My Mother-In-Law Has a Secret Ch. 02

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When my daughter shouted at me in my driveway I froze. At first, I was in shock that she would do such a thing but then she ordered me into the house. I hadn’t been ordered to do something since before my beloved husband passed away.

He used to take control of me in the bedroom and I loved being his submissive slut. Occasionally, he would do it outside of the bedroom to tease me and my panties would melt from desire.

We did anything and everything in the bedroom. I gave him my ass, I brought lady-friends to bed for threesomes, I even served his friends beer and snacks nude all night during one of his poker games. I was so turned on, juices ran down my legs the entire evening.

The greatest thrill I ever got from being dominated by him was when he made me give a blowjob to his boss, Keenan. After that first time, Keenan would visit once a month.

Keenan was a large black man who got off on dominating me as much as I got off on being dominated. To this day I can’t explain why, but I knew I missed it terribly and Michael looked as if he could be Keenan’s son. Which was a problem for me.

Of course, he wasn’t his son, but the first time Holly introduced me to him it was all I could do to stop myself from dropping to my knees as I had to do whenever Keenan entered my bedroom.

Rather than stammer like an idiot around him, I started to look for anything I could find to be angry with him. I felt terrible at first, but eventually, that feeling went away.

When Holly made me sit on the couch after ordering me into the house, she told me she was sick of the way I treated Mike and she rightly should’ve been. I was horrible to him and it was for no reason other than I wanted to fuck him so badly I couldn’t think straight around him.

When she told me they knew about my porn affinities, my pussy became so wet I couldn’t focus. I confessed everything to Holly and begged her to let Mike dominate me as Keenan and her father had.

She acted offended that I wouldn’t let her be involved and I instantly asked her to help him. I don’t remember when I started watching the incest videos, but the idea turned me on.

I went from a demanding shrew to a horny old woman begging my daughter to allow her husband to fuck me in less than ten minutes. It was an insane situation.

After the afternoon of my submission to them, I felt a happiness come over me that I hadn’t felt in years. I hoped it could continue, and thankfully they said they weren’t done with me yet.

“How about I run us a bath? We can clean up and relax our bodies at the same time,” I asked after my daughter finished kissing the cum from my face and mouth.

“Perfect, Mom. I’ll grab a bottle of wine while you draw the bath.”

Holly bounced down the stairs and Mike was left sitting on my bed looking as if he just realized he was in the twilight zone.

I started the water and put some bath oils in. Mike came in and looked sheepish.

“Mike, you can’t go back now. Will you be the strong dominant man I desperately need?”

“I…I think so. Now that the adrenaline is wearing off and the blood has returned to my big head, I’m just as confused as I was when I walked in and found you nude, gagged, and tied up.”

I laughed and said, “Mike, I’ve wanted to fuck you since the first time I met you. I’m glad we did this, although I’m not quite sure about Holly. Was this all spur of the moment for her or is she like that at home?”

He laughed and said, “I’ve never seen her act anywhere near that way before but enjoyed it very much.”

“I’m glad, honey,” Holly said walking into the bathroom. She handed me a glass and poured some wine.

“Honestly, I’ve always wanted to do that but I knew you’d never go for me dominating you, Mike. When you told me about Mom’s porn habits, I acted disgusted but I was turned on. I had never had any fantasies of having sex with my mother, but in the moment, it was all I wanted to do. I can’t explain it.”

The water got to the right level and I stepped into the tub. My bathtub was large enough for several people and we’d had three in güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri it many times when my darling Frank was still alive. It was my favorite part of my house.

Holly and Mike followed me in and Holly and I washed Mike together. It was lovely caressing him and kissing him with my daughter. We switched and Mike and I washed Holly. We couldn’t resist fingering her to an orgasm as we played.

With our new relationship, I had no idea what they would make me do, but they didn’t take control of me at all. When we finished with Holly, they washed me in the same loving way.

Their loving hands rubbing my soapy body drove me wild. Holly smiled and rubbed my hungry for relief pussy and I almost came immediately.

“Oh, God! Yes,” I sighed as she brought me to my long-awaited climax.

She kissed me softly and said, “I don’t think it all has to be rough with you, does it, Mom?”

“No, baby. I need loving touches as much as I crave the domination. I always liked to have a balance and your father handled that very well.”

“Good,” she said as she handed me my wine.

Holly sat back and luxuriated in the hot water. She looked at Mike and asked, “How come you’re so quiet, baby?”

“I’m just taking all this in. I’m still in shock that I fucked your mom in her ass.”

We all laughed and I said, “I can’t wait to do it again. Do you guys want to go out for a nice dinner tonight? We can celebrate our new set of circumstances.”

Holly got a devilish look in her eye and said, “Yeah, let’s go to Ruth’s Chris. I feel like dressing up.”

I wondered what she had in mind.


When they came back to pick me up, they were dressed beautifully. Mike wore a crisp suit with a bright blue dress shirt, no tie, and looked striking, while Holy showed off her legs in a short black dress with black stockings.

I was wearing a short red dress with a shelf bra and nude thigh-high stockings. I also wore a garter belt, and because I was feeling extra naughty, no panties.

Holly greeted me with a bag and said, “Put this in, Mother.”

I didn’t know what it was as I pulled it out of the velvet bag. “What is this?”

“It’s a vibrating egg. You put it into your vagina and Mike will control it with an app on his phone.”

She turned it on and the vibration in my hand was strong.

“Oh my!” I gasped. “You want me to have this in me in public?”

“Oh yeah!” Mike said with a wide smile. “Put it in now!” He commanded.

“Yes, Master,” I said as I pulled up my dress.

“Mother!” Holly gasped. “No panties?”

My face felt flush and I said, “I wanted to feel sexy.”

“Oh, you’ll feel sexy with that egg in you,” Mike said laughing.

“Put some panties on, Mother. You’re gonna get very messy down there.”

She and Mike laughed as I handed her the egg and walked upstairs to put on a pair of panties. I grabbed an extra pair just in case.

“Bend over,” Mike said as I walked into the living room.

He hiked my skirt up and said, “I like your pretty thong, Jane. Very sexy.” He touched my pussy and said, “She’s dripping wet already, baby.”

“Nice,” my daughter smirked as she slid the egg into me.

“How’s that, Mother?”

“Feels odd, but okay.”

Then Mike hit a button and I jumped up.

“Holy cow!”

“Yeah, it’s nice, isn’t it? Let’s get going,” Holly commanded. This was definitely a new side to my daughter. She was becoming just like her father and I loved it.


Mike sat directly across from me and Holly sat beside me inside the booth. Thankfully, the lights in the restaurant were dim, because as soon as the waiter left us after taking our order, Holly demanded I rub her pussy.

Mike wasted no time in turning on the egg and driving me wild as well. I almost jumped out of the booth when the sensation started. I was nervous as hell as I rubbed my naughty daughter’s clit and she moaned rather loudly through an orgasm. Mike rewarded me by turning the egg on its highest setting and sent me into my own orgasmic bliss.

Holly was almost caught güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri with her dress up when the server delivered our steaks. Whether he could guess as to why our cheeks were so blushed was known only to him. She just managed to straighten it down as he set the tray down.

We didn’t play during the delicious meal, but once finished my devilish daughter commanded, “Mother, let’s go to the bathroom.”

I feared what she would make me do in public. We were mother and daughter after all and our new relationship was still against society’s moral code.

She walked into the thankfully empty restroom and straight into the large handicapped stall. She lifted her dress and put her hands on the wall, “Eat my pussy.”

I dropped to my knees and lapped up her sweet, tangy juices from behind. She rolled her hips, grinding her ass into my face. I didn’t stop and I spread her cheeks with my hands to try to take some control back so I could breathe.

“Hands down,” she ordered and I complied immediately. She continued to grind on my face and even pulled my head into her.

She finally came and released my head. As she turned, she laughed when she saw my face as I gasped for air.

“You’re gonna need to touch up your makeup, Mom,” I smiled as she used “mom” instead of “mother”. It added to my hope that we still would have our normal mother/daughter relationship besides the new sexual one.

A young woman walked in as we were exiting the stall. She froze when she realized we left a stall together and smirked when she looked at me.

Holly laughed wickedly as the girl walked into her stall. I was mortified as I fixed my makeup hoping to finish quickly. It wasn’t quick enough as the toilet flushed and the girl met us at the sink as I was reapplying lipstick.

“She’s the best pussy eater I’ve ever met,” Holly said to the girl who was likely barely out of college.

They shared a laugh as I wished I could run and hide in embarrassment.

The girl handed a business card to my daughter and said, “If you share, give me a call.”

She winked at me and walked out of the bathroom leaving my daughter smirking and me cowering.

Mike smiled as we sat and asked, “Was it a nice one?”

“She could’ve done better,” Holly answered.

“Hm, someone will have to be punished for that, I think.”


We talked about my granddaughters on the ride home. Their eighteenth birthday was fast approaching and I wanted to pay for their party. Mike, of course, argued but Holly compromised and said I could contribute to the cost. She knew I’d give her more money behind Mike’s back anyway.

When we finally made it home, I was dripping from the anticipation of what we would do for an encore. More so, what would they make me do?

Mike closed my front door behind us and Holly commanded, “Mother, how dare you not drop to your knees before my husband’s cock?”

I immediately dropped and began to unzip his pants. His cock was semi-hard and tasted wonderful as I slid my lips around it.

He hardened immediately and I desperately tried not to gag as he grabbed my head and fucked my mouth. I knew I’d be punished for not meeting him inside on my knees, I didn’t want to disappoint my daughter again by gagging on Mike’s large cock.

He pushed my head back and said, “Let’s take this to the bedroom, shall we?”

He stepped out of his pants and took his shirt off as we walked. I watched the muscles in his back and ass move as I walked behind him and thanked God my fantasies came true.

He sat on my bed and commanded, “Kneel, slut.”

I dropped immediately and waited for his next command, dripping with excitement.

“Holly,” he started, “take off your shoes and sit here.”

She smiled and sat next to him. She kicked off her heels and kissed him deeply. It warmed my soul that my daughter found such love with her husband.

After breaking the kiss, Mike looked at me and pointed to Holly’s feet. I crawled over, not daring to stand up without permission, and kissed my daughter’s nylon-clad güvenilir bahis şirketleri foot.

Holly giggled and lifted her other foot to my mouth and wiggled her toes on my lips, forcing my mouth to take them in.

“So hot,” Mike whispered, watching with awe.

I sucked each toe, then licked her heel and arch, before switching feet. Holly moaned while Mike kissed her neck and earlobe.

“Stand up and strip,” Holly demanded. “Leave your stockings on.”

“Holly, will you 69 with her?” Mike asked.

“Mm, will you fuck me while I do?” She coyly asked.


His iron-hard cock bounced when he stood to make room for me to climb on top of my daughter. I watched with awe as he entered her, only centimeters from my face. I took a chance and licked him as he penetrated her.

His stomach hit my head with each thrust, as I licked my daughter feverishly. Then he pulled out and shoved his manhood into my throat for a few strokes. He went back and forth between Holly’s pussy and my mouth until Holly screamed out in orgasm. I wasn’t far behind but didn’t get to cum as she pushed me off of her and pressed my head onto Mike’s cock, dripping wet with her cum.

I desperately tried not to gag as he fucked my mouth mercilessly with Holly holding my head in place. Finally, he erupted into the back of my throat with a grunt.

Mike reached into his jacket and pulled his phone out. He turned on the egg that was still nestled in my pussy.

“You do not get to cum, do you understand?” He asked with the most authority I’ve ever heard him use.

“Yes,” I sighed as the sensations were killing me.

Holly laughed wickedly and said, “That will teach you to not immediately drop to your knees when your master is before you.”

“Oh, God! Yes, Mistress.” I sighed nearing what felt like a huge orgasm.

Mike recognized how close I was and immediately stopped the egg and Holly stuck her fingers in to pull it out. It was torture. She hit every pleasure spot in my tunnel as she dug around and finally pulled it out.

I fell back onto the bed and into Mike’s arms. My daughter snuggled into me and I fell asleep feeling more loved than I had in years.

When I woke the next morning, I was alone and covered. After making my way downstairs, I saw that I was completely alone.

There was a note taped to the coffee maker that said, “Had to get home to not freak out the girls. Will call later.” She signed it, “M&H XXOO.” I smiled thinking of my lovely granddaughters and how they would react to their parents walking in looking as if they’d been out all night. I knew from experience that appearances must be kept up.


Things were sort of back to normal over the following two weeks. Because of the girls’ sports schedules and our work we weren’t able to get together for play-time again. Holly told me that I was not allowed to cum if they weren’t in the room with me, so I was climbing off the walls in desperation. I’d never gone a week without bringing myself to an orgasm or several every day and it was driving me mad.

Three days after my granddaughters’ eighteenth birthday, we all went out to dinner. I could swear Holly had the egg in, as she was acting strangely and Mike had an odd grin on his face for most of the dinner. He didn’t use his phone though, so I didn’t think anything more of it.

The girls were their usual selves, half the time talking with us and the rest of the time on their phones texting. I was going to ask them to put the phones away but decided to let their parents be their parents and stay out of it. They were adults now, I supposed they could act rudely if they wished.

I was invited to have coffee at Mike and Holly’s home after dinner. While we talked about current events, the girls excused themselves and bounced off to their rooms.

“They grew up too fast,” I said. Holly nodded in agreement while Mike had that strange smirk again.

I walked up to say goodnight to the girls and was shocked when I walked into Jessie’s bedroom.

“It’s about time!” She said as she stood before me naked but for a pair of four-inch heels and thigh-high stockings with her hands on her hips.

The door closed behind me and Jenny was standing there equally nude but wearing a large strap-on dildo.

“Holy shit!” I whispered as I dropped to my knees. I smiled as I hoped they would let me cum.

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