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Pregnant White Wife-Black BabiesI have something to tell you that will make you proud of me. My wife is a very fertile young lady, she has 1 k** from her last marriage and still has a hot body to die for. She has really light almost perfectly white skin. With bright lights on, you almost need dark glasses to look at her, her skin is that light. Both me and her ex are white also.Our story: We told my wife?s doctor we are trying to have a baby together but she hasn?t been able to get pregnant. He ran all the tests and both of us came back extremely fertile. The doctor told us he is unsure why she hasn?t been able to get pregnant. Little does he know we actually hadn?t tried yet. When we have sex, I use a condom. He started my wife on a fertility plan. He gave her all the documentation on the cycles and when her most fertile time should be. He put her on his preferred fertility d**g. He says it has worked the best for his patients with not that many side affects. The only downside that is significant is a lot of times the woman will have twins, triplets and sometimes more per pregnancy.We planned this for some time. We waited till she had been on the medication for more than a month. That way we could be sure it was circulating through her blood stream and she was even more fertile than before she started the treatment. During that period of time we got a list of black guys together that we knew had big cocks. A couple of them she had already been with in the past and they knew some friends that they assured us had huge cocks as well. Not only was it a condition they had big cocks, but they also had to be extremely dark, almost completely black. We didn?t want to seem prejudiced but they couldn?t be light skinned black men. They had to be extremely dark.The time had came when her temperature was just right and it was the perfect time of the month between her periods. We invited everyone over for a wild night of unprotected sex. It started at 5 in the afternoon so we had plenty of time. It was supposed to be 10 guys, but we had 7 extra show up. The smallest cock in the bunch was 10 inches long and 2 inches thick. All the rest were over 12 inches and 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 inches thick. I had never seen so many dark black cocks gathered together. I was so jealous. Not only because she was going to be fucked by all 17 guys but also because my cock is just a normal 6 inches long by 1-1/2 inches wide.They didn?t waste much time with foreplay. Then, one after another, they all took their turns fucking her. She started out with the smallest guy, if you can call him that. It was strange saying smallest guy when he was 4 inches longer than me and at least a half an inch wider. I swear by the time he was partly done fucking her, his cocks seemed to have grown at least 4 inches longer and 1 inch thicker. He fucked her for 10 minutes before giving her up to the next guy. Everyone took at least 10 minutes to fuck her the first time. Some it seemed even fucked her for 20 minutes at a time. While one would fuck her, another one would dangle his cock inside her mouth and another would suck and feel her tits. They fucked her missionary style, doggie style and some I had never even iskenderun escort thought of. This went on for over 6 hours before everyone got their second time around fucking her. My wife is a real screamer and at times I was worried the neighbors would call the police from her moans.Once they got started on their second turn, it didn?t take much time at all before they started cumming inside her. My cock was so hard watching all these extremely dark men fucking my wife. Just thinking of her on the fertility treatment and them not wearing any protection was driving me wild. I kept thinking would she get pregnant and who would it be that fertilized her seed. The question of weather she would get pregnant or not was something that was heaving in my thoughts. I kept thinking, there is no way she would not get pregnant with all the medication she was on plus the fact that she was very fertile to begin with.I had been moving all over the room so I could get great views of their cocks piercing her pussy and them fondling her body. When they started cumming inside her she was on her back. I stood at the base of the spot she was getting fucked on the floor so I could see their cum drip from her pussy as they pulled their cocks out after they came. After the first 2 guys, there was a pile of cum starting to build up on the floor. By the time all 17 guys had came inside her the first time, the pile of cum looked like someone spilt a bucket of watered down glue on the floor. As she lay there, her pussy was still oozing cum. By the time they were all done cumming inside her, the first guy was ready to fuck her more.This time he made her get on her knees and he started fucking her that way. When they finished the first time, I could see her pussy was starting to get stretched. You could see right inside without having to use your fingers to hold her open. After the second time and all that cum, her pussy looked like a wet hole in the ground. She had never been that stretched before in her life. I wondered if it would ever go back to normal. Secretly I didn?t care if it ever did. It made me so horny just seeing all that cum inside her pussy and thinking that she was on fertility pills. As everyone took their third time fucking her and second time cumming inside her I just had to play with myself. I would love to have cum inside her myself but I didn?t want to ruin all that interracial cum. It didn?t take me long to get off. I shot my load in a towel I had laying near.I thought after the third time, everyone would have been all cummed out and done for the night. Some guys were too tired and they left. The guy with the biggest cock and about 8 others stayed for more fun. The biggest cock had to have been 18 inches long and 3-4 inches thick. The other guys were pretty massive themselves. They all took turns fucking her over and over again. My favorite was watching the biggest guy fuck and cum inside her. When the night started, everyone?s balls were hanging so low they almost touched the ground when they were on their knees. Not only was the guy with the 18-inch cock the biggest but he also had the biggest balls and the darkest skin. By the second time iskenderun escort bayan she fucked the 18-inch cock, she was taking all of him inside her.I don?t know if the 7 extra guys that showed up did this or not, but the original 10 that were scheduled did. We actually gave them the information the doctor gave to me. I wanted to make sure they had the most fertile cum possible for this night too.The guys that stayed the longest came inside her at least 6 times. It was afternoon the next day and she was still fucking. When people got tired, we offered they could sleep or rest up if they wanted to fuck more. I couldn?t wait; I just had to feel my cock inside her soaking stretched pussy. I put my cock inside her. I say it that way because there was no sliding involved. Her pussy was so loose and wet I could feel my cock bouncing around inside her. It wasn?t even touching any of the walls. The only thing in her pussy I could feel was all that cum. Her pussy was so loose, I could feel my balls go inside it as well. I tried my hardest not to cum, but I could feel it coming so I pulled my cock out before I shot my load. I doubt it would have made much difference since her womb was probably so full of cum, there would be no room for my cum but I still did not want to take a chance.Eventually she was so tired, she had to rest. I asked her if she had too much, she just told me she was so numb, it really didn?t hurt at all. We asked the guy with the 18-inch cock if he would spend another night, I was so happy when he agreed. We moved upstairs to the bedroom. I stayed for a little bit but while they were in the bed, I was on the floor. She climbed on top of him before resting for about 20 more minutes. Once again, my cock was so hard watching her ride his long shaft it started to hurt. She was leaning over while riding him and kissing him. I could see her tongue going inside his mouth and him doing the same to her mouth. As this went on, I could see his balls start to tighten, I knew he was going to cum again. That was at least the 7th maybe even 8th time he had cum inside her. After that, she asked him if she could rest. He didn?t realize but I had an intercom under the bed. I wanted to let them rest so I turned the intercom on and I left the room.The next three hours my ear was glued to the other intercom. I wanted to make sure I didn?t miss anything. A couple times I heard the bed squeaking although I didn?t hear any voices. Then after 3 hours, I could hear them waking up and the bed starting to move a lot more. I listened for a little while but couldn?t stand it any more. I snuck upstairs to peak through the crack in the door. There they were, fucking again. This time it was just the two of them. He started fucking her from on top. They did that for a little while, and then switched positions. He fucked her doggie style. I couldn?t believe it, he was forcing himself all the way inside her and she was taking it and forcing herself back onto his cock even harder. I could hear his balls slapping against her pussy and stomach as he fucked her doggy style. His rhythm started to get sporadic; he was about to cum again. Once again his balls escort iskenderun started to tighten. He screamed out, “I?m cumming!”. Just then her body started to quiver. He collapsed on top of her and I could see her body pulsing, I could tell she had came too. The doctor had told us, that when the women contracts while cumming, it draws the man’s cum inside her even deeper.At this time I walked in the room. He had to go bathroom so I took my chance to talk to my wife. I asked her if she was having fun. She told me the whole time, all she could think about was wanting one of these guys to get her pregnant and wondering which one it would be. She told me that she wanted this guy to come over all the time and wondered if I minded him coming over while I was at work and staying nights with us also. She also told me she wanted us to continue with this until we knew for sure she was pregnant and possibly even after that. She said I could continue to fuck her if I like but only using a condom and it had to be after he came first and she came after him. I suggested maybe she would need a vibrator while I was inside her since she couldn?t feel my cock at all.By this time, I could hear him coming back to the room. He walked in the room and continued over to the bed. He asked her, without even asking me, if he could fuck her some more. She didn?t say a word, just pulled him closer and gave him a big deep kiss. I stood back and watched him fuck her for another hour. Eventually he told me he wanted me to leave the room. Since it seemed like I had no choice in the matter, I left the room but still watched through a crack between the door and door jam. I couldn?t believe it; this went on for another 3 hours before they fell asleep in each other?s arms.Since then, this has been going on for the past 14 months. About 4-1/2 months ago she had twins. Needless to say, they all have dark skin. She is still fucking the guy with the 18-inch cock and is pregnant again, this time we know it is his baby. Our family lives in another state so we don?t see them much. We told them that we adopted the triplets; little do they know she actually conceived them while fucking 17 black men. They would be extremely shocked, especially if they knew she is pregnant again with a black baby. While her lover is gone she lets me play with her pussy but not fuck her. She is still only letting me fuck her after he has his 2 to 3 hour helping. It drives me wild feeling my cock sloshing around in his cum. It has been so stretched since she fucks this huge black cock every night. The only break she gets is while he is gone but that isn?t long so it has never returned to it?s normal size. When I play with her pussy, I can see deep inside. Even some of her big dildos don?t touch the sides. I love eating her pussy since my tongue can easily slide inside.She said she would love to have at least 3 babies from this guy to go along with the 2 babies from the fuck fest. The look in her eyes when she said she wanted 3 babies by this guy led me to believe she would love to have a lot more than 3. It drives me wild when I can feel the baby kick, knowing that it is not mine. I keep thinking that it belongs to an extremely dark skinned man with a huge cock. It feels like he belongs here and I am the guest who is just staying over. Sometimes they are fucking; I?m not even allowed in the room. I do sleep in the room, but it is on a mattress on the floor. I love waking up to them fucking.

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