Out Of Afrika, Chapter 38

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Out Of Afrika, Chapter 38A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van, Satinlvr and Wunderboi ******Chapter 38 – The Wife’s Sexual Awakening******?Our story thus far:Emily went to an after-work party with some of her co-workers and her boss. It was a party to celebrate gaining a new piece of business with Rhino and the client would be in attendance. She went with the full consent of her husband Doug who suspected (hoped?) things might get heated. He stayed at home waiting on her call and passed the time watching his videos, using his imagination and wearing her underwear …To continue:******?It was nearly dawn when Mr Elrod walked Emily up to her door. The black executive hugged her for a long time and promised to see her at work on Monday when they could devise a strategic plan for modernizing some of Rhino Industries programs and facilities.In the event her husband was listening to them, it sounded like the end of a long business discussion. She smiled up at him. They kissed.It was as if he had not been fucking her for the past six hours, first with Ma’Bill and then on his own when they were left alone. She would never forget the experience.Earlier, cuddling in the back of the limo that Mr Elrod arranged, she suddenly felt at peace with the world. She had a husband who would do her bidding, she had a great job she loved. She had a gorgeous black boss who had seduced her, had already shared her with another black lover, not that she or he had much choice in the matter, and had opened her eyes to the wonders of big black cock, and she was still just 25 years old in the full bloom of her incredible womanhood.Monday would come soon enough. She was bone tired and ready for a long Sunday sleep-in.*******?When Emily’s husband, Doug, watched the video of his wife being black fucked doggy style while at the same time sucking off another black man, it ‘made’ him masturbate furiously in his wife’s silk panties. There was no sign of Clint, her black date who had accompanied her to the celebration party. Doug wondered, did Clint fuck her too? Or was he the one who filmed the other two fucking his wife who was screaming in passion?God, despite his initial concern, he was very turned on by the scene. He watched it over and over.His wife was obviously loving it. Her eyes seemed glazed over with lust, as she squirmed, pushing back at the big black man taking her from behind.And Doug had to admit to himself no one was forcing her to suck the other guy’s big black cock. Both of her hands stroked it while her mouth was wide open and she was sucking, licking and kissing it for all she was worth. There looked to be cum all over her wedding rings.It looked to her husband that she was almost worshipping the man’s big black cock. He thought the video was the hottest thing he had ever seen. Watching his wife with not one black lover, but two, aroused him beyond belief. He watched it over and over, his cock in his hand. He could not get enough of seeing her face, kuşadası escort a mask of unbridled passion, her pussy stretched to accommodate the huge black pole of a cock. How could he ever compete? He delighted in the erotic film. He knew instinctively that she would become a black cock connoisseur. That she would ‘give it up’ to any black man who wanted her. There was no going back. He wanted Emily to be happy.She appeared to be in a sexual trance. He normally would have taken her panties off but this time he was too far gone masturbating and he spurted his load of cum in the lovely pink silk until his five-inch cock finally fell limp in his hand.His wife would find him dressed in her underwear when she got home, and suddenly he didn’t care.He went to sleep and dreamt about sucking a black man. The handsome man’s gay cock was covered with Doug’s saliva, it glistened in the semi-darkness while his pretty young wife watched. Doug kissed and licked the cock, he wanted the dream to never end. He was a sissy, and he wanted a big black cock to suck just like his wife.There was absolutely no doubt in his mind that he could never satisfy her like these men.*******?Emily dressed in an all-new outfit for work. She decided that if she was going to be working on the Rhino account she had better look her absolute best. She had only seen a small part of the operation and was keen to ramp up for her coming meetings with Mr Elrod, Ma’Bill and the other Rhino executives.She was nervous, but at the same time, confident. She knew that she held all the cards with her sexy figure and strong good looks. She was ‘a great fuck’ and she knew it. She had never known sexual satisfaction as she had at the party, and she knew the tension was about to build again until she got more and more black cock.She now understood that the rumours were all true. Every last one of them. Black men were superior to white men on every score. She was young and gorgeous. Her wedding rings could serve as a deterrent to keep some men that she did not want, away from her. But they also acted as an arousing challenge for many black men to have the delicious treat of fucking a white wife of another man. Her husband had now become a cuckold. In the privacy of their home, he dressed in her panties and was covered in his own cum. She had seen it when she got home.She looked breathtaking. A high waisted skirt with a wide black leather belt emphasized her big breasts. She had worn a ‘shelf’ bra and a crisp white blouse which she was sure would please ‘Rod’ whom she would always call ‘Mr Elrod’ in the office.She smiled at the thought in the mirror – except when he was fucking her brains out!She was first in the office and set up the Boardroom. She had left orders for Doug to clean the house and do the laundry.*******?Clarissa Johnson was delighted with her life. The full figured white wife of a man who showered her with generous gifts including a spanking escort kuşadası new white Mercedes convertible, she had no complaints. She had been formally elected to the Presidency of the Confederacy Country Club, the first-ever woman to be so honoured. Her life was very full.Her black lover had now moved into the master bedroom. Igoro was a highly educated black man who acted far older than his twenty years. Every time she thought of him she got wet. What a lover! She loved sucking his big cock, and sometimes she even allowed her husband to participate orally on her young black lover. Her husband Maxwell meekly accepted his assignment to the former guest room where he could hear and occasionally watch his wife get laid constantly by her young black lover. He was getting used to her screaming with passion as the boy rammed his huge cock all the way into her. Maxwell had never seen her so happy.In addition, she had been invited to the influential lawyer Rush’s mansion to join a select group of business executives to discuss Oskar Botha’s run for State Governor. Maxwell was fairly sure Oskar was fucking his wife too, as she virtually always came home very late from Board meetings at the Club. He masturbated frequently thinking about her and other black men like that other fellow Ma’Bill.Like Clarissa, Rush’s young wife Rosie had also taken on a young black lover. It was old news among the ‘tennis ladies’ who gathered at their farm for their weekly game.Clarissa and Rosie were certainly not alone in their devotion to young black cock, The ladies all chatted about it at bridge games, book club, at sewing circles and of course at the golf club and at tennis games. The occasional pregnancy with the resultant mixed-race c***d led to the excitement and the rumour mill.Those ladies who attended the Church of the Black Staff every Sunday were avid disciples of the word of Bishop Erasmus. They would do anything for him or for his young priests or even their teenage understudies. As long as they were at least eighteen years old. The Bishop seemingly insisted on the age restriction even though his roving eye occasionally wandered around the Church. Attendance increased. And, of course, money flowed into the coffers of the black church.Naturally, Clarissa’s charms had also been shared with the Bishop. She attended a special prayer group on Wednesdays after golf. He liked her to be dressed in a tiny golf skirt without panties, and just a lace bra which held her big breasts firm for his attentive blessings. If she was sweaty and aroused after four hours on the course talking about her latest black lover, so much the better.The Bishop asked her to service his cock kneeling at the altar. If parishioners happened to see them, he did not care, and she could not see them with her mouth full of his rigid black erection. She loved it.Now she was busy planning a special birthday celebration for Igoro’s twenty-first birthday. kuşadası escort bayan With any luck, he would invite lots of young virile black fellow students. Clarissa loved the attention. All black men seem invariably attracted to her. She started dressing a lot more provocatively to attract their attention. She flirted incessantly, happiest when multiple men made sexual approaches, delighted to reply and show them a flash of the thigh or her magnificent cleavage.She was living proof of the superior sexual skills of black love.She could not get enough, she was insatiable.*******?Emily toured Rhino Industries massive installations accompanied by Ma’Bill and Mr Elrod other executives came and went, all of them black, all of them very interested in Emily’s ideas as they openly flirted and admired this new young white woman. She absolutely loved her sexual awakening.Why had she wasted the previous married years?She had taken great pleasure in telling her husband that the new reality in their lives was to be her ‘dating’ any black men she wanted. And this was just a few days after being ‘blacked’ by two men at once.She was turned on. Mr Elrod stroked her bare arm. He stayed close while introducing her. He was staking his claim. There was only one facility they had not seen, the film studio. There seemed to be some reluctance on the part of Ma’Bill to show her inside, which, of course, piqued her interest all the more.Inside they went.There was a film being shot. Seydou came out of his office to meet the breathtakingly beautiful creature being toured around. He had met Mr Elrod before and when he shook hands with Emily his heart was pounding.Slapping sounds were coming from the sound stage. Emily walked over to where she could see. The famous pornstar Denise was on her back getting a big black cock pushed in her white willing cunt, while another black man had his cock in her mouth and a third and a fourth were having their cocks stroked by the beautiful 19-year-old. Emily froze. She gasped. This was the most erotic sight she had ever seen. She wanted to be Denise. She wanted four active hard black cocks. One of the men was stroking Denise’s asshole, his other hand tapping at and stroking her clit. Denise moaned loudly. Emily watched as the woman orgasmed repeatedly.None of the black executives dared speak to break her concentration.Emily soon realized that, yes, this was a porn flick, but it was real people having great sex. Yes, they were actors, but so what? They were having a blast. And the porn star Denise was loving it all. She had yet to receive a double penetration but it was clearly about to happen as one man worked his fat thumb around and around and up into her sweet pink anal ring.Suddenly Emily wanted to be Denise. She wondered out loud whether Ma’Bill would cast her in one of Rhino’s productions. She smiled to herself as she thought of bringing the video home with her starring with four or five hung black dudes, and leaving it under her husband’s pillow. Mr Elrod was beside her in a flash. He put his arms around her and steadied her. She wanted cock, black cock right away.He took her into a small anteroom, and she sunk to her knees and took his cock out and started to suck it. The other men melted into the background. They knew better than to interrupt a key client.*******?

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