness. I took Mom’s panties, and brought themto my face. It felt so nice to hold them against my cheek, and to inhaleher scent and feel the cool touch of her panties. It felt like my heartwas beating in my throat by this time, and my middle seemed like a furnace.I almost felt dizzy. I sought the label, trying to figure out front fromback, found it and slipped one leg, then the other through. I slowlypulled the panties all the way up until they cupped me and covered mymiddle. “Oh Mom” I thought, “they feel so good.” I felt jealous for amoment standing there, thinking that women could routinely wear suchbeautiful things as these. It didn’t seem fair. The feel of the fabricbrushing against me was so exciting and pleasureful. But I had a feelingthat there was something more at work here than just feel.I opened the left drawer and fumbled through her nylon stockings. Isettled upon a newish-looking pair that had the word “taupe” faintlystencilled across the bottom. I had seen Mom put on her stockings manytimes before, and knew what I should do, but I was so unpractised andnervous that I found myself almost struggling with them. It took somesquirming and some twisting but I finally managed to get them on. I was sointent upon the struggle of putting them on that I was only now gatheringin the sensations of these stockings on my legs and feet. The pleasure ofthe delicate sense of containment, and the coolness was hard to figure.And although I was puzzled at all of this, I knew with out any doubt that Iliked it a lot. A whole lot. I looked at myself in the dresser mirror,and strangely, it wasn’t me who was looking back. It was almost like thiswas someone else in the glass. I wanted more of the sensation of theseclothes so I walked a little bit within the limited space of the bedroom.It was then that I remembered the closet – and her shoes.I opened the closet door and lingered there for a moment deliberatelyinhaling the smell of her, I suppose given off from the high heels and theclothes that were hanging there. I remember puzzling there for a momentover the word “pumps”. I didn’t understand this word, but Mom seemed touse it interchangeably with “high heels”. Anyway, I put this uncertaintyaside and once again took in the fragrance of my her closet – more of her.This was so exciting but I was thinking that there is something missing.Something more. What is it? My gaze eventually fell upon a particularpair of her high heels sitting on the hardwood floor beneath the umbrellaof her dresses. The navy blue shoes had several thin leather straps acrossthe top – almost like a sandal, and a small tapered opening where the toeswould be. The heel was open but there was a strap that went around theback of the heel and then around the ankle. It had a dainty buckle. Ibent over and picked them up – handling them as if they were in some wayholy. I backed up a couple of steps and sat on the edge of her bed.Lifting my leg up, I slipped my foot into her right shoe. It fit so snugand perfect. I struggled with the tiny buckle behind my heel, and aftertightening it was finally able to fasten it. It was a tiny replica of myown belt buckle but I was unaccustomed to the dainty size and theawkwardness of it being on the side of my ankle. With much the samedifficulty I finally managed to get the left one fastened as well.Afterwards I sat there looking at myself, taking into view the stockings,the high heels, the panties, and feeling the powerful flood of newsensations. I sat there for more than a few moments trying to figure allof this out. No answers came. Finally I put my hands behind me, pushedagainst the bed and managed to get myself to a standing position. I closedthe closet door and looked at myself in the full length mirror. I sawnothing above the waist of the person in the glass. I ventured a fewunsteady steps and liked it immediately in the high heels. I felt like adifferent person. Reaching the dresser, I tucked my thumbs into thewaistband and pulled the panties up more snugly on me. I felt faint. Ifelt alive. I felt very excited. My nyloned thighs rubbed when I moved.The panties rustled against me. And the shoes held my feet captive totheir magic. Time seemed to stop for me. I felt so disconnected that Ialmost didn’t hear the car.Suddenly reality snapped back. I dashed clumsily to the livingroom, openedthe sheer curtain and to my horror saw mom’s car slowly coming to a stop inthe driveway. Dropping the curtain I ran back into her bedroom. My headwas spinning. I felt panic in my throat and my heart felt like it wouldexplode. What would I do? Escape was out of the question. For want ofsome better plan, I slipped into the closet and closed the door. All thesounds were muffled in the darkness there, and the perfume of her personalodours was heavy. Heady. I was amazed that I could be thinking thesethoughts just seconds away from being caught by my mother. I heard thefront door open and she called out “Hi Honey. I was caught in a downpourand got soaked. I have to change and pick up the umbrella.” I heard herkick off her shoes and followed the sounds of her footsteps. “Jimmie.Where güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri are you Honey?” How could I answer her? Maybe if I kept silent shewould think I went out to play. I knew she was looking for me through thehouse. She was just outside the bedroom when she called out my name again.By this time, the full sense of my disaster was upon me and I was afraidand ashamed. Tears welled up in my eyes and I began to quietly cry tomyself. I heard her hand on the closet door, imagined the door handleturning and suddenly there she was, standing in the blinding light gazinginto her closet. I think it must have taken a few seconds for the scene toregister on her. Her eyes finally fell on me, partially hidden in the wallof her dresses, and what seemed like minutes went by before she put herhand to mouth and said “Oh Jimmie! I was worried…” Through the tears Isaw the frown slowly build on her face and she bent slightly towards me andsaid “Honey, what are you doing in mommy’s closet? And dressed in herclothes?” I turned my face away in shame and let the tears flow. I felt sovulnerable and humiliated as I stood there before her. But strangely, deepdeep down within my feelings, I sensed a certain pleasure in all of this.This really confused me.She reached out her hand, took mine and gently led me from the closet.”Come on Honey. Mommy’ll give you a kleenex.” She sat me down at the footof the bed beside my clothes. It was only then that I noticed how wet shewas. Her hair was hanging in limp curls and her blouse was transparentfrom the rain. She was drenched. “I have to get this wet blouse offbefore I get a cold” she muttered almost to herself. She turned and facedthe dresser mirror, unbuttoned her white top and slipped out of it.Tossing it to the side, she grabbed a couple of kleenex and turned to me.She bent over to me and gently dabbed the still flowing tears from my eyes.Feeling somewhat more assured, I timidly lifted my eyes up towards herface, but my glance was halted by the sight of her white brassiere, and herbreasts. I could not hide my interest in this part of her. I knew that itwas wrong, and that I was already in trouble enough, but I just could nottear my eyes from the sight of her breasts. This was one of thosebrassieres that look like a bathing suit – no shoulder straps, and low cut.I remember whispering to myself the words, “Holy jeez Mom…” I guess sheheard me, because she smiled slightly and asked “Is there something wrongwith Mommy’s breasts Jimmie?” She held her position there like that, bentover in front of me, still occasionally dabbing my eyes. I mean, theylooked so… so nice, suspended there before me.She stood up and turned to the mirror again and said to me, “You knowHoney, I will have to punish you for this. You went into Mommy’s thingswithout permission.” Then, almost as an afterthought she said, “But thatcan wait. This bra is soaked and I’m freezing.” She reached around behindher and fumbled with the bra fastener. I knew I was still in big trouble,but I couldn’t help being fascinated by her actions. She backed closer tome and said “Jimmie, Mommy’s having trouble with this wet bra. Can youunhook the strap for me?” Almost trance-like, I reached up undid the hookwithout any difficulty. I released right strap, but for some reason hungon to the left one. The brassiere fell away from her breasts and I wasleft holding it as it dangled by a single strap from my outstretched hand.She turned to face me, and as she bent over and kissed me on the forehead,she smiled and said “Thank you Honey”. Oh God. There they were again,this time hanging there totally uncovered. Oh they looked so full andround and inviting. She held that pose there, bent over like that, gentlysmiling. I was hypnotized by her breasts. “I guess you’ve never seenMommy’s breasts before have you Honey?” I slowly shook my head from side toside while still holding her breasts in my gaze. I suddenly felt hot allover. My heart was beating like a jack-hammer, and my face felt flushed.Too much was happening too fast.”You know Honey, when you were a tiny baby, Mommy used to feed you her milkthrough her breasts.” And slowly taking the reddish-brown part of the tipof her breast in her fingers, she looked at me and said “You used to suckright here, and Mommy’s milk would flow into your tiny hungry mouth. Iliked that feeling Honey. Feeding you I mean. You were always hungry andyou sucked me so greedily.” At this she edged closer to me until her leftbreast was almost up against my face, but still not touching me. I couldsmell her now. And I could smell her breasts. It was a new smell to me.Almost metallic, but soft. “Jimmie, are you sorry that you went intoMommy’s things without her permission?” I nodded. “Then here, kiss Mommy’snipple to show her how sorry you are.” And at this she leaned even closeroffering her breast to me. The word “nipple” was new to me, but I figuredit out O.K. Boy I felt embarrassed. I mean heck, I was 10 years old, andlook what she was asking me to do. Anyway, I leaned forward and put myclosed lips against her breast and made the kiss sound, then backed my headaway. “No Jimmie. That wasn’t a kiss. Mommy wants you to open your lips,wet them and then kiss her there. Now do that Honey or Mommy’s gonna getmad. You are still going to be punished and if you don’t do as I say now,the punishment will be worse for you.” I wondered how you could kiss withyour lips open. Everybody knows it’s hard to make the kiss sound with yourlips open. Jeez. Anyway, I opened my lips, licked them with what littlemoisture was left in my mouth, and laid them against her breast. “Now staythere Hon. Open your lips more and suck gently on Mommy’s tiddy. That’show Mommy wants you to kiss her nipple.” “O.K. Mom” I silently said insidemy head. I opened my mouth wider – like I do when I suck those bigten-cent lollipops – and I sucked on her breast. I felt c***dish doingthis, but for some reason I liked this closeness with Mom. I suckedeagerly, and even took more of her breast into my mouth as I worked hertiddy in and out of my mouth. She must have like this, because she moaned”Ohhhh Jimmie…” and reached around and cupped the back of my head andbrought me closer to her chest. I wasn’t sure what was happening here, butit was pretty clear that she liked it, and I was beginning to like it too.”Oh Sweetie that feels so good. Now be a good boy and do my other tiddyfor me.” She moved slightly sideways and I turned my head to her rightbreast – or tiddy. I liked that word. It sounded nice to me. I began tosuck on that one even more than the other, and she was beginning to breathemore quickly, and moan under her breath. She reached down and took myright hand in hers, and making a cup of my hand with hers, place it againsther left tiddy. It was so soft, but firm and hot. It was nice to touch.”Squeeze Mommy’s tiddy Honey. Squeeze it hard for Mommy. Don’t worry.You won’t hurt me.” This brought even heavier and faster breathing and shepulled me harder into her chest – so hard that it was almost hard tobreathe. But I continued to suck and squeeze her until my mouth and handwere getting sore. Sensing this, she patted me gently on the head andmoved away. I released her from my mouth but still held her cupped in myright hand. “That was wonderful Honey. You made Mommy feel very nice.What did you think of that?”My head was swimming. I stood up, and only then remembered that I wasstill wearing Mom’s high heels, stockings and her white panties. Shebacked away from me and said “Now let me have a look at you Jimmie. Youknow Honey, you’d make a sweet little girl.” At this she extended her righthand, and laid her pointed index finger on my nose. She held it there,shook her head from side to side and said “You know baby, you werenaughty.” Then she began to trace a line with her finger, down from my noseto my chin, my throat and then she stopped at my chest. She flicked myreddish brown spots, my nipples I guess, with her red-painted fingernail.It sort of tickled. I wiggled slightly. Then she began tracing thisimaginary line again, moving steadily downwards across my stomach.Part IIHer finger stopped just above the elastic of the panties. She hooked herfinger into the waistband, pulled perabet güvenilir mi it slightly and lifted her eyes to mine.She must have seen the discomfort and uncertainty in my face, but I reallythink she was enjoying this. “Hmmm Jimmie. What have we here?” I lookeddown and for the first time noticed the hardness of my penis. Mom let theelastic go with a snap and it caused me to almost leap into the air insurprise. She bent slightly, cupped my testicles in her palm and began torub me there. “Do you like what Mommy is doing Jimmie? Does it feelnice?” It was really making me excited. Everything in me seemed to bethrobbing, and this soft beautiful feeling was washing over me, almost inwaves that seemed to start in my middle and move out from there. I lookeddown and watched Mom rub me there, almost detached as if she were doingthis to someone else. I saw that my thing had grown much bigger and waspressing against the inside of Mom’s panties, almost making a tent. Thepleasure from her rubbing was changing, getting more intense. I didn’tknow how much more of this I could take. Suddenly she stopped and withdrewher hand from my penis. I sighed. It was almost pain to have the touchesstop. In a blur she turned and sat herself down on the edge of the bed.The next thing I knew I was lying across her knees on my stomach. “I toldyou there was punishment coming Jimmie.” With that she began to slap mevery hard across the silken panel that hugged my bottom. It stung morethan anything I can remember. Again and again. Each time she hit me mywhole body convulsed and I was flooded with this hot stinging pain on mybum. Strangely she was also moving her legs in some way that caused themto rub against the front of me. Suddenly the whole world clouded over andsome kind of wonderful feeling carried me away. The feeling came from mypenis I think and it was intensely beautiful. My panting from her spankingnow mixed with this other thing, and I was for a few seconds conscious ofthe pain from her slaps, and of the pleasure feeling. The centre of meseemed to contract intensely, again and again. I tingled all over. Therewas a ringing in my ears, and my legs and hips felt strangely almostelectrified. And then it started to weaken in intensity, and soondisappeared. I noticed that the spanking had also stopped. I lay therelimp across my Mom’s knees, still panting, and sweating, my heart beatingfiercely. “Up you get Son. Come on. Stand up.” It was hard to get upfrom this position, but I was finally able to raise myself, with her help.I faltered as I stood, remembering the high heels. “Now turn to me Son.Do you know why I spanked you?” “Because I went into your drawers Mom.””Not quite Honey. More correctly, because you went into my drawers withoutasking my permission. I think it’s cute that you care so much for Mommythat you want to touch and wear her things, but you must have my permissionbefore you do this again. Is that clear?” “Yes Mom.”She moved me back away from her with a gentle push. My crotch felt coldand wet. I think I frowned and then looked down at my middle. “My myJimmie, look at the mess you have made in Mommy’s panties. ” I thought tomyself that I am really in for it now. She gently tugged the panties downover my hips and helped me step out of them. I looked at my penis,wondering about all of this. It was still kind of swollen, but not nearlyas big as before. And it had this white slippery stuff all over it. Momtook my penis in between her fingers and pulled me towards where she wassitting. “Do you know what has just happened her Hon?” I shook my headfrom side to side. “Tonight we will talk some more about this. Maybe atbedtime. In the meanwhile, put these on or you’ll get a cold.” With thatshe released me, then handed me a clean pair of her panties from the stillopen drawer. I took them, by now totally confused but not arguing. Shereached into her other drawer and took out one of her long slips. one withshoulder straps. “Put this on too.” I must have looked afraid because shethen smiled at me. It was such a picture, Mom sitting there on the bed,with nothing on over her and her beautiful tiddies hanging out. Mestanding there in her high heels, stockings and panties, now being offeredher slip. Holy smokes. This was weird. But it was also great. “For nowSon, you have my permission to dress up. Now leave me for a moment while Iget some things on myself. I’m freezing.” She leaned over and gave me asoft moist kiss right square on my lips. Wow. She never kissed me likethat before.Part IIIAfter a few minutes Mom came out of the bedroom wearing some differentclothes. I was easy to find because of the clicking of her high heels onthe floor. Walking around the house had taken on a whole new perspectivefor me, and I was happier than ever before. She came round the corner inthe kitchen, saw me there and stopped. She smiled and shook her headslightly from side to side. “My my. You do look cute.” She walked overand untwisted the shoulder straps of the slip. She said she was going outagain to finish her errands, and that she would be back in time to makesupper. She bent and kissed me, and without warning put her arms around meand pulled me close to her in a tight hug. I liked being held by her likethis. It was a different kind of hug than I was used to, and I wasespecially conscious of the press of her tiddies against me. Then she letme go, and with her finger placed a kiss on the tip of my nose. “See yalater Hon.” I remember the feeling of affection, admiration and attractionI felt as I watched her walk to the front door. Boy, what a great Mom.When she returned from her shopping, she found me asleep on her bed, stilldressed in her things. She woke me with a kiss on the forehead, and said”Hi sleepy.” It seemed hard to shake of the drowsiness, and as I tookaccount of my circumstances, I suddenly realized that I was still dressedup, even still wearing Mom’s high heels. Then the whole afternoon cameback, but at that point it all seemed a little too dream-like to be real.In the meanwhile, Mom brought back a steaming washcloth and wiped my face.I was more awake and finally decided this wasn’t a dream It was real. Momtold me to get changed back into my jeans and things, and to leave herstuff on the bed when I was finished changing. She left me alone for a fewmoments in her bedroom. I didn’t want to put her things away, but I hadthe feeling there would be more chances to enjoy Mom’s clothes in thefuture.Supper was uneventful, and even though I was still a bit aglow from theafternoon adventure, I didn’t say any more about it. Neither did Mom. Shewas just like always. After the dishes, we watched some TV together andabout 9:30 I got up from the sofa to go and have my bath. Mom put her handon my knee, patted me there and told me she would run my bath for me andcall me when it was ready. This was not part of the routine, but sincenothing that day had been routine I just sat there and waited. Minuteslater she called me and I grabbed my PJs and went into the bathroom. Theroom was warm and steamy and smelled really nice. “I thought you mightlike a special treat tonight, so I ran your bath with a bit of my specialbath lotion. Enjoy.” With that she was gone. I shed my clothes and stuckmy toe into the bubbles that were so thick and foamy. The water was hotand it took a few minutes to finally get into it, but once I did it feltgreat. The hot water, and maybe the stuff Mom put into the bath made mefeel so relaxed that I became drowsy. I think I even dozed for a fewminutes.Mom’s knock on the door jarred me back to my senses, and she asked if shecould come in. She opened the door and came in already dressed for bed andsmiling. “Hi lazy-bones. Looks like you enjoyed the special bath. Ibrought you a surprise. Your Dad just phoned and said he has to work adouble-shift, so he won’t be home tonight. I thought you might like tosnuggle up in Mom’s bed tonight. What do you say?” “Gee, sure Mom.” “Good,and to make it a real special visit, here’s a pair of my favorite baby-dollpyjamas for you to wear if you want.” She bent down and gathered up my PJsand walked out, humming to herself. I almost felt like pinching myself tosee if this was all real. I stood up and couldn’t help laughing tipobet at thecolour of my skin. I looked as red as a cooked lobster. I guess I wasn’tused to spending so much time in the tub.The baby-dolls that Mom left me were a pale blue colour, and were so silkyand slippery that they slid off the vanity onto the floor. I picked themup and looked more closely at them. The top was a really loose kind ofshirt with many small pleats al the way around – almost like the topspregnant women wear. It had short sleeves and a round neck, and wastrimmed in ther front with a bit of lace. The bottoms were like oldfashioned bloomers – really loose with an elastic waistband and evenelastic in the bottom of each leg. They almost would reach my knees. Islipped the top on over my head. The silky coolness felt welcome to my hotskin and it gave me goosebumps. It felt so nice. Not like my PJs at all.And the bottoms felt even better. Especially the way the top hung over thewaist and the two layers rubbed and felt so smooth. I was beginning tofeel that glow that I had in Mom’s bedroom in the afternoon. I was gettingexcited.Mom was waiting for me in the kitchen. She made a big fuss over the way Ilooked and we had a cup of hot chocolate together. Mom said that we wouldjump into bed shortly after cleaning up the kitchen and brushing our teeth.I wondered what it would be like to sleep with Mom. I don’t think I feltmuch like sleeping.Part IVMom had the covers all pulled down neatly so the bed looked so inviting.The small lamp on the bedside table made the room look very cosy and warm.I crawled into bed on the side away from the door – that way the nightmonsters would get Mom first. We laughed together at this joke. Then Momslipped in between the covers. She was also wearing baby-doll PJs, buthers were more frilly and the material was thinner. I knew this becauseyou could almost see through it. She turned to me and smiled. “Well Hon,are you ready for lights out?” And then she reached over and switched offthe lamp. We lay there for some minutes without speaking, and there wasalmost an awkwardness about it. Like I was supposed to say something.”Brrrr. It’s chilly. Aren’t you cold Jimmie?” I told her I was O.K. -well, maybe just a bit chilly. “Move over closer to Mommy and we’ll warmeach other.” She rolled on her right side to face me and slipped in closerto me so that we were almost pressed together. Her one arm was under herpillow and she laid the other across my chest. She shivered again andmoved even closer, this time laying her left leg on top of mine so that Iwas almost in a scissors made by her legs. “How’s this? Warmer now?” sheasked. Oh I was definitely getting warmer alright. “Jimmie? You rememberwhat you did to Mommy today that was so nice? Remember when you kissed hertiddies? Well, I have an idea. Let’s play a pretend game. Let’s pretendthat you are the baby and Mommy is going to feed you just like when youwere small. It would be nice for Mommy, and I think you might like it too.What do you say Hon?” I said “Sure Mom”, probably sounding a bit tooeager.She rolled on to her back and told me to move her pyjamas top up in thefront. Leaning up on one elbow, I extended my hand across her chestreaching for the edge of her top. I couldn’t see where I was reaching andaccidentally brushed against her tiddy under the covers. She gave ashudder through her whole body and exhaled sharply. “Oh Jimmie, do thatagain. Rub Mommy’s nipples there again.” I moved my hand back to the samespot and started to rub her gently through the material. Her nipples feltpointed underneath the PJ top. And very warm. I tried to be gentle withmy touches, using only my fingertips. It was very nice for me. I likedthe touch of Mom through this silky material. And it made me feelimportant to be able to please her with my rubbing. “Oh baby. Mommyreally likes this. You do this so well Jimmie darling. Do my other onenow Honey.” Mom seemed to be really breathing kind of hard by now, and shewas squirming, moving her legs a lot – first bending her knees and thenstraightening them, and opening and closing them. I almost thought for amoment that something was wrong. “You alright Mom? I mean….” “Mommy’sjust fine Jimmie. It’s just that you are giving me so much pleasure. Iwant you to suck Mommy’s tiddies now. Can you do that for me?” “Uh huhMom. Sure Mom…” And with no hesitation I lifted the covers from her andpulled them back, then moved the bottom of her PJ top up near her neck. Inthe dim light that came from outside I could seem Mom’s tiddies. Theyalmost looked like those melons she gives us in the summertime. I lovethose melons. “Go ahead Honey. Suck Mommy now.” I leaned over and tookher nipple into my open mouth. This time no instructions were needed. Ibegan to suck on her just like I thought a baby would – alternately suckingand releasing. I wanted to get more of her tiddy into my mouth and so Iopened wider and sucked harder. “Oh God Jimmie. That’s heavenly. Pleasedon’t stop. Ohhh…” By now Mom was really breathing hard and she wassquirming all over. She was moving her head from side to side and moaning.”Mom are you sure I’m not hurting you?” “I’m sure Honey. You’re nothurting Mommy at all.” Then she did something very strange. She took myright hand in hers and gently moved it down between her legs. Then shestarted rubbing herself there with my hand. I was all set to ask her whatshe was doing when she said “Honey, do this to Mommy just like I am doingit with your hand. Rub Mommy here while you suck her tiddy.” “O.K. Mom.”And so I opened my hand and started to rub her there between her legs in anup-and-down movement of my hand. She was very hairy and wet there. Iwondered what this was. And I could feel the heat of her skin through thecloth. She took my hand again and moved it down into the crack between herlegs. At the same time she opened her legs wider and slipped my handdeeper into the wet crack. “Oh God. Oh Jesus Jimmie. That feels so good.Suck Mommy hard. Rub me baby. Push you hand into Mommy there. That’sit. Harder. Now move it in and out. Oh Christ that’s wonderful. Mommy’svery excited now Honey. Please. It’s important that you don’t stop untilI tell you. O.K. Darlin’?” I had never heard her say these things before,or speak in this way, but I knew she wanted me to keep going. Then sheclosed her eyes again and started to moan again. It was a whimper thatcame from her throat, as if she was in pain, but I knew she wasn’t in painso I tried to do it even harder for her. I loved Mom and wanted to pleaseher as good as I could. She pulled her hand away from herself andawkwardly reached for me somehow. “Don’t stop Jimmie. Mommy just needs totouch you for a moment.” Her hand slipped inside the waist of the baby-dollbottoms and she took my penis and wrapped her fingers around it. Too manythings going on and I had failed to notice my hardness there. She startedto move her closed fingers up and down on my penis. It felt so good and itmade me want to stop what I was doing to Mom. “Jimmie. Quick, put yourhand inside my panties baby. Please. Hurry. Yes. That’s it. IntoMommy’s crack. Push your fingers in. It’s alright. It’s O.K. Honey.It’s supposed to be wet. Push. Deeper. Oh! Yes! Yes! That’s it. OhJesus Jimmie. Oh! Oh! Come on Honey. Fuck Me with your fingers. Do it. Faster. Yes! Yes! Push into Mommy. Ohhhhhh…” She was moving her hips up and down real fast. I couldn’t suck any more and had to take my lips away. Idon’t think she noticed. She was still moving her hand on my penis and I wasstarting to feel that glow that I had felt in the afternoon. I was getting dizzyagain. My middle felt so nice. My penis felt so nice. Mom reached herleft hand down and pushed my fingers further into her than I could dare.Suddenly her whole body shook. Once. Twice. A third and fourth time.Each contraction forced a small muffled scream from her. And suddenly myworld closed in around me and that magic feeling carried me away for thesecond time today. I was floating in the air. Wave after wave of pleasureswept out from my crotch. I couldn’t help myself and fell onto Mom’schest, lost to my own pleasure. “Oh Mommmm… I feel so good inside meMom…” I was by now pushing myself into her hand with my own thrusts.Wet. It’s wet down there. Feels so nice. And then I just sort ofcollapsed like a limp noodle. I had no strength left. I felt weak, faintand very satisfied. I moved closer to Mom and held myself tight againsther with my legs and arms. I just had this urge to be as close as I couldbe with her. I wondered if heaven was like this.

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