My New Room-mate

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My New Room-mateMy new room-mate Jamie Chapter OneIt was a hot night, one of those muggy, high humidity nights that signalled the end of the Indian summer in late September. We’d both gone to bed in our shared dorm at around 10pm, I’d read for a while then dropped off, fast asleep at the end of another busy day.I had been at Ashley Court for three weeks, the first term of my senior school. It had been pretty exciting, so much more grown up than my prep school. I had been paired up with a sweet, shy redhead, Jamie. She was really nice, bright orangey red hair but only a few freckles. She had been at school in Wiltshire before she came to this one, we hit it off straight away. She, like me wasn’t that interested much in games, we both loved reading and drama. Sharing a room with her was fun, she was so funny, always making me laugh.Anyway back to tonight, something had woken me, whether it was the heat of the night or a noise, I had no idea. I opened my eyes but couldn’t really see anything amiss. As my hearing adjusted to my wakefulness, I could hear a rhythmic rustling from across the room. I strained my eyes to see if I could see what it was. All I could see was Jamie apparently asleep one arm behind her head her duvet pulled up to her chin her knees raised making a vague tent shape on her bed. As my eyes adjusted to the semi darkness of our dorm I saw her arm push down the duvet to her waist her hand seemed to fiddle with the front of her pyjama top and then I saw her open it wide, exposing her small pink tipped breasts in the dim light. I watched as she rubbed her adolescent mounds in her palm then clearly saw her squeeze her nipple between her finger tips. She made a quiet catlike little mewl of pleasure as her fingers manipulated her nipple.I was just fascinated. I had discovered my own sexuality only a couple of months previously. Me my Mum and Carl my step dad, had gone to the Italian lakes on holiday. About 3 days into the holiday, just after lunch, mum and he had gone up to the apartment for a nap. I stayed down by the pool for another half hour or so enjoying the heat of the sunshine on my skin, then decided to go to my room to get some cash for an ice cream. I walked out onto the balcony where I’d left my purse and heard some moaning and groaning coming from the partly open patio door to their room. Not sure what it was I peeked through the gap in the blinds. What I saw was imprinted like a scar on my brain. My mum was knelt on the bed totally naked, her knees either side of Carl’s face her bum cheeks seemingly split by his nose as he licked furiously at her sex. She in turn had his enormous looking penis in her mouth. Her head was bobbing up and down as she took its entire length into her mouth. How she did it I have no idea, as it appeared to be at least eight inches long. But she took the entire length in as she plunged her face down, her nose hitting his shaven balls. I made sure I wasn’t visible to my rutting parents and sat on one of the chairs and continued to watch the lewd scene. I heard my mum’s voice. “Come on Carl I need you to stick that fat cock in my cunt now, I need to be fucked.” With that she turned around as Carl moved from his supine position and reached between her legs seemingly rubbing herself as she knelt in front of Carl. He spread her bum cheeks wide and I could see her fingers rubbing over the top of her glistening bahis siteleri canlı wet pussy. He then took his hard veiny cock in his right hand, rubbed its angry looking purple head between her lips then slid it right into her depths in one smooth shove. Needless to,say it wasn’t long before I began to feel a stirring of something new between my legs. My whole sex seemed to be suffused with some sensation I’d only experienced a couple of times before, usually as I’d rocked myself to sleep, my hands jammed tightly between my legs. This time however, there was an urgency that prompted me to open my legs wide as I sat on the chair and pulled my bikini bottoms to one side exposing my hairy mound. I slid my fingers deliberately between my soaking wet lips, totally amazed at my wetness. It seemed to be only seconds, before I felt the most amazing feeling rush through my body, my legs spasmed and my hips jerked my pussy hard against my hand, my fingers pushing deep inside, my thumb hard against the little nub nestled at the top of my slit.My very first grown up orgasm over I felt drained and more than a little bit guilty at what I’d just done. I looked though the blinds again and saw them still at it like rabbits, Carl seeming to slam his hard cock right into mums dripping wet pussy. I watched for a few more minutes, firmly imprinting the images in my mind, then quietly left the apartment a little unsteady on my legs.My adolescent mind had been pre-occupied ever since with those few minutes of abandoned sexuality. I had, I thought, refined my masturbatory technique over the ensuing months. My favourite position being the position I had seen mum in before Carl had rammed his hard cock into her. On my knees, forehead on the bed, my tits hanging and available to my left hand, my right hand jammed into my open lips.Now once again, I was watching as someone else was enjoying their sex. Jamie pushed the duvet further down until it slid down her shins into a heap at the foot of her bed. She had one hand on her right nipple, the other was out of sight between her spread legs. Obviously not happy with her hand being confined by her pyjama bottoms she wriggled them down her legs until they were around her ankles, then spreading her legs as wide they could go, she attacked her pussy with frenzied fingers. The ferocity with which she fingered herself amazed me, her hand occasionally slapping her pudenda accompanied on each occasion with a****listic grunts and obscenities. “Fuck yes, slap my cunt you bitch, slap it hard make me cum”.I felt myself moistening, my clit feeling the familiar twinges of arousal. I slid one hand into my pyjamas and slid it between my wet lips, stroking myself and smearing my juices all over my clit. As Jamie approached her orgasm she became louder and more vocal. The filth issuing from her 13 year old mouth, spurring my own orgasm on until I heard her orgasm burst from her lips. “Fuck yes, fuck, I’m cumming.” With one final thrust she pushed her hips up forcing her pussy hard against her fingers her bum lifting a good six inches from the bed.I saw a small squirt of something spray over her pyjama bottoms as she collapsed onto the mattress, totally spent.My much quieter and more restrained orgasm followed seconds later and I lapsed once more into a lovely satiated deep sleep.When I woke next morning there was no sign of Jamie, canlı casino siteleri I crept across the room and saw her pyjamas folded neatly on her pillow, unsure whether I’d dreamt the images of the night before, I picked up the bottoms and before I’d even got them half way to my face, I smelt the unmistakeable aroma of her sexual secretions. The power of the smell immediately caused me to moisten, my clit twitching as it rubbed against the seam of my pjs. I continued to move her bottoms to my face and sucked in a deep draft her emissions into my nose. The smell was intoxicating, I slid my hand down my bottoms and smeared my juices up and down between my lips. Realising she could return at any time and catch me in the act, I placed them back on her pillow and made my way to the shower, picking up my hair brush and wash bag as I left the room.This morning I was in luck, no queue for the showers. I locked myself in the cubicle and stripped naked, then stepped into the warm, but unfortunately weak spray. Having washed my long dark brown hair I soaped myself, first my puffy nippled tits, paying more than the usual amount of time kneading them and teasing my small nipples, then I took my razor and shaved under my arms and trimmed up my pubic bush carefully before moving on to my legs. Such a curse having such dark hair, I needed to shave them nearly every day. I then spent some time soaping my slit, running my fingers between my lips as I sat on the edge of the bath, the shower’s pathetic spray washing away the soap. As I felt the slickness of the soap being replaced by my own slippery wetness I picked up my hairbrush, washed it carefully then started centimetre by centimetre to push it inside me. I stopped when the plastic bristles hit my clit, causing me to jump as the sensation rushed through me. Then began my favourite part, legs wide apart sat on the edge of the tub I fucked myself with the hairbrush. Eyes closed picturing the sight of Carl’s cock pushing into my mum. An added bonus this morning was conjuring up the sight of Jamie’s hips ramming up against her hand as she fingered herself to orgasm. I was just approaching my own climax when there was a banging at the door and the sound of my housemistress Ms Smythe shouting my name and warning me I’d miss breakfast. The moment was destroyed!I reluctantly rinsed myself off and washed the handle of my brush in the sink. “Fuck”, I thought to myself, I really was close then.The rest of the day passed in a blur of lessons, French and Spanish I enjoyed, maths was ok, but I really hated history and geography. They were definitely going to be the first subjects I’d drop after my GCSE’s.We had tea at four o’clock then went back to our respective dorms to do our prep. Joining the senior school at age 13, meant that we all as 3rd years had at least a couple of hours of work set.I sat, flopped more like, into the bean bag at the foot of my bed. Jamie chose to lie on her bed, her head resting on her fists as she read her assignment.We studied in silence for about 40 minutes, Jamie rolled onto her back, reached down and pulled up the grey socks we all loathed and straightened her dark green skirt pulling it decorously down over her knees. Sensing the movement I looked inquisitively across the room at her. “You finished your geog prep then?” I asked.”No, I’m just bored of reading about ox bow lakes casino oyna and wadis. How about you?””Got about another five minutes, then I’m done.” I replied, as I dropped my file on the floor beside me.”Did you like it?” She asked innocently.”What the geog, no I hate it.””No dummy, not the geog, did you like watching me play with myself last night, I saw you watching me.”I nearly died an instant death of embarrassment, I blushed scarlet and lost the power of speech as the question crystallised in my brain. I mumbled incoherently, totally and utterly ashamed at having been caught out in my voyeurism.Jamie laughed loudly, seeing my discomfort at the accusation.”It’s ok, I didn’t mind, in fact it made it better knowing you were watching me do it. You did like it too didn’t you? I saw your duvet moving so I guessed you were wanking too.”I joined her in her laughter, my face still glowing and momentary images of her climax flashing through my mind.”Yeah, it was really sexy seeing you rub yourself, it made me really wet.” I hope you didn’t mind.””Mind? course not, made me really cum hard, you want to see it again?”I looked at her in amazement and nodded mutely, my face colouring again.”Yeah, that’d be cool.” I stuttered.She opened her legs and pulled her skirt up over her thighs then pushed her hand into her pants. Her face distorted in pleasure.”I will if you will, I’ve never seen someone do it for real, in front of me.”I was totally torn, on the one hand I desperately wanted to see her do it again, but I was riven with embarrassment at the thought of someone watching me do such an intimate act in front of them. My new found horniest won the day. I leant back on the bean bag and opened my legs wide feeling her gaze boring into the depths of my sex. A sudden rush of heat rushed through my core at her look. I also pulled my skirt high, lifting my bum and pulling it up round my waist.I rubbed a couple of fingers over my slit through my white cotton pants emulating her actions across the room. She spread her legs wide then lasciviously pulled the gusset of her pants to one side exposing her bright orange hairy mound to my rapturous gaze. She spread her lips with one hand and then started to slide a couple of her fingers along the wet gaping opening.”God that feels so dirty, you watching me play with my pussy, it’s making me so horny, look how wet I am, I’m dripping wet. Fuck this is so horny, I’m gonna cum soon I think.”My eyes were riveted on her open slit, her lips a lovely shade of pink as she slid her fingers between them.”Yeah me too,”I agreed, my fingers speeding up and diving into my pants, I pulled them down to my ankles, exposing my hairy bush, the hairs covered in small droplets of my arousal.We both increased the tempo of our masturbation then suddenly Jamie bucked her hips hard against her hand and came noisily.”Fuck yes, watch me fuck myself, watch me cum on my fingers.” My fingers sped up significantly as I too approached orgasm, my fingers plunging deep into my sex, my thumb rubbing across my inflamed engorged clit.I joined her in my orgasm, totally inarticulate sounds issued from my throat as I watched her gently stroking her own clit as she came down from her high.The next hour passed in what seemed like an instant as we continued our mutual masturbation, we ended up both totally naked on my bed frigging ourselves side by side.Then totally unexpectedly, I felt her hand push mine aside as she hooked her middle two fingers inside me, thrusting deep inside. She withdrew her fingers and looked in my eyes, “You’re not a virgin, you’ve got no hymen, have you been fucking someone already?” She asked

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