Party Woes

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‘Hey Steve. Happy birthday man.’ Angel said as he entered Steve’s bedroom, shaking his best mate’s hand and giving him a hug. ‘You all set for your party?’ he asked.

‘I am set, but what the fuck is that you’re wearing? What the fuck does a Hawaiian shirt have to do with cowboys?’ Steve was wearing jeans, a flannelette shirt and cowboy boots, and had a cowboy hat on his desk ready to go.

‘Mate, I’m not disrespecting your theme. Your theme is western, right? Well Hawaii is one of the most western states in the world.’ He replied, looking down at his Hawaiian shirt, jeans and regular shoes. He’d got the shirt for two bucks at the budget store and figured it’d make a pretty decent costume.

‘You watch yourself, mate.’ Steve said, a little disappointed.

‘Cheer up mate.’ Angel said to his best mate. ‘You are legally allowed to go out and get pissed now! There is no way you can be sad on your birthday. Besides, tonight, you and I are gonna get fucked up my friend…’ Angel said as he stole his mate’s cowboy hat and bounced out of the room, excited at the night about to come. ‘Hey Steve!’ Angel shouted from the poolroom.

‘Yeah mate?!’

‘You know how you booked the footy club? Are we allowed to bring grog in?’ Angel asked, walking in with a bottle of OP Bundaberg Rum.

‘Nah mate. You have to buy it there mate…’ Steve replied, putting on his belt with the sheriff badge on the front.

‘Fuck. Oh well…’ Angel said, pulling two shot glasses out of his pocket and filling them up. ‘Fuck buying it there. I’m getting pissed now fucker! To Birthday!’ Angel said, raising his shot glass in Steve’s direction. Reluctantly Steve picked up his rum, saluted his friend and sent it down.


After an hours drinking at Steve’s, Angel was feeling sufficiently drunk to begin partying, and it wasn’t long before Steve’s family was driving to the footy club, which was a short walk from both Steve’s and Angel’s houses. The party was starting at 7:30 and when Angel arrived he was quickly ushered into the bar where he was urged to carry a microwave and an oven downstairs. Amazingly enough, he didn’t drop either in his drunken state and over the next half hour he was given various other jobs to which he attended with some coordination.

At about 7:30 all the guest began to arrive, the music blasted off and the party started. By 8:30 it was fully under way and Angel had had seven more beers to add on to his inordinate amount of rum he had devoured. His vision was a little blurry as he searched the room but he was by no means too drunk and he was having a blast. ‘Angel!’ someone screamed from behind him and he turned around to see a red-headed girl, jogging towards him, huge smile on her face. Inside Angel sighed slightly, knowing what this would me.

‘Fiona! Hi! How are you!’ He replied in what he hoped sounded like genuine happiness. The girl had been trying to hook up with him since they’d met and it was getting a little exhausting. She was by no means unattractive but she seemed to hook up with someone at every party and it made her that much less appealing. It wasn’t like she slept with them though. She was a dancer and kept incredibly fit, so the idea of hooking up with her was not completely loathesome.

‘I’m not so good actually darling.’ She said, a little fake pout on her face.

‘Why’s that?’ halkalı escort Angel asked, not really wanting an answer.

‘Matt is here.’ She whispered, leaning close, pressing her body up against his, lips grazing his ear.

‘And what’s the problem with that?’ Angel asked, trying to widen the distance between them. Her perfume smelled amazing and he found his eyes drawn to her cleavage in his alcoholic state. He also hadn’t missed the fact that she was wearing a costume just like every other girl. And just like every other girl she was dressed as a cowgirl. And there were few things Angel found sexier than a cowgirl.

‘Well, I broke up with him a couple of days ago.’ She whispered again, pressing her body harder against him this time. ‘And I’m afraid he’s gonna want to talk to me.’ She wrapped her arms around him for a hug, and he relented, pulling her closer to him.

‘I still don’t see the problem. Why not just talked to him?’ He asked, moving away slightly and looking down at her.

She looked up at him, their bodies close. He could feel her breath on his lips and his eyes were once again drawn to her cleavage, something he felt was no doubt intended. ‘But that’s the thing. I don’t want to talk to him because if I do I know I’ll hook up with him…’ she pleaded to him.

‘You don’t have to hookup up with him you know?’ he said, leaning closer so she could hear him above the music.

‘I know,’ she said, ‘but I know I will because I just want to hook up with someone tonight, you know?’ she said, pulling his body closer to hers and leaning up to kiss him. Angel caught it just in time and moved his head to the side so she caught him on the cheek, and he turned it quickly into a hug. Looking up he saw Steve laughing at him and tonguing the air. He quickly gave him the finger.

Creating some distance between Fiona and himself he said, ‘I promise you, if I see you talking to Matt then I promise I’ll come and pull you away, okay?’ And he quickly found somewhere else to go.

Angel made his rounds talking to everyone. He even introduced himself to Steve’s grandma, who then preceded to introduce him to Bronwyn who was Steve’s cousin. She was actually incredibly attractive, but Steve couldn’t stomach chatting her up in front of the grandmother, even in his alcohol induced state. While talking to Bronwyn, Angel spotted Jess, a very hot friend of a friend who’d he’d flirted with on several occasions, and excused himself without being rude.

He walked over to where Jess was dancing. She waved an invite to come dance but he shook his head. ‘I don’t dance.’ He said.

‘Oh come on.’ she replied. She was relatively short, with dark blonde hair, large green eyes and a beautiful face. There was no guy on earth that wouldn’t find her attractive. Not to mention the fact she was wearing a shirt with no back, a cowgirl hat and one of the shortest denim skirts you’ll ever see. She was the definition of a hot cowgirl.

‘I don’t dance,’ he replied. ‘There’s a reason too.’

‘Okay.’ She said, looking at him as if he was scared.

‘You want me to dance?’ He asked, furious about her accusing look. ‘Okay, you asked for it.’ He began to move his hips, horrendously, but he was moving. He moved closer to her, grabbing her hips and moving his crotch up against her ass. There he began to grind against nişantaşı escort her as they swayed. He was moving horribly to the music, and if anyone was looking on it could’ve easily been mistaken as a simple dry hump rather than dancing. She began to laugh at him as he began to grind harder against her ass and she moved away slightly a turned around.

‘Happy now?’ he asked. She moved in, closer to him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

‘Yes actually.’ She said. He could smell the alcohol on her breath as she moved closer to him, her piercing eyes on his and her hands drawing his face closer to hers. She hand slid down to his ass and grabs it slightly, forcing his erect crotch to jolt against hers and she moaned slightly. Then she leaned up to him and gave him the most gentle peck on the lips before strutting of towards a bunch of her friends. They were whispering and giggling and it took Angel a moment to regain himself.

‘Don’t let me talk to him…’ Someone said to him as he continued to watch Jess. She was staring at him and grinning seductively as her friends were asking her questions.

‘Please don’t let me talk to him…’ The tugging at his arm finally one and he snapped out of it to feel Fiona embrace him in a massive hug.

‘It’s okay. You don’t have to. It’s alright.’ He said, once again a little annoyed. ‘I’m gonna go get a drink. You can come if you want. He said, hoping she wouldn’t. But as expected, she held on. She was murmuring things for the next hour as Angel devoured beer after beer at the bar. At some point in time he realised he was sitting down. Fiona was sitting on top of him and her chest was directly in his line of sight. It was looking incredibly inviting.

‘… and that’s why I need a real good guy. Do you know what I mean?’ she asked him.

‘Yeh… he said, continuing to stare at her generous cleavage. It was at this point in time he realised she was no longer just sitting on his lap, but she could now probably feel a slight erection beneath her thighs.

‘See, that’s why I like you. You are so understanding.’ She said to him, leaning in to kiss his cheek. She kissed it again, this time closer to his lips. She’d done this many times before and Angel realised what she was doing and at a reflex, pulled her in for another hug. He sat there, hugging her and feeling her weight pressed against the semi-erection in his pants. It was at this point the alcohol took over. He placed a kiss on her shoulder, and in response, he felt one on his. He placed one closer to her neck and this time he felt a stronger kiss on his shoulder, with a little tongue.

This was all he could handle and he began to suck fiercely on her neck, licking and biting her. She leaned her head back and sighed, beginning to move back and forth on his cock beneath her thighs.

Angel stopped suddenly and looked at her, ‘Do you want to go somewhere?’ he asked, and she quickly jumped up, pulling him to his feet and towards the exit. They walked down the road, her hands all over his body and crotch, lips kissing at his neck. They found a soft mound of grass at the end of the footy field in semi-darkness and lay down on it. He kissed her fiercely on her lips and she responded by forcing her tongue past his lips. She explored his mouth with her tongue wildly, flinging it in circles.

Moved down and began şişli escort to kiss her neck, licking softly and sucking gently. His hand moved to her chest, rubbing it through her shirt and feeling her nipples through the fabric. He heard her moan softly as he moved his hand inside her skirt, rubbing her mound through her panties. Getting hotter by the minute he began to increase his pace, rubbing her pussy harder and feeling the wetness build in her panties. He reached up and pulled the top of her shirt down to reveal her bare right breast and her immediately attacked the nipple, twisting it slightly and sucking on it.

Her sighs become louder and her breathing heavier as he sucked her tit. Angel felt her reluctance as he pushed her skirt down to her knees, though she never whispered a word and seemed reluctant to decline. He reached inside her panties and felt her wet pussy lips part for his fingers. He heard a reluctant moan as his fingers made their way inside her and she began to play with her own nipples as Angel slid his fingers in and out of her sopping wet cunt. Tired of her receiving all the pleasure, he removed his fingers from her pussy and in one swift motion had her panties down with her skirt.

He kissed her neck softly as he used one hand to drop his pants and boxer shorts to his own knees. Placing one hand down to support himself, he used the other to place his cock at her dripping pussy. He paused briefly and looked down at her as she looked up with him with a look of fear. She gasped as he felt her pussy lips envelop his cock, and he moved slowly into her. Her cunt was incredibly tight, like a vice, and he groaned softly at the pleasure. He felt something prevent his entry and he made no hesitation in thrusting past it fiercely. She screamed out quickly in pain as he split her hymen, the pain evidently in her face and the way she clutched his back fiercely.

Angel waited a few moments until she seemed to be okay and he slowly began to fuck her. She grimaced every time he slid in and out, the pain still evident in her breath. Angel began to increase his pace as her pain became less and less evident and she began to thrust back at him. Her legs wrapped around his ass, pulling him deeper into her cunt in every thrust. The wind moved over Angel’s body as he pounded her tight cunt fiercely and she moaned with every thrust. The sound of his balls slapping against her as echoed around them as he grunted with exertion. She began to moan harder as her breathing became heavier and Angel could feel her tight cunt getting tighter.

Her hands grabbed onto his ass, pulling him deeper inside her as she moaned and moaned. Her hands and legs tightened as she squealed loudly, her head tilted back and she thrust back at him in pleasure as an orgasm rocked her body. Angel felt her tighten and without warning her groaned loudly and thrust her pelvis against her’s. He spasmed fiercely as his semen spewed into her waiting cunt and he grunted in pleasure and relief. Thread after thread of cum erupted from his cock into her pussy and their breathing slowed as each orgasm slowed to a halt.

Slowly Angel slid out from her pussy, pulling up his pants and sitting up. Fiona sat up as well, pulling her pants up. She sat there, looking at him. Angel realised what a mistake he’d just made. He’d just popped her cherry. It was nothing for him – he’d had sex before. But for her it was a big deal. And he realised how much shit he was in now.


If you enjoyed this story, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send feedback. I also have other stories if you liked this one. Any criticism is also welcome as long as it is kept constructive. I hope you enjoyed it.

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