My First Time at a Swinger’s Club Ch. 06

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I stood there under the showerhead and just let the water run down my body when suddenly I felt someone’s hands grabbing at my breasts. I tried to turn around to see who had joined me in the shower, but their strength or my weakness kept me from being able to turn around.

“Who is here with me…talk to me…I don’t like surprises. Come on now…who is here and why won’t you let me see your face?” I asked.

The grip became even firmer, but the stranger would not reveal themselves. Who could the stranger be? Was it someone that Sami had already been with? Could it be a stranger that had been viewing them through the two-way mirror? Who do you think it is?

Suddenly it occurred to me to look down and see if the hands were that of a female or male…it may not tell me who it was…but at least I might be able to tell if it were a man or a woman. There was alot of steam from the hot shower, so at first it was hard to see their hands…thinking quickly…I reached up with my foot and pushed the dial closed and the water stopped. The grip became even firmer…almost a painful firm. I was really starting to get pissed…I wanted to know who had joined me in the shower. After a few minutes the steam began to clear and I looked down to the hands that held my breasts and seen that they were the hands of a man…but it wasn’t a man that I had been with tonight. How do I know this? His hands were very large and very black. At first I was scared…there was a total stranger in the shower with me…he was big…his hands gripped me so tightly…and I didn’t have any idea what his intentions were.

Suddenly he let go of my breasts and turned me around so that I know faced him. He was so fine. Tall, dark, and oh so handsome. He must have stood at least 6′ 3…had a very toned body…and the biggest cock I had ever seen…well at least in person. He gently took my face into his large hands and brought his face towards mine and began kissing me. He was so gentle…his lips so full and so soft. He then pressed his tongue to my lips and I let him slip right into my mouth. He tasted so yummy. His tongue so thick and long. Soon our tongues were dancing in one another’s mouths. We kissed like this for a very long time and as we kissed his hands roamed all over my wet body…not missing a single curve. I could feel all of those wonderful tingles going through my body once again…this time they were even more intense. I began to moan into his mouth, as his kiss became even more passionate.

He suddenly scooped me up and carried me back to the viewing room. When we got there, everyone else had already left. Looks like we wouldn’t have an audience…at least in the room. He gently laid me down on the bed and began kissing me again…he was such a great kisser. After a few moments he stopped and looked at me.

“Sami, I have been watching you from the other side of that mirror for quite some time and you have me so hard and so horny…I have to have you Sami…I need you. Are you interested Sami?” he asked.

“MMMMmmmmmmm…I can definitely see that you are hard and that in it self is a huge turn-on for me. I have to tell you though; I have never been with a black man…although I have fantasized about it. I am game if you are…and from the looks of that cock, you are more than ready to make my fantasy come true.” was my reply.

He smiled the biggest smile and leaned down to again kiss me. I had never been kissed so passionately in my life…his kisses were really exciting me. He broke away from my lips and started kissing his way down my body, stopping at my neck and kissing and lightly nibbling, then his mouth went to my shoulders…he hit that spot like he knew it was one of those spots that drive me wild. He kissed and sucked on my shoulders…taking his time gaziantep escortlar with each of them. All I could do was lay there and moan and my body began to squirm as his kisses got even more intense. Soon his lips were at my breasts…my large full breasts. His tongue went right to my erect nipples, he began sucking them and flicking his tongue back and forth across them…God they felt like they were going to explode into a million pieces. I arched my back pushing them even tighter to his magical lips…he was driving me crazy…absolutely crazy with lust. I bet my nipples had grown to at least an inch in length as he continued to suck and tease them. He made sure to give each breast his special attention. When he switched to the other breast, I looked down and was amazed at how long my nipple had grown; I had never seen them this long before. All I could do was lay there and moan as my whole body began to quiver. He stopped and began kissing even lower. My legs spread without me even thinking about it. He looked up and smiled at me and started to talk.

“MMMMmmmmmm…Sami…I love your tits baby…damn you have some fine nipples. Do you want me to eat that pretty pussy Sami…do you want to feel my tongue sliding up and down that wet slit and suck on that clit of yours? Do you want to be shown the way a woman should be eaten Sami? Tell me what you want Sami.”

“Oh damn…you have me so damn hot and horny…I don’t know if I can handle all of that. I just know that the second your mouth touches my pussy…I am gonna cum buckets. I hope you don’t mind having your face covered with pussy juice.” was my reply.

No sooner had I finished my answer and his mouth was down on my inner thighs. Licking his way up and down my thighs…never touching my pussy. But I could feel that my juices were flowing heavy and fast…I could feel them sliding right down to my ass. Then I felt it. His tongue sliding up and down my wet slit…nice and slow…driving me absolutely fucking crazy. His tongue never even came close to my clit when all of a sudden my whole body began to spasm and my orgasm ripped through me. I screamed out in ecstasy…as my juices exploded. The next thing I know, he grabs my legs and pulls me to the edge of the bed and plunges his tongue deep into my pussy. He pushed it so deep…I could have sworn that he had just stuck a cock into me. I began riding his face as orgasm after orgasm ripped through me. I reached down and held his head tight to my pussy as my hips began to rise and fall as I fucked his mouth.

CCCCCCUUUUUUMMMMMMMMIIIIIIINNNNNGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed as a waterfall of juices poured from within me.

He began moving his head from side to side as his tongue was buried deep inside of me. It was so fucking incredible. He stopped and looked up at me…his face coated with my cum…He smiles real wide and then his face disappeared again. He went right for my clit, sucking and flicking his tongue against it. I grabbed the bedding and my ass came up off that bed and I began screaming again as his tongue absolutely tortured me.


He stood up and told me to get on my hands and knees. Get up and move, I thought to myself…who the hell is he kidding…I can’t fucking move right now. The whole room was spinning…my pussy wouldn’t stop cumming and he wants me to move.

“I can’t fucking move dude…holy shit….you have no idea what you just did to me. I have to fucking breathe….give me a few minutes, would ya?”

“Sure Sami…I can give you a few minutes…but while we are waiting…you can show me how you suck a cock…you wanna suck my black cock Sami? Show me how a white girl sucks black cock Sami. Here ya go Sami…. Suck on this for a while.” He said as he put his large cock to my lips.

I began licking the head of his cock and couldn’t believe how thick he was; he had to be at least five inches in diameter. All I could think while I was licking the head was how in the hell am I ever going to take this huge black cock in my pussy? He is gonna stretch my pussy so bad…damn, I hope he is as gentle at fucking me as he was at eating my pussy. After lots of licking…I tried to take the head of his cock into my mouth. I really had to open wide just to get the head in…But I did it. He let out the loudest moan as I began sucking the head of his monstrous cock.

that’s it Sami….show me how a white girl sucks a black mans cock. Take it girl…..Come on now….swallow more of it…you can do it….I know you can.”

I took in a deep breath and swallowed more of him. My mouth was so wet; he began to slide deeper into my mouth. I gripped his cock with my hand and my hand and mouth started sliding up and down his massive cock. He was so thick and so long that there was no way that I could deep throat him…no way in hell. I then gripped his cock with both hands and they joined the rhythm of my mouth sliding up and down it. His cock was throbbing…the veins bulging as I tried to swallow more of him. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t get my throat to relax enough to take any more of him. Hell, he had to be at least 10 inches or more. I could only take like five, if that. But he seemed to like it, cuz he was fucking my mouth in sync with my mouth sliding up and down. I began sucking as hard as I could as my hands stroked him tighter and tighter. He tried to push himself deeper, but my gag reflex kicked in and he backed out some.

“Damn baby…you are fucking incredible…you sure know how to suck cock Sami. Now…let’s get on those hands and knees and let me fuck you real good. I promise to go nice and slow…when you want more, just push back onto my cock. Come on…roll over and give me access to that pussy of yours.” he said.

I gave him a few more deep strokes into my mouth and then did as he asked and got onto my hands and knees. He began to rub his cock up and down my soaking wet slit…gently pressing against the opening…then back up and down the slit again. After several minutes of this he had me ready to beg.

“Fuck me…….I’m ready for ya now….fuck Sami with that black cock…show me why black men are suppose to be better lovers…feed that cock into my white pussy!”

He did just as I had asked….a few more times up and down my slit and then there it was. He had slowly entered me…just the head at first. My pussy began to stretch to allow his thick cock to enter me. In and out he fucked me with just the head….damn it felt so fucking good….so fucking tight….I had to have more…I had to have it now. I slowly pressed back onto his shaft, slowly taking another inch of him.

“MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm…….damn baby….you already got this pussy stretched….fuck this is so incredible….fuck my white pussy baby…give me a little more baby….easy….easy…..Real slow now.” I whimpered.

Very slowly and gently he began pushing a little more of his cock into me. My pussy has always been tight….but damn….it was so fucking tight right now. Every nerve in my pussy could feel his black cock as he slowly starting fucking me. Soon, I figured I could take even more of him…it was tight…but oh so good. I pushed back against him again and soon almost all of him was inside of me. I couldn’t believe how much my pussy had stretched to take him.

“Damn girl…you got almost all this cock in you. Feels good, doesn’t it, Sami…you like this black cock don’t you Sami? Tell me how to fuck you baby….tell me what you want. Come on you white bitch….tell me how to fuck that pussy.” he said.

“Oh yes…….I’m your white bitch….fuck this pussy baby…make me scream baby….fuck me deeper….I can take it….I want all of that black cock inside my white pussy. Give it to me NOWWWWWWWW!” I screamed.

He grabbed my hips and thrust forward driving his cock deep into me. I could feel his balls bouncing off my clit as he was fucking me good and hard. He was grunting with every deep thrust he made into me. He sounded like an animal fucking his prey. His sounds were turning me on so much…we were like a couple of wild animals in heat. Both of us moaning and grunting louder and louder. My pussy swallowing all of his cock….every inch of him was inside me…his balls slapping my engorged clit. Suddenly his grip got tighter and he plunged as deep as he could go and stopped…squeezing my hips real tight…he just stopped.


Hearing his words and feeling his cock so close to erupting…I began to cum as he withdrew his cock. I wasn’t just cumming……..My juices were squirting all over him as his load splashed all over my ass. It was the most incredible feeling that I had ever experienced. I don’t know who came more, him or me.

I collapsed under him, as my entire body was totally drained. He just kind of rolled off of me and lay beside me. I managed to turn my face to look at him. He was so damn cute…he was lying there with his eyes closed, a huge smile on his face, and a flaccid cock in his hand.

“Damn baby……..You are truly incredible Sami…I ain’t never fucked a pussy like that before. MMM…MMM…MMM…love that pussy of yours baby. How you feelin, huh? Is that white pussy all satisfied now? What do you think of your first experience with a black man? You think you will want to fuck like that again? Give me about 10 minutes and I will be all ready for you again baby!” he stated.

I couldn’t believe what he was saying…give him 10 minutes and he will be all ready to fuck me again. There is no way I could fuck again in 10 minutes. Breathing real heavy still, I rolled over and looked at him.

“I am feeling fanfuckingtastic baby…you definitely know how to fuck. I am so glad that you came into my shower and that you wanted to fuck me. You are the most incredible lover I have ever had, but to answer your question….there is no way in hell I can fuck again tonight. You done wore this pussy out. I’m just going to lay here and bask in the glory of how content I am baby.”

The next thing I knew, I was waking up. I have no idea how long I had been sleeping, no idea what time it was. All I knew was that I felt totally awesome. I looked over to where he was and he was gone. Slowly I sat up and just kind of stared off into space for a few minutes…then I got up and took a shower and dressed and walked back out into the club. There were only a few people left in the club…at least the main part where I was standing. What a fucking night I thought to myself…this was the most incredible first experience I had ever had.

Now it was time to go home and get back to reality. I was glad that it was the weekend. I wouldn’t have to go back to work until Monday. I knew that I wanted to come back to the club someday…but for now, I was totally content. So, back to reality and back to the library where I worked on Monday morning.

Please look for Sami’s adventures outside of the club. Look for her to get some sex at the library…at home…or wherever she can get lucky next.

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