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No reliefShe was cheating on me, I was sure of it. Although I couldn’t prove it, I’ve had my suspicions for quite some time. Given the fact that we hadn’t had sex in months, and the fact that she was always in such a good mood…. why else would she be so happy? She wasn’t getting any from me, but she surely was getting some elsewhere.I grew paranoid and overly self conscious. In the four months since we started living together, Monique and I seem to have grown apart. I cared for her so much, and it pained me to think that she was being ravaged by some other guy.Monique was a goddess. She practically lived in the gym, constantly working out. She was in fantastic shape, which was more than I could say for myself. I’m not a bad looking guy, but once you hit 30 you kinda get buried in your work and neglect the need for physical exercise, hence the beer gut. Monique on the other hand was perfect in every way. Her hair was platinum blond, her eyes were blue and her bleached teeth were so goddamn pearly white. She looked like a goddamn porn star.I was overly proud of her, ‘This was my girl! She lives with me in my house.’ However, I hadn’t seen that much of her lately. She’d always come home late, smelling good, whistling, her face bright and confident. The other day I noticed that she’d gotten a tattoo, a giant dragon on her lower back.On anyone else this would have looked tacky or even slutty, but on Monique, it looked really hot. I wanted nothing more than to pound her from behind and watch that tattoo in its gleaming light.”That’s a hot tat babe! Shall we test it out?” I asked,”It still hurts honey. Next week I promise!” she responded.Of course, next week came and went and I was left with a serious case of blue balls. She told me she had made plans with her sister and she was going away with her for the weekend. I was so fucking frustrated, I didn’t know what to do. Of course, I took my anger out on the closest person to me; Antonio, our Gardner.”Goddamn it Antonio! What the fuck is wrong with you people? Did you just get off the fucking boat? Can you understand English? I want the fucking pebbles away from the pool!”In a fit of rage I tore out some of the roses and threw them out into the street “Do it again you fucking monkey!” I yelled at him.What else could he do? He obeyed and apologized, “Sorry senior, I’ll do it again.”I contemplated driving out to her sisters house and crashing the party, or maybe even sneaking around. The frustration soon took its toll and I eventually ended up hitting the bottle. I got completely ‘shitfaced’ that night, from what I can remember.The next day, I confided in an old friend, “Hell, I don’t know what to do Lance, she’s fooling around on me! Its driving me nuts!”Lance, who used to work for the LAPD, is an old friend from high school. He was very intelligent and was a good judge of character. I was hoping that he would dismiss my suspicions and reassure me that Monique was not ‘doing the business’. “That doesn’t sound right man. Monique is a walking wet dream, and I’m sure she’s getting it from somewhere.”He said, “If you want, I could do some PI work for you. Really get down to the bottom of this…. no pressure pal”I didn’t like the idea of digging up Monique’s past and I certainly didn’t like the idea of having my best friend stalk my super hot girlfriend, but I had no choice.The next few weeks I went on about my daily business and Monique went on about her daily business, everything remained normal. I ate alone every night, masturbated frequently and cried myself to sleep. In the mornings I’d always wake up with Monique by my side, I never knew what time she came home or how she got into bed without waking me.I’d make her breakfast, see her off and then….. I’d see her the next morning. It was so painful. Each time she just got hotter and hotter. This was the same, every day, for two weeks. Finally Friday came around again. Lance came by my house in the afternoon.I was anticipating his arrival, I ran out onto the lawn impatiently, “So? What did you find out?” I asked him.Lance looked over at Antonio who was trimming the hedges, “Don’t you wanna discuss this inside?” he asked me.”No, no, don’t mind him, he doesn’t speak English. So, what did you find out?” I asked”Bad news pal. She’s cheating on you.” He saidMy whole world came crashing down. My eyes watered and I tried ever so hard to keep myself from bursting out into tears. “W.. w… well, who is it? I mean, who is the guy?” I asked in anticipation.Lance looked over at Antonio, “Its him.”Suddenly, I was overcome with such intense anger and rage, “What? Are you fucking serious??””Yes, it was him.” He reassured me.I walked over to Antonio, I was really going to give him a piece of my mind. Lance tried to stop me, I probably should have listened to him. “Hey! Monkey!” I yelled out at him.I shoved him back into the manure, “You think you can fuck my woman and get away with it? You fucking monkey!?”I didn’t expect him to retaliate. It took me completely by surprise. He smacked me square in the jaw, I hit the ground fast, my world was spinning, I could taste blood.”For months, I put up witch you calling me monkey and chico! Are jou listening to me?” he grabbed a fistful of my balls and squeezed.I screamed in discernible pain. “Yeah! I’m fucking your woman! Know why?” he asked as he squeezed harder, “NOOOOO! God! Please let go!” I yelled.”Its because you aren’t man enough for her. All I need to do is just squeeze a bit more, and you wont be man enough for anyone.” That was too much for me, I vomited and blacked out.Hours later I was inside, naked from the waist down with an icepack between my legs. “Are you okay buddy?” Lance asked.I tried to speak, all that came out was a girlish whimper. It hurt to speak, it hurt to move, it even hurt to breathe. I lifted the icepack and looked down between my legs. To my horror, I found that my testicles were swollen to at least five times in size. Upon seeing this, I insisted that Lance drive me to the hospital, “You’ll be fine man, I’ve seen heaps of domestic disturbance cases, just keep ice on it.” He didn’t seem worried, but I was in a total state of panic.I forced myself to speak, “My fucking balls man! I could loose my balls! You gotta take me to the hospital! Please!!” he couldn’t help but laugh at the unusual high pitch of my voice…. who could blame him?The doctor told me that I was lucky. Had there been the slightest bit more pressure, the damage would have been permanent. “In afew days the swelling should go down and your sex drive should return back to normal.””What about my voice?” Hell, it sounded like I was high on helium.The doctor bit his top lip to keep from laughing, “You should be fine in a few days” he reassured me.Later that night, Monique entered my hospital room. I shot a look at her as if to say, “this is all your fault”.She hung her head in shame, she knew that I knew she was fucking the Gardner. “I’m sorry” she told me.I didn’t want to speak, I didn’t want her to hear me like this, I didn’t want to appear so utterly weak and helpless. “For… how long?” I asked.She cut me off, “Will you be okay? You sound different, almost like a girl. Is everything going to be okay, down there?” she said pointing to my crotch.She cared for me, I could see that. I could see that she was concerned and that she didn’t want to see any harm upon me. “I’ll be fine. Just under allot of strain. But everything should be back to normal in a few days.””Oh, that’s good.” She said.”So, you’ve been having an affair?” I asked. God, I sounded so pathetic. I sounded like a little school boy.”I’m sorry. I don’t know what to say. I cant lie to you anymore. I love him and I want to be with him.” She admitted.In shock, I shifted in my bed, trying to sit up, “You cant, You cant do this to me! I love you too! How could you….””I’m sorry. But, he pleases me. He makes me feel good.” She admitted.”Don’t I?””You can support me financially, but you can’t please me; emotionally or sexually. I’m so sorry; I didn’t want to tell you like this.” She confessed.I didn’t want to loose her, I then told her that I would be open to anything, as long as she wouldn’t leave me. She dismissed my suggestions and told me that for the next few days nothing else would matter, she would just be there for me and help me to reach a speedy recovery.I was grateful for that, at least it gave us an opportunity to spend some time together. To my relief, within days, the swelling had gone down and my voice returned back to normal. Once I recovered however, she stopped coming around. She even cleared out all her stuff.I had to make one last stand, I at least had to try to win her back. Lance kept trying to talk me out of it, “Forget her man! She a fucking hoar! Her lover almost turned you into an eunuch! Just forget about her!”But I couldn’t, I was blinded by love.I ambushed her outside of her work, “Monique! Just listen to me! Please! Give me one minute.””I cant, I…””- just let me speak. I know why you had to cheat on me, I know now. Its because I was a selfish lover.”She didn’t want to hear any of this, she just wanted to get away from me. She turned to walk away. “I don’t want to talk about it, I ju…”I stopped her, “Please! Monique! Let me prove to you that I can be a man! That I can please you the way a man should. Please! I’m begging you!””I don’t know. I’ve moved in with Antonio and were pretty happy together,” she admitted.”Okay, how about this, a bet. I bet that I can make you come faster than he can.””I don’t know about that. I don’t want to cheat on him,” she said.”Invite him along. I bet that I can last longer and please you more than he ever could. Just give me a second chance….. please!”She thought about it for a minute and finally said, “I’ll have to ask him, I’ll get back to you.”Deep down, I knew that I would probably never hear from her again. Hell, it was a stupid suggestion. What self respecting man would let his woman be fucked by another guy for a bet? I hugged her and kissed her goodbye, certain that I would never hear from her again.To my surprise, the next day, my phone rang, “You’ve got a deal. Come over tonight, Antonio’s place, you know where that is, near the gasworks.”I couldn’t believe it. This was my chance! I was going to reclaim my manhood. I was going to take back what was rightfully mine. I was going to steal her back right in front of him. But I wasn’t going to do it alone, I had a secret weapon…. Viagra. I would be sure to win! I took two shots of Viagra and left the house, within 10 minutes, I had a raging hard on. I was harder and hornier than I had been in years! Nothing could stop me, I could go for hours. I know in the past, I’ve only lasted between 2 to 5 minutes, but tonight, I was certain that I could go for at least an hour, at least that was my plan.I arrived at Antonio’s ‘shack’ at 7pm, dressed to kill. I parked my 7 series BMW right in the middle of the street so that everyone could see what a ‘real man’ looks like. I knocked on the door and was greeted by a cocky Antonio.”So you come to win her back eh?” he teased.”Nice house, I think I have a tent I use for camping which is as big as this.” I teased back.He led me inside though to the bedroom. Monique was sitting on the bed, fully clothed, awaiting my arrival. “Hey baby.” I smiled at her.”We’ve thought it through and decided that this little bet might actually be allot of fun. You know how much I’ve always wanted to have a threesome with two guys.” She said grinning from ear to ear.This was not what I had in mind however. Antonio came up behind me and began to massage my shoulders, “No, I don’t want to do it tha..” before I could finish they had both started laughing.This was a joke, it was all a joke. “Ha Ha, very funny!” I turned to leave.”No wait.” Antonio said, “I don’t like you treating my woman like a hoar, but since you think you can fuck better than I can, be my guest.”Monique began to undress, almost as if they had rehearsed this.”You go first.” He added.Within seconds, Monique was sprawled out on the bed, completely naked. I noticed another tattoo, one on her lower stomach; it was a scorpion.She smiled and encouraged me to ‘dive in’.”But you ain’t heard the terms yet lover boy.” Antonio added.”Terms? If I can make her come faster and harder than you can, then she comes home with me and you leave us alone for good!” I snapped back at him”Yeah, that’s if you win. But if I win, I get to finish off your balls.” He said smiling.”What? You want to crush my balls? You cant be serious!” I panicked.”Oh but I am serious! Unless if you think you have what it takes, then you shouldn’t be worried.” He teased.By now Monique was getting impatient. “Come-on! Before the weed wears off! Fuck me, anyone! I don’t care!”I shrugged off my doubts and began to undress. As I pulled down my underwear, Antonio hit the roof. “What the fuck is that?” He threw his head back and laughed. I looked down, I didn’t see what was so funny. It was just my dick!I looked at Monique, she was biting her lip, trying not to laugh, “Antonio, stop laughing at him! Everyone is different.” She said defending me, but it actually sounded like a sarcastic comment than anything else.I couldn’t understand what was so funny. If it wasn’t for the Viagra, I probably would have lost my erection due to my extreme high level of nervousness.”So that’s what you’ve had to put up with huh? Damn woman! No wonder you came to me!” he continued to tease.I wanted to shut this fucker up, I wanted to prove to both of them that I had what it took. I made my move. I plowed her, I dove right in. She gasped.Antonio snickered, “Nice move pencil dick!” he laughed some more.I tried to ignore this as I went to work. I looked over to my left at the digital clock on the bench: 7:35pmOur bodies moved in rhythm as we both began breathing heavy. ‘yes, it was working!’ Our eyes met and we shared a kiss as Antonio continued to laugh and joke. “Does it tickle?” Antonio asked Monique.This hurt, but what hurt even more was that Monique was on the verge of laughter. I could see it in her face. She was trying so hard to keep it in. ‘no! this isn’t working!’ I decided to give it to her harder and faster.Monique began to groan, as she usually does during sex. This always drives me wild…. and before I knew it, “mpf! Argh! No! Ahhh! Mppffeee!” I came.”Good for you” Monique said sarcastically. Now they were both laughing at me…. mercilessly.I looked up at the digital clock on the bench: 7:36pm. One minute.”Minute man!” Antonio laughed. “Dude! I think its safe to say that you lost!” he said laughing some more.Before I could say anything, I was pulled off her and tossed aside. “Now watch and see a woman’s reaction to a real cock!”As soon as he unzipped his pants, I knew. I knew why she’d been cheating on me. Compared to Antonio, I looked like an infant. Clearly, I was not at all visually stimulating to her. It was all so obvious now. There was nothing I could do about that. Nothing at all.”Now listen to the noises a woman should make during sex!”For the next two hours I watched and listened in awe as they fucked like rabbits. The walls must have been like tissue paper because the whole house was shaking. She was screaming at the top of her lungs as if she was being murdered. Every few seconds Antonio would shout, “ENJOY!…… ENJOY!…… ENJOY!…..”When it was all over, I was speechless. As she came, she dug her nails into his back, tearing into his skin, “ENJOY!!!!” he yelled as she exclaimed, convulsed and let out a very loud, “PHWAAAOURRR! MPF! AMMPF!” I’d never heard a woman make such noises, I can barley describe it.Monique had experienced such intense pleasure that she was in a trance, still moaning and groaning in bed moments after, it was as if she had been hypnotized. Antonio towered over me, “See, that’s why you can never have a real woman.”I looked up at him, defeated, belittled, humiliated. “You win.” I said.As I turned to leave, he grabbed me by my right shoulder, “Wait! Remember the bet?””What? That was just a joke! I was just k**ding about that.” I pleaded.Before I could say anything else, he had clasped my balls with his right hand. This was his moment, he wanted to make a stance, he wanted to destroy me, permanently take me out of the picture. “Now, you see what its like to truly be hopeless and helpless!”I was still buck naked at this point as he dragged me outside by my balls, “Please, don’t do this, just let go. You win, you win, you can have her.”He laughed, “Oh yeah! Music to my ears. But I know you’ll be back, you’ll be annoying her all the time, paying people to follow her, go through her garbage, making her life miserable, I cant have that. She’s not a sex object, she’s a person too.”Before I could protest he squeezed. “Oh God! Oh God! STOP! LET GO!!” I screamed. There I was, out on his lawn, having my balls busted.A group of college girls passed his house, “Hey Antonio. Nice car.” one of them said noticing my BMW.”I know, thanks!” He tightened his grip, “You want me to let go?” he asked me.I screamed, “YES! PLEASE!!””Your car is now my car.” He demanded.”YOU GOT IT! LET GO!!” He was toying with me, he squeezed harder. This was too much for me. My legs gave way, but he still kept me up by my balls.”Goodbye dick!” he said with one final squeeze as he turned my balls to mush. I heard a loud pop.I awoke hours later in a community hospital. I was greeted by a pretty nurse, “You were in a serious accident Sir, but rest assured, were doing everything in our power to help you.”I didn’t like the sound of that. Things went from bad to worse. My testicles had swollen again, this time to the size of cantaloupes. The pain was so intense, so extremely horrible. I had no choice but to have them surgically removed.Months later, things turned back to normal. I went back to work after my recovery and resumed my usual routine. I told Lance that I was over Monique and that I just wanted to get on with my life. Of course, I didn’t tell him about the bet that turned me into a nut-less nothing. It was my secret.Of course, they all had their suspicious given the fact that I had a different voice now. I sound more like a girlish man than anything else. Its okay however, I’ve learned to accept it.I still think of Monique from time to time, but not in a sexual way. Those days are over for me.Sissy Downfallbydavine©This story is about my conversion from a cross dressing sissy to submissive transformed slut owned by Mistress Rebecca George. All characters are over 18.Having been to the beautician for a full body and face wax I check into the hotel to prepare. The suite consists of a large living room and a comfortable bedroom with a large bathroom. The bedroom has a nice dressing table with mirror and stool. A full length mirror is adjacent. The king size bed is of an older style with metal barred head and framed foot. The living room has a soft leather couch, occasional tables, a desk with cane based chair with arms, and all the usual hotel comforts.I carry my case into the room placing it on the rack provided. Quickly I divest myself of the drab clothes that I must wear daily. I admire the smooth hairless reflection in the mirror. This is my first full wax and I am pleased with the result. I select the outfit for the day and lay it out on the bed.I fasten a white leather suspender belt around my waste. It is very tight and has a metal buckle on its back for attaching various restraints. I sit on the bed and unroll white lace top seamed stockings up my legs. Standing, I hook the suspenders to them and check for seam straightness in the mirror. Once satisfied I step into a white G string and slide it slowly up my legs and into place. I like the way the thong shows off my pert little bottom. A white push up a cup bra is next. It just manages to give the hint of cleavage as it forces some flesh out the top. I pull a sheer white camisole with lace trimming over my head and settle it over my bra. It is not very tight but hugs my body lines nicely. Sitting at the dressing table I apply heavy covering make up as a base. I use blusher to highlight my cheekbones, paint my eyelids with silver eye shadow and Shape my brows with a pencil. Bright red lipstick completes the make up. I am satisfied with the result. I look a bit tarty but not over the top. Silver clip-on earrings, bracelet and choker feel so good. I slip a tight white stretch mini skirt over my feet and stand to pull it into place. It just covers the lace of my stocking tops. Four-inch high white stiletto sandals and a blond wig complete the look.I check myself in the mirror and feel a stirring in my panties I know this will spoil the look if I don’t do something about it. Quickly lowering my skirt and G string I hook a white leather restraint to my penis and pull it between my legs and balls and hook it to the suspender belt. Once the G string is replaced a nice feminine line is achieved with even a hint of lips between the legs. It is not very comfortable but this is worth it for the correct look. After pulling up the skirt I reinspect myself in the mirror and know I am ready to meet you for the first time.As there is a little time to spare I set up my digital remote control camera on a tripod, and focus it on the couch. I pour some white wine into one of the two glasses on the coffee table and sit on the couch to wait. The mini, of course, rides up exposing some bare thigh. A nice way to greet you, I hope. I take some shots of myself in various poses, some sluttish some demure, as I wait.This day is a big step for me. I have been corresponding with Mistress Rebecca for some time since first seeing her on a photo sharing site. She is a goddess in pantyhose with flaming red hair. She has many gorgeous outfits which she loves to show off. I wonder what she will be wearing today.I hear the sound of a key in the door and I get that breathless pounding feeling that I used to get when I first started dressing all those years ago. A feeling that has subsided with time and experience as I have become used to the look and feel of soft feminine clothes caressing my body. But this is going to be a whole new experience as it will be the first time I show myself to another person in the flesh rather than in photo on the net.What will the day hold? I hope that it will lead to a dramatic change in my life. A possible step towards a new me.You open the door and walk in smiling when you see me waiting.”Ah, good, a camera,” you say.I don’t stand to greet you as I am in awe of your beauty and wish to remain below you. You are dressed in a tight black leather halter neck dress. On your legs you have thigh length leather stiletto boots the tops just covered by the dress. Your make up is strong and striking as is your long red hair. Your gold earrings and choker contrast beautifully with the rest of the outfit.Having placed a suitcase next to the door you walk over, pick up the camera remote control, then gently squeezing my shoulders you force me to stand. I am a little shorter than you. Pulling my head forward our lips touch and you force mine apart with your tongue. After an eternity you pull back and inspect. My lipstick is smeared as is yours you send me to the bedroom to repair the damage telling me that I may not serve you in that state. When I return you have also made repairs. Pushing down on my shoulders you force me to my knees in front of you.. “Now,” you say “I will teach you to serve like a real woman must “.With that said you unzip you dress and remove it. Underneath is revealed your true self dressed in crutch- less panty hose with a pair of silken panties barely covering your bulge as it strains to be released. A black tightly laced corset completes you attire.Pulling my head forward you say “Lick its length you slut”. I do so and taste the precum that has soaked through the panties. Occasionally I hear the click from the camera remote and know you are keeping a record of all of this.After some minutes of this you push me back and say “Pull them down you slut”. I gently ease your pantys down your legs and expose IT in all its erect glory.”Kiss it slut,” you say. I readily oblige looking forward to another taste of the salty cum that I know and love having many times tasted my own in order to train myself. I run my tongue around the head savouring the smoothness and taste of it”Open wide,” you say as you grab the back of my head and force yourself into my mouth. Although I have practiced before with a dildo, I have always been in control. How deep will you force me to take it? Will I gag on it? Questions quickly answered as you slowly force the full length into my throat. I feel I am going to suffocate and so I gag, you pull back only to push forward again as soon as my spasm stops. I gag again. You pull back again and repeat the movement with the same result.”You stupid slut,” you growl “you will learn to do this’. Pulling me to my feet you lead me behind the couch and bend me forward over its back. My skirt rides up and my G string clad bottom is exposed. You can also see the bulge of my restrained penis in the crack between my cheeks.”Don’t move slut” You whisper as you walk towards the suitcase near the door. This, you move to a side table out of sight. I hear it open and some sounds as you rummage through it. Returning you drop a riding crop on the floor in front of me and grabbing my wrists force them behind me where you cuff them together. A gag ball is placed in my mouth and secured with a leather strap. You force my legs apart and they are kept that way with a bar with a cuff at each end locked onto my ankles. All through this I have felt my own pre cum seeping into the thong of my G string.Noticing this you say “You are obviously enjoying this too much, perhaps some pain will cure you and make you realise that only my pleasure is important, and that yours will only come through serving me”. Having picked up the crop you disappear out of sight. After what seems an eternity I hear the whistle of the crop through the air followed by an intense sting to me bottom. The sound and the pain are repeated many times and all I can do to try to protect myself is to wiggle my butt which just spurs you on even more. At last you stop.”Are you ready to try again” you ask. I can only nod. You stand me upright and giggle as I hobble back to the front of the couch. I nearly fall as I kneel down. You check the camera focus, remove the gag and repair my lipstick for me. I wait at your pleasure.”Open wide little slut and serve your mistress” You whisper. I comply, as I must. You slowly force your way into my mouth and over my waiting tongue. You pause to allow me to become used to the sensation and then slowly push towards my throat. You sense a contraction in my throat and pull back just enough. Then, when it has passed continue inwards. After a couple of these attempts, you achieve your first aim, to have all of it in my mouth and throat. Looking up I see you smile and hear the click of the remote. I am happy too, as I am now serving you well.In and out, you now move it just as you would in my pussy if I had one. Again I feel the excitement welling up between my legs but I can only dribble as it is so tightly held in the restraint. Back and forth, you seem to harden and grow even more as time passes.”Are you ready to taste my cum, you slut?” you growl. I nod as best I can. Smiling you pull back enough so that it will land on my tongue. I feel the head spasm and hear your intake of breath. Then glorious globs of salty goo flood into my mouth. I can’t believe how much there is. It tastes so good. I swallow it to stop it overflowing my mouth and staining our clothes. Finally you finish and after one last push deep into me, which catches me by surprise, you pull back out. You stand awhile in front of me and I notice a drop appear from the end. I stick my tongue out to catch it and you push the head back in for me to suck the last of the treat out of you.”You are really getting into this aren’t you, my little cocksucker” you hiss.”Yes mistress” I breathlessly reply. After unlocking my cuffs and the spreader bar, you send me to the bedroom to repair my makeup.”You may also use the toilet if you need to but don’t touch yourself or make yourself cum or you will be sorry,” you say. I am tempted as I am starting to enjoy the punishment but do not as I need to comply with you will. On returning, I find you lounging on the couch with a glass of wine. A hard wooden chair with a cane seat is pulled up facing you about a yard away. You indicate that I should hitch my skirt up and sit on it. I do so and discover that the cane irritates my well-caned bottom and the hardness of the seat hurts my penis and balls where they are pulled between my legs. To relieve the pain I spread my knees a little.”Stop wriggling and clamp those thighs tight you slut, I chose that chair to make you hurt some more”.Walking to your case, you pull some leather belts out and return. A long belt is placed around my thighs and pulled very tight. Another around my waist holds me to the chair back. My wrists are restrained by short belts to the arms of the chair. My bottom burns and balls are squashed. Tears trickle down my cheeks.”That is what I wanted to see, my little sissy” You laugh.”Is you mouth and throat dry after all that sucking” smiling.”Yes mistress” I answer.”Good “You laugh, sitting down and having another sip of the wine.”Now you must sit and suffer silently while my cum is replenished ready for the next step in your fall to true sluthood. You may gaze upon my beauty, reflect upon what you have learnt and wonder what lies in store next. Be assured that it will not all be pleasurable”.”Oh, by the way did you give yourself an enema in preparation for this meeting?””No mistress I didn’t have the equipment” I reply, head bowed.Jumping to your feet you reach out and slap me across the face saying, “Did you think I would fuck your dirty hole? Fortunately I have a kit so that you passage will be squeaky clean for me to enter.” You hiss at me.For some reason the thought of you, giving me an enema worries me more than any other anticipated punishments. I hope you are gentle and don’t try to over fill me or make me hold it for hours.”Of course there are advantages in this enema for you slut. Do you know what they are?” You smile.”No mistress I don’t”. I whisper head bowed.”It is my custom to force my slave to clean me off with her tongue after I have filled her tight pussy. Sometimes I prefer to pull out and come again in her mouth. Either way I am sure, you will prefer not to be cleaning too much dirt off. Do you agree my dear little whore?””Yes mistress”.”There may be some pain involved in this operation, but it will be nothing compared with the punishment you will receive if you don’t cooperate. I will probably use some lubricant when I enter you later if you have been a good girl, but I can guarantee that I won’t if you resist my will”. You whisper.I can only nod my agreement so great is my fear.Undoing my bonds you drag me to my feet and lead me to the bedroom telling me to remove the mini, G-string and the camisole. I comply quickly. You point to the bathroom and I walk in there. It is a large room with a full-length bath with shower, separate shower and separate toilet cubicle.”Stand facing that wall and suck in your tummy. I want a before shot” Smirking.I do this and you take a photo in profile from the door. Walking behind me you release the cock restraint from the back of the suspender belt. The belt swings between my legs as my cock returns to its usual position. When I start to remove it you slap me hard on the bottom saying “leave it on for now slut”.”Get in the bath and wait on hands and knees while I prepare the equipment. During the enema I will tolerate some low volume weeping and whingeing but if you scream I will gag you. Is amasya escort that understood”. You leave without waiting for my reply.On your return you prepare the enema, filling the bag with warm water and hanging it from the shower rose. Having plugged it into my tight little hole you open the tap to let it run in. I am surprised at how large the tip feels in my hole.”Tell me when this starts to hurt whore so I know when you are half full”.I feel my tummy getting heavier and the skin starting to stretch but no pain yet. In fact it is quite a pleasant sensation. Before long I start to feel uncomfortably full but no pain yet. At the first sign of pain I groan “Please mistress, no more I am full”.”Don’t make me laugh bitch. The bag is only half empty. So you are only half way to true pain”. You say, slapping my bottom.As the weight of water increases so does my pain and I begin to sob.” Please mistress, no more I can’t take it”.You ignore me and increase the flow. It hurts so much that I can no longer speak. All I can do is weep.Suddenly you pull out the nozzle end quickly replace it with a butt plug. You pull the cock restraint strap between my legs and, pulling it very tight and hook it onto the suspender belt. This makes sure that the plug will not come out. You help me to stand and climb out of the bath. I stand facing the wall as you take photos in profile to show my now distended tummy. The suspender has ridden up high in search of a narrower place to sit. This puts more than usual pressure on the restraint strap. I am in extreme pain as you force me to walk all around the three rooms slapping my bottom as we go. I notice my reflection in a mirror. I look pregnant. After several laps of all the rooms you lead me to the toilet, release the strap, remove the plug and sit me down. Ah, blessed relief as I drain out.Closing the door you say “Come out when you are finished and we will give you your next flushing”.After wiping myself I am reluctant to leave the safety of the cubicle.”Get out here you little sissy or I will make the next one even bigger”.I step out gingerly and climb back into the bath and prepare for more pain and humiliation.”How many more will I need mistress” I ask.”Until you run crystal clean. My guess is at least four more.” You smile while preparing the bag.I groan as you plug the nozzle in again and I start to fill again. The ritual filling, parading round and voiding is repeated over and over until you are satisfied that I am ready to receive you.”Well done slut. You have held more each time. I am pleased with you progress. Wipe those tears away, repair your make up and come to me when you are ready to be ravished”. You retire to the living area to partake of some more wine while I try to make good the damage to my make up. I reattach the restraint and slip my panties and skirt back on.I join you. You allow me a small glass of wine which I drink politely while seated on the cane seat. My bottom burns, my hole is sore and my spirit is crushed.”Stay there while I prepare the bed for your ravishing” you say as you walk to the bedroom.I obey and contemplate my fate as I sip my wine and listen for any hints of what is in store for me in the next room. It is not long before you appear at the door and beckon me to come in. I finish the wine and walk gingerly to the bedroom where I find you standing next to the bed. The bed is bare, save for the base sheet and one pillow. Leather straps are attached to both the head and foot. You Indicate that I should lie down I comply and you cuff my wrists to the uprights at the head. Sitting down next to me you pull my skirt down around my legs and remove it. You lower my panties far enough to remove my restraint. You pull my panties back up to cover my now forward facing penis.Having removed your dress and panties you straddle my chest saying “Now suck on my clit and make it big, hard and ready to fill you”.You force the semi erect member into my mouth. It is not long before you are stiff and filling my throat as well as my mouth. After some time you seem satisfied with my performance and pull out of my mouth. Climbing off the bed you grasp my left ankle and pulling it towards the bed head you force me to bend my knee so that the ankle may be attached to the strap fixed to the top of the bed head. You repeat the procedure with the other leg. I am now completely vulnerable to your advances. My wrists are tied to the lower portion of the bed head and my legs are pulled so far back by the other straps that my bottom is completely off the bed. My ankles are pulled well apart so that my hole is completely exposed when you pull aside my thong.Disappearing out of sight I hear you rummaging around in your suit case. When you return you are wearing latex gloves and carrying a tube of lubricant. I sigh with relief that you are not going to take me dry.You sit next to me and pull my thong aside. I suddenly feel a cold sensation round my hole as you liberally apply the lubricant. Next I feel a finger gently exploring my insides. This is followed by another finger and then another. I am starting to feel quite stretched. I hope you are not going for the whole fist. At the forth finger I start to whimper as It is becoming painful.”Whimper and cry all you wish but only quietly or I will gag you. You may wriggle your arse too as that turns me on.” You whisper.Four fingers seem to satisfy you and you continue to work them in and out preparing me for the real onslaught which I know will shortly follow.Your fingers are still inside me as you climb round my leg and kneel facing me in preparation for my penetration. Slowly I feel the withdrawal of the fingers. Your thighs are pressed against my buttocks. Once the fingers are out I feel the head pressing against my poor little punished hole and you are leaning right over me. The pressure increases and I feel my self stretching to accommodate you. Just when I think I can stretch no more I feel a sharp tearing pain and the tip is inside me. My tears flow readily and I beg you to go no further. Laughing you redouble your effort and push even harder. The pain increases as I am unable to relax sufficiently to allow your easy passage inside. Undaunted by the resistance you force your way further and further into me. I have never felt any thing this large and hard in me before. Finally, you are fully buried inside me and you start the journey back out. I am starting to relax now although the pain is still strong. Sensing this you begin the rhythmic back and forth movement which I associate with all good ‘lovemaking’.Although the pain is still there I start to feel the first small sensations of pleasure. My own little clitty is slowly dribbling its juices into the front of my panties. A most pleasant feeling seeps through me. I am starting to feel like I think a real woman must at the time of her deflowering. Pain and pleasure combine to give a feeling of peace. I am starting to feel like the real thing. I try to push back towards your thrusts in an effort to take you deeper and deeper.Sensing that I am now converted to the slut you want you smile and concentrate on your own feelings and sensations.I am no longer crying but breathing hard from the pleasure and exertion of pushing. Your breath is also laboured and is starting to get a little irregular.”Please don’t cum too soon “I cry out.”I’ll come when I please, bitch”.I can sense from your breath that you are near the end. I hope that I will come myself soon or that you will allow me that release when you are finished.With an intake of breath you plunge deeply into me and I feel you explode inside me as your breathing becomes ragged. The head of my own stiff little clit throbs as I come into my panties.Seeing this you scowl at me and slap me hard across the face saying “You have come without my permission. I will punish you for that later”.Pulling out of me you climb around and grabbing my head you force yourself into me saying “Now, clean me off you bitch”.I do as I am told, licking and sucking until all the salty cum taste is finished. I am glad for all those enemas as I can’t smell or taste anything unpleasant.You leave me like this for a few minutes and return with a wine and my camera. As you are photographing me I can feel you’re cum slowly dribbling out and onto the sheet.”The maid will be impressed with that mess. But I guess the blood with it proves you were a virgin”. You laugh as you slap me repeatedly on each bottom cheek in turn.After releasing my ankles you pull my legs and lower body towards the side of the bed so that I am lying next to the mess that has dribbled out of me and then re fasten both my ankles to one corner of the foot of the bed having first removed my soiled undies. I can see that there is indeed some blood mixed in with the creamy cum that has oozed out of me.Carefully you use my panties to wipe up the rest of my cum from my belly and then stuff the whole lot into my mouth. Fortunately, as they are very brief, they don’t choke me. A leather belt pulled tight around my head and across my mouth holds them in and creates a very effective cum gag. I am well restrained and can only wriggle around a little. I wonder what you have in store for me now standing smiling down at me.Although restrained by both ankles and wrists I can still move my head around sufficiently to see most of the room.You pick up my male clothes which I had folded neatly next to my case and my shoes and carry them into the lounge room saying “you won’t need these again for a while”. My car keys and wallet are in the pockets of my jeans. My heart pounds and I feel a cold sweat overtaking me as you laugh in the other room.Returning you slide back into your panties and zip yourself into your dress. I sense that you are about to leave as you check your appearance in the mirror. “I am leaving you now. The maid will be along soon to clean up. I hope she is not too angry with you for the mess. I am leaving the crop, gag and restraints in case she feels like punishing you. The contents of the camera I am taking as evidence that you were a willing participant in all of this in case you try to claim otherwise’.With that said, you leave the room and I hear the outer door open and then close behind you. I am alone, restrained and gagged. I am clad only in sandals, stockings, suspender belt, bra and camisole with my little clitty uncovered for all to see. When will the maid come? Will she be cruel or kind? Will she use and abuse me? Or release me and help me get home? Questions running through my head as I lie and ponder my fate for what seems an eternity.Click. A key turns in the lock. My heart is beating furiously. A footstep louder as someone approaches.A tall striking woman in her mid twenties appears at the door and pauses with a look of disdain in her eyes. She is dressed in low heels, stockings, tight black short skirt and white blouse. Long blond hair is tied back and her make up is subdued.”Well. What sort of little pervert do we have here? And look at the mess it has left for me to clean up. I guess you hope I will release you and help you get home. Well that may happen. But it will only happen with your complete cooperation. Nod if you understand”.I nod vigorously.”Good. I will now release you. Don’t try to escape as I don’t think you will get far looking like that. Imagine getting arrested and thrown in a cell full of crims and drunks dressed in only those things”.After releasing my bonds she helps me from the bed and takes forces me bend over the back of one of the chairs. “This is punishment for soiling the bed”.She whips me mercilessly with the crop until my bottom is once again completely covered in red stripes. Standing me upright she removes the gag, throwing the undies into a bin. “Now get on your knees and lick up the mess you have made on the bed”.I immediately comply and soon there is only a wet patch of saliva to be seen. “Now strip the bed and remake it with the fresh sheets from my trollFemdomousey. I spend the next half hour doing her bidding preparing the room for its next occupants.When she is satisfied she inspects the contents of my case. A red G string is selected to replace the now discarded white one.”Put on your restraint and these panties fix you make up and wait for my return. The room account has been paid and I will take you out of the building by the staff entrance. We will then go to my place so that I may toy with you some more. Although your type doesn’t interest me sexually I will enjoy punishing you and having you wait upon me. I do have some friends, of course, who would love to come and play with you in a much more intimate fashion. I am taking your skirt with me as I don’t think you will get far without it”.That said she leaves the room and I refit my restraint, slip into the clean panties and sit down to repair my make up. Having packed every thing back into my case I sit and wait for the return of my new tormentor once again pondering my fate.After a half hour, wait the door opens and the maid returns, no longer dressed as a maid but in some very sexy street wear. She is braless and her nipples are visible through the light material of her little T shirt which is quite short and leaves her midriff bare above a very tight and short mini skirt. Both skirt and T are a pale pink. Her legs are clad in skin tone tights as stockings would not be covered by such a short dress. Pink stiletto sandals with 5 inch heels accentuate the length of her legs. Hair that had been tied back for work is now free to flow around her shoulders. Silver earrings and necklace complete the look. I am short of breath and my clit is stirring at the sight of such beauty.She throws me my skirt which I slip on and adjust so that my stocking tops are covered. She indicates that I should turn about for her to inspect me which I do.”Oh good those red panties show through the skirt as I hoped they would. Makes you look extra sluttish. Hope we get some interest in you on the walk to the car. You will do your best to wriggle that arse as you walk won’t you”.”Yes. I mumble”.She slaps me on the bottom saying “Yes mistress is the answer I must hear or there will be much pain inflicted”.”Yes mistress”. Eyes now downcast I say.Picking up my case I follow her through the door and down the hall to the service stairs. I do my best to walk with that womanly swing to my hips. My companion has no such trouble as her shapely bottom easily rolls from side to side in a most provocative way.Upon reaching the ground floor we proceed out of the stair well and down an uncarpeted hallway to the staff exit. A security guard looks up at the sound of our heels tapping rhythmically as we walk towards him.”Hi Leslie who is the new girl?” he asks.”None of your business, she’s mine so leave her alone” my mistress hisses.He opens the door for us and slaps my bottom really hard as I pass.”If your tongue ever wears out licking her slit, and you want a real man inside you come back and see me”. He leers at me.I smile at him and follow my mistress down the dimly lit street towards the staff car park. A few youths whistle and make obscene propositions to us as we tap down the street. Finally we reach the car, a convertible Mustang. Climbing into the driver’s seat she unlocks my door and I climb in throwing my case onto the back seat. The seats are low and our legs stretch out in front of us. Our skirts ride up our legs exposing, in my case, the tops of my stockings and a glimpse of thigh. I try to pull the skirt down in an attempt to retain some dignity.”Don’t do that, you slut, I want you on display for all to see. In fact I am lowering the top and taking you for a cruise in the gutter lane so as many people as possible can perve on you. I may even force you to blow a few men in the back seat to see if you have any money making potential”.”Oh please mistress, don’t make me do that. I might catch some horrible disease” I plead.”Well, if you are very good, I might just let you work from home where I can check the clients rather than pick up these street bums. Is that ok with you”.”I guess so mistress” I whisper in fear.So, we go cruising along the nightclub strip slowly in the gutter lane. The striking look of the car and its driver attract glances from any male who sees us. Although my looks are not to the standard of leslies the sight of my lace top stockings, exposed thighs and hint of red G string visible through the thin and now stretched material of my skirt are enough to get me some favourable, if lewd comments from the men on the pavement.Eventually Leslie drives out of the city and we head towards the suburbs and her house.It is much further to her house than I suspected. We travel through remote suburbs and into an area with large houses set in spacious grounds.”It must be a long drive to work each day at the hotel mistress” I comment.”I don’t work there you stupid slut. I am part owner with your cruel friend in the leather outfit. Remind me to punish you for presuming I was some sort of menial servant”.”Yes mistress”.We arrive at a property surrounded by a high wall and pull into a drive way with a gate.It is opened by remote control and having passed through we approach the large house travelling a long drive way. Round the back we enter an underground parking area large enough for eight cars. My car is parked in the corner.”Don’t get encouraged at the sight of your car. You won’t be driving it for a very long time if ever.” She smiles.We alight from the car and I follow her to a stairwell carrying my case. Up the stairs she stops and directs me into a small bedroom. There is a bed, robe, dressing table and an open door through which I can see a small bathroom. I open the robe and find a selection of outfits hanging. Maids, school girls and nurses uniforms are joined by a selection of more conventional dresses ranging from classy to tarty. There are drawers full of a range of under clothes, all of it sexy and skimpy. Bras, suspenders, panties, slips, camisoles, stockings pantyhose and corsets fill the drawers. Many pairs of different styles and colours of shoes are lined up below the hanging outfits. They all have very high spike heels.”There is some compensation to your position to make up for the pain and suffering you will endure here” she laughs.”Yes mistress” I whisper breathlessly. My heart is pounding with excitement at the prospect of dressing in these lovely clothes.The mistress beckons and I follow her past a kitchen, a dining room and into a sumptuous living room. A beautiful young girl dressed in a pale blue baby doll night dress matching panties and high heeled sandals rises and rushes to meet the mistress. I assume at first that this is a daughter but the passionate greeting kiss soon dismisses that idea as does the sight of my mistresses’ hand caressing the girls’ bottom through the thin material of the panties. The kiss over the two of them turn toward me, arm in arm.The girl is about 5 foot 4 in tall with long blonde hair. She has quite small breasts and nipples clearly visible through the night dress as is her hairless vulva. My clit strains against its restraint in response to her beauty. I dare not speculate upon her age.”What is this that you have dragged home?” the girl asks.”This is our new maid darling. She will wash our clothes and make our beds and do whatever else we wish” says my mistress.”Can I punish it if it’s naughty? “She says in a little girl voice.”Of course you can, now go and fix your make up while I instruct the maid”.After she leaves the Mistress tells me to kneel in front of her to receive my orders.”That was Sandra. She is mine. You will call her ‘young mistress’ and will do just as she says. If she wants her clit licked you will do it. If she wants to piss on you, let her.If she asks for your clit inside her politely decline as if I find out that you have done that I will cut it off and feed it to you. Apart from that one thing that is forbidden you are her slave. Understood?””Yes mistress” I whimper.Sandra returns carrying a riding crop and grinning wickedly.Grabbing my hands the mistress pulls me to my feet and leads me behind a wooden chair.Quickly the two of them bind me to the chair so that I am bent forward over its back with wrists and ankles secured to the arms and legs. My skirt has ridden up exposing my already striped and reddened bottom. I feel a cold sensation on one cheek as something is rubbed on my skin followed by the prick of a syringe puncturing my skin. I feel a cold liquid entering the muscle. It hurts.”Just your first hormone injection slut. We will soon shape you like a real woman with these” says my mistress.”Sandra will now whip you as punishment for suggesting that I was a maid at the Hotel. I will not gag you as we will enjoy your screams and there is no one to come to your aid out here.The crop whistles through the air and I scream as it hits my bottom. The girl strikes again and again working her way down from the top of each cheek in turn to the exposed and previously untouched bare skin of my thighs. Finally, she lands one across both buttocks, which catches the tip of my clit as it nestles between my cheeks in its restraint. I nearly pass out. Fortunately the older woman realises what has happened and calls a halt to the whipping.”Careful: my dear we don’t want to damage that as some of our friends prefer their toys to be intact”.They release me and force me to sit on the hard seat revelling in my obvious discomfort.”It is late and time for us all to retire” my mistress says.” Tomorrow you will start work at 7am. Be dressed in your chambermaids’ uniform when the cook releases you from your room. You will be perfectly groomed with wig make up and jewellery. You will wear your clit restraint at all times except when showering or on the toilet. The cook will give you your duties for the morning until we are ready to take over with your training. Don’t stay awake to long trying on your clothes, as you will have a very busy and long day tomorrow. Above all do not play with your clit and make yourself cum. I will know and will punish you severely if you do.”I am led to my room and locked in. Apart from cum, I haven’t eaten for some hours and am quite hungry. I hope they feed me at breakfast.I take off all my clothes and leaving them in a pile in the corner shower myself. Once dry ,I try on the chambermaids uniform discovering that I will need help to lace the corset in the morning and then try to sleep with my bottom burning, my clit throbbing and my tummy rumbling.Arising early and feeling very hungry I check myself for body or facial hair. Finding none I shower and prepare my make up. The pain in my bottom and clit has fortunately subsided so that I can sit at my dressing table and prepare for the day. Once satisfied that my face is suitably feminised I select the lingerie to match the maid’s uniform .The uniform consists of a burgundy corset with a white translucent short skirt attached to the bottom of it and a high neck blouse in the same material above it. There are strong laces to close the corset at the back and buttons up the back of the blouse. I will need help with both of these.I chose a pair of seamed white stockings which I slide over my legs. I fasten my white leather suspender belt from the previous day around my waist. It is the only one with a fastener for the restraint. I attach the stockings and restraint and then slide into a pair of white lace panties. The bra I choose is skin coloured and like all the others in the drawer is perfectly padded so that it pushes what little breasts I have upwards so creating the illusion of a cleavage. I find a beautiful pair of white pumps with five-inch heels which I slip into and parade around in to get used to them. Silver earrings, necklace and my blond wig complete the preparation. As it is nearly time to be released I step into the uniform and admire my image in the long mirror while I wait.The skirt is full and flows around my hips as I sway in front of the mirror. My panties, suspender and stocking tops are just visible through the thin material. The blouse attached to the top of the corset is high necked with long sleeves. My bra is visible through it but as it is skin coloured looks a little like bare breasts. I am quite happy with the result and look forward to the arrival of some one to lace me up.A key turns in the lock and the door opens revealing a tall woman in a white cotton uniform style dress, white stockings, flat lace up shoes and a blue checked apron. In a deep voice she announces that she is the cooks’ assistant and is here to lace me up.Leading me by the wrists she takes me to a bare wall in the bedroom and forces me into the traditional frisk position with hands against the wall above my head height and legs spread. Taking the end of the lace she threads it through the holes of the corset.”Breathe in deep you bitch and I will give some shape to your body”.With that I feel the lace pulling the corset back together. I breath in and find my tummy being pulled in as the lace is pulled tighter and tighter. There is some discomfort but no pain as I feel my insides squeezed upwards against my diaphragm reducing the space available in my chest. Once the lacing is finished I find that I am restricted to short breaths. I hope I can get used to this feeling. Once the buttons on the back of the blouse are done up I am allowed to walk to the mirror to inspect my new look. I am surprised at how shapely I look. The assistant is standing close next to me and I feel a hand on my bottom fondling me cheeks and running a finger over the head of my clit which immediately responds with a dribble of pre cum.”You like that don’t you slut? The cook doesn’t want you just yet and told me to enjoy you while we wait”.I try to move away but find my arm in a vice like grip.”I am much stronger than you and will hurt you unless you submit to my will” she hisses.Forcing me to follow she leads me across the room until she is backed up to the stool at the dressing table. By pressing on my shoulders she forces me to my knees in front of her. After removing her apron she unfastens the buttons on the front of her dress and sits down. As I had suspected there is the telltale bulge of an excited clit straining at the front of the French- knickers she is wearing. The panties are loose fitting so she has no trouble in pulling them aside allowing her clit to be exposed through the leg hole. I am relieved to see that it is not huge. It looks to be a comfortable mouthful.”Well girl, don’t hesitate. You know what is expected. Get on with it”.I lean forward until my lips touch its head and run my tongue all over it savouring the pre cum coating it. Slowly I move forward wrapping my lips around it and sliding down its length until the tip enters my throat and I have its full length inside me. I slide back along its length very proud of my new found ability to take the length into my throat. Back and forth I move my head and sucking as hard as I can all the while. Soon I hear an intake of breath and feel a spasm through the length of the clit. I position my mouth so that the cum will land squarely on my tongue. Large globs of yummy cum overflow my tongue and flood my mouth forcing me to swallow in order not to spill any. I continue to suck until the last drop is extracted and the pull back to release the deliverer of my feast to the open air.”About time you finished little girl. Now it is my turn to feed you some breakfast” a deep voice growls from the doorway. Spinning my head around I see a huge bear of a man standing in the doorway smiling wickedly. He is dressed in white pants with a chef’s tunic above them.The assistant hurries out of the way and is replaced by the chef standing before me as he unzips his fly and slides his pants and under shorts down his legs.”Oh my god” is all I could say as before my eyes was the biggest cock I had ever even imagined. In its semi flaccid state it was two inches thick and ten inches long. How was I ever going to suck this monster? He sat down and gripping it in his let hand, lifted it up and presented it to me while pulling my head forward with his right.I opened my mouth wide and just managed to get the still soft head between my lips. Feeling me hesitate he forced my head slowly forward so my lips slid down the shaft. It reached the top of my throat and could go no further. Over half its length was still outside my mouth. The pressure was released from my head and I was able to slide back off it until only the head was still in me. My head was once again forced forward until I could take no more. The monster was starting to harden as I once again pulled back. I could feel my lips stretching tighter and tighter. In the background I could hear the assistant giggling.I was pushed down onto it again and it grew again as I pulled back. I felt that the corners of my mouth were splitting. My mouth was completely filled with it and I could not suck as my cheek muscles were stretched to maximum. I hoped that he would soon cum as I didn’t think I could take much more. After a couple more strokes it seemed to have stopped growing but not before I tasted the salty taste of blood in my mouth when one corner of my mouth split open. Back and forth I was forced to go for what seemed an eternity until finally he held still with just the tip in my mouth and I felt it spasm on my tongue and then flood my mouth with his seed. I couldn’t swallow fast enough to contain the huge quantity and some slipped past my lips and oozed down his shaft. Once drained he pulled out and said “Lick the last of it off me you clumsy girl”.I ran my tongue along its full length until it was clean and then sucked the last drops from the tip.He stood, pulling up his pants as he did so, saying “Fix up your make up and join us in the kitchen in five minutes”.I was left alone to dab the blood from my mouth and re apply my lipstick. This done, I left the room and headed to the kitchen I found that due to the height of my heels, I could only take short steps. I felt quite weak both from a lack of food and from the tightness of the corset.”I guess you would like some breakfast?” the cook asked as I entered.I nodded.”You are not allowed to eat until you have delivered the mistresses their breakfast” he said. “Sit over there while we prepare their trays”.I sat and waited thinking that all I had eaten in the last twelve hours was cum.Eventually the trays were ready. The assistant took one and I the other. I followed her along the hall to a flight of stairs which I climbed very carefully as I was fearful of falling. After knocking on a door we were summoned into a sumptuous bedroom.The two mistresses were seated at a table on a covered balcony overlooking the garden. They wore matching translucent white wraps and white high heeled slippers and nothing else. Their naked bodies were displayed clearly through the thin material.”About time you arrived” said the mistress.”Sorry Mistress” said the assistant “but the maid insisted upon sucking all the kitchen staff dry thus delaying the breakfast.Both mistresses laughed at this. “Don’t worry dear. She will be punished for her greediness”.We unloaded our trays onto the table and the assistant was dismissed.”Kneel down here beside us while we eat, maid” the mistress ordered.I did so and soon found the tiles to be quite hard on my knees. My stomach rumbled at the smell of the croissants that they were eating.”Are you hungry maid? I thought all that cum would have filled you.” They both laughed.”Yes mistress” I replied looking at the floor.”We don’t want to over feed you because from experience I know that large doses of hormone tend to increase weight. Therefore, we will restrict your intake to compensate. They tell me that cum is high in protein”. They both laugh again.”If you beg like a dog we will give you some amasya escort bayan scraps”.I put my hands up and pant pretending to be a dog.Both Mistresses turn in their chairs and face me with their knees spread exposing their slits to me.Breaking off a piece of croissant the mistress says, “These taste a bit plain for a begging sissy like you. I think a little woman juice is needed to add some spice”.With that said she wiped the morsel deep through her slit and through it in the air for me to catch. I caught it well and eat it quickly enjoying the spicy taste.The young mistress repeated the procedure but made the catch much harder so I missed it and it fell behind me.”Eat it off the floor, bitch”. The young one said.I turned to do so and was kicked hard in the behind so I nearly landed on my face. I picked up the food with my mouth swallowed it and turned to see my mistress pull a piece of croissant out of her cunt. It glistened with here juice. As she threw it on the floor for me to retrieve my younger tormentor pushed a slice of toast inside her.After I had eaten the one off the floor the young mistress leaned back and indicated that I should eat the toast straight out of her hole.The toast was sodden with juice but tasted fine. Seeing this trick my mistress followed suit end I spent the next half hour eating from their pussies.Eventually they tired of the game and I was told to stand and receive my instructions.”Firstly you are to pick up all our soiled clothes from yesterday and take them to the laundry. Latter when you have time you will wash all the delicate clothing by hand and the rest by machine. After drying you will iron those that need it. You will wash your own at the same time. Mid afternoon I have arranged for you to receive some training in some womanly arts such as make up and deportment. You will receive your hormone injection at this time. This evening I have friends coming over for dinner and you will be a French maid and serve them for the evening. After your training session you will have some time to prepare for the evening. You will give yourself several enemas in case some of my friends decide to use you in that way. Then you will dress yourself and get the kitchen slut to do the final lace up. Be ready to greet the guests at seven o’clock and bring them to the lounge room. Now go and get a tray and clear the table”.I picked up the dirty clothes and took them to the laundry. Picking up a tray from the kitchen I returned to the bedroom to take the dishes away. The mistresses were on the bed in sixty nine position busily licking each others slits. They ignored me as I cleared the table and left.I left the tray in the kitchen and was about to leave when the cook said “Don’t go just yet I want to adjust something on your skirt”.He showed me four small hooks around the hem of the skirt and corresponding loops at the base of the corset. This allowed the front, back or sides of the skirt to be held in raised position giving easy access to whatever part of me was desired. He hooked up the back of my skirt exposing my panty clad bottom which he slapped hard as he sent me on my way to start the washing.I put the clothes on to wash then hand washed the bras, panties, suspenders and stockings by hand. The cook managed to slap me on each trip through the kitchen.Each trip through the kitchen is a nightmare as I am carrying a clothesbasket, my scantily clad bottom is exposed and I have no way to protect myself.The weather being warm, most of the clothing dries quickly so I carry a load to the laundry for ironing. Having placed the basket on the floor I am startled to find the kitchen hand, Sue, has followed me. Putting her arms around me she pulls me close and kisses me deeply. Her tongue probes all through my mouth as she draws the kiss out for an eternity. I feel her hand slide over my bottom until it finds the tip of my clit. She caresses the end of it through my panties running her fingers over the slippery head. Next, I feel her hand inside my pants insistently kneading and massaging the clit tip until I know I must cum soon.”Stop mistress has forbidden me to cum without permission and will punish me if she finds out’. I whisper.”That’s your problem, not mine” Sue snarls cruelly as she turns me away from her and bends me forward over the washing machine.Pulling my panties down she kneels behind me, takes the head of my clit into her mouth, and sucks hard. My restraint stops her getting any more in her mouth. My clit is emitting a continuous dribble of juice and my breath is coming in short gasps induced by the constant leakage. Restricted, as it is in the restraint, the clit cannot swell as it wishes but tries to stiffen anyway. Suddenly I can hold it no longer and what little cum left after the continuous dribbling squirts into Sues’ mouth, which continues sucking until the last drop, is swallowed. Standing up she gives me a vicious slap on the behind and leaves silently.I kick my wet panties from around my ankles and throw them in the dirty washing basket. Then, trying to run, I head to my room to repair my lipstick and replace my undies. My high heels and tight lacing makes running impossible so I make an easy target for the cook as he chases me repeatedly hitting me with a long handled spoon.He stops chasing me at the door and I escape to my room.Once in the relative safety of my room I look through my panties drawer and select a pale pink pair of bikini briefs. After removing my shoes with the impossibly tall heels I slip the fresh panties on and put my own sandals on, with the more manageable heels. I unhook the skirt hem from the corset hoping that the change to lower heels will make me fast enough to evade the cook.I repair my lipstick walk quietly to the kitchen and gingerly peek round the door. Sue is nowhere to be seen and the cook has his back turned. I make a dash for it and reach the laundry uns**thed.I have just started ironing when I hear a sound at the door. Turning I see the cook advancing carrying a leather strop and a plastic shopping bag. Grabbing me firmly he forces me to the washing machine and bends me forward over it. I fear the worst.”So you think you can evade me, slut. Well I will soon slow you down. Don’t move or I will cut your clit off.”Kneeling behind me he attaches a leather cuff to each ankle. There is a short chain between them. I know that my steps will be very short now. Next he pulls my panties down and I feel something hard forced into my bottom. The object is cone shaped as I feel it gets larger the further in it goes. I am stretched to the limit until suddenly it is inserted fully and I close behind it only now feeling a small diameter tube through my hole. I do feel rather full inside. I realise that he has fitted me with a butt plug. He steps back and I hear the swish of the stop as it races toward my naked bottom. Then the pain starts as over and over he whips my already punished bottom. I scream and try to run but am so slow with the chain between my ankles and the feeling of fullness in my hole that I make a very easy target. Once I am crying uncontrollably he stops.I sink to the floor sobbing. He stands over me laughing loudly.”Better get on and finish the ironing as the mistress will call for you soon”.I iron for about a half-hour and am nearly finished. I have at last stopped crying but I know I must repair my make up before I go to my mistress.The cook appears at the door and says “Go and fix your make up. I will have a tray ready for you to take when you return. Taking short steps, I head to my room only receiving a playful slap as I pass.The make up repair takes some time as the tears have made a real mess. I return to the kitchen to find a tray loaded with sandwiches, cakes coffee and soft drink.”Take this down stairs to the play room. It is through the black door in the garage.” The cook says.I take the tray and when I reach, the stairs find that I have to take one step at a time, as the chain between my ankles is only just long enough to allow this.Upon reaching the door I place the tray on a low table next to it and knock. I hear muffled screams from inside, which get much louder as the door is opened by the young mistress. I pick up the tray and enter a well-equipped dungeon like room. The screams have been replaced by sobs. I place the tray on a table just inside the door, which is shut behind me. Surveying the room I see a selection of hooks chains rings and other devices set into or hanging from the far wall. A rack is set up over near the right hand wall and a large selection of whips; crops and other torture tools hang from the left wall.In the middle of the room is the source of the sobbing. Now dressed in super high heeled white pumps, white stockings hooked by suspender straps to a tight corset which leaves both her clit, bottom and breasts exposed hangs Sue. She has obviously been having hormones for some time as she has quite well grown breasts. Her arms are pulled up toward the ceiling by a rope through a pulley so that her feet just touch the floor. Her left bottom cheek has red stripes from being whipped.The mistresses are dressed identically in black leather. Thigh length boots over stockings suspended from leather corsets with metal studs accentuate their beautiful figures. Their breasts are bare and they wear brief black G strings to cover their slits. Their menacing beauty takes my breath away.”Sit over there and watch what happens to girls who defy me” my mistress orders. Pointing to a high backed wooden chair with arms and studded leather insets for back and seat, positioned near the rack. Various leather straps are attached to parts of the chair. The seat is saddle like with a raised ridge in the middle.I hesitate when I see how sharp the studs on the seat look. A quick slap on my behind gets me turned and seated very quickly. The studs are not sharp enough to cut but dig into the skin quite painfully. They irritate my already punished bottom and stick into my clit and balls through the thin material of my briefs. The raised centre increases the pressure between my cheeks forcing me to spread my knees to relieve the discomfort. The relief is short lived as I am quickly secured tightly with leather straps which allow no movement and increase the pressure of the studs against my delicate parts.”Do you know why Sue is to be punished?” I am asked.”No mistress”.”Watch the video screen and tell me which episode has caused her downfall”.On the screen a series of clips are played. The first is of me sucking firstly Sue’s clit and then the cooks cock. Next we see Sue fondling me through my panties and then sucking me to climax.When the screen goes blank I say “is it the last scene mistress”?”Of course it is, you slut. Didn’t I say you would be punished if you climaxed without permission?” she asked, and then slapped me hard on the face.My mistress steps back and folds her arms under her breasts. I am in awe at her beauty.”I know Sue forced her attention upon you and that you protested to stop her, but I could see you enjoyed it and didn’t struggle very hard to stop her. You will soon realise that, in your position, any pleasure will be matched with an equal dose of pain. I am sure that the punishment will soon be looked forward to as you come further under my spell and become more female than male.” She smiles and turns toward the sobbing Sue, who, seeing her coming starts to struggle against her restraints.Her words to me are strangely calming and the discomfort I feel between my thighs seems to reduce as I watch the beautiful forms of my mistresses as they glide about the room with their bottoms undulating and breasts jiggling. I wonder if I will ever look a little like they do.”I think we will move our attention a little higher on her body” my mistress says to her young consort as she pinches Sue’s nipple between her long ruby nails.”Oh please, no” pleads Sue.”Oh yes. Can I do it?” asks the young mistress rubbing a bamboo cane gently over her own pubic mound.”You have been a good girl lately so you may start on her. Only on her left breast though. Save the other for me.” My Mistress smiles.Without hesitation the young tormenter swings and lands a perfect slice across the top of the breast. Sue screams and the sound of the next blow is unheard. The mark left, however, is easily seen directly below and parallel to the first.”Beautiful shot. See if you can keep them all so neat and tidy. You are learning well my little lover.”Thwack. Another lands in line with the last as she works her way down the breast toward the nipple. Her accuracy is amazing considering the struggle Sue is mounting against her bonds.”Don’t hit the nipple as I have a special treat in store for them” shouts the mistress above Sue’s frantic screams.The next blow bypasses the nipple and she continues to colour the lower portion of the breast.Finally her work is done and she steps back to survey her handy work. She giggles and gently rubs a finger between her legs over her clit. The gusset of her panties is wet with her juices and a shine is obvious on the inside of her thighs above her stocking tops.Sues breast is completely red save for a narrow stripe across her nipple. She sobs uncontrollably as she hangs against her restraint.”What are you planning for the nipple?” asks the youngster with a wicked grin.My mistress holds out her hand. In it is a small metal device with four metal prongs clamped together. When she squeezes the back of the device the prongs pull apart allowing them to clamp onto a small item. Having spread the prongs she positions it over Sue’s nipple and let’s go. Sue sucks in her breath as the prongs bite into her soft pink flesh. There is a small ring attached to the end of the device.”It doesn’t hurt too much yet as the prongs are not too sharp but wait and see what happens when I hang this weight from it” mistress comments to her companion.Mistress hangs a weight from the clamp. The prongs bite into the tender flesh. The nipple stretches to twice its length. Sue’s eyes bulge and she screams.After some minutes she calms a little.”If she keeps still the pain subsides. But watch what happens if she struggles”.She pinches sue hard on her other nipple causing her to struggle. The weight starts to swing causing Sue to scream again from the pain.”Now my little lover. You may get to work on her other breast. Please make it match the appearance of the first one in readiness for its clamping.” My mistress says to her young friend.Pulling her hand from between her legs the girl snatches up the cane and takes to her task with pleasure. The wet patch on her panties is now mush bigger and her juices are running down the inside of her thighs and wetting the tops of her stockings.Soon Sue’s other breast is as red as the first and the clamp and weight are applied. Sue is just hanging and quietly sobbing.”Release the maid, Lisa” the mistress commands her young assistant “I have work for her.My bonds are released and I stand as commanded.”Kneel before Sue and suck her clit until it is stiff. Do not make her cum. I just need her stiff for her next torment.”With difficulty I kneel. The plug in my rear becomes more obvious in this position but at least my clit is no longer being squashed.Taking her into my mouth I suck and slide back and forth. I am amazed at how quickly Sue becomes hard. I know she is ready as the pressure on the roof of my mouth is very high as her clit strains to stand upright against her belly.Suddenly I am pulled away by the mistress who then steps for ward and slides a rubber ring down Sue’s clit so that it must stay stiff and against her tummyI am ordered out of the way, and told to kneel near the seat I have vacated. I have a good view of Sue hanging there with her red striped breasts, stretched nipples and clit standing uprightSuddenly the mistress strikes with her cane slashing furiously across Sue’s belly and of course hitting her clit as she does so. Sue screams with the new pain coming from a different site to all the others. Her clit, surprisingly stays stiff as it is reddened by the beating. Suddenly she is silent as she passes out from the pain.Undoing the rope and allowing it to pass through the pulley the mistresses lower Sue to the floor.”Help us to lift her” she orders me.The three of us pick her up and lay her on the rack. Mistress removes the rubber ring and her clit subsides.We roll her over and the mistresses secure her wrists and ankles to the ends of the rack. Her breasts, still weighted hang through holes in the platform upon which she lies. My mistress turns the wheel at the foot end which applies some stretching pressure to Sue’s tortured body. A restraint is attached to her clit which is the connected to a smaller wheel. When this is turned her clit is stretched and pulled toward the foot of the rack. She is left in this position to regain consciousness.Mistress approaches me carrying a strange rubber bag which she forces into my mouth.Connecting a bike pump to it she inflates the bag which quickly invades my whole mouth and starts down my throat. When I start to choke she stops inflating, removes the pump and steps back to admire my stretched cheeks.”This is an inflatable butt plug which I am going to use on Sue. I wanted you to understand how it works. At the moment it is only partly inflated. Sue groans as she wakens in the back ground. After deflating the bag and removing it Mistress takes it to sue and forces it through her rectum and into her passage. She quickly inflates it and I can see Sue’s back rise as her stomach is forced out by the increased pressure inside. Sue groans at the discomfort inside her.”You have seen quite enough maid. Go to the kitchen and have some lunch. Return in half an hour with dry panties for us and to collect the tray” mistress orders me.I leave the room and negotiate the stairs with care as my ankles are still restrained. At the kitchen door I hesitate wondering what the cook has in store for me. Hunger finally gets the better of me as I have had very little real food since the previous day and I step sheepishly into the kitchen.”Send you up to get fed did she?” he smiles fiendishly.”Yes” I answer head bowed.”Well. First you will have to worship my manhood again. If you satisfy me I will feed you something. On your knees bitch”.I drop down and soon have the head of his cock forcing its way into my throat. Fortunately he comes rather quickly, filling my throat and nearly choking me. He withdraws and I suck the last drops from its tip.”There is bread over there and some butter. Make yourself some sandwiches and there is coffee in the percolator”.Thankfully I make myself a sandwich and coffee which is quickly devoured as I am soon due back to deliver fresh panties to my mistress and her consort.Carefully negotiating the stairs I go to the mistresses room an after a short search find a drawer full of panties. I select two pairs of sheer black bikinis and head back to the torture room.Upon entering I find the two mistresses making love on a huge sheepskin rug on the floor. Both have removed their panties and my mistress is wearing a strap on dildo which also has a second shaft which enters her own pussy. She is vigorously humping her young lover who is on her back under her quietly moaning with pleasure. Their skins are glossy with perspiration while their pubic regions are dripping with their juices.Hearing me enter my mistress looks over her shoulder and says “leave the panties on the table and release the slut from the rack. Take the tray to the kitchen and wait in your room for the beautician to arrive. She will prepare you and instruct you in your evening duties. Sue, you will go to your room and also prepare for the evening”.Approaching the rack I find Sue stretched to the limit. Her arms and legs are taught and her clit is stretched tight between her legs. Her breasts hang through holes in the base stretched by the weights on her nipples. She is covered with welts on every bare piece of skin. She moans quietly as I release the pressure and help her to stand unsteadily next to the rack. Having removed the clamps and weights from her swollen nipples I helper to walk to the door. She moves slowly and stiffly as I follow her to the kitchen where she waits while I leave the tray.”Please come with me and help me undress as I don’t think I can manage on my own” she implores.Feeling sorry for her I follow her to her room which is near mine and help her out of her clothes. At her insistence I rub some soothing cream on her welts and leave her to go to my own room.A large severe looking woman is waiting for me. “Where have you been you slut? I don’t like to be kept waiting.” she hisses at me.Standing up, she slaps me hard on the face. I burst into tears and beg for mercy.”There won’t be much of that over the next couple of hours. I have much to do with you to prepare you for tonight” she as she roughly turns me around and unlaces my corset.She unbuttons her dress and removes it exposing her underwear which consists of a flesh coloured body suit that tries to contain her fat and stay up stockings.Grabbing my head she pulls me with her to the bed end upon which she sits and forces me to my knees in front of her. She pulls my head between her now spread thighs. I can see the wetness on the gusset of the suit which has small press studs securing it.”Now I will have some pleasure before we start on your preparations. Undo the studs with your teeth you bitch”.I grasp the edge of the gusset in my teeth and pull until the studs are released. The stretchy cloth springs back to reveal a mass of long pubic hair. I almost faint at the stench of sweat, stale urine and poorly wiped bottom.”Now eat me bitch”.Having no choice I start.I don’t know how long I worked at the foul task but finally she climaxed covering my face in her juices. She released my head and with relief I was able to stand and get away from that horrible place. If it had been one of my mistresses I would have loved it but not with this creature.I could smell her on my face and longed to wash my face.”Remove the rest of your clothes bitch” she said as she stood and fastened the crotch of her bodysuit.As I undressed she opened a large leather case and removed a syringe and bottle of liquid.”Lie on the bed. It is time for your hormone injection’.I lay down and felt her roughly inject the fluid into my bottom.Slapping my cheek hard and ordered me to go and wait in the bath room.She soon entered and told me to wait on hands and knees while she prepared an enema.I soon felt her force the nozzle into me and the warm soapy water flooded my passage. Soon I was begging her to stop as she was overfilling me. She just laughed and pinched me hard on the bottom. Finally she was satisfied I was full and with difficulty I stood and moved to the toilet where with a great rush I emptied.”Now we will fill you again” she laughed.It took four huge fills to cleanse me to her satisfaction.”You may now shower and then I will prepare you for the evening entertainment’.With great relief I was able then to clean off her stench from my face.Soon clean and dry I returned to the bedroom where she indicated that I should sit at the dressing table. Sitting next to me she proceeded to make up my face.”Watch carefully what I do as I will only teach you this once’.She expertly made up my face. At the end of the process I was very impressed at her skill as I looked at my womanly reflection. It was perhaps a little overdone and sluttish but pleasing all the same.”Stand and I will help you dress” she ordered.Around my waist she placed a black bustier which laced up from the back. The bodice was padded so that when she laced me tightly, working from the bottom up, the small breasts that I had were pushed up so forming the illusion of some cleavage. She applied a lot of pressure to the lacing forcing me to breathe out. I felt weak at the end of the process but loved my new narrow waisted shape.Next she handed me black seamed lace top stockings which I slid up my legs and fastened to the suspenders on the bustier after she checked that the seams were straight.My clit restraint was handed to me next and was soon fastened to a newly fitted hook on the bustier back pulling my male parts out of sight.She passed me a pair of sheer black panties. They were G string style and high waisted.Sitting I pushed my feet through them and pulled them to knee height. Standing I slid them gently up my thighs, loving the silky feel as they slid over my stockings, and into place. The front was sheer as was the gusset which was wide enough to cover my clit and other parts between my legs and then narrowed down where it pulled into the crease between my cheeks. The tip of my clit was just visible from behind.The soft material caressing my clit tip as I moved soon had me dribbling a little pre cum into the thong.Noticing this, the fat woman said “Oh good. Your mistress likes her girls to show a little wetness. It shows they appreciate their position and also excites her guests. Now we will lace you into your uniform and shoes”.I slide the black maid’s uniform up my legs and put my arms through the sleeves. It consists of a central corset which is soon laced tightly around my waist a short flowing skirt that barely covers my bottom when I am standing upright and a blouse at with plunging neck and puffed sleaves with white lace trims. A white apron and cap complete the set. There are hooks on all sides of the skirt to hold the skirt raised to expose me to view and touch. There is a small pocket in the apron.”Always keep a lipstick in the pocket as you are going to need to recover your lips regularly during the night”.She selects the shoes. They are black and impossibly high. The heels are seven inches of wicked spike with soles only half an inch thick so that my feet will be steeply sloped. There are ankle straps with little locks to prevent removal. Once the shoes are fitted I find it impossible to take any more than short steps. My calves are stretched tightly and they force my back to arch a little.”Try kneeling” I am told.I find that it is very difficult but not impossible to get to my knees and then stand up. After fitting a blond shoulder length wig and the cap I admire the look in the mirror. I am ready to serve.”Practice walking, kneeling and curtsying until the mistress calls” she says as she leaves me.The next hour is spent practicing my womanly walk. My steps are short and mincing and I find I can kneel elegantly with practice.Finally the intercom sounds and my mistress summons me to her chamber. Upon entering I find Sue, dressed in the same uniform as me except that her reddened breasts are exposed through a space left in the blouse, standing near a table on the balcony where our mistresses sit. They are both naked and enjoying the sun on their smooth skins.I approach and curtsy.”Turn about so I can inspect you”.I do so and she expresses pleasure at my look.”You two will now bathe us and help us prepare for the evening pleasures”.The next hour or so is devoted to bathing them; washing and brushing their hair and helping them dress.They wear identical tight sheer black long dresses over stockings, suspenders and g strings.They are braless and bare shouldered with nipples protruding. High heeled shoes complete the outfits. They look like models.”Leave us while we are made up and look after our guests as they arrive”.We pass the make up woman on the stairs as we descend to wait in the entrance hall.”Hook up the backs of your skirts. The mistress likes her guests to have easy access to a maid’s bottom” she hisses as she passes.We help each other to expose our already reddened backsides and wait for the arrivals.”Do you have to work in the kitchen?” I ask.”No. Tonight I will be helping you to serve drinks and food to the guests. There is extra staff brought in to help down there. Watch out for the barman, he is really cruel to us girls. He thinks we are freaks and enjoys hurting us. We will also be required to serve our guests in any way they command. I hope your lipstick is full” she answers.The doorbell rings. Sue opens the door to reveal a beautiful leather clad woman leading a younger woman, in a long white cloak, by a leash connected to a collar round her neck. We curtsy as they enter and I notice that the younger woman is only wearing lingerie under the cloak which swings open as she walks. She wears white high sandals, white stockings and suspender belt, sheer panties and a low cut bra which exposes her nipples.I take them to the reception room where the function is to be held. While I fetch a tray of drinks the young woman is taken to a corner of the room and told to sit on a hard wooden bench. Pulling her cloak aside to expose her body she sits. Her leash is locked onto a ring in the wall. She sits with knees clamped together, her back straight and her eyes downcast.”Spread those legs slave. I want you pussy exposed for all to see”.Once spread it becomes obvious that those panties are crutch less so that the smooth hairless labia which are painted in lipstick are exposed for all to see. My clit weeps with the sight of it.I have to go behind the bar to get a tray of drinks and the barman pinches me hard saying “I hope that hurts you sissy” as I leave.As I serve a drink to the first guest others arrive.In each case it is a master or mistress leading their slave. All the slaves wear the same cloak with the same lingerie underneath. Once they are seated and restrained on the bench some differences become obvious. Through their panties become visible little boy/girl clits, some are restrained and others hanging forward, while some are like the first girl with her real pussy.The last to arrive is Mistress Rebecca with her slave. Once seated it becomes clear that this slave is different to the others. She is a transformed boy with large implanted breasts. Although her penis is still intact she is castrated. She is quite beautiful.Eventually there are eight young slaves sitting silently on the bench. Their masters and mistresses mingle and chat. Whenever I pass one of them I receive a slap or pinch on the bottom as does Sue.One man detains me as I pass and tells me to put the tray on the bar and return to him.I do so and he forces me to my knees in front of him. He has tight leather pants with an exposed zip.”Unzip me and worship my dick” he snarls at me.I unzip him and release his huge penis from the pants. It is already swelling as I take the head into my mouth. Within seconds my whole mouth and throat are invaded by its length and girth. Grasping my head in both hands he forces his way in and out. I am being fucked in the mouth and throat rather than me giving him head.Finally I feel it spasm and he floods my throat with cum. He is as deep in me as possible and all I can do is swallow to save from choking. Pulling back he releases me and a few drops fall to the floor at my knees. I lick the last drop from the tip and he steps back to zip himself up.”Lick up that mess bitch” I hear my mistress say.As I do so she addresses the guests.”She does that so well with so little training. I am sure you will all want to use her in some way as this is her first night on the job. Please restrain yourselves and save yourselves for the long night of entertainment ahead”.Flicking my bottom with her crop to get me standing she sends me to the bar where there is a mirror to repair my lipstick. As I do so I feel the barman’s hand between my legs. He squeezes me hard so that I almost faint and laughs as I mince away with my tray of drinks.Time passes as the guests enjoy the food and drinks. The slaves on the bench are left alone apart from occasional inspections by their masters and mistresses who feed them small portions of food and sips of drink.”It is now play time” mistress says “bring in the couch, maids” pointing to Sue escort amasya and me.I follow Sue to an anti room where we pick up the couch and carry it to the main room and place it in the middle of the floor where all can gather around. It is a narrow wooden bench about six feed long and 18 inches wide covered in padded leather.”Who will be first?” my mistress asks.”Take mine, she needs the punishment quickly” says one of the women.”What has she done?” my mistress asks.”I caught her with a boy. Fortunately I stopped them before she was penetrated. Now she must learn that only I can provide the satisfaction that she craves. Can one of your maids get her prepared for what we discussed earlier?”I was soon kneeling in front of the girl with my tongue lapping her clit to make her wet. So was entranced by her taste and perfume that my own clit was dribbling profusely.In the background my mistress was issuing instructions. “Get him hard in readiness to receive her”.My task was soon complete as she was now dripping with cum and my saliva. I was ordered away and went to repair my lipstick. Sue was sucking hard on the tip of a huge penis protruding from a leather clad man lying on the couch. She too was soon called away as her job was done.Two men picked up the girl holding her at the back of each knee and shoulder. They positioned her astride the prostrate man with the enormous knob pressing against her vagina.”Please no mistress” she called as they lowered and then forced her down onto the massive member “it will split my open”.”That is exactly what I want. You will soon realise that men only bring pain to girls like you’ her mistress replied.She screamed suddenly as the whole length disappeared inside her. Sitting astride him then she sobbed but didn’t move.”Hump him you slut” she was told.There was no movement from her until, with a thwack; she was hit by a riding crop. She was soon riding him rhythmically to the beat of the crop on her cheeks. A steady stream of pink stained cum was visible on the shaft each time she lifted.Another master moved in behind her with his erection protruding from his zip. Holding her down on the first man he pushed her forward so she was lying on his chest exposing her bottom to him. Scooping some cum juice up from her soaked crease he coated his shaft end her arse hole. Then positioning his knob against her hole he forced himself inside.She screamed as she was split open and her blood flowed onto his shaft. He soon buried himself inside and humped her back and forth. Her body was also moving back and forth on the first shaft still buried inside her cunt. She cried and cried her tears falling on the leather clad chest below her. The double fucking continued for many minutes until her anal r****t was ready to cum. pulling out of her he backed off and walked to the side of the bench. Pulling her upright by her hair and turning her head he forced himself into her mouth and throat where he quickly dumped his load. After waiting to be sure it was all swallowed he pulled out and retreated to watch.Meanwhile the first master was also ready and soon lifted her off him self and pushed her down to where he could force her mouth over him. With great difficulty he forced the huge shaft past her lips and into her throat. She gagged repeatedly as he fucked her throat until with a spasm he also emptied himself.He then lifted her head off him and cast her aside where she fell to the floor bleeding from mouth, cunt and arse her body convulsing as she sobbed.”Maids; Return the couch to the anti room and take this used girl and leave her on it to recover. Then clean up the mess she is making on the floor” said my mistress.We quickly comply and as we are licking up the blood and cum from the floor while our mistress addresses her guests.”It is now time for the real entertainment. We shall now retire with our slaves to the dungeon. Maids and barman please go ahead and wait at our service.”Sue and I follow the barman to the dungeon where he opens up the bar for service and we wait to take orders.The mistresses arrive with their guests each with their slave on a lead. As we take orders the slaves are relieved of their cloak and led to various restraining positions where they are variously strung up or stretched out for torment. Each is gagged. I watch enthralled as various clamps are placed on nipples, labia and clits both male and female. My own little clit is dribbling a steady stream into my panties.All around the room slaves are writhing in pain as they are subjected to whippings, stretching’ penetration and clamping.Mistress Rebecca beckons me to join her. “You will watch me play with my slave. You need to see what awaits you once I have purchased you from you’re current mistress.” I am led across the room to where the mistress has parked her slave.Mistress leads her slave to the device near the far wall and places her over a large steel phallus mounted upon a hydraulic ram secured to the floor .Her ankles are secure to ring bolts set into the floor. A leather belt is fastened around her waist with chains that are then secured to the ring bolts on the floor. This forces her to bend his knees and support her weight with hers calves and thighs. Her arms are secured behind her back with cuffs.Mistress touches a button and the phallus rises until it is forcing its way into the hapless slave’s bottom and is stopped at that position. Soon the slaves’ legs succumb to fatigue and she slowly slides down onto the steel phallus. As she reaches full penetration a painful electric shock is administered through the phallus forcing her to try to stand up. She holds up for a few minutes until the leg fatigue sets in again and she gradually sinks back onto the shocking device again. Mistress lets this continue for some time until she takes to the subs breasts and clitette with a cattle prod. This makes the sub jump and bounce on and off the electric zone of the phallus. The punishment is unrelenting until the sub passes out.”This is what you can look forward to when you are under my control” Mistress Rebecca whispers to me. My heart flutters with fear. My clit dribbles with anticipation.My young mistress approaches me and leads me to a device like a vaulting horse with a studded leather covering upon which she instructs me to lie face down after first removing my panties. My face just overhangs one end while my legs hang down over the other and my feet are just on the ground. A leather strap is fastened over my back at waist level and my wrists are secured with straps to the floor. I feel a cuff placed on one ankle and my legs are spread by a bar which is then attached to the other ankle.Unfastening my restraint from my waist she pulls my clitty down and fastens to another strap from the floor. A head harness is fitted which has a strap under my nose and another across my forehead which is in turn pulled back and fastened so that my head is held back. I feel my skirt flipped up over my back.”If any one wants to use this maid please feel free. As you can see, her arse and mouth are both easily accessible for penetration and her bottom and clit are ready for punishment.” The young mistress announces to the guests.Almost immediately I feel the burn of a cane cutting across my bottom followed rapidly by many more blows. My screams are soon silenced by a gag, which only allows a whimper as the blows rain down. My tears run down my cheeks and puddle on the floor.After an eternity the blows stop only to be replaced by a new torture as a large penis head presses against my bottom. The force increases rapidly and suddenly I feel as If I have been split apart as the massive shaft is forced inside me. This is the largest object I have ever encountered entering my passage. I feel a trickle of liquid running down the inside of my legs. It must be blood. The whole length is inside now and must be a foot long. I try to move as it is slowly withdrawn and forced back inside over and over again but can only wriggle a little. I can hear laughter and lewd comments from the onlookers.Hours pass it seems. Really it is probably five or ten minutes. Suddenly the movement stops with the massive rod fully embedded in my bowel and I feel a pulsation from the head of it as it spews forth a stream of cum far inside me. After some seconds I felt the huge b**st slowly withdrawn from my punished hole. As I start to relax I feel another push at my sphincter and realize that I am to be invaded again. Slowly another only slightly smaller prick insinuates its way inside me and the rhythmic pumping starts again. The pain has now reduced from extreme to just a dull throbbing and so the need to scream is replaced by sobs and tears as my ordeal continues.The gag is removed from my mouth and I know better than to say anything or beg for mercy. The chance to speak is soon removed as another penis appears in front of my face and is pushed against my lips. Having no other choice I open wide to accept this new assault. The corners of my mouth almost split with the size of it as its length disappears to the very back of my throat. In my immobilized state I am not giving head but rather, being fucked in the mouth as the rod is forced in and out in time with the other at the rear. Quite quickly the front man climaxes onto my tongue and overflowing my mouth as I am unable to swallow quickly enough. The rear man soon follows and they both withdraw to be replaced by another pair of similar size.After what seems an eternity they are all sated and I spend a little time recovering. I can feel fluids running down my thighs and chin that must be blood and cum. This is soon confirmed as my mistress kindly replays some footage of my punished rear on the screen of a hand held video camera used to record my humiliation. The damage to my hole is frightening to look at and makes me wonder weather I will ever walk again.Mistress Rebecca asks my mistress if she is allowed to cane me.”Of course you can” Is the reply.Seconds later I hear the swish and feel the bight as the cane slices into my flesh. My cheeks are soon on fire as blow after blow lands upon my behind. She methodically works her way down from the top of my crease to the tops of my legs. The crowd soon pleads for me to be gagged as my screams are loud and constant. She then works down each of my thighs careful not to hit my dangling boy bits. Once these areas are completely reddened she gives my balls a playful tap with the cane. Unfortunately the hit is harder than she plans and I pass out.Later, I do not know how long, I start to come to as I feel my bonds being released. I am pulled roughly to my feet and fall in a heap on the floor when let go.”Get up slut” my mistress barks.I try but fall again from the pain to my torn and reddened rear. My mistress instructs Sue and the barman to help me to my room. The barman grumbles all the way saying that it is not his job to help sissy sluts to walk.As we reach the door to my room I trip and fall bringing all three of us to the floor.The barman’s anger overcomes him and he starts to punch me in the face and scream obscenities at me. I feel my nose and jaw break from the assault just before I pass out again.I awaken in a strange room. Looking around I work out that it is a hospital room. As I become more aware I realize that I have a drip in my arm. Trying to move I find that I am restrained at the ankles and across my tummy. There is a dull throbbing pain in my face chest and bum. As my hands are free I feel around my body and discover that my face and chest are heavily bandaged.”Oh, your awake” turning I see a nurse entering the room. “How do you feel” she enquires.”Quite sore,” I answer.”I’m not surprised you have had quite a lot of work done.””Can you tell me what has happened please” I plead.”You were brought in by your mistress with a broken jaw and nose and with severe damage to your rectum. We repaired and modified your face as instructed. With a smaller nose and chin and fuller lips you will look much more feminine. We also repaired the damage to your rectum and made it wider to reduce risk of damage in the future.””What about my chest?” I ask.”Your mistress felt that a nice set of implants would complete the transformation. The bandages will be removed shortly and you will see what a great job we have done.” She leaves the room and I feel for my little boy bits to see if they still there. They are.The nurse returns with a doctor. “Still a bit sore I hear. That will soon pass. We will now uncover your new self. There will be some bruising but the swelling will have gone and you will be pleasantly surprised at how good you look.” The doctor says.Having released my bonds they sit me up and remove the face bandages. I see myself in a mirror held by the nurse and am shocked by the change. Staring back at me is a beautiful woman. Next they remove the chest bandages and I look down to see a magnificent set of c cup breasts. The mirror is again held up and I am astounded by the new me.”For the next week you must wear a sport bra at all times and then you may wear what you like” I am told.”We will remove the drip now and you can shower put your make up on and dress, as you will be picked up this afternoon. I suggest you don’t have anal sex for a few days until your bottom has healed a little more”.The drip is removed and I am left to make myself presentable. Walking to the bathroom I just love the feel of my new breasts as they undulate ahead of me.The shower finished, I admire the new me that I see reflected in the mirror as I dry myself. There is some deodorant and perfume available, which I apply to myself. The deodorant is quality but the perfume is strong and obviously cheap. I know from experience that I am expected to use it liberally and so slap it on my wrists under my breasts, around my crotch and my neck. I can’t help fondling my breasts and delighting in the tingle I get as I caress my nipples. I just love the pert nose, small chin and full lips that stare back at me.Moving back to the main room I see a cupboard, which once opened reveals a set of clothes my restraint and some make up. There is the sports bra, suspender belt, mini skirt and sheer blouse all in white. A tiny thong in red, white four inch heeled sandals and sheer seemed tan stockings complete the outfit.Having fitted the bra I secure the suspenders to give me something to hitch the restraint to. I push my clitty into the restraint, pull it between my legs and hook it to the back of the suspender. Sitting down I slide the stockings up my legs and, being careful to center the seam, attach them to the belt. The red thong is soon in place, covering the restraint.The skirt once fitted just covers the stocking tops when I stand and is of such light material that the suspenders and thong are clearly visible. My bra is also clearly visible through the blouse. I look forward to wearing it without bra or with a really pretty one once my breasts have healed. As I peruse myself in the mirror I feel the delicious sensation of precum oozing out of my clitty.Grabbing the make up case I sit at the dressing table to apply my make up. In the case is everything needed to comply with the note inside, which says “apply plenty of everything to cover your bruises and make sure the look is super sluttish. There are also some earrings and a necklace amongst the makeup.Suddenly I realize that my juices are probably staining the back of my skirt. Standing and twisting so I can see my rear in the mirror, my fears are confirmed. An obvious stain is visible on the skirt. Quickly removing the skirt I rush to the bathroom and rinse the stain and then hang the garment over a chair back in the sun streaming through the window to dry.Returning to the makeup I am surprised at how long my hair has become. I wonder how long I have been here. After applying a heavy coat of foundation I heavily coat my lids in lurid green shadow, darken and shape my eyebrows and apply heavy mascara. Some blusher follows and then a very bright red to my new lips. Pulling out the earrings I discover that they are one inch long gold penises hanging from the hooks which I place through my ear lobe replacing the sleepers which had been there. The necklace is a gold chain with matching but larger penis hanging from it. I brush my hair thinking that I need the attention of a good hair dresser.My mistress walks in at that moment as I am about to stand and retrieve my skirt.”Ah” she says “nearly ready are you my little slut. But why is your skirt hanging in the sun?” she strides over to the garment and inspects it carefully.”Oh I see. A stain you randy little bitch. Put it on now so we can leave. We need to get your hair done and buy some clothes appropriate for my new hooker.I slip into the skirt, grab the makeup bag and follow her into the hall. She is wearing thigh high black boots with wickedly spiked heels over stockings whose tops are just covered by her tight black leather skirt. Up top she wears a beautiful low cut lace bra partly concealed by a short black leather jacket which is open to the waist. Her make up is subdued compared to mine but still manages to make her look sexy. My clit just dribbles at the sight of her.She leads me to the car and orders me inside. As I sit I try to pull the back of my skirt up to protect it from staining.Seeing this she hisses at me “Pull it down you tart I don’t want your’ cum on my seat.Anyway I think you will look the part walking around the shopping center with a stain on you skirt. With the earrings, makeup and those red panties everybody will know that you must sell your self for a living and the stain will confirm it. The perfume will reinforce the idea in their minds. Ah well, best you get used to the idea now.”I wonder what the future holds for me now. Is she going to sell me to any one who lusts after a bit of shemale action?I adjust the back of my skirt so that it will absorb the juices that are still trickling from me. The front of my skirt rides up so high that the creamy bare skin above my stockings is clearly exposed as are the suspender laces and even the gusset of my panties. My mistress lowers the roof and we drive off towards the mall.”Love the look” she sneers at me. “I hope there are plenty of truckers around with CB radios to alert their friends of the view available to them all.”We are soon on a main road passing through suburban shopping strips and we cruise along in the gutter lane slowly as there is much traffic. Often we are stopped by the traffic and the lights. Attracted by the looks of the car the many people on the street look down on us as we wait to move on. I try covering my crotch with my hands to hide my panties.”Put your hands at your sides bitch and spread your knees a little or I will punish you” she hisses.I, of course, comply with her wish. The reaction from the shoppers on the street varies from disgust by most of the women to outright lust from many of the men.”Apart from the obvious changes I have made to you there are some other things I had done while you were in the hospital. All your body and facial hair has been lazered off and you have a hormone implant, which will keep you dosed correctly for a year. So, what do you think of the new you?” she asks.”I love it thank you mistress. What is to be my role in your household now?” I reply.”You will become a sort of personal assistant to me. Your full duties will be explained later. Giving pleasure to my guests will still be part of your role but on the whole there will be some pleasure for you between the pain.” She says smiling.”Oh thank you mistress” I gush.We soon arrived at a shopping mall and alighted from the car. My mistress inspected me and expressed pleasure at the obvious stain on the back of my skirt. I tried not to be conscious of it as we walked into the center. We must have been quite a sight with our long legs, short skirts and stilettos clicking on the tiled floor. We were certainly attracted the attention of every male in the place and I heard the word sluts uttered by some of the women.Our first stop was a lingerie shop. Mistress seemed to know the manager, a slim attractive young woman, as we were quickly ushered out back.”So this is the new one I heard about. She’s very pretty. What can I help with today?” asks the manager.”She has just had a boob job and needs plenty of support but I hate the look of the sports bra. With the new size she also needs a whole range of sizes and colours as none of her old ones are going to fit. So how about a couple of sexy support bras to get her through the next week. A black one and a red one will be fine and then we will look at the longer term needs”.”Take off your blouse and bra so I can check you out” says the manager.Soon I am standing in front of the naked from the waist up with the girl fondling my breasts as she explores their weight and shape. My nipples are quickly erect and my clitty is seeping again.”I have the perfect thing” she says and disappears out to the shop.Upon returning she presents me with a beautiful red bra with lots of lace trim but quite sheer in the cups. She helps me into it and asks how it feels.”Absolutely wonderful” I gush. “It holds me really well but still looks and feels nice”.Looking in the mirror I see my erect nipples quite clearly through the cups. My cleavage is very deep and outlined well by the lace over the cups. Half an hour later we leave having tried and selected about six other styles, which I will graduate to once I am healed. I am wearing the red bra under my sheer blouse and my nipples are clearly visible to all through the flimsy material. I don’t care as I am just so happy to be the new me. Next I am led into a tattoo and body-piercing parlor. A big, bear of a man ushers us through to studio where the work is to be done.”Remove your skirt, blouse, panties restraint and bra” mistress barks.”Oh, very nice canvas to work on” says the bear when he sees me exposed wearing only shoes, stockings and suspender belt. “Lie face down on the bench and I shall begin”.Although terrified of what is about to happen I comply, as I must.”Tell me where to begin?” says the bear.”On the left buttock I want; please whip in small letters, on the right I want; please cane and just above the bottom crease put please enter at will with an arrow pointing down” my mistress requests. Then place a ring into the top of each buttock just a little away from the crease.”My pleasure” he laughs and begins.One painful hour later I am told to turn over. “What about the front?” he asks.”Just the piercings will do for now “is the reply.Quickly he secures my ankles and wrists to the corners of the bench with leather cuffs so that I can only wriggle. Expertly he pierces my nipples and belly button and inserts large rings into each. There is a little blood from each but not much and very little pain.”Any thing else?””Just the usual restraining ring” mistress answers.I soon feel the needle entering the loose skin on the lower side of my clitty just below the head and then of a ring about one inch in diameter and quite thick being inserted.”That will do for now. You can get up and dress. Use your old restraint until that heals. Then we will use the ring to hold your clit out of the way” my mistress commands.”A favour please” asks the bear “can she suck me off as part payment as these jobs always make me horny”.”Ok, it’s about time she used those new lips for their intended use” smiling “go to it slut”.Dropping to my knees in front of the bear I ease down the zipper of his pants and find a ten inch long two inch wide monster ready for action. Starting with some kissing and licking I gradually work my mouth over the head and start to suck. I can taste his pre-cum when suddenly he grabs the back of my head and forces it all the way into the depths of my throat and holds until I gag.”I love the feel of those gagging contractions” he says as he slowly withdraws.He repeats the procedure over and over until I am exhausted and he finally cums in my throat. Pulling out he is still ejaculating so that some sprays onto my chest and runs into my cleavage.”Fix you lipstick. But don’t clean the mess off your chest as I like the look and I want the hairdresser we will visit shortly to understand what a slut you are.” Mistress laughs as she pays my tormenter”.As we walk through the mall I imagine that everyone can smell the semen that is drying on the tops of my breasts. I certainly can. The occasional whispered “slut” can be heard from some of the women as we pass. If they can’t smell me they can certainly see the ring in my nipples through the thin bra cups.Mistress leads me into a hairdressing salon where I am quickly seated and being inspected by a young male hairdresser who says”lovely stain on your boobs, you should be more careful whilst eating”. Turning to mistress he asks”what style would you like?””I’ll leave it to your judgement to come up with colour and style to suit her” she replies.”As she is obviously a slut and clumsy when eating, I think platinum blonde and big curls are the answer.” He smiles and asks “may I feed her once I am finished?'”Certainly, but only if I am happy with the job.”Mistress leaves me there and heads off to the shops as the hairdresser starts his work.I have always found that getting a haircut is quite relaxing and by the time he was finished and mistress returned I was almost asleep.”The look is perfect” says mistress “you may now have your reward.”The shop by this time is shut to the public and I am lead to the back room where other hairdressers of both sexes are tidying up and preparing to leave. Without any embarrassment he forces me to my knees and pulls his moderately sized penis out of his pants and pushes it towards my face. The others in the room gather around to watch as I slowly start to lick around the head. Within seconds it is fully erect and I wrap my lips around it and slide them up and down the shaft taking the whole length of it down to my throat. Being of average size this task is not hard and I find the whole task quite pleasant. All too soon I hear him gasp and taste the salty cum on my tongue. I manage not to spill a drop as I swallow it down.I lick the last of it off as he withdraws, saying “well done you are learning to eat like a lady.”The whole salon erupts in laughter. As Mistress then leads me out into the mall and back to the car I hear one of the girls in the salon say “oh what a slut she is to do that in public.”We begin our journey home with the usual ritual slow drive in the curb lane so that I am on view to all the pedestrians. I am starting to enjoy having people look at the new me but soon we are onto the faster roads to the house.”I have a surprise for you at the house” Mistress says with a laugh. “You friendly barman is now going to be under your control to do with as you wish. I have transformed him into a slut maid to be used and abused by you and my guests. Would you like to hear what I did to him?””Oh yes please Mistress” I gush.”Well, he had pretty much the same as you. His face has been feminized, he has breasts and all his body hair is gone. But I have made a few enhancements to make him more usable. His teeth have been removed to make his oral performance better, I had his balls removed but left his cock so that it is obvious what he was before. With the hormone treatment and some other d**gs he has become quite subdued although he hates what I have done to him and what I make him do. He arrived home yesterday and I had the cook **** him as soon as he stepped through the door. Last night I invited some well hung friends around and they made use of his mouth and arse until the early hours. He could hardly walk back to his room.”Mistress dialed a number on the car phone, which was answered by the young mistress. “Hi, we are nearly home, have the new slut ready for inspection when we arrive. I want his new mistress to be able to see the modifications we have made to him.” She hangs up.I followed Mistress up the stairs into the house and through into the living room where the young mistress was waiting with the ex bar tender. I cold not suppress my laughter when I saw what had been done. His face was feminine but not particularly pretty. His lips had been pumped up so that they were out of proportion to the rest of his face and the false teeth behind them were black.Dressed only in a corset, suspenders, black stockings and impossibly high heels I could see the other changes. An enormous pair of breasts, at least double Ds dangled over the top of the corset with large heavy rings through the nipples. The penis looked quite strange without any balls behind it and with another heavy ring pulling it down towards the knees. Mistress ordered him to turn around and I saw the familiar tattoos, inviting a whipping on each cheek and another in the middle which said ‘enter here no lubricant required”.”On your knees, bitch and prepare to suck your new mistress” Mistress ordered. As he complied Mistress indicated that I should free my clitty and let him satisfy me. I approached him, kneeling in waiting with his teeth now removed and unhooked my cock restraint. As quickly as possible he started to suck very hard hoping to bring me off quickly. As soon as I was totally erect I pulled out and asked if I could tri the other entrance. Mistress smiled and nodded ordering him onto his hands and knees.Spreading his cheeks I could see that he was quite red and raw from previous penetrations and took delight in forcing my way in as fast as I could. I could hear his intake of breath as I entered and he moaned with each thrust that I gave. After pounding away for some minutes I felt close to climax so asked permission to return to the mouth to finish. Permission received I withdrew and started to fuck his mouth once he had turned around. As I started to cum I pulled back to his lips so as to cover his tongue and then pulled right out so that some landed on his chin and dripped onto his breasts.Mistress smiled “you are learning fast how to treat your slave. Now you should punish him, as he has not thanked you for letting him serve you. Take him to the dungeon and make him scream. We will watch on the closed circuit system.”I lead the hapless slut to the dungeon, planning what particular torture will inflict the most pain. Positioning him facing a wall I secure each of hi wrists to a chain hanging from the ceiling and pull him up until his feet are barely supporting him. Using a spreader I force his legs apart so even more weight is on hi arms. I use light chains from his nipple rings to pull his breasts towards the wall. Very gently I start to stroke his cock and am pleasantly surprised to see it become erect.”That could be useful later” I say to myself.Once it is fully hard I hook a chain with a weight to the ring in the end and drop it. The chain takes up before the weight hits the floor and he gasps as his erect cock is pulled roughly down.His eyes follow me as I move to the rack where the whips are stored and select a heavy cane. Upon returning I place a blindfold upon him and step back to administer the caning. Standing well back I swing so that the tip just touches his left buttock as the cane passes. Sucking in his breath and jerking at his bonds from the shock forces him to pull away from the wall thus putting tension on the nipple chains and pulling the nipple rings painfully. His movement also causes the weight hanging from his cock to swing and stretch that ring also.Deliberately missing him with the next blow I enjoy watching him avoiding the swing and once again putting pressure on the nipple and cock rings. I alternate between full hits across his bottom, just catching him with the tip and complete misses. Soon he is sobbing wildly which just spurs me on to continue hitting him. I eventually need a rest and pull a stool close and sit to contemplate my handy work. His bottom is red all over with welts of different length.”I haven’t done a very neat job” I say. “Would you like me to change over to a paddle so that you are an even colour?””Oh no” he sobs.”OK, I will use a leather belt instead” I laugh.

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