My Helpful Landlady

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My Helpful LandladyThis happened over 50 years ago but I still recall every moment. It is still my favourite wanking fantasy.I was sharing bed and breakfast accommodation in London with three other students. Our landlady, Julie, was the object of all our desires and in the local pub we would often discuss what we would like to do to her, knowing of course that we would never get the chance. She had a superb figure which was just slightly on the “fuller” side, but certainly not fat. I absolutely adored her breasts which usually resided in rather “snug” blouses. If you were lucky you could often see her bra between the buttons. The colour of her bra was often discussed in the pub. Although I had considered myself a “tit man” Julie had the most fantastic legs. We were sometimes rewarded with a glimpse of stocking top. (All women wore stockings in those days.)Julie was a married lady, probably in her mid to late thirties. I can’t remember her husband’s name but he was away a lot of the time. I think he was a long-distance lorry driver or something.The day in question was a Saturday. The other guys had all gone away for the weekend and hubby was not around. Julie and I had a leisurely breakfast together. We chatted about college and I told her I was planning to go to the library later. She asked if I was not going to see my girlfriend and I told her we had split up a couple of weeks before.As she was clearing away Julie’s skirt got accidentally hitched up and a had a really good view of stocking tops and suspenders. (It turned out that it was no accident!)This, as you can imagine was a real turn on. My cock leapt to attention and it was with some embarrassment that I got up from the table and made my way to the door. I was sure that she could see the effect she had on me. (It turned out that she had!)Up in my room I lay on the bed, quickly unzipped my fly and pulled out my cock. It had never been stiffer. I started rubbing: fairly slowly at first but soon picking up a bit of speed. I then heard a noise and looking up I saw Julie at the door watching me with her mouth open in shock.I quickly covered up and my landlady muttered her apologies and walked out. I lay on my bed in confusion. What had I done? Perhaps she would now throw me out of her house. bursa escort My moment had gone: my prick was completely limp. After about 10 minutes, my embarrassment had abated somewhat and I decided to go out.As I reached the bottom of the stairs, Julie came out from the lounge.“I am so sorry” she said “I thought you had gone out earlier and had come to collect your laundry.”“No” I said “It is me who must apologise.”“There’s no need to apologise. You were just doing what comes naturally. Especially if you don’t have a girl to help you “get rid of the stress”.I was a bit shocked and probably went quite red. She then said “We had better talk about this. Come in and sit down for a moment.”We went in the living room and she sat on an armchair while I sat on the sofa opposite. Julie was wearing a white blouse that showed off her tits to advantage and black skirt that went just below her knees. We talked a bit and she asked me about Sally, my ex-girlfriend.Then she said “When a young man has no other means of release it is completely natural to take things in hand himself. I’m sorry I interrupted you. By the way, what were you thinking about whilst you were masturbating? Was it me?”I nodded agreement and she then asked “Were you excited when you saw my legs?”I knew that I could not get away with lying as my erection had been almost bursting out of my trousers. In fact, I was getting hard again by this turn in the conversation. I agreed that I had been turned on by a glimpse of her stocking tops.“Were you able to finish off what you were doing?”I was flummoxed by this and was just able to mutter something to the effect that I hadn’t finished. Then she completely stunned me.“Would you like to finish off now?”“I’m not sure that I understand what you mean.”“If you like, you can finish masturbating. I can show you my legs if you think it might help.”“What? You mean take it out here and now?”“Yes that’s what I mean. I must confess that I like to watch men playing with themselves.”I had to admit that my erection was getting a bit uncomfortable, so I decided that this was an offer I could not refuse. I stretched out my legs, slowly unzipped my fly and, as she leant forward to look, I pulled out my cock.“Wow!” said Julie “It is even bigger than bursa escort bayan I thought. What a lovely cock.”Then, as I started stroking, she sat slightly sideways and pulled up her skirt almost to the top of her thighs. She looked stunning. In fact, this is a pose that always gets me going even to this day.I wanked for several minutes and she pulled her skirt up even higher to reveal lacy white panties. I thought that I might cum quickly but I could not quite get there. It must have the unusual situation that slowed my ejaculation down. (Not that either of us were in a hurry.)To make myself more comfortable, I undid my belt and slipped my trousers and underpants down to my knees. Then she slowly unbuttoned her blouse to reveal a sexy bra which matched her panties. At this, my hand moved more quickly and I felt the orgasm beginning to build up. Julie slipped a hand inside her bra and pulled one tit out.That did it! My whole body seemed to go into convulsions as the sensations pulsed though my cock and balls. Then spurts of thick spunk gushed out of me. Julie leant forward to watch closely.“My word. That needed to come out! I have never seen so much cum.”That made me feel proud but I was too exhausted to move and my prick began to lay down in satisfaction.“Stay there. We need to clean you up.”Julie got up and went through to the kitchen. She came back shorty with a damp cloth and sat next to me on the sofa. She leant across and wiped the juices from my stomach and then she started cleaning my cock. She wiped the whole length and then concentrated on the tip.At this point I started stiffening up again. Julie kept gently stroking my cock and by balls discarding the cloth and using her fingers. “Good heavens. I think he is ready to go again!”By this time, she had abandoned the pretence of cleaning me up and had started jerking me off properly. Her blouse was still undone and I put my right arm round her shoulders and with my left hand started stroking her tits over her bra. She did not stop me and seemed to be enjoying it so I slipped my hand inside her bra and grabbed a handful of gorgeous tit flesh. The nipple felt stiff in the palm of my hand so I started rolling it between my fingers. She stiffened and gasped. I knew I had done escort bursa the right thing. I leant towards her and she brought her face closer to mine.Our first kiss was unforgettable. She slipped her tongue between my lips, still stroking my cock. As I tweaked a nipple I put my tongue deep into her mouth. She shuddered and gripped my tool harder.After snogging energetically for a few minutes she pulled away and said “Give me your hand.” I let her take my hand and she pulled her skirt up and put my hand on to the top of her thigh. We returned to our kiss and she took hold of my erection again as I stroked the bare flesh above her stocking tops. She opened her legs wider in encouragement. I already knew what she wanted so I slipped my hand onto her flimsy panties and stroked her pussy. Boy, was she wet! It was dripping down there. Her panties were soaking. It did not take long before I had my hand inside her knickers and slipped a finger into her slit. She moaned and arched her back as I groped the inside of her cunt.“That’s it. Finger my fuck hole!” I was shocked by her language but it turned me on as well. It seemed like about half an hour that we were wanking each other. Occasionally I would have a feel of her breasts and nipples. At one point she took her blouse and bra of and offered me a tit to suck. She also took her skirt and panties off while I got completely naked. She was then just clothed in stockings, suspenders and suspender belt.She had her first climax whilst I was giving her a deep French kiss and stroking her clit and she came again as I was sucking really hard on a nipple. Then she managed to get me to cum for a second time while I had two fingers thrusting deep in her cunt making her climax again. I think it was the words “Come on let me see your spunk. Give me your man-juice” that tipped me over the edge.After that we lay exhausted in each other’s arms and then she cooked me a meal.We managed to meet up several times after that when we were alone in the house. (I have to admit they were occasions when I should have been at lectures.) She introduced me to the joys of oral sex and we enjoyed talking filthy to each other. However, she would never let me fuck her. She considered that that would mean she was unfaithful to her husband. Fair enough: I still enjoyed every moment!One thing. She made me promise not to tell the other guys. And I never did. I still pretended to have to guess what it would be like to suck those lovely tits or slip a hand up those gorgeous legs!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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