My friend the ‘sperm factory’

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My friend the ‘sperm factory’My friend the ‘sperm factory’ Well there’s this friend of mine that I jokingly call my ‘sperm factory’. I have been sucking him off, now and again, for more then a year and a half, and in our time spent together, maybe as much as 2 ½ to 3 hours at a time. I have, on two occasions, sucked 4 loads from him in those 3 hours. Most times he feeds me 3 loads, and at the very lest it’s 2 loads. Also each of his loads tends to be on the large size, hence my name of ‘sperm factory’ for him. All his loads have tasted good to me, although they are not as thick and creamy a texture as I prefer. This is a bit about how I orally pleasure this man according to his taste, and a true tale of the time we had together not so long ago enjoying this pleasuring.He is a black Caribbean islander with a lighter skin tone. I love all types of cocks, but a darker skinned cock is what I like best because I like the contrasting skin color between us. Weather black, white, yellow, any religion, etc, I have found over my time on this planet, and my travels around it, that there are good and bad among all people. So I don’t let the looks, or culture habits, determine how ‘good’ a person is, as each person has it’s own personality to be estimated, not based in race. So back to Mr. ‘sperm factory’ he has a cut cock of about 6 ½ inches and a bit on the thick side, but not so much that I can’t deep throat him. Not that that matters to him, or me in his case, as he does not like it so much when I go deep with him…he seems to love it best when I work on sucking and licking near the most sensitive area of his man meat, his cock head, while jerking the lower part of his dick at the same time. This is the basic method needed to get him off, and as I am there to pleasure him I stick mostly with doing what pleases him the most, but do change things up some to keep it different and exciting. Now some other guys I suck off want me to have their cock all the way in and down my throat, if they fit, most of the time. I love deep throating, but it is harder work not to choke or gag on him, although some guys like to hear you gag on there hard cock. And worse maybe spit up on him, if he is really big and/or very forceful. I do get very sloppy with my saliva, and him very wet, when a hard dicked man makes me work him deep. You have to think more about your breathing when you deep throat, as that big hard cock in your mouth and throat cuts off your ability to do so, when it passes a certain point. But all that is more then worth it when gaziemir escort you know, by feeling his reaction to your actions, that what you are doing is pleasing your man. And hopefully, in thanks for your good work you get his hot seed in your mouth to taste, feel, savor, and swallow, as all good devoted cocksucker’s should hunger to do.Mr. ‘sperm factory’ has his public hair trimmed a bit, now I love a bushy crotch, but you can’t have everything. However I do love the tight curly black hair he does have. And a nice set of hanging balls, I love a low hanging ball sack, and while his are not the biggest around, they are surely a nice set. I lick and suck on them some, and in the area below his balls and to his ass hole, that I sometimes rim. As I do the ball licking/sucking thing, I often think about the cum that is produced and stored there in his ball sack waiting for its lease into my horny mouth. I also find that many guys, my friend included, like it when I lick, for just a bit, that area between their balls/cock and his thighs and maybe nibble a bit on his inner upper thighs. While my friend does like his balls and such played with and licked. He wants me mostly with his cock head area in my mouth where I suck and bob up and down on it. Rub the tip of my tongue all around his cock head as I have him in my mouth, and one of my hands stroking him. And sometimes using my free hand to roam around some maybe gently squeeze and massage his balls. Or maybe use that free hand to gently stroke his thighs, legs, stomach, chest, maybe play with his nipples some, or rub his ass hole. All of which my friend seem to like having done to him.I thought of telling you all about my friend after the last satisfying time we had together a week or so ago. It had been over 2 months since we last meet. I had not sucked any cock in that time, but someone else had sucked him off once. For the last 8 months and more he has had a hip pain that interfered with him have an orgasm. The tight space I have to ‘play in’ on my boat is partly to blame for causing his hip to act up while he is trying to get off. I know that without the hip trouble he would have gladly given me many more loads, as there were times where we both wanted it to happen really bad. And I tried very hard with everything I could think of and I just could not get him off because of the pain. So this time he is feeling better and ready to feed me, I am very horny and ready to suck, and I ask him and its been 3 days since he last jerked off, so I know he’s got gaziemir escort bayan a few loads ready to go. HOT DAM LETS GET STARTED!!So we start off with him and I getting undressed, while talking about things that happen since we last meet. I reach over and start playing with his balls and cock while we talk some more and continue getting more relaxed and stimulated for some hot oral sex that we both know we can enjoy with each other. I go to my knees after a bit and put his still soft cock in my mouth. I do love to feel it get hard in my mouth due to my administrations of tender loving care, and he cooperates and starts getting stiff. Soon after he is hard and I reach around and grab his ass cheeks with both hands and start pulling his hips back and forth so his cock slides up and down in my mouth, as I hold my head still. After a bit he takes over fucking my mouth, and I move my hands to caress his ass, then slide down & up his back & inner thighs, his legs and calf’s, massage and cradle his balls some and finely reach up and play a bit with his nipples. All the while he is fucking my mouth & he and I are loving this, but with the hip problem we soon have to move to the settee of the main salon of the boat when he can just lay back and let me do all, or almost all, the work. And that’s me fucking his now very hard cock with my mouth, lips, tongue, and hand, as he likes it done.We both know without having to say anything that he and I are both very horny and want him to get off quickly and several times, but I stop sucking him for a bit and behave like a cum starved slut telling him I crave his cum. That I can’t wait to feel his spunk in my mouth to full it up, and taste his hot load once more, and then I go back to the pleasurable work of getting him off. Ten minutes or more go by and I know he is building up to his release. I know he must have the use of my hand and mouth together to get off so I start doing that full time, and work to find just the right pace and pressure to make him explode. Soon he starts to moan and I know he is getting close and I moan too with the anticipation of his climax. As soon as he begins to shoot I remove my hand, and hold his cock head and maybe an inch or so of his dick motionless in my mouth and on my tongue so I can feel each of his spasms in ejaculation pleasure filling my wanting mouth with his hot sperm….. to know I made him cum is so very, VERY, HOT…I moan some more with the pleasure of the feel and taste of it. I feel my woman’s panties that I often escort gaziemir wear while sucking cock, getting wetter with big globs of my leaking pre-cum, as I savor the taste and texture of my friend’s man seed. After his cock finishes with its many spasms I continue to hold his cum in my mouth and start working his slowly softening cock up and down in my mouth. Sucking easy at first, but as his sensitivity reduces I start sucking harder and harder to get all that cum out of him and leave no mess to clean up. On an upward cycle I let a bit of his sweet white cum dribble out and onto the dark skin of his cock. Then on the next downward stroke I clean it up. I do that ‘playing’ some with his cum on his cock till I finally swallow it all down without loosing a drop. I like ‘playing’ some with cum before swallowing, even if the guy does not watch me do it, partly because it makes me feel like a real cum eating slut to behave that way. My friend does not watch and I find most men don’t ether, however I think its even hotter if we look into each other in the eyes and the man watches me play with his spunk some before I make it all go away. I am such a cum eating slut doing that, and that’s just what I want to experience!!! I take my mouth off my friends cock, moan a bit in satisfaction, and thank him for again honoring my mouth by favoring me with his very nice tasting sperm to enjoy. I always thank a man that cum’s in my mouth.That day I got him off ONLY two more times, what a selfish slut I am as I wanted more loads from him, of course he wanted to feed me more so we tried some, but the hip pain was not going to allow that to happen. On each of the last two times he shot off in my mouth that day, I for fun, counted the cock spasms accompanying his orgasm. Number 2 climax was 5 or 6 nice big pulses, about 4 more ok ones, and the rest small but still there to feel. To finely end up with a total of 15 pulses/spasms of his cock. Number 3 load gave me a total of 10 pulses/spasms of his dick to get all that cum out. I course I helped at the end of each load by working to get every last drop out. I like it when the guy finishes in my mouth and does not pull away right away, but lets me suckle him till he is soft and milked totally dry. And my ‘sperm factory’ friend is such a man and now after thinking/writing about him I am so horny I cant wait to see him again…..or for that matter any hard cock that cum’s my way….lol….please let me suck you off and cum in my mouth !!!! Can’t you tell from my above accounting of a true time I had with my friend Mr. ‘sperm factory’.…that I love cock….. and I love cum even more…and I try to do what is necessary to please my man…so he will shoot his man seed into my mouth to fulfill both our needs and pleasures….By Suckingsailer at [email protected]

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