Mystic Night PART FOUR

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Mystic Night PART FOURMaximus woke up in the middle of the day, with both fairies in his arms. They were all spooning, with Minea in the middle, him behind her, and Eneia in her arms. He slowly got up, and as he was standing next to his bed, his eyes were caressing two stunning, sleeping girls. The sun was high, shining through thin white d****s, throwing shadowy glow on the girls. He was admiring their bodies, soft skin, inviting full breasts, and exquisite legs, which ended in firm tushies. Excitement started to grow within his body. At the same time, he felt an overwhelming protectiveness for the girls. He knew that he will rather die to keep them out of harm’s way, than let anything happen to them. He put on his boxers, and softly walked out of the bedroom in to his kitchen. He needed coffee, and he had to clear his head. It is a new day, the girls are safe in his bed, and his head was in the military mode now, cold, calculative, and tactical. They made love which was not a dream, nor was everything else that happened from the moment he ran in to Minea in the forest, although it felt like one. He has to figure this out, how to protect them, what to do next. He felt an amazing connection to Minea, deep everlasting love, which one is lucky to find in its life time. Very few did find this kind of treasure, and he also felt strong caring bonds with Eneia after their early morning’s activities. Almost as strong as with Minea, yet different kind of connection, and he didn’t know how to explain it. He didn’t understand it, but he did know that when he was giving himself with Minea to her, they were giving their souls and hearts to Eneia with each their touch and kiss. He walked out to his back yard, sipping his coffee with cold milk, and was gazing on the hills, embracing the beauty of the forest, its shades of green sea, where he found peace whenever he was walking amongst those hundreds of year’s old trees. Since last night, never will he see the nature in the same way. His eyes have been opened, and now he was wondering, about all the things he didn’t know, but wanted to find out. As he was engulfed in his thoughts, he didn’t hear her coming behind him until she put her arms around his waist, and hugged him. “Thank you Maximus, for letting me in, for showing me your heart and soul. You can’t even imagine how much it means to me, that you and Minea are sharing yourselves to me.” Eneia whispered in to his ear. He was taken by surprise when she embraced him, feeling her soft naked skin pressed against his, and by what she just told him. He put down the cup on the table next to him, slowly turned around, as he did that, he saw her naked, stunning body, glowing in midday’s sun. She put her arms around his neck, kissing him fully on the lips, and was pressing her body against him, feeling him with all her senses. He broke the kiss, by taking a step back, red in the cheeks, surprised and confused. Here was a stunning girl giving herself to him, as beautiful as his Minea. Yet no matter how thrilling it was, he felt it was wrong. Yes he was pleasuring her together with Minea by her incentive, and they both enjoyed it immensely. But this was different, he belonged to Minea with all of his being, and no matter how he felt for Eneia, he is not going to let whatever was happening, to happen. He was gently holding Eneia by her arms, so she could not embrace him again.“Listen, you are a stunning girl, and what happened was just amazing. But you have to know, that what transpired between us was because Minea wanted it, and I admit, I desired it also, together with her. Don’t get me wrong, I do care for you allot, and I feel strong bonds have been created between us with each kiss, and touch, although different kind than with Minea. Alas I cannot, and will not act upon them. You are in our lives. Make no mistake about that, yet.” He looked lovingly through open bedroom doors at Minea who was still sleeping on his bed, and then he looked back at her, continuing delicately. “I am hers, and she is mine, thus this kiss was the last one we shared. I am sorry I really am, but it just isn’t right.” He concluded softly.She was silent, and a bit confused, her smile turned in to sadness, and she looked down at her cute bare feet speaking tenderly with all of her heart. “I understand, it breaks me inside, but I understand. Minea has really found her man.” And her tears stopped her from saying anything more.He pulled her in to a soothing embrace, caressing her soft black hair, as small drops of saddens were gently flowing from her big dark blue eyes down his chest. Minea came like a ghost behind Eneia, embracing her with Maximus, making Eneia lose herself in their arms. Maximus once again didn’t notice the movement of the fairy. She wasn’t wearing anything as well, and Eneia felt her sister’s hard nipples pressing against her soft skin. Maximus questioningly looked at his fairy smiling at him.“He is yours to kiss as much as you both want.” She whispered in to Eneia’s ear. Then her eyes met Maximus’s surprised look. “I heard everything you said to her, and you can’t even imagine how magical it made me feel, knowing that my heart chose well. Yet my darling, she is ours, and I wish not to refuse her heart and soul the pleasure of my kisses as well as yours, and the thrill I share with you, my heart wants to share it with her too.” She answered unasked question she read in Maximus’s eyes.They released Eneia from their embrace, she stepped aside, letting Minea hug Maximus, kissing him passionately, his fingertips caressing the nape of her neck, as the moment stood still for them, Eneia silently left them tiptoeing in to the bedroom, giving them privacy. Maximus was caressing her cute face, looking her deep in those dark emerald eyes. Their skin was touching, and he could feel her hard nipples pressed against his chest. He was getting turned on, as the feeling of her naked body in his arms, the eyes he was losing himself in, and everything he felt for her, made him excited as much as he was for the first time they made love. He was searching her soul, as she was smiling at him, felling that he is still holding back concerning Eneia, so she spoke tenderly. “Come.” She spoke tenderly, and held his hand leading him back to the bedroom.There Eneia was lying on the bed, turned with her back towards the door, gazing through the window. He looked at Minea, and Eneia turned to look at them. “Look at her my dear. Isn’t she stunning?” Minea motioned with her head towards Eneia while she asked Maximus about her sister’s beauty.His eyes were now caressing Eneia’s thrilling curves, and Minea stepped behind him, embracing him with her arms, and kissing his neck.“Darling, I know that you are mine with all of your being, and I know you wish not to hurt me in any way or form. So trust me when I say, that what is about to happen, I want it very much. Do not hold yourself back, because of me, as I know what you feel for me. I know that will never change. What we have is something which casino siteleri is rarely found in the Universe. But please understand, that she is my fairy sister, she’s ‘my everything’, as much as you are. I could not believe it until last night, but one can be as one with two beings, and I am, we are. So please my darling.” At the same time she motioned with her hand to Eneia to come closer, while she continued whispering in to Maximus’s ear. “Let me share you with her completely, as it will bring peace within my heart, knowing she is in your heart, as much as she is in mine.” Minea’s hands were caressing his chest, as she concluded her thoughts.Her hand continued slowly sliding down his tummy all the way down between his legs where she found his willing hardness. Eneia’s eyes were locked with Maximus’s during Minea’s whispering, and he felt overwhelming energy of their heart’s flowing through him. He knew then and there, that his life is taking yet another surprising turn, and was slowly getting used to a complete unthinkable shocks. Eneia moved closer to him, kneeling on the bed as Minea pulled his boxers down, releasing his excitement. Eneia was still locked with her eyes on his, as she took it in her hands, rubbing it softly making him moan from pleasure. She then took it in her mouth, kissing the tip of its head, and then taking it all in, making him gasp as she did that. “Yes my darling, enjoy her lips, and her kisses, as I enjoy them. I want you to know my love, that what I am seeing and hearing now, is exciting me very much, knowing that the last walls are tumbling down. She is as much yours as she is mine. We are sharing her, because she has given herself to us.” Minea continued to whisper in to Maximus’s ear.Then she kissed him on the neck, and took few steps back, sitting on the comfortable lounge chair, which was close to bed. Enjoying the spectacle she was being given by them. Tingly sensation was overwhelming her, as it turned her on so much what she saw, that her legs simply parted, and were resting on the soft chair arms. Her hand slipped between her legs, where she felt wetness dripping from her pussy. The other hand was playing with her hard nipples, as fingers slid inside of her, while she was observing Eneia deep throating Maximus. Eneia was letting his gasps lead her lips, and tongue play around his bare pinky sensitive head. With one hand she was stroking him, as the other hand grabbed his bum, and she pulled him in. He was close to finishing, and she felt it as he became even harder, tenser so she stopped her lip escapade over his hardness.She pulled him after her as she lay down on the bed, and he threw a glance at Minea, sitting in the chair, playing with herself, and he saw that she adores the view. Lust and desire on her face told him all he needed to know, finally understanding, that he is giving certain special pleasure to Minea as she was caressing them with her emerald lustful eyes. His lips surrendered to Eneia’s kisses, as their hands were exploring each other. He was sliding down her sensual body, which was responding to each kiss and touch he was giving her. He was massaging her full breasts, squeezing them, kissing the nipples, sucking them, and gently biting them. His knee was pressing against her pussy, and she was rubbing herself against it, harder and harder while he was enjoying her breasts. She wanted him so much, and as her eyes drifted towards Minea, she saw her smiling at them, giving her a slight nod, with her fingers deeply buried in wetness of her pussy, and tightness of her bum.The sight of Minea pleasuring herself, and moaning loudly while watching them was driving her insane, so she gently pushed Maximus down towards her pussy. She wanted to feel his tongue playing around her wetness. He was sliding leisurely south, kissing her tummy, and caressing soft skin of the inner thighs with his fingertips. But he decided not to be a good little soldier, so he passed her pussy, and she tried to stop him, but his hair was too short, when she grabbed him by it. He came all the way down to her cute little toes, kissing them, thus driving Eneia crazy. Her hand slipped between her legs, she could not take it any longer. Maximus seeing that, stopped kissing her ankle, and sucking her achilles tendon, as he discovered some time ago, it sent shivers through a whole woman’s body. He looked at Minea, who was on the edge just about to reward them with her scream of explosive pleasure.“My Darling, Minea. There in my wardrobe you will find soft neck ties of my dress uniform, take two. Bring them here.” He ordered passionately her.Minea just nodded without a word, knowing that something’s up, this was a change in his attitude, and she felt, that he is taking control of the whole situation. It turned her on even more than she thought it could be possible at this point in time. Her nectar was dripping from her pulsing pussy as she made those few steps to Maximus. He was now hovering above Eneia, holding her hands, leaning close.“Do you trust us? Will you surrender to us completely?” He whispered in to her ear.“Yes, YES I DO.” She gasped in reply.Minea was standing next to the bed now, mesmerized by what is just happening with her beloved fairy sister. The world got lost for both of them, as Maximus gently pulled Eneia higher on the bed, and took the neck ties from Minea’s hand, gently securing Eneia’s hands to the wooden frame of the bed. They were both filled with lustful anticipation. Maximus pulled his fairy closer to his lips, kissing her deeply, their tongues dancing with passion, above Eneia’s sweaty, extremely excited sensual body, which was going crazy from the expectation of what’s to come. She’d never let anyone tie her like this, no fairy would. Fairies were free spirits, and being tied, or caged, in any way restrained was pure torture for them. But here with them, she felt loved, knowing that whatever is coming, it will be something she has never experienced before, the way she let them do that to her, meant that deep within her heart and soul she already has completely surrendered to both of them. They broke their long, passionate kiss, and looked down on their fairy. Her body was gently touched by their fingertips which were caressing her sensitive, full perky breasts, swirling around her hard nipples, making her moan from pleasure. Her pussy was going completely insane, and she started moving her legs, as she wanted to satisfy her burning desire. But Maximus held her leg, and Minea followed his example holding the other one. They kissed and leaned towards her inviting nipples, each taking one in its mouth, sucking it, nibbling it, holding her legs still, and apart. “PLEASE STOP DRIVING ME CRAZY, TAKE ME I AM YOURS PLEASE I WANT BOTH OF YOU.” Eneia started lustfully screaming. Their fingertips were brushing over her burning pussy, slipping gently over it, making her breathing heavy, and they started moving down her tummy. Each one gave a kiss on her wetness, sending tremors all over canlı casino her body. They kissed, and moved lower all the way to her fingertips. Sensational electric spasm shot from her toes all the way to her head, exploding in countless stars as they sucked on them, and massaged her feet at the same time. The room was filled with sweet scent of pussy nectar, which was intoxicating to Maximus, and he reached with his hand between Minea’s legs, making her suck deeply on one of Eneia’s cute toes, as he pressed against her, and pushed two fingers in her. Eneia’s feeling was multiplied by her ties, which were not strong to hurt her as she was bucking, and shaking from their touches and kisses, but still tight enough that she could not release her hands. She could not believe it possible, but. “I’M COMING, OH SWEET MOTHER GAIA I AM COMING.” She started screaming.Maximus and Minea smiled, and embraced each other’s faces with their hands, kissing passionately, while Eneia was slowly calming down. Minea gazed in to Maximus’s eyes. “I want us to do something special with our Eneia. We fairies can do a bit of magic too.” Minea mischievously said to Maximus.“That figures. What kind of magic do you have in mind?” Maximus answered without surprise.Minea looked at Eneia smiling, and stood next to the bed, clapped her hands three times, and spoke an enchantment. Eneia’s eyes widened because she knew what kind of little magical trick Mina has just done. What Maximus saw appear in a puff of smoke in Minea’s hands made him grin.“Why I am not surprised, that you got this nice strap on.” Maximus said grinningly.Minea smiled at that, and kissed Eneia without any reservation, then leaned closer to her ear, caressing her cute face.“Sweetie, this is just the beginning.” She whispered playfully.Then she moved down to her breasts, enjoying the feeling of her hard nipples in her mouth, as Maximus was savoring the taste of her nectar, lashing over her clit with his tongue, and fingering her pussy and tushy. They didn’t need much to bring her towards another climax. Her body was shaking as she was showering Maximus with her juices, which he savored all he could. He pulled Minea in to his arms, kissing her, giving Eneia a chance to calm down before they continued pleasuring her. Minea was enjoying her sister’s sweetness in his kisses, and was stroking him, while he was rubbing her pussy, which was completely drenched. Each was at one of Eneia’s sides, while they were kissing. Minea leaned down and took him in her mouth, stroking him, rubbing him and he put his hands gently on her soft dark red hair, and started gently moving with his hips. Minea was at the same time touching her pussy, fingering herself, she was going as crazy as Eneia. Eneia was enjoying the show, knowing that soon they will focus on her again. What she was experiencing right now with them was already beyond her imagination. She was right, because Minea released Maximus’s hardness, and once again he was close to finish, but nobody wanted that just yet. Minea went above Eneia, with her back to the wall, so she was turned towards Maximus. Eneia’s tongue started flicking over her pussy, her lips embracing whole of her wetness, so she would be able to taste each and every Minea’s drop. Maximus at the same time spread her legs, as much as he could, and Minea took them, holding them so he could slowly dive within Eneia. Minea felt her tongue become wielder, the deeper Maximus protruded in to her. Their eyes were locked on each other, and they leaned closer in to a lip-lock, Minea started lowering her pussy on Eneia’s lively tongue, as Maximus started thrusting her fairy sister with strong rhythmic moves. Minea reached to Eneia’s clit with one of her hands, and began to rub it, playing with it, because Maximus was on his knees leaning a bit back, and was thrusting forward and upwards with his hips. Eneia was yet again close, but they stopped just before she climaxed. They untied her, and she threw herself wildly at Maximus, kissing him, grabbing his hard on, wanting it back inside. Minea pulled her off her man, and pushed her on her tummy, pressing on her, and gently spanking her tushy, and leaned closer to her ear.“My darling, not yet, I have something special in mind for you. Do you want to feel both of us at the same time?” She whispered.“YES; PLEASE I AM YOURS.” Eneia just gasped in desperation. While Minea was holding her like that, whispering teasingly in to her ear, Maximus spread her legs, kissing her bum, massaging it spanking it slightly, and rubbing her bum with his fingers. Minea released Eneia, but not before telling her not to turn around. Eneia saw with the corner of her big dark blue eyes how Minea was strapping her toy on, and was yearning for them both, what Maximus clearly felt by her bum giving in completely to his fingers. Minea lay on her back next to Eneia, and she went on top of her. Slowly taking Minea’s strap on deep in to her pussy, and Maximus was simply loving the view of two exhilarating girls kissing, their hands caressing, each other, as Minea grabbed Eneia’s bum, spanking it slightly, playing with her tushy, making her gasp in to their kiss. Their tongues were lashing out, having a sword play, and Eneia was grabbing Minea’s breasts, then leaning down, and sucking her nipples, driving Minea just as crazy as she was. Minea’s toy was special, because it was such, that she also got part of it within her own pussy. So the more Eneia was moving on her, the more Minea was feeling her riding as well. Maximus came closer, and was behind Eneia, teasing her ring with his gentle head. Carefully pressing against it, so it gave in, and he was enjoying their moans. Both of them were Feeling their pussies clench around the toy, thus making Eneia push back towards Maximus, taking him deeper in her tushy. She was holding Minea tight, squealing from pleasure in to her neck, biting her shoulder, kissing it and gasping heavily. They didn’t move, as they waited for Eneia’s pussy and bum to get used to being so full. Then Maximus started to move inside her, gently pushing and pulling, and Minea followed his rhythm, which they caught. Their thrusts were becoming stronger and stronger, driving all three of them towards the stars. Eneia was thrusting back, as they were pounding her hard now. She started screaming how she is going to cum, and upon hearing that, they started thrusting even harder, until all three exploded like supernova. Their screams of pleasure were echoing of the walls, the girls were shaking hard from waves of pleasure, Eneia so much harder, because of having being pounded hard in to her pussy and tushy. They released each other, thus Eneia found herself in the middle, leaned closer to Minea, kissing her, and caressing her mesmerizing face.“This was amazing. I saw stars, and felt you so much, as I never felt anyone ever.” Was all Eneia managed to say completely exhausted.Minea returned her kiss, and then she rolled on Maximus, kissing him too, without saying anything, kaçak casino letting her lips do all the talking. Minea took off her toy, and smiled at the sight, standing up and despite her shaky legs, somehow managed to get to the bathroom. Eneia followed her after a while, and Maximus heard shower being turned on. He was spent, and he closed his eyes, breathing slowly, and feeling that he is going to be sharing his bedroom with two fairies, not just one. ‘This should be interesting.’ Was his only thought, and then he pulled himself from bed, and changed the sheets, which were drenched in fairy nectar. They had a sweet scent of lustful love, which comes from deep within one’s soul. He smiled to himself, and threw it on the floor, and just as he finished changing the bed covers, the girls came back in to the bedroom. Giggling and holding hands, they hugged him, kissing him, and pulling him on to a fresh bed. He was holding them, caressing their backs, Minea kissed him deeply, and then Eneia did the same. He saw something in Minea’s eyes, some kind of thought.“Tell me, what have you two figured out there under the shower?” Was the question he wanted an answered after looking in to Minea’s eyes.Minea gave him another soft kiss, replying with as much innocence she could. “Well honey, we are now one and this is my home now, with the forest surrounding us. At least I presume it is.” “Yes darling, you presume correctly.” Was his careful answer, please continue. “Well and now she gave in to us completely, as much as any fairy can give herself to any being, as deeply as I gave myself to you, and only you. Do you understand my darling?” She lifted herself on her elbow, to emphasize what she was trying to explain to her man.Maximus nodded, understanding that she is trying to clarify some things to him, in a way, that he would understand, and not go ballistic.“I think I do, so what you are trying to say is, that she will be around quite often, and that she might be around even when you’ll not be here. Something you would not mind at all, because she is ours, and if for example we would be saving water, and I’ll be showering with her for ecological reasons, you would be completely ok with that.” He surmised what he thought he understood from Minea’s explanation.“Exactly, my darling, she is ours, and we are hers.” Minea confirming his deduction with relief, gently caressed his lips, and cheeks. Maximus then focused his eyes on Eneia, who was silent during this small conversation, and he just kissed her without saying a word. She put her arms around him, hugging him tight, and Minea was caressing Eneia’s back, as she was kissing their man.After she finally released him from her lips, he got out of bed, and went to the shower. The girls hugged and kissed, their hands were caressing each other. Another fire was starting with each kiss and touch they shared, their hands slipped between their legs. They started fingering each other, and then Eneia smiled and took the toy from the night stand. Minea pulled her back in to her arms, after she strapped it on, kissing her, and spreading her legs wide, to take her all in. Eneia was gently thrusting in to Minea’s pussy, their eyes locked on each other. Minea grabbed her bum pulling her deeper and deeper. Maximus walked in on them, just as Eneia was getting on her back, and Minea was slowly and gently taking the toy in her tushy. She was turned with her back towards the wall, and Eneia and Maximus just stood there, savoring the view. “My Love, please, come to us, I want to feel you as deep as I feel her.” Minea lustfully called Maximus.He didn’t need to be told twice. Just the sight was enough to get him going. He kissed Minea and was rubbing her pussy, as she was slowly moving down on Eneia’s strap on. His lips embraced her nipples, and she grabbed his black hair, pulling him harder in to her full, firm breast. Eneia started moving gently and he was fingering her at the same time. Then he moved down on her, embracing her pussy with his lips, flicking his tongue across her clit, with fingers joining in to the play. She started to feel pressure rising deep within her wetness, knowing that she will grace her man with all her nectar. Eneia felt it too, so she started thrusting a bit harder, and biting her shoulders, with her hands wrapped around her breasts, and she was pinching her nipples ever so slightly.Electrifying shocks began to shake Minea’s body, wave after wave. Maximus loved her nectar and was drinking all of it, as she was squirting hard, and shaking uncontrollably. Eneia managed to keep her on the toy with quite an effort. Maximus leaned closer to Minea, kissing her, giving her to taste the juices he was savoring just moments ago. Their kiss was full of passionate love, and she grabbed his hardness. “I want you inside of me, I want you so much.” She gasped desirably.He smiled at her words, his heart skipping a beat, because all he saw in those dark green eyes was complete surrender to him. Her legs were inviting him. He put the tip of his head on her pussy, pressed slightly, teasing her. She grabbed his bum, and pulled him hard inside of her, making herself gasped from pleasurable shock. They both started moving, finding rhythm in Minea’s pussy and tushy. The more she was moaning, harder they were thrusting. Their eyes were locked on each other, and her hands were holding him tight, scratching him with each thrust.She bit in to his shoulder, tasting his blood, and he knew she is just about to explode. The tension started in her toes, traveling with the speed of light through every fiber of her being, until she exploded together with Eneia. Who was so much turned on by their act of passionate lovemaking, and the toy in her pussy, that their scream became duet. Minea’s spasming pussy was enough to drive Maximus over the edge too, and he joined in with his exhilarating orgasm. Minea felt him cum deep inside of her, as his thrusts became stronger, doubling her pleasure.They were breathing heavily, not being able to move for couple of moments. Maximus was kissing Minea, who was lovingly returning his kisses. He then lay next to Eneia, and Minea squeezed in the middle of them.She threw one leg over Eneia’s and another over Maximus’s, kissing him, then her.“This was just mmm. I love you both.” Minea murmured. Last thing she managed was to turn towards Maximus, embracing him and Eneia slipped off the toy, putting her arms around Minea, spooning with her, kissing her neck, just as exhausted as they were. Maximus caressed Minea’s beautiful face, kissing her softly.“I will never leave you my darling, neither of you.” He concluded the sentence by looking in to Eneia’s exquisite dark blue eyes. Minea caressed his face, opened her enchanting green eyes, and kissed him fully on the lips. That kiss told him exactly the same as he told her.Eneia at the same time kissed his hand, and smiled with one tear sliding down her cute face, touching his hand. The day was sliding in to a nice evening, which they were missing, because sleep overcame them after their energetic lovemaking. Maximus pulled the blanket over them. They snuggled up under the warm cover, and fell asleep with peace within their souls.The End Part FOURTo Be Continued ( Eventually )

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