My best friends sister

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My best friends sisterThis is a true story just names have been changed…..Hope you enjoyThis story starts on a normal saturday morning I woke up had a wash and got dressed, I decided to go have a quick work out at the local gym I grabbed my iPod and gym bag and left the house. The gym was about a ten minuet walk away I put my music on and went off to the gym.I spent about an hour at the gym, I went in to the locker room and had a shower and got back dressed, I left the gym checked my phone I had two missed calls and three text messages I read the messages first all asking me to go clubbing tonight I replied saying “ hell yes I will where are we meeting “ I went home got changed and. I got home and rang my mate who was sorting everything out for the night he said the night out was for his sisters 21st birthday I had completely forgot he told me to meet at his house at six o’clock. I grabbed my keys and went to town to get some new clothes ready for the night and a birthday present for Emma (my mates sister). Emma was only two years younger then me let me tell you a bit about her she was about 5’6 blonde hair that went just past her shoulders, her body was toned not to much but you could tell she looked after herself her breasts where 34c but her best feature was her arse I could stare at it all day long and never get bored.I got home at half past three so I had enough time to wrap the present I got Emma it was a silver necklace with a diamond pendent I wrapped it then went to get ready. I had finished getting ready so I went down yo have a quick beer I grabbed my wallet and keys and left the house.My mate (Mike) only lived a few streets away so I walked it was nice weather. I arrived at his house about quarter to six, I knocked on the door I could hear there music and I started to get pumped up for a night of drinking and dancing, Mike came to the door he said“ hey mate come on in glad you came a bit earlier we can have pre-drinks “ I walked through the door no one was here yet I went through to the kitchen “ Where’s Emma “ I asked “ She’s up there mate getting ready she will be down in a minute “ he replied He got out a bottle of vodka and poured us both a shot we clicked our glasses together and took the shot we slammed our glasses down he poured another one“ Hey bitches where’s mine “ Emma said gigglingI looked up and I was speechless she looked gorgeous she was wearing a short black dress that came half way up her thigh it looked a bit shiny she had high heels on (I don’t know how girls dance in high heels). I went over to her and hugged her and kissed her on the cheek and gave her the present, I gave her a shot she took it then passed me the glass so she could open her present.She unwrapped it and opened the box her eye’s widened she through her arms around me and hugged me so tight, her breast pushed right up to my chest my hands where just above her beautiful arse I had to fight the temptation to grab it. She took the necklace out of the box “could you put it on me please I love it and I want to show it off tonight” She said“of course I’m happy you like it” I repliedShe turned her back to me and lifted her hair off her neck I could smell her perfume it made my head spin. I fastened the necklace I let my finger tips brush down the back of her neck I could see goosebumps start to appear, she turned around with a look in her eye as if she wanted just to pounce on me like a lioness.There was a knock on the door and mike took a shot and went to answer it, as soon as Mike had gone out of the room Emma grabbed my head and pulled it to hers and we was locked in a passionate kiss my hand exploring her canlı bahis şirketleri body then down to that arse I only had chance to feel it for a couple of seconds then we heard mike and a few more guest coming we let go of one another. I got her a drink and we just looked at each other and smiled we both wanted each other and now we both knew it.Mike and the others came in it was two of Emma’s best friends they all had a three way hug they grabbed a drink each and went in to the living room.“You know Emma wouldn’t shut up asking me to invite you tonight” Mike said turning to me“Can you blame her it is me” I said back laughing I didn’t really know what to say to that so I just grabbed a drink and laughed it off, we drank for about twenty more minutes then the taxi arrived to take us in to town, The girls grabbed there clutch bags and we lefted the house it took 15 minutes to get to town.It was about quarter to eight when we went in to the first club it was kinda quite so I got us all a round of drinks and asked Mike help me carry them while the girls get us a table, we got our drinks and headed to the table, we got to the girls and they got us a booth Emma told me sit near her and Mike sat next to one of her friends he had his eye on Emma didn’t know but Mike and her friend Jodie had been having sex for the last couple of weeks they weren’t together they was just hooking up.We was all talking and having a good time there was a good vibe in this club, about ten minutes past and then I felt Emma’s hand on my thigh she started rubbing my leg I put on my best poker face so no one would know, Her hand started getting adventures going higher up my leg till she reached the bulge in my jeans she just kept her hand there every now and again rubbing it, I was getting so turned on all I could think of was pushing everything off the table and bending her over it and fucking her hard, Then Mikes voice broke me out of my trance “ Come on guys lets hit another club “We all finished our drinks and headed for the door, we went in to the club a few doors down fro the last this one was a lot more packed I didn’t think we would get a seat but Jodie pointed one out and went to save it for us. This time Emma offered to help me carry the round of drinks so Mike went off with Jodie and Sarah. Me and Emma Both stood at the bar Emma linked me I didn’t mind I was proud to have such a beautiful young lady on my arm, the bar tender took our order I paid and we got our drinks and headed for the table.I sat down and took a sip of my drink then Emma grabbed my hand “come dance with me” She said “i have not drunk enough to show myself up yet” I said laughingshe grabbed my hand tighter and started pulling my handed towards the dance for, I gave in and got up and followed her to the dance floor there wasn’t much room to dance so we was very close together. We had only been dancing for a few minutes and she wrapped her arms around me pulled me in close and kissed me softly I put my arm around her waist, we kissed for what felt like an hour she broke the kissed and we went back to the table to get a drink I sat down and she sat next to me we stayed in this club for a bit longer then the last one, but then we decided to move on the the next I checked my phone and it was on ten o’clock the night was still young Mike and the two girls got up first one on each side of Mike he always had a way with the ladies, then Emma got up I went up behind her “you look so beautiful tonight ” I said in to her earShe turned her head a bit “I’m not wearing any panties” she said seductivelyI felt I twitch in my pants she grabbed my hand and canlı kaçak iddaa lead us out of the door to the others. Mike wanted to have a smoke before the next club“can I nick one of them off you mate please” I askedI hadn’t smoked in years I stopped just after I turned twenty but while we was out one wouldn’t hurt“if your sure mate don’t want you blaming me if you start up again” Mike replied chucklingHe handed me one and a lighter, I lit up and we headed to the next club as we was walking Emma asked could she have a drag I handed it over to her her and she took a drag from it then handed it me back. She linked my arm again Mike looked over I thought he was going to say something but he just smiled and went back to talking to the Jodie they where both getting closer Sarah was near the club talking to some lad. I looked at Emma she had her head on my shoulder “You ok Emma” I asked with concern in my voice“Yeah I’m Fine just a bit cold” She replied I dropped my smoke and stood on it and lead her in to the club, Mike and Jodie followed but Sarah said she would be join us in a sec Mike and Jodie got this round of drinks in and me and Emma went and got a table.We found a table and sat down Emma turned to me“when we are going home stay at mine tonight” she said with a smile on her face“You sure Mike wouldn’t mind” I said staring in to her beautiful blue eyes“No he will be to busy fucking Jodie” she said laughingI put my hand on her cheek and pulled her towards me and kissed her “ok I will stay with you tonight” I said to her When Mike and Jodie came back Emma Looked at them both with a smile on her face“Well where have you two been best not had been being naughty in that toilet” She said trying not to laughThey both just looked at each other“I’m messing with you” she said bursting out in laughter“I don’t care if you where at lest I no you and I don’t need to get no some random bitch not that he brings home that many”They both sat down and could be closer now the cat was out the bag,Mike and Jodie started making out so me and Emma went out to look for Sarah because Emma was getting worried so we left them to at it and went outside to look for her. We got outside and she checked to see if Sarah had texted saying she had gone home with some lad she meet (She usually did that). We looked for a while then Emma decided to ring her to see where she was the phone rang and just as she was going to hang up Sarah answered and said she meet this really nice lad and was going back to his.Emma was happy she was ok and decided to stay outside for a while, it was 12 o’clock I found us a bench to sit on I sat down first and Emma sat on my knee and put her head on my shoulder again I put my arm around her to warm her up, I put my hand on her shoulder and started rubbing up and down her arm she wrapped her arms around me and started kissing my neck it was sending me crazy. She stopped looked at me “I can’t wait much longer I want to take you home right now”I didn’t say anything back I just kissed her and we stood up and I called us a taxi. My phone went off it was Mike telling me he was staying at Jodie’s I was very happy that ment me and Emma had the house to our self’s he hung up and I told Emma her eyes lit up and she kissed me again.Our taxi pulled up and I told him where we was going, we spent the whole ride home making out her hand stayed on the front of my pants softly squeezing. We arrived at her house and I paid while she went to open the door I jumped out of the taxi and went up behind her putting my arms around her my hands just above her waist line a kissed her neck my hands going up and down her canlı kaçak bahis body, she couldn’t get the door open fast enough she opened the door turned to me and we was locked in a kiss I closed the door still locked in the kiss we walked in to the living room still kissing as we got to the couch she push me on to it I sat there my eyes locked on to her I was so turned.She started undoing her dress then she slid it down exposing her beautiful breast just as she pulled it down to her stomach I remembered what she said in the club she wasn’t wearing panties, then her dress fell off her hips and she wasn’t lying her beautiful pussy was staring me in the face it was shaven. She dropped to her knees and went straight for my pants undoing my belt them my pants I lifted my arse so she could pull my pants down I had a tent in my boxers she saw it and started biting her bottom lip, her fingertips went underneath the waist band of my boxers pulling them down reviling had solid 7in cock her hands wrapped around my cock sliding her hand up and down my shaft then her tongue licking around the tip of my cock then taking all 8in of me down her throat she picked up the pace.Her hand slid down her body all the way down to her pussy rubbing her clit I nearly lost it there and then she took my dick from her mouth and climbed up to me and kissed me again I grabbed her and picked her up and put her where I was sitting.I parted her legs opening it up it was gorgeous glistening with her juices I separated her lips exposing her little clit I started teasing her button with my tongue my right hand squeezing her beautiful tits pinching her nipples hard her breathing was picking up my other hand finger fucking her her moans of pleasure just made me go fast and harder.“fuck me now and fuck me hard baby” she said grabbing my hair and lifting my headI put her on the floor and told her get on her hands and knees I grabbed hold of her hips and drove my cock in to her pussy so hard my ball slapped against her clit her back arching I fucked her so hard leaning over her grabbing her tits with my left hand and smacking her arse with the other with every slap she moaned louder I left a hand print on her arse cheek she loved it. I stood up and pick her up and bent her over the arm of the couch just as I was about to drive my cock back in to that sweet pussy she turned her head around to face me“fuck me in my arse now” she said panting her fringe wet with sweet. I put the tip of my cock on her ring then I started to slid my cock in her tight arse when my cock was half way in she pushed back against my cock shoving it in all the way her screams of passion I was fucking her fast and hard she was rubbing her sweet little clit as fast as I was fucking her.I pulled out of her tight little arse she turned and faced me she took my hand and walked to her bedroom as fast as she could her legs still shaky from the pleasure we got in her room and she push me on to her bed she crawled on top of me kissing me from my stomach up my chest and to my lips she only kissed me quick wanting my man hood inside her again she went up on her knees and I guided my cock in to her pussy she dropped sown hard on my cock and the pace picked up fast grinding hard “I’m going come baby don’t stop please don’t stop” she said moaning in-between each word I went as fast and as hard as I could match her her moans getting louder screaming my name repeating don’t stop I felt her cum and a few seconds later I exploded in her she fell on top of my chest our hot sweating bodies I lifted up her head kissing her one more time.She fell asleep on top of me we spent all night like that when I woke up in the morning she was still on top of me I rolled her over on to the bed she put her arm over me and I put mine over her and we slept all morningWe started dating after that night but I will always remember my drunken night with my best mates sister

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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