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owned lifeIt was just fantasy , just fouls play , stupid to think there was no consequencebuying myself such cute little pink panty, cute pink camisole and a nice pink 7inch cock dildo that vibratesand there i was after month of looking at sissy hypnos, one of themshowering and shaving my new fucking too cute pink sissy underwear waiting for me in the delivery box on my bedgetting out of the washroom in a towel , smooth and girly smellingtaking the panty up the crotch less back so perfectly making me feel the cold air on my smooth little cherry hole i was going to train as a cunt like so many little white cock boy in secret are doing nowi set up the toy on my pillow on the computer chairand once the playlist started . i hit my lubed little boy cunt on the cock tipthe smart vibration started and i moan falling down deeper on the pink dildo like it was alive and wanting to just fuck my hole openno one to see, no one to stop me. i endup moaning bouncing on my cock toy, the vibration were mixed with the base twirling opening me up so good, so perfect , i lost my mind and just humped on the toyvideos afters videos cutes sissies like me pleasing big fat cocki was stupid to think it was not going to happen to methat it was just ”secret fun”but after a week i wanted more cute cloth and once shoppimg online, for cute lingery on the online sex store, i saw a bbc dildo made to suck on , the cock made to have a big balls end you can fill with lube , once you hit the base the cock with its intern tunnel was spurting i out from the cock tip i spent time looking for a demo video online, until i endup watching a girl channel with toy demo, a cute sissy bf dress up and looking down in his pink head sissy mask and big pink mouth in rubberher talking loud infront of cam about how he loves to watch netflix , sucking her big candy the bottle of jelly candy she hold filling the bbc cock toy ballsone tube of jelly ooze candy gel , empty”my sissy bf here love to stay with me teaching him how to suck on big black candy cock ””he loves it so much i need 2 candy bottle , so he can stay longer down having fun”he noded on his knees in cute blueue baby dollin a string and heels in silence , waiting for her the video transitioned to a pov of her crotch , sit on the couch the bbc toy over hersome random episode of netflix starting , the sissy getting to her side and without her asking , started sucking”you sivas escort love bbc, black cock are so big and nice to suck on, just like a candy”i saw the tip pour jelly candy out him licking it all up again and again stroking the cock , touching the ball making the candy juice work its way out”cute boy, you so much better when you are a sissy”the video was 1 hour long of her watching tv getting fetch wine and refiils the sissy always back sucking the fat black cockthe last 10 min, was so cute , she was balls empty , the candy had been drain off ”you really are a good girl. ””you deserve to suck your godess pussy”she filled back the balls but with babby oilstrap to the pillow and infront of herthe sissy took place , licking the wet pussy sit on the toy bouncing for some lube to make it easier”yes babby boyfriend, get that oil out , you so cute for me”i bought the same toy after watching it and the nxt day i was enjoying that nice hot feeling of making the big cock pour candy juicy in my mouth at this point it was just a mater of time before it would happen, i knew i wouldn’t stop iton a sunday , some random older black dude from the city came to check for the water tank year saying i was schedule for a replacement walking him to my basement still in my pijama , white tight little pijama and a white stringmy hearth pounding fast not knowing if it could happen like this….i was looking at him check the tank noting down the date ”you live alone here?””yes…””cool the 12th works for you?””yes ….””whats up you look stressed?””yes…””why is that””its nothing””are you gay? you been looking at my crotch ””…..””are you scared of big black cock little boy?””scared i will pull it out and make you suck me right here?””yes i am…..but””but what , you want to ?””you are one of those curious little cock boy wanting to try the real deal?””no ….”he walk toward me and i tried to move out of the basement not sure i was ready for this, he looked to hardcore about itupstairs walking slow behind me up the stairsi went to my room and i was not strong enoughthe opened it and threw me on my bedstripping my bottom pijama”i fucking knew it you love cock , sissy slut boy””you wear cute panty alot alone in here wanting cock? ””no no im just curious its not like this””then show me how curious you are ”his pants down, the biggest escort sivas cock i ever seen in real up and juicy 8 inch of black dark cock soon just help inside my mouth him asking me to be a good sissy boy”here curious boy, dont be shy try it, i will be gentle dont worry”god he just had to say that and i moan sucking him”oh thats what you need? a gentle daddy carring for you?”mouth around his bbc nodding looking up with sexy cute eyes for him”i want a gentle daddy to teach me yes””oh fuck talk like that more tell me what you want my cute sissy boy, i didnt want to scare you, you made me horny i tought you were a fuck slut already taking cock all the time””no i just had fun with toy, this is my first cock””fuck you serious, wow ok im gonna be so good for you , tell me if you dont like something, i want to be back here having fun in secret together, i always wanted a sissy but they are all crack head sluts , never met one cute like you””yes babby suck this cock all you want, im gonna call off for the rest of the day”i sucked in silence him calling his work ”good girl , i want to see you toy now”pointing to my drawer he let me fetch the pink vibrating toy , not wanting him to see my other bbc real cock he had me lubed and shoving my cute pink cock toy in me, looking at me moan and have fun sucking his cock ”are you ready you think?”laying down , his bbc up for me to sit oni mount him and i became a cock loving slut in a secondhe help me jump calling me his cute sissy girland i called him daddy , becoming cindy the white sissy i was meant to be”ahhhh ahhhh mmmmm daddy mmmmm i love your bbc””yes cindy go on let it out its ok you found your daddy be a girl ””you have more cute kit? go dress and get back in the living room”for a little sissy like me it was the endwalking all in pink and cute daddy drinking my beerhe drop the beer and i saw him took my neck with his belt and pull me hard on my living room table”you didnt tell me you had another toy , little slut i knew you were one”getting it out pourring his beer in the nutts , filling the toy before putting it for me on the table ”go on show me little fag slut”slap slap slapping my ass until i started sucking”you get that mouth off your toy and daddy smack you ”i was smacked when he put lube on my ass and pop me openuntil i kept sucking moaning on my toy fucked up by a real big 8inch black sivas escort bayan cock”yes thats a good slut, this is all you wanted and you fucking know daddy is right”pumping hard in my sissy ass, making me squeal and shake, fucked up hard turning me around legs up him fucking my mouth with the toy looking at me in distress , under his full controll, his bbc pumping deep in my cunt, owning the fag slut i had become, getting to know how i trained for this to happen”cute fucking bitch, sucking a real pourring juice big black cock in secret””how many time did you sit on it getting all the lube out wanting real man cum””fucking cute sissy, look at daddy , you are his daughter slut now, im claiming you right now right here you understand””you gonna understand cindy, take it , take it yeahhhh moan slut , im cumming in you fucking bitch, all of it argggggggggggggggg yesssssss fucking sissy wore, fucking wore look at me, look at me”slap slap slap”dont you fucking look away, you look at me slut, look at you getting cum in , you are a pussy now, look up im fucking up you in the pussy now””in the pussy, sing for me , go on or i slap your slut face again””ahhhh ahh in the pussyyyy ahhh””in the pussy for my daddy”slap slap ”repeat stupid cunt you sing and repeat out loud””ahhhh in the pussy for my daddy””aaaahhhhh in the pussy for my daddy””because iam just a good sissy”i sing for him getting fuck legs up him making me into a cunt broken bitch singing im a slut sissy for daddy big black cocki was fuck all day until he was done with mehe left me after slaping my ass gently making me ask him to be back tonight if he wantsi slept most of the rest of the dayuntil i had barely done showering and dressing sexydaddy was backdrunk at 2am in my lobby with 2 of his friends”what did i tell you bros”rushing to me drunk and smelling of booze cocks out and mouth filled in a circlelooking up at 3 older bbc daddies just wasting to fuck me with big cocksi spent the night singing like a little girl on them bbcthey treated me like a freaking slut princess and gaped me open dizzy and lost fucked up all nightmy ass was a open cunt for them , i was moaning helpless on cock in my mouth loosing sensde of time , raggdoll put all over my room to be worshiping them i was a fuck slut sissy girl just like in my vids , i coudnt sto pit to happen just like i was warnedand i was fucked until cum filled all my pink holes like a good sissy in only a week i was living locked up plugged and used by so many bbc i lost countin daddy room he made my home , always back pleasing daddies as the little sissy daughter i love to be

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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