On the Massage Table

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“Are you ready?”

I looked up from my phone and saw my therapist, James, standing in the doorway looking into the lobby. I nodded, slid my phone into my purse, and got up to meet him.

He smiled and motioned for me to lead the way. He was tall, and I couldn’t help but look at his hands as he held the door—they were large and strong. I’d never really noticed them before. I swallowed hard. As I walked down the hall, I wondered where he was looking, if he was looking ahead or if he was staring at my ass swaying as I walked in my sundress. We were nearing the end of the hall, and he hadn’t said anything so I slowed and glanced back at him. His eyes shot up to meet mine, and I suppressed a grin.

“We’re in this last door here,” he said.

I turned into the dimly-lit room and found the chair in the corner. I set my purse down and turned. He shut the door behind us.

“So, we’ve got ninety minutes. What are we working on today?”

“I um, I really just want to relax you know? I’ve been a bit tense lately.” I bit my lip.

James nodded. “We’ll start you face down. I’ll be back in a minute.” He smiled again and left the room. I undressed, piling my clothes on the chair. When I got to my panties, I hesitated. I usually left them on, but I hadn’t been able to put James out of my mind lately. With a decisive motion, I slid them down and added them to the pile, making sure they were on top of the rest of my clothes and easily seen. I slid between the sheets and put my face in the face rest. I could feel my pulse in the side of my neck. I breathed deeply, waiting to hear the door open again, unable to calm my heart rate. There was a knock at the door, and I thought my heart was going to leap out of my mouth.

“Come in!” I said.

I heard the door open and tried my best to focus on the Muzak playing over the room’s speakers. Suddenly his hands were on my body, feeling my muscles through the sheets. First, down one side of my body, and then the other. Even through the sheets, I could feel the warmth of his skin. I felt my pussy let out a drop of moisture. He undraped my back to my waist, and the coolness of the air gave me goosebumps. I heard him pumping a lotion bottle, and then his hands were on me again. Feeling his skin against mine was electric. I let out a moan. His hands paused a moment, and my eyes shot open. I could just barely make out the floor in the dim light. Had I really just done that? Before I knew it, his hands were moving again. After a long downward stroke, his hands rested at my waist, almost grasping it. The thought of him holding me like that while fucking me from behind halkalı escort pervaded my thoughts. I felt my pussy drip again. He worked my back lower and lower, his fingertips just barely under the sheet at my hips. I had always worn panties during past massages, and he usually stopped just shy of my waistband. This time his hands were lower, pressing into the roundness of my ass. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, he started covering me back up with the sheets. I let out a small sigh. He undraped one leg to massage, and then the other after he was done, covering the first. After he was done with both legs, he lifted up the top of the sheet slightly at my shoulders.

“It’s time to turn over.”

I scooted down and turned on the table, but my arm caught the sheet, pulling it down and exposing my breasts. James’s eyes were wide, staring at my tits. I finally grabbed the sheet and pulled it up, tucking my arms underneath. Something caught my attention as I shut my eyes tight. Was there a bulge in his pants? I opened my eyes again only to have James cover them with the face cradle cover.

“So the lights aren’t too bright while you’re face up,” he explained.

For all intents and purposes, I was blindfolded. I could only feel and hear him as he moved about the room. I squeezed my legs together slightly as I felt wetness run down my pussy. Then his hands were on my feet on top of the sheets. He roughly shoved my legs apart. I bit my lip again. He hesitated just a moment before feeling the muscles up and down my legs. He undraped my right leg and began working up it slowly. As he reached the crease of the drape in my inner thigh, his hand kept going. It slid on top of the sheets until it was cupping my pussy. Was this really happening? I propped myself up on my elbows and slid the face rest cover from my eyes. He looked like a deer in the headlights. He moved his hand away, and I caught him by the wrist. I guided his hand back toward me, tugging at the drape to loosen it, and then pushed it out of the way. I placed his hand on my dripping wet pussy. He closed his eyes and sighed with pleasure. I looked down to see his erection straining against his pants.

Suddenly, he slid a finger inside me. I moaned and arched my back. He took his finger out. I looked up as he moved close to my face.

“You have to keep quiet,” he said as he slid his finger into my mouth. I closed my eyes and sucked on it for a moment, before he removed it and started rubbing my pussy. I opened my legs even wider for him and pushed the taksim escort sheets completely to the floor. His mouth dropped open a bit. This time he slid two fingers inside me and started slowly fucking me with them. I laid back and gripped the sides of the tables with my hands. I looked up, and even in the low light, I could see his face was flushed. I reached out to rub the bulge in his pants, and with his free hand he lightly batted mine away. “Not yet.”

I nodded. He pressed his thumb against my clit and started curling his fingers slightly as he brought them in and out of me, hitting my g-spot. I felt my pussy gushing, and suddenly I was close to cumming. I opened my mouth wide. Suddenly his left hand was pressed down over it. I grabbed it with my own hands, desperate to cry out with pleasure. My legs started to quiver. I flexed them hard, cumming against his hand, squeezing his fingers with my pussy. Waves of pleasure rocked my body from head to toe. Finally, I lay still, and he slid his fingers out of me and removed his hand from my mouth. I closed my eyes briefly, and when I opened them, I didn’t see him immediately. He had repositioned himself at the top of my head.

“Here, hang your head over the edge of the table.” He undid his pants and pulled his cock and balls out. I couldn’t tell if it was just the angle or if he really did have the thickest cock I’d ever seen. Suddenly, I was opening my mouth, and he was thrusting himself inside. I made muffled noises around him. I needed him in me completely. I reached back and grabbed his ass, pulling him forward, taking him to the hilt. He stayed there for a moment and then pulled all the way out. I grabbed at his ass desperately, trying to pull him forward again. “You really like that, don’t you?” I nodded as I pawed at him. Suddenly he was bent forward, grabbing my tits in his big hands, while sliding his cock into my mouth. He started moving his hips, using my face. I felt tears streaming from my eyes at the sensation of him being in my throat. His balls pressed against my face with each stroke. I moved one hand from his ass down to my clit. I needed to cum again.

I felt him lightly smack my hand away again and then replace it with one of his. I brought my hand back up and focused on feeling his ass flexing as he thrust his cock in and out of my mouth. He rubbed my clit faster, as he picked up the pace. I opened my legs as wide as they would go, dangling them off the sides of the table. I rocked my hips upward, pressing against his hand. I was close. He pulled his hips back until just the head of his cock was şişli escort in my mouth. I felt it start twitching and leaking pre-cum. Then his touch was gone. I wiped the tears from my face as I sat up to look for him. He had stepped to the side to remove his pants completely. He climbed up on top of the table between my legs and lowered himself down. He took his cock in his hand and rubbed it along my pussy slowly. I squirmed, overcome with the need for him to use my pussy like a fucktoy.

“I’d have never forgiven myself if I missed the opportunity to do this,” he said as he thrust his cock’s full length inside me. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back. I felt his hand clamp over my mouth again. I moaned into it and clasped my legs around him. He started fucking me hard. With each thrust, the table would shake. I half wondered if it would give way. Then he moved his hips back so just the tip of his cock was inside me. He worked it back and forth, tickling my g-spot. I thrashed under him, but his weight and his hand on my mouth held me firm. Suddenly he slammed his whole length inside me again. My eyes shot open. He smiled. “I need to ask you something. Think you can be quiet for a second?”

I nodded.

He moved his hand away. “Where do you want me to cum?”


“Where do you want me to cum?”

“In my pussy, of course.”

He grinned. “Yes, ma’am.” He pressed his body against mine, putting more of his weight on me. He was so tall that my mouth lined up with his shoulder. I watched his muscular neck for a moment, as he pushed his cock in and out. I pulled him to me and started sucking at his neck. “Mmm,” he purred. “Just make sure you don’t leave a mark.” I giggled, and he thrust his cock in me again, cutting me off mid-laugh. I started kissing and sucking at his neck again. “Fuck, that feels amazing.” He started fucking me harder, his balls slapping my ass with every stroke. “I’m getting close.” I started sucking harder. He pulled his body away slightly and stuck his first two fingers in my mouth. I moaned around them. I could still taste myself on them. I looked up at him and saw his brow furrow. His breath was ragged. He looked at me, slammed his cock into my hard, and came. He moaned quietly, and I felt his cock pumping cum inside me. I squeezed him with my pussy, and he let out a gasp and took his fingers from my mouth.

“Now who needs to be quiet?” I whispered.

He slid out of me and got off the table. I lay back and looked at the ceiling while I caught my breath.

“Hey,” he said. I looked up and he tossed me a towel from the warmer. I sat up on the table as he pulled on his pants and looked at the clock. “Right on time too.” I looked up and saw we were right at the ninety-minute mark. I smiled. He walked toward the door and stopped. “You didn’t get to cum again. I’m—”

“It’s okay,” I said.


“Besides, there’s always next time.” I winked. He grinned and left the room.

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