Payment of a Debt Ch. 02

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I asked Bud if he fucked Alyssa when she showed up at his house per her husband’s request to repay Bud for saving his life. He laughed and said, “Well my friend, as that tight short dress dropped to the floor, Alyssa had nothing on under it.”

I said, “Oh my God, the most sexist woman I have ever seen was now standing there in front of you with nothing on! What did you do? Does she shave like we talked about? For God sakes tell me!”

He laughed and said, “Well yes, she does shave her pussy…..completely shaves it. Then she looked right at me and said, “Dinner is going to be a little late Bud. I was told by Stan to fuck you as soon as I got here so you couldn’t change your mind.”

I know I sat there with my mouth opened thinking about what my friend was telling me. He continued by saying, “She held out her hand and I took it like I was in a trance and she asked me which way to the bedroom?”

I said, “Holy shit Bud. You did get to fuck her!”

He smiled and aid, “Wait until I tell you the entire story, you’re not going to believe me I know but I swear to God it’s the truth. When she asked me that, I just pointed with my other hand and we started to walk hand and hand towards the bedroom.”

At that point Bud smiled and told me, “So here I was with this fantastic beautiful nude woman holding my hand walking me towards my bedroom to repay me for saving her husband’s life. The reward was about to be given to me and I was going to get it in my own bed. I mean my cock was hard as it had been since the first night with my deceased wife on out honeymoon.”

I said, “So tell me!! What the fuck happened?”

I said, “we didn’t make it to the bedroom right away. I pulled my hand and she turned and smiled when she saw my hard cock bobbing up and down. She took two steps towards me and I merged my body against hers. I couldn’t help it I had to kiss her. She kissed me hard and shoved her tongue deep into my mouth. My cock sprang to it’s hardest and longest and thickest in a second. Alyssa pressed her tits into my chesty and wrapped her arms around my neck and moaned as our bodies pressed tightly together in the hallway. Then I picked her up. You know she weights nothing much at all! I cupped my hands on and under her ass and pulled her up off the ground. I held her as she wrapped her legs around me and I pushed her back against the wall.”

I asked with a dry mouth, “Then what she put your cock in her snatch?”

Bud said, “Well not at first. She started to rotate her pussy on me as she dry humped her body all over my cock. My cock was like a rock now and my need for her was so great I moaned as she kept kissing me and tonguing me. Hell she even bit and sucked on my tongue as I pushed it deep in her mouth. She could feel my cock rubbing against and under her pussy and ass holes. It was then that she broke our embrace and lifted her body up a little raising her lower body up and letting her pussy move to the head of my cock. She smiled and I could feel her wetness now as she guided it into her open hole. As she did I shank my cock head and part of my shaft into her silky cunt.

I have to tell you my friend I have never felt anything as soft and smooth and wet as her pussy hole. And as the cock head moved alone the walls of her pussy tunnel, she started to pump and move it in and out as her until she had swallowed all of my cock in just a few moves!”

I looked at Bud and knew he wasn’t bull shiting me. I knew that he had his cock in the best looking woman either of us has ever seen. Bud said, “You OK?”

I said, “Yea you lucky fuck! I’m just great!”

He laughed and said, “Well there’s more. She smiled as it went all the way in and then she looked at me and said, “Oh fuck I feel like I’m on fire Bud!”

I just licked my lips thinking of the picture Bud was creating in my brain. Here he was holding Alyssa under her ass with her long shapely legs wrapped around him as she began to fuck him. She moved her pussy in such a way that his cock would come partly out and then back into her body. He told me she told me to take her to bed now and fuck her wildly!”

I took a drink of my beer and he said, “So I walked with my cock inside Alyssa and we went into the bedroom. As she moved she told me she wanted me to take my time and make love to her. She told me she planned to stay with me all night if I wanted her. If I wanted her! Jesus I was going mad for her by this point!”

Bud smiled and said, “So that’s what I did. I walked to the bed and knew she was going to fuck me and make me a very happy and satisfied man.”

The rest of this story is what Bud told me he and Alyssa did together.

Bud lowered her to the bed and pulled his cock out of her pussy. It was all wet with her internal body fluid and jumping with his need. She held her arms open and up to him and he told me she wanted him again that she wanted him to make love to her all night.

He started by using his hands to squeeze the twin globes of her breasts together hard leaving handprints on them. She moaned as her nipples grew and grew under his hard but loving touch. His eye sarıyer escort locked on to those pink hard needles pointing out at him and he bent his head and licked his lips and tongue over them. Her hands held his head and she moaned and told him how she loved to have her nipples licked and bite. When he looked at her beautiful face there was fire in her eyes and she moaned, “Oh God! Yes! Yes Bud! Suck them! Suck them both! NOW!! Suck them! Suck them hard”

Bud used his hands to push her breasts together and sucked both nipples into his mouth at the same time. His mouth was already on them making them grow even harder, thicker and longer. He began sucking as hard as he could, biting and pulling on the soft round bullet of flesh. Her nipple sticking out as long as any he had ever seen as she watched him doing it. She cried out as his teeth bit and sucked a little to hard. He didn’t seem to care he greedily squeezed and lifted them to his mouth and he sucked both nipples in at the same time and bit them. She cried out with her pleasure. His hands held her breasts high and together as he squeezed them again and used his mouth to suck on both nipples at the same time. Over and over he worked on them pleasing Alyssa and enjoying her body.

She pulled his hair and pressed his face into her beautiful young tits. Her nipples, like her pussy, were screaming for stimulation. Her lower body began humping her pussy on his leg that was shoved up tight between her thighs. She felt his hard on as it rubbed over her pussy lips. “Oh god baby! Oh fuck! I’m so hot for you!! I have to have you have you inside me now! Oh fuck! OH God fuck me Bud!” she almost screamed as his mouth sucked and his tongue continued to lick her tits and nipples.

Then, she held his head as he started to lick down her body! She stated to push on the top of his head as he passed her stomach heading south. She was moaning and grinding her pelvis against his body as his mouth slid further down and he licked his way over her young creamy skin! As he moved closer and just below her stomach now he heard her moan and say, “Lower my love! Lick me lower. Lick me lower baby! You know where! Lick my pussy!”

He smiled as his mouth traced wet marks down her tan silky skin. Then he licked up again and over and around her belly ring. She held his head and push with both of her hands as his came back up to cup and squeeze her breasts hard again. “Oh Bud! Eat me! Eat my pussy! GOD! I’m on fire! Oh god hurry! Hurry baby! Shit! Here let me help you!” she said as she used her hands to guide his head between her wide-open thighs. Her pussy was dripping wet with her eagerness.

He smiled up at her as his fingers rubbed her pussy. She said, “Your tongue! Use your tongue baby!”

She spread her legs even wider now as she tried to give him more room. As he heard her cry out with her need he licked around her upper and inner legs and around her pussy opening. Her passion was so high she felt like she would scream when she felt his mouth cover her warm wetness between her legs for the first time. She opened her legs still wider stretching the thighbones in her upper thigh so far out that they stuck up and showed inches from her pussy. They met at her pussy and formed her pelvis as Bud licked and bit them.

As he did she guide him giving him full access to her pussy and ass. His fingers and mouth began to rub her cunt now as he looked up into her face. Her eyes showed her lust as she looked down at him between her open legs and she knew he was inhaling the musk coming from between her thighs. Her cunt was soaked and Bud’s mouth watered as his fingers pulled gently at the lips of her cunt. She said, “Your tongue use your tongue. My God Bud eat me! PLEASE BABY!”

He did. Her shaved pussy was wide open as were her legs and he bent them back as she used her hands to move his head guiding him into her pussy.

She grabbed and held his head shoving it into her hot steaming snatch. “Eat me! Eat me!!, she screamed.

He licked and sucked as she screamed, “Oh hurry! Lick my pussy! YES!!!!! YES! That’s it!! OH YES!! OH FUCK YES!! OH YES!! LICK IT! LICK IT BUD!!! YESSSSSS!!!!!!!! GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES! YES! YES! YES! YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!”

He didn’t hear her anymore as she closed her thighs around his ears and pumped her snatch into his face now. All he knew was the odor of her musk, and the feel of her wetness and the taste of her cum as it flooded his mouth driving him wild with his own need. She began grinding her cunt into his face as he sucked and licked on her burning hot pussy. Biting, licking and sucking on it like he had never done in a long time to a woman he knew he was pleasing her with multiple back to back orgasms. He felt them moving over her body as she humped and hump his face as she held it in place with her hands and thighs.

As she pumped and pumped his face holding it with her hands she sighed and cried out over and over again as her body fucked away on his mouth. She only wanted to get off nothing else mattered to her esenyurt escort now. She had to satisfy herself on his wonderful tongue, mouth and fingers loving her cunt. Bud was driving her wild with more sexual pleasure than she had ever experienced before in her young life..

She was like a sorceress the way her body moved trying to get all of his face up into her pussy hole. She would have pushed his entire face and head up inside her if she could. He continued to suck and lick her swollen clit now making her cry out over and over again and again as orgasms after wonderful orgasms swept over her body. Each seemed to center in her throbbing hard and blood red clit. She was fucking his face and screaming as he found her huge clit and bit down on it gently. His teeth held it in place as his tongue licked and pushed and licked and pushed over it. He moved his tongue faster and faster and faster.

She screamed with joy as her body stiffened and lifted up off the bed now. She squirted her cum all over his face as she climaxed hard against his mouth that wonderful, wonderful mouth that was giving her so much pleasure.

She shook and shivers and chills ran over her as her orgasms moved over her again. Her legs began to give out just as her orgasm subsided. She pulled on his head trying to move it up and out from between her thighs. But Bud didn’t move. His mouth sucked and licked and continued to suck and his tongue continued to fuck her. She pulled and pulled again and again yelling now, “Oh please! Oh Come on! Oh come on Bud! Fuck me I need fucking now! Oh…..come….on! Finally she pulled his hair hard and he came out from between her legs.

When he was over top of her body she quickly wrapped her legs around his waist and guided his super hard cock to her open pussy. Alyssa grabbed hold of his hard cock with her hand and with one movement shoved her pussy on it. She felt the head slid into her opening and move up her wet warm tunnel. “OHHHHHH YES!”, she screamed as she began to fuck him like a crazed animal.

Bud pushed in and she began fucking him like she was under a magical spell. Faster and faster her body rocked and pumped as she fucked him and rewarded him for his talented mouth earlier! She moved as fast as she could pumping her beautiful young body against him. There was a need that was driving both of them wild with lust now. If she hadn’t been fucking him now, she was sure she would have gone completely insane from the lust built up inside her body and brain.

Screaming and thrusting her hips into him again and again and again she had a need that she was going to fill even if it killed her and him with pleasure. Her body was going crazy on his cock as he held her and arched his back. He slammed his cock as deep as it could go and as hard and fast as he could, trying to make her happy!

She squeezed her thighs tighter around his body and wrapped her arms around his neck as their mouths attacked each other and their tongues fucked! Her feet pushed down on his ass trying to get him even deeper. God it was so hot. He felt like he was buried inside her pussy as it squeezed his shaft and milked it.

As they continued to fuck, she cried out with a sound that was pure animal lust. As her body fucked away on his hard thick cock and she moaned and threw her head back and moaned some more. Then a cry came out of her mouth from deep inside her body. It sounded like a cry of a female wolf, in heat as her alpha lover took her hard. Over and over and over again she rammed her pelvis and hips into his body taking his cock harder and harder with each thrust.

“Your cock! I need your cock! NOW! GOD! Fuck me harder HARDER! HARDER! OH FUCK YES!!”‘ she screamed as her body began to have a sort of convulsion from the orgasm that was sitting just this side of pleasing her.

She had to making her body cum. She knew she had to or she would go nuts with the lust and the pain and need in her pussy. It throbbed. She had to cum! She had too! She was hurting so badly and as his cocks rammed into her fast and hard it felt so good! So good she was sure she would die. She held him tight fucking herself on his hard cock that was ramming her cunt now. And she was ramming into him too as hard and fast as she could get her hips and ass to go.

In and out, in and out, in and out they worked together now giving their bodies thrill after thrill after thrill Her mouth found his and she bit his lip drawing blood. Her long nails raked his shoulders and back as her pelvis lifted and rotated on his cock. She moaned in a very deep voice: “Deeper!! DEEPER!! OH GOD!! Fuck me Bud! FUCK ME DEEPER! OHH! FUCK!! DO ME DEEPER!!”

He held her tight as his cock rammed and rammed into her as deep as he could get it. She cried out: “Oh yes! Oh god! I have to cum so bad! OH MY GOD!!!!! FUCK ME!!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!!!! LIKE THAT!! LIKE THAT!! DEEP!!! LIKE THAT!!! LIKE THAT!!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!! AHHHH BUD!!!!!!!! YES!!YESSSSSSS!!!!”

And he did. He knew she would be bruised around her hips tomorrow but today he would give her everything he had. He wanted her to cum avrupa yakası escort because he knew she would give him such a fucking when she did reach that plat and her juices flowed and she would cum locking her snatch around his cock and milk him long and hard.

With both of them going crazy on each other, he drove his cock into her like a piston in a car. Slam, slam, slam, slam, slam, slam, again and again and again he drove it into her pussy with all the fullness and length his dick had. His balls slapped her ass as she lifted up to meet each thrust!

Each time he slammed into she moved up higher on the bed 2 or 3 inches. She had her legs around his body humping and humping into him as she screamed, “YES! YES! YES BABY!! HARDER! FUCK ME HARDER!”

Like animals they continued to fuck each other as hard and as fast as they could make their bodies move. Finally, she arched her back, lifted her ass up off the bed and elevated both of them as she slammed her pussy up into his cock and rotated her hips and began to orgasm. He held his cock deep inside her feeling exactly what her husband told him he would feel. It was incredible.

He felt her creamy wetness cover his cock bathing it with her cum. He could also feel her pussy rotating and humping on his cock squeezing it tight as she climaxed. Then her pussy tightened even more and Bud knew she was holding him deep and trying to milk his cum. She cried out, “OH GOD! I love your cock! Oh fuck baby, give it to me! OH YES! OH FUCK YES! Give it all to meeeee!!”

As she held both of them up in the air off the bed, fucking away on him, he could feel his tight nut sack beginning to release his load. He arched his back now as he slammed into her one last time and held it deep inside her pussy he began to orgasm too! Spewing shot after warm shot his cock pushed his load of cum deep into her. Shot after wonderful shot released his need and built up lust into her filling her channel and warming her body pleasing her even more and satisfying her need.

The release was so good! Bud had never felt any as powerful or as strong. She squeezed him tighter as she felt the first of many shots of cum deposited into her pussy! Each felt warm and bathed her swollen pussy walls reducing the fire inside her as he filled her completely.

And he began to slowly pump again now, his cum pushed out the sides of her cunt and around his shaft as it run out of her pussy hold coating his shaft and down between the crack in her ass. “Oh fuck this is so good”, he moaned.

She didn’t want it to end, wasn’t going to let it end. She wanted more, needed more, and more was what she was going to get. With one fast move she held him tight and rolled them both over.

Now, with him on his back, she was straddling his hips and her snatch has his cock locked up and buried all the way inside her. She began to ride his hard cock up and down as the cum began to run out her snatch on to his body.

He was smiling up at her now with a lust for this woman he had never known before. “Fuck me baby! That’s right, ride my cock. faster, pump faster!”

He was talking to her now saying, “Yea! Yea! That’s it baby! Oh yea! Oh yea your pussy feels so good on my cock! You love this don’t you! Ride my cock baby! Faster! Ride it faster! Yes! Oh yes just like that! Yes! Mumm! You’re so good! SO FUCKING GOOD ALYSSA!”

As he reached up, he held her lovely shaped breasts pulling on the nipples again and feeling the weight of the breasts. She threw her head back and began crying and moaning as she humped up and down on this big hard cock riding him with his cock way up inside her pussy. She was under a spell, a sexual spell.

He saw her clit sticking out from under its hood all red, swollen and hard. It looked like a little cock. He used his hand and fingers to stimulate it directly as she humped on his cock. In a fit of sexual rage she reached for his hand and held it tightly on her clit. She pressed his finger hard against it and let it rub her as fast as she could move up and down. She pumped her young beautiful body on his swollen hard cock as her hand held his hand on her clit.

Bud was watching her beautiful face and body reacting to the fucking and he realized he was getting thicker now, and harder! She realized he was going to cum again and she bent forward hanging her breasts down into his face. His mouth circled one nipple as his fingers yanked and pulled on the other one. She slowly her movements down and began to rock back and forth on his cock. She was trying to keep him from cumming to fast! She looked into his face and said, “Oh Christ! This is so good, so evil, so animalistic, but so damn good! Don’t cum! Try to hold off! Please!! Don’t cum yet baby!”

He moaned as he looked into her beautiful blue eyes. Her blonde hard hung around her head and tickled his chin. Her young beautiful body was wet with her sweet sweat. Her breasts were maybe 34 B but they sat high with no sag at all. She looked like she was 20 but he knew she was around 31. Her nipples were pink, hard and stuck out so far they almost looked like they were fake. Yet he knew they weren’t. He took each one in his hands and pulled on them to make sure. Her body was small maybe 5’4″ yet so dam compacted, maybe 110 pounds. Her hips were not large like a schoolgirls. They complimented her round beautiful full young ass. That too was not large but perfectly shaped, round and very firm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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