My Fiancé’s Family

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This was an very important moment for him as Mike rang the doorbell at his fiancé Melody’s house. Today was the day he got to meet her family. Today he would get to meet her daughters, Chloe and Nicole, and her Mother Julia. He was on pins and needles, excited but anxious, desperately hoping not to let his future wife down.

Seconds after the doorbell rang he heard the sounds of hoofbeats herding down the prairie. Although judging by the two girls wresting to open the door, he supposed it was probably just a race to see who could greet him first.

Ignoring the fact that these two young girls, Chloe 18, and Nicole 19, were scantily clad in tight fitting halter tops and Daisy Duke shorts, Mike smiled. “Hello. I’m Mike.”

The girls snickered to one another before the door opened wider and Mike saw his beautiful bride-to-be laughing at the girls antics. “Hey there stud. I see you met my girls. Nicole is our brunette beauty, and Chloe here is our blonde bambi.”

“Pleasure to meet you girls.” Mike noted. “And always a pleasure to see you baby.”

“Mmmm.” Purred Nicole.

“He’s so handsome Mommy!” Exclaimed Chloe.

Mike blushed as Melody countered. “Down girls. At least invite the man inside first.”

Instantly Mike was transported into the house, being pulled by the hands of two bubbly teens and shown around the fairly large house. He tried not to stare as they walked ahead of him. Melody chuckled every time they walked passed.

Ending in the kitchen, Mike was introduced to Julia, who had been seated at the table. She was exactly what he imagined an older version of his wife would look like. Minus the fact that her tight frame could barely seem to contain her obnoxious chest. For what felt like the millionth time, Mike fought hard not to stare. “A pleasure Julia.” He said once introduced.

She smiled politely, but held his gaze firmly. “I’m sure. So you’re the one my daughter is so taken with?”

Mike ignored her snide tone as that was sort of expected from a protective mother/grandmother. “So it seems Ma’am. At least for the moment. We’ll see where her feelings lie when the novelty wears off.”

Chuckles filled the table and Melody smacked his arm playfully. Julia continued their banter. “Novelty is very fickle Mike. The real question is do you have the endurance to make it through the hard times.”

More chuckles around the table as Melody’s daughters filled their plates. Mike was in shock as there was something pressing into his crotch at the closing of her statement.

He glanced down in confusion but there was nothing there. Melody looked at him innocently eryaman escort as she took a bite of her food. Things were taking quite a turn, Melody was usually more reserved than this.

Mike grinned at Julia. “I’m sure I’ll hold up to scrutiny, Julia. I’m very much in love with your daughter.”

Julia licked her lips slightly, barely enough to notice, but he did. “We’ll see then.”

Throughout dinner there were a quite a few more instances where Mike felt something in his lap, through his pant leg, on his thigh, but every time he looked, whatever it was had already disappeared. Mike was somewhat embarrassed to say that whatever was happening had kept him hard throughout.

The worst moment though, was when Chloe, sweet innocent Chloe, accidentally dropped her napkin on the floor. She was seated to his left and leaned towards him to reach for it. Silly girl lost her balance though, and thrust her hand forward to right herself. That beautiful tiny hand found it’s purchase, right on Mike’s hard cock.

The suddenness of it didn’t eliminate any of the thrill, and thankfully, Chloe deigned not to say anything about it. She did however, bite her lip as she pulled away. If anyone had noticed, they played it off well. Mike was certain that nobody but him and Chloe knew about it.

After dinner, the younger girls went into the living room to watch TV, giggling conspiratorially the whole way. Melody washed the dishes while Mike and Julia got to know one another.

Sitting there on opposite sides, Mike was startled once again. Whatever had been touching him had once again made its presence known. It was sliding up his pant leg with gentle caresses. Earlier when this happened, he assumed it was Melody since it was happening on her side of the table. But now, he knew better.

Julia had a wicked gleam in her eye as she moved her stocking covered foot up his leg and into his lap. Mike was too startled to push her off, but coughed loudly when her toes pressed onto his hard cock. Feeling flush from embarrassment, Mike stood up abruptly and walked away from the older seductress, who winked at him as he passed.

Mike found his fiancé loading the dishwasher and hugged her from behind, pressing his hardness into her soft cheeks. “Mmmm.” She purred. “I could get used to this. How are you holding up dear?” His cock pressing into her provided the answer. “Later lover. Please. Go join the girls. Mmm. We’ll all sit down for a movie.”

Mike pressed himself into her again and smelled her dirty blonde hair. “Whatever you say dear.” He whispered, sending shivers up her spine.

Mike spent a escort ankara few minutes chatting with a teenage girl on either side of him on the couch. They were playfully giving him a rundown of their lives. Chloe was a lifeguard, Nicole was an aspiring model. Julia took her place in a big armchair and Melody walked in to see that her rightful place at Mike’s side was occupied. “Ahem.” She announced. Chloe jumped down onto the floor to make room for her mother. Mike watched her feet spinning playfully in the air as she lay on her stomach. He avoided looking at her tight ass as it was prominently displayed in front of him.

Melody took his right while Nicole pulled a blanket over the three of them. Mike basked in the warmth provided by the two beautiful women while the movie played. ‘I could get used to this too.’ He thought.

Halfway through the movie, Mike felt his loving fiancé moving her hand over his thigh before massaging him gently over his bulge. She kissed him softly when he turned to her. ‘Oh my god. She’s playing with my dick right in front of her family.’ He thought.

Silently, she pulled his zipper down and pulled out his erection, out of view with the blanket covering him. Nicole wasn’t reacting, focused solely on the TV. Julia and Chloe would have to turn around in order to see anything.

Mike stifled a gasp as his beautiful fiancé pulled on his hardness and released. Once, twice, three times. Nicole shifted next to them, and Melody pulled her hand away so as not to get caught. Mike was left hard and nervous.

The seconds ticked to minutes before her hand returned. He gasped slightly when her hand came in contact with his cock as it rose back to full hardness. Her hand had gone cold in it’s absence. He turned to her and kissed her neck as she swirled her hand around his prick. She was being much more assertive this time, and it was bringing him close to orgasm quickly.

When he was about to cum, he stifled a moan by pressing his lips against her forehead. He kissed her there and then moved to her cheek before landing on her lips. Melodys hand retreated from his cock before he could blow, coming up to hold his cheeks. He thought it was odd that they both seemed to be cold as her tongue worked it’s way into his mouth.

Nicole shuffled away from them and Mike suddenly felt bad for making her uncomfortable. He pulled away from his fiancé and relaxed back on the couch between the pair.

Mike stayed hard throughout the rest of the movie, with his fiancé’s occasional, subtle massages on his prick. He didn’t move to get up as he watched the four beautiful sincan escort women all standing up to stretch. Melody caught him gawking at the tight bodies all stretching around him and gave him a wink. She then pressed everyone to go to bed so she could escort her beaux out.

Mike was disappointed that he’d be kicked to the curb without relief, but quickly got over it as Chloe leaned down over him to kiss his cheek. Mike blushed as he could see her tits on display.

His nervousness turned to panic as she caught him staring, but she just winked before dancing her way out of the room.

Nicole must’ve seen what happened, or else the two sisters we just living on the same wavelength. She gave him the same treatment, pausing longer than was necessary and grinning when he took the bait.

Julia was just as bold, more so even, as she gave a slight shake of her breasts for him, and kissed him on the lips gently. Mike was red with embarrassment. Desperately hoping nobody had noticed his erection flagging under the blanket.

Melody had noticed, and as soon as they were alone, she jerked the blanket back and pounced into his lap. Her tongue forced it’s way into his mouth as she ground down onto him in her summer dress.

Melody bit his bottom lip as her hands pulled her dress over her ass and sunk herself down onto his hardness. She wasn’t wearing panties.

Mike groaned and kissed her forcefully. ‘Oh god yes.’ He thought.

Melody didn’t need any preamble, she was sinking onto him and retreating with fervor. She gripped the back of his head as she flicked her tongue around his. Coating his mouth in her saliva, he relished the taste of her.

Wordlessly, the two coupled on the couch passionately. Mike was delirious as Melody worked her hips backwards and forwards before shifting into circles, and then returning to a back and forth motion. His hands found purchase on her ass and dug in, pulling her roughly down onto him deeply over and over again.

Her mouth opened wide. Her wetness tightened on him as she gasped silently in her orgasm. Her eyes wide and focused on him. It was too much for Mike. He gasped and sighed as he released his gift deep inside of her.

She relaxed on him as the caught their breath, his cock still hard in her pussy. Her breathing evened out and then turned into giggles as she kissed his neck. Her next words threw him for a loop. “I see the girls got you all worked up.” Mike pulled back, fearing she would be upset by his actions, but she giggled again. “I just love that you couldn’t keep your hands off me. And keeping your cock out after my tease was very naughty.”

Confused, Mike replied, “Well you seemed to keep coming back for more. I didn’t want to disappoint you.”

She looked surprised and whispered conspiratorilly, “But baby… I didn’t do anything at all after a few tugs…”

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