Our Bed and Breakfast Guest Ch. 02

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When Ann and I arrived home, Herman’s car was in the driveway. He was watching TV, drinking a Beck’s beer in the living room. Seeing the bags of groceries in our hands, Herman got up and came to assist. We got all of the shopping on the kitchen table and Ann began putting it away. Herman offered me a Beck’s from the fridge and Ann told us to go back to the living room while she took care of things in the kitchen.

He had formula 1 racing on the tube and reached for his bottle beside the big chair and began to move to the sofa across from it. “Sit in the chair, Herman,” I offered, pointing back to the comfy wingback.

“No, I’m fine here. Besides, it’s your chair. I am the guest here,” he retorted. I knew that Ann thought him to be quite quiet and engaging, but I was still trying to figure out what our dynamic would be following last night’s interactions. He seemed to be quite respectful, so I thought that I would break the ice a bit.

I leaned toward our houseguest and spoke in a lower tone. “Herman, Ann told me about your taking good care of her last night, while I was away. I wanted to thank you for making Ann feel special again.” There, I said it. My cards were on the table, and Herman maintained an air of respect.

“No, Jamie, it is I who should thank you for trusting me with Annie. She is a very sensuous and charming bed mate. I can see why you two have been together for so long. She speaks about you often during our conversations.”

I noticed things were quieter in the kitchen and wondered if Ann was listening to us talk. “Yes, Ann is very special and that is the reason I want to be careful about our next step as to how Ann and I proceed. I think you can understand my trepidation.”

He responded quite matter-of-factly, “Let’s watch some sport for now. We should invite Annie to join us after dinner so we can all be on the same page.” I felt some relief with his comments, so the two of us engaged in small talk until Ann called us for supper. The food was good and Herman brought out some red wine to go with the steaks. We laughed and talked of the mundane, at least until he and I got up together to stack and place the dishes in the washer.

I offered and poured two bourbons, while Ann decided on a second glass of wine. With drinks in hand, we retired to the living room, where we let Ann lead the way, followed by Herman and then myself. Ann sat down at the sofa, and I expected Herman to sit beside her, to maintain his alpha male status. Instead, he went directly to the big chair opposite her, and so I sat with Ann.

Herman started with, “Jamie, I would like to explore some ideas with you and your wife, but first, I am interested in what dynamics the two of you enjoyed last evening.” I decided that it was time to be honest.

“Herman, I actually returned home last night, before you got into the shower. Much before. And I overheard some of your intimate moments with my wife, from the other side of your bedroom wall.”

He responded, “Oh, I see. And how did that play out for you? I mean, was listening enough for you, at the time? Did Ann know you were listening?”

I answered, “No, Ann had no idea that I had come home early. I was very aroused, yet, I felt that I missed some of Ann’s enjoyment because I had to piece together what I heard and try to make sense of it. I loved that she was enjoying you, but hearing it had a certain denial to it.”

Ann spoke up. “Herman, it was very exciting for me that Jamie had allowed you and I to explore some sexual tensions. Jamie and I had awesome sex after I got you off to work.”

Herman smiled as Ann spoke, and turned to me. “You wanted to have witnessed her seduction, I suppose. That is a very normal reaction. You would like to have seen how another man would go about luring Ann to sleep with him. And I’m sure your interest in her pleasure is paramount to everything else.”

“Yes, exactly.”

“Well,” he said, assuringly, “If Ann would like to have her and I play that out for you, I wouldn’t mind satisfying that desire for you sometime. But tonight, I thought that you should be the center of attention, and so, if you’ll allow me, I would like to prepare this special lady for you.”

Ann and I looked at each other again, not quite keeping up with him. He asked, “Do you have a favorite garment that I could prepare Ann in for your pleasure?”

My cock grew as I realized he would be alone with her again, dressing her and who knows what else. “Yes, I do. My favorite things are Annie’s black bustier, and her red tee back thong.”

“Okay then, we will do that for you, Jaime. And I hope you realize that the most significant thing here is that my being the third party has brought intrigue and uncertainty to your sex life. Monogamists lose that ability with the marriage contract. She promised to be yours, so how could you ever lose her if she has no interest in other men?”

Ann added ” That makes so much sense, Herman. Plus, society says we are supposed to güvenilir bahis have sex all the time, even if we are too busy with life. It can get pretty routine after a while. I think that is why we play that game where I tease Jamie about other men wanting me.”

Herman continued, “So, give us ten or fifteen minutes. I will call you up, when your wife is ready for you, okay?”

“Yes. I am already hard just thinking about it.”

Herman took Ann’s hand and drew her to stand up in front of me. He said, “Stand up and show her how ready you are for her.” Ann was smiling as I stood up and unbuckled my pants, letting them fall to the floor. My erection fought with the elastic of my waistbandand the bell-shaped knob peeked out at her.

He looked to Annie and said, “That’s a sizeable weapon. You should take it out so we can see it in all its glory.” Ann wasted no time tugging the underwear down, my cock springing free of its confines. Precum oozed from it. As she lovingly caressed my hardness, Herman asked, “That is a perfect dick for anal. Have you two…”

I shook my head, no, as Annie answered, “We’ve never done that.”

He looked from me to her and said, “That is a shame. He has both the perfect length, yet is slender enough that you could accommodate him relatively quickly. Most men and women won’t even attempt it with mine.” Annie smiled at me as if he gave her an idea.

“Now,” he said, “Jamie, unzip her jeans.”

One hand unbuttoned the clasp, while the other pulled the zip all the way down. She was warm as a furnace. The front panel of Ann’s baby blue bikinis was exposed. “Jamie, slide in and find out if Annie is as excited about enjoying your dick, as you are for wanting to give it all to her.”

I kissed her deeply while I laid my palm against her soft belly, fingers down, and slid my hand downward beneath the frilly elastic. I felt the velvety smoothness of her child-like vulva for the very first time, as my middle finger glided atop her erect clitoris. Ann began to pant in anticipation as my fingers cupped her pussy.

My cock was actively drooling, and I caught myself peeking at Herman’s crotch to see if he was as excited as the two of us. He clearly was. Ann was right when she said his bulge looked more weighty than mine, but when my middle finger pierced the seal of Ann’s labia, she wet my hand with a gush of fluid. My wife was sopping wet for me, in front of this stranger!

Our maestro continued to conduct our sexual symphony. “Taste her.” I withdrew my hand and placed it at my mouth. My breath pulled in her scent as I lapped up her flavor.

My cock twitched. I moaned and whispered, “You’re fucking delicious.”

Herman offered, “Okay Ann, it is time I get you ready for Jamie.” He buttoned her pants back up and tugged the zip back in place. Taking her hand, he guided my wife to the staircase, as he no doubt had last night. He left me there in my nakedness, and my mind went to the dark place.

What if he calls me up, only to be already fucking my wife when I get there? Or, her on her knees, obediently sucking his fat cock as I had dreamt. Was this an elaborate plan to cuckold me? I sat down in the chair, and stepped out of my pants and underwear, my cock wavering back to a more flaccid state.

It seemed an eternity before I was beckoned to our bedroom. With each step nearer, my cock gained mass, and pointed more vertically. No matter what lie ahead, my dick was vested in it. When I stepped to the doorway of our room, I saw her. My beautiful wife was standing at the foot of the bed. I first found her smile, as she demurely kept her hands behind her back. Her bustier is made of black satin and lace; basically two U-shaped cups that are more of a shelf to display Ann’s small mounds. Her cocoa brown nipples perched above the lacey cups.

Anne’s eyes had been made up; sharp tints of green and purple to accent her gorgeous blue eyes. Mascara thickened and lengthened her lashes, and a pearl necklace lay above her breasts. The thin triangle of red satin barely covered her naked vulva. Our eyes met again and I approached her, almost forgetting that another man prepared her for me, or that he was in the same room with us. We kissed passionately while we embraced. I told her she looked beautiful, and her face blushed like it did on our first date.

I turned to Herman and said, “You’ve outdone yourself, Herman. Ann is perfect.”

It was then that I noticed he was sitting in a chair that had been brought up from the dining room, just off to Ann’s side of the bed. Herman stood and stated, “I would love to be allowed to stay and watch the two of you, but I understand if you need your privacy.”

I looked to Ann for direction, and she nodded. I told him that it was fine to stay and he asked, “May I play with myself as well?”

“Yes,” she said boldly, “I want you to watch my husband fuck me.”

Herman replied, “Yes Miss. Thank you.”

Ann knelt in front of me, ignoring that he was removing türkçe bahis his pants. As she stared at my cock and stroked it, I pulled her head slowly to it. My eyes were on him, as it was the moment of truth. His pants and shorts fell and Herman took hold of his dick. It was uncut, the head still hidden beneath the abundance of foreskin shielding it, but ungodly thick. He sat down, pulling on his still pliable dick.

Herman extended his legs as he slouched, and he manipulated his cock to a more erect state. He stared at Ann as she fellated me with vigor, her eyes looking up at me. Her hands caressed my ass while she made slurping noises along my shaft.

When I could take no more, I lifted my wife up and tossed her back on the bed with ease, Ann’s diminutive body bouncing from the impact. I knelt on the floor, and pulled her legs back to me, so her calves hung off the edge of the mattress, and I released her from the soggy thong.

I kissed my way up her thigh, looking at Ann, who seemed intrigued by Herman jacking himself off. “Learn from Jamie, Herman. This man knows how to eat pussy.” I licked my way along her labia, all the while wondering where her inner beast has been all these years. My hands grasped behind Ann’s knees and raised her legs high, until her ass lifted from the bed. I pulled her legs wide apart so I could have full access to Ann’s musky vagina.

I heard Herman moan each time Ann did, from my oral assault on her tender pussy. I stopped to check him out at full mast. We were pretty much the same length, but for sure his girth was more like a soda can, than slender like my own pole. He was obviously built too big for getting that in someone’s ass.

I was ready to fuck and began to stand when Herman announced, “Shit. I forgot something for you in my room, Ann. Don’t move!” I remained painfully erect yet untouched until he ran back into the room and held out two nipple clamps.

Why had we never used something like that? My cock stood straight out, inches from her vestibule, while Herman attached the silver jewelry to each of Ann’s dark nipples. She cooed as the first was latched to her left nubbin, then closed her eyes and just continually moaned when the other was attached.

I was more than ready to fuck my wife, when I felt fingers glide over my erection. It was Herman, his fingers deftly playing with the spongy tip. I looked across at his cock, which he mastered with his left hand at the same time. I had never been handled by another male in my life, but it didn’t feel like a man’s touch.

Herman took hold of me, mid-shaft, and pulled my cock toward Ann’s plump, wet labia. He pushed until her petals surrounded the head with warmth and moisture. Then, up and down her cleft, using her juices to smear my precum along the mushroomed cap. His eyes were cast only at his task – to make my entry as erotic as possible.

Ann was in her own world as the pressure of the clamps coursed shivers repeatedly along her entire body.

His right hand left my cock and reached behind to gently caress my hairy ass cheeks, coaxing me forward into my wife. I groaned as the exquisite eel-like texture of Ann’s vagina, quenching my shaft in her honeypot. I pushed slowly to her depth, and released just as gently, keeping the strokes long, and deliberate. Annie couldn’t help but diddle her clit, to finish off her badly needed climax. My cock came out wetter each time I pulled back.

A few seconds later, Ann looked at me and then Herman before whispering, “Watch him fuck me.” Our guest moved behind me and to his knees so he could see her lips splayed wide each time I entered, from his viewpoint between my thighs. . Then, I felt his hands caress my ass cheeks, cupping the tensed muscles while I began to increase my pace.

His thumbs wandered between my cleft, following with my fucking motion, prodding the cheeks apart slowly. I lurched forward when I felt his tongue tickle my puckered anus, driving deeper into Ann than I had planned. His bristly beard scrubbed my ass cheeks while his tongue darted along the valley between. Herman’s hairy chin at times tickled my perineum and the back of my ball sack as I rocked back and forth into my wife. Ann looked up at me and said, “You’re in for a treat, Baby. Herman loves to eat ass.” She could see the intense reaction in my face from his oral service.

I held myself deep in my wife, and bent down over her, selfishly enjoying the wondrous attention the is burly man was giving to my backside. His mouth ventured lower, licking the stretchy skin of my ball sack, a thumb giving the slightest of pressure against my anus, before softly pulling one nut into his mouth. I set my mouth over one of Ann’s nipple clamps and sucked it in. This set off Ann into a full fledged royal orgasm. Once she crossed the apex of her climax, she pushed me off her over-stimulated breast, so she could recover.

Annie and I had never played like this, all of the anal play seeming too taboo for either of güvenilir bahis siteleri us until now. Yet, Herman was eager to show his rimming and ball sucking skills. He stopped once I began moving inside Ann again.

His head moved beside my hips to witness Ann’s orgasm and recovery. Annie saw him and looked up to me, “Can I suck Herman’s cock now?” I nodded my approval, so Herman climbed up on the bed and knelt down just past Ann’s head, facing me, and his heavy hose dangled for her pleasure. Seeing Ann struggle just to get her mouth around his hard, yet rubbery knob was exhilerating. Herman fed his beast into her eager mouth.

I took hold of her hips and began plowing into Annie, nearly pulling back too far a few times. Our eyes met as she peered out from the hairy nut sack resting on her forehead. That was all I needed, and I gave in to the need to bust my nut.

I forced her hips into my deep thrusts and felt three jets of semen shoot into her sopping pussy. In my delerium, I pulled my bursting cock from her and delivered two more spurts onto and over her hairless pussy lips. When the shots turned into dribbles, I leaned forward and smeared the ejaculate over her inflamed vulva.

Ann pulled Herman’s beet red knob from her mouth, and called to me, “Come up here, Jamie. You need to rest.” I crawled up the foot of the bed to lay beside my wife, while she continued to feast on Herman’s girthy dick.

With her arm around me, I cuddled into her left breast as Herman lowered himself along Ann’s torso, and began to mop up the semen slathered all over her crotch. Once Herman finished eating the gooey cum from Ann’s vulva, he turned his attention to me, licking my cock, and sucking my senen from my knob. I lay motionless, feeling a hairy face tend to my spent shaft. His hips lunged into Ann’s mouth, face fucking her while giving my flaccid cock a good washing.

Herman pulled his cock from Ann’s mouth, the rigid beet red head looking angry. He moved up and kissed her on the lips, transferring my cum to her mouth. She eagerly licked him up, both of them enjoying my salty jizz.

Their kiss complete, Herman faced me and asked, “May I?” Ann stared at me, almost begging me to consent.

I looked at this virile man, whose beard tangled with strands and dollops of my seed, then to Annie. “Tell me what you want,” I whispered.

“Baby, I want his cock!”

Now it was my turn. “Whose cock, Annie?”

“Herman’s. I want Herman’s cock. I want it in my pussy.”

I stared into his eyes and said, “Herman, Annie said that she sat on top of you when you took her for the first time, last night.”

“That is true, Jamie,” he answered.

“But I only heard you take Annie the second time, through our bedroom wall. I was only able to imagine it. Will you take my wife in the same way you did the second time? Right now? For me?”

Our guest said nothing at all. Rather, he slid down the bed and onto his knees, while my wife gronned at him. He delicately placed his hands on her feet and eased his fingers down around her ankles. Annie looked at me, knowing they were about to replay their sex for me.

His next movement took me by surprise. He tugged her body down the bed and twisted one of her legs over the other, taking Annie’s body from face up to face down in one motion.

My wife shifted her ass up toward him, raising herself up on her elbows, exposing her still clamped nipples to me. “Take them off first, Baby. It’s going to get too rough for them.”

I reached between her chest and the bed, while Herman took his position behind her tiny ass. I unclasped them, noting the purple marks they left on Annie’s areolas, and laid the jewelry on the nightstand.

“Come over here and sit, Baby,” she implored, patting the matress just above her face. I removed some pillows and lowered a leg on each side of Ann’s body, her face inches from my hardening cock.

My hands massaged her shoulder blades as I watched Herman’s movements at her rear. His hand pointed his hardness to Ann’s opening and he pushed far enough into her that he wouldn’t fall out.

Annie pulled my hips down to where she could take my cock in her mouth, while her lover took hold of her waist. I moaned at two simultaneous events; Annie taking all of me into her mouth, and her muffled moan while Herman’s first entry brought his belly in full contact with Ann’s ass.

She stopped sucking me, and pulled me from her, as she could only now breathe in panted gasps. Herman wriggled his hips, holding his fullness against Annie’s cervix. In one go, Herman pulled all the way back, then all the way forward, and stopped.

I reached my hands under my wife and took hold of her nipples, rolling them in my thumbs and index fingers. Ann let out a grunt upon his return to her depth, and Herman pulled out and stopped. Annie pushed back toward him, wanting yet another deep drilling.

Once he began his next two full minutes of cock torturing my wife, the sounds in the room mimicked last night’s, but for the squeaky bedprings. His thrust, her “Ohhh.” Next thrust, another “Ohhh.” And so on, in ever increasing intensity. His cadence was the same, yet each thrust became more powerful than the last.

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