Prison Cum Control

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Prison Cum ControlIt is almost time for Travis Kellys second punishment session with Dr. Gerard. He had a difficult two days with the chastity device. Although it took some getting used to, he had little trouble voiding his bladder while squatting on the toilet. It was embarrassing but doable. However the erections were another story. Unbeknownst to him, he has been loaded up with various sexual stimulant d**gs. They are designed to not only boost his sperm count and increase his production of cum, but they also make him very horny. He has all he can do to fight his painful erections. The slightest dirty thought or casual touch can set him off. The worst of it and most puzzling to him is the way his nipples feel. It is not that they are sore but that they are hard all the time. When the cotton fabric of his T-shirt rubs over them, it is like an electric charge that explodes in his imprisoned dick. Then it starts to get hard, meets the resistance of his chastity device, the pain and pressure discourage erection and it goes down slightly. Out of necessity and his own comfort Travis is forced to wear the loose-fitting zipper-front prison coveralls without an undershirt. Still all too often the coarse fabric of the orange uniform stimulates his sensitive nipples more than he would like.Gregori Kwiatowski has been on the same d**g regimen. He too is horny most of the time. The chastity device is painful now and again but effective in discouraging erection. But for him the worst of it was when he had to shower with the rest of the men in the special unit. He is shy when forced to be naked in public, especially around strangers. Squatting to pee was easy enough because he could go into one of the stalls in the common bathroom and shut the door. That first shower was very difficult. He was herded in with the rest of the inmates into the common showers. When it came time to untie the skimpy towel around his waist and hang it on the hook, he froze. The guard ordered him to strip naked and start soaping up. There was little else he could do but comply. Embarrassed wearing this device, he reluctantly turned his back to the rest of the guys standing around the shower carousel and slipped the towel off. He soaped up his broad back, the muscular round buttocks and the back of his smooth legs easily enough. He avoided looking at anybody for fear they might say something or ask about what was strapped over his crotch. The most difficult moment came when he had to turn around to scrub his front. Then he had to face the other inmates. When he happened to glance up and catch sight of the other naked guys, he broke out in a broad grin. What was there to be ashamed of or embarrassed about? Everyone else under the shower carousel was wearing the very same chastity device. Nobody even noticed him. Gregori began to wonder what kind of a place was he in? Today Kwiatowski also has his second punishment session with Dr. Gerard. He doesnt know that Travis is part of the same session because none of the subjects are to speak about the time spent at the hands of the doctor. Both their appointments are half an hour apart. This time Gregori is first. Thirty minutes before the smooth Polish muscle guy is supposed to show up, the doctor reviews his notes from the first session. He adds some projections and hoped for results from todays planned procedures. Checking the equipment and devices that are to be used on the unsuspecting young men, he notes with satisfaction that everything is prepared. He instructs his assistants, Brian, David and joining them this time, Richard. Todays plans and actions are assigned and reviewed. As usual the very same area of study is to be tested on the two young prisoners and the results compared and evaluated. Unbeknownst to the scheduled men, this time it will be a lot more grueling and challenging. Also they will be together in the same room to allow for more close observation and scrutiny so that the differences and similarities in their responses can be more readily noted. All that will separate them initially will be a long white pleated hospital screen stretching the length of the operations room. Still, neither one will be aware that the other is so close by and undergoing the same punishing procedure. When Gregori shows up in Dr. Gerards office for his appointment, right on time too, he takes a seat in front of the gray metal desk. The young man is a bit nervous but not as apprehensive as he was two days ago. The doctor finishes up what he is doing and finally looks up at him. Briefly he questions the beefy prisoner about how he has adjusted to wearing the chastity device. No real problem with it, he answers in an almost whispered voice. Although sometimes, after I piss, some of it gets inside and stays there. Afterwards, it makes me itch. Thats to be expected. Its one of the disadvantages of these things. They dont allow for proper hygiene. Before we get started, Ill have my assistant clean you up. While he is at it, I think it is best that you have an enema too. Inwardly the doctor is amused at the look of shock on the subjects face at the mention of the word enema. Gregori can feel himself getting flushed in the face. He hasnt had enemas since he was a little k** and even then he hated them. The feel of the warm water in his guts, the pressure and the urgency to evacuate were all very uncomfortable. Worse yet was having his mother give them to him. Even as a youngster he was bashful about being naked, even in front of his large family. In that crowded household privacy was hard to come by. The times he was caught without any clothes, his older brothers would make fun of his long dangling dick. He was called Snaky Boy and he hated it. Couple that torment with having to suffer the humiliation of his mother sticking that greased up nozzle into his bare behind. It was doubly embarrassing even for a tough young k** like him. So he would avoid letting her know that he was constipated as long as he possibly could. Somehow this little Polish lady knew anyway. Before he could get away from her, she would march him into the bathroom and give him another one of those warm soapy enemas. Sometimes she would give him two or three in a row, which was even worse. Now that he is grown up, Gregori suspects that his mother might have enjoyed giving him those enemas as a way of punishing him and keeping him in line. Whenever he misbehaved that was always threatened to keep him from getting into even more trouble. She would say: You must be doing that because you need an enema! When threatened in this way, immediately the little boy would stop the trouble he was causing and start to behave again. At this mention of an enema now brought back all those traumatic memories. What will make it worse is that a stranger will administer it. This is cause for even more embarrassment. Gregori tries to put the horror from his mind and pay closer attention to what the doctor is now saying. Have you had any difficulties while getting an erection? the doctor asks. With this thing you have me wear, I cant get one. You know, during the day I never used to get a hard-on, but just in these last two days, Ive gotten one several times. Or my dick has tried to. He answers as best he can. Is there any particular thing or thought that got you sexually excited these last two days? No, nothing definite. Its just that something would come over me when I least expected it and I would start to get hard. Let me clarify this a bit more. Could this condition have anything to do with your nipples? Gregori thought about this in silence, looking down at the floor. He remembers what they did to him the last time and how humiliating it was. Recalling how they forced him to cum by fiddling with his nipples, he slowly nods his head in reluctant agreement. Well then, theres the answer. Today we will have to look into this strange reaction more closely. Now I have to go into the next room for a moment. While I am gone, you get undressed, put your coveralls over there and wrap yourself with that towel until I come back. At that, Dr. Gerard gets up from his desk and leaves the office. Prisoner Kwiatowski is really getting nervous. He had thought that today would be more of the same. Almost resigning himself to another unwanted public ejaculation in front of strangers, he felt he could go through with this. Now at the mention of enemas and nipples, this is really starting to freak him out. While he is reluctantly undressing, he tries to reason himself down out of the mounting anxiety. He tells himself he is a tough man and not a little boy any more. He has been in worse situations that were downright dangerous. Here he is in a medical research division. There must be adequate safety measures in place. Surely no harm could come to him. Most likely the only thing bruised would be his pride and self-respect. Then again, he is in prison and that is a consideration too. Regularly to keep the incarcerated population in line, the guards would not hold back from using physical force and persuasion. Then too what he is doing here today is not a reward for good behavior. Quite clearly he was told that this is a punishment for his disobeying an order and spitting in a guards face. The poor young man by now really doesnt know just how to figure this thing out. If he refuses to go any farther and fails to cooperate, even worse penalties are threatened and implied. So far it really hasnt been that bad. How much worse could it get? So Gregori Kwiatowski steels his resolve and decides to see this thing through to the end. TThe poor beefy prisoner has no idea how much worse it will get. Dr. Gerard returns to his office and finds the muscular stripped subject wearing only the skimpy towel around his private parts. His muscular arms are modestly crossed over his crotch. He takes note of the body language of discomfort and apprehension. This observation is written in his report. Now let me remove this device for the time being and see how matters are down there, the doctor mentions in a casual yet clinical tone. This physicians bedside manner certainly needs polishing. He beckons the reluctant young man to come forward. Roughly he brushes the crossed arms aside and loosens the tight side knot in the little towel. It drops to the floor. The doctor kicks it into the corner and seats himself in the chair in front of the embarrassed subject. Closely he examines the outside of the chastity device for any irritation or rash. There is none. Taking a sharp pair of scissors, he deftly snips the left and right plastic strap and pulls the penis sheath free. This too is thrown on the floor over by the discarded towel. Gregori cant even get himself to look down to see what the doctor is doing next. He really hates this. The naked muscular man jumps with a start when he feels a rough hand grab his dick. Gently it squeezes up and down the shaft. The meatus is pressed together from the top and bottom so that the piss slit is opened and closely inspected. He keeps his eyes tightly shut in great humiliation as he feels his freed cock lengthen and stiffen. The doctor must be doing this on purpose, the fondled man surmises, because he doesnt stop touching him down there until the embarrassingly nude subject is at full roaring erection. Standing up once again, the physician announces, Everything checks out fine down there. I see no adverse effects from the chastity device. You have adjusted quite well to it, at least physically. Now, Ill show you to the bathroom where my assistants will prepare you for todays program. Then I will meet all of you in the research laboratory. An unwanted arm is d****d around Gregoris bare shoulder as he is urgently ushered into the bathroom. Opening the door ahead of him, without warning or affection, the doctor pats the reluctant young mans left bare butt cheek twice. The rudely touched man turns around in annoyance but he is further pushed into the white tiled restroom. Once through the door, in alarm the muscular prisoner sees not one assistant but two! They both are in lab coats and wear latex surgical gloves. One holds high a very large enema bag bulging with fluid. In Brians other hand is a long penile shaped rubber nozzle attached to the hose connected to the red douche bag. A dreaded sight indeed! The apprehensive Kwiatowski is beckoned forward. David unceremoniously faces him towards the large porcelain tub, kicks his legs wide apart and bends him in half over the edge. He is told to press his hands wide against the far wall.Now he cant stand up straight on his own even if he feels he has to. In this vulnerable position, the two assistants inspect his exposed anal sphincter with greasy intrusive fingers adapazar escort and prodding digits. Squirming nervously in anticipation, he bolts his head upright when he feels a thick greasy finger ease itself past his tightly clenched sphincter. David has all he can do to keep the reluctant subject bent over. Brian hooks the enema bag filled with hot soapy fluid onto the shower curtain rod. Hunkering down on his haunches, he targets the twitching pink pucker. With a lack of finesse and gentleness, the seemingly huge rubber nozzle is stuck far up the naked mans fundament in one forceful push. He can feel the rush of the very warm liquid flowing deep into his guts and almost immediately feels its pressure. More and more he is filled up and he starts to feel the cramps. They get ever increasingly painful and insistent. Ive got to take a dump! Gregori moans and whines in discomfort. Please its too hot! Its too much for me to hold! I HAVE to go NOW! In Davids controlling grip and with the way the rubber hose is firmly held by Brian securely up the protesting violated mans smooth ass, this whiner isnt going anywhere. Cruelly the two assistants make him hold the cramping fluid longer than necessary. What seems like endless minutes the long interval passes in slow progression.All Gregori Kwiatowski can think of is the pain. The pressure gets worse and worse. This isnt the way his mother used to clean him out, as bad as that was. These guys are doing this deliberately and really making him suffer. This isnt going very well at all, he rightly concludes to himself. Again the cramping prisoner whines and complains, I am going to shit on the floor if you dont let me go to the toilet. I mean it! Im about to explode! Not to be intimidated, they keep him in position for a moment longer. Much to his relief, they quickly help him upright and plop him down on the commode. The fluid rushes out with a loud report, breaking Brian and David into loud laughter. This embarrasses the squatting naked man all the more. He turns beet red and hangs his head in shame. Once relieved, he is stood up. He thinks the worst is over. Much to his dismay and further humiliation they give him two more enemas before he is allowed to shower and rinse off. Gregori just glares daggers of hate and resentment at these amused assistants as he towels himself dry. Brian and David each take him by an arm and lead him into the large laboratory. This is a different room than the day before yesterday. They lean him against a padded upright that has the shape of an upside down Y and strap him to it. The apparatus is narrow enough to secure his muscled arms behind the backside and fastened in place so that they are pulled high up towards his shoulder blades. With his pectorals pushed up and out with the help of a tight blue nylon strap across his smooth chest, the mans nipples stick out more prominently. His feet rest on stirrups and his ankles are fastened to the bottom sections. Two other buckled restraints are tightened around his big thighs just above the knees. He is wrapped up securely and ready for todays procedures. ———————————————– While Gregori Kwiatowski is being cleaned out and cleaned up, it is time for Travis Kelly to keep his appointment. He arrives five minutes late. This does not sit well with Dr. Gerard. All apologies as he is ushered through the office door by the prison guard, he makes a feeble excuse, Im sorry Im late but there was a mix-up on the schedule and they didnt send for me until just a few minutes ago. I tried to tell the attendant that I was scheduled to see you now and by the time he checked, I was already late. It wasnt my fault. Well, Ill check on the matter later. You have to remember that timing and promptness are essential to our work here. If things get out of sync, it can affect the integrity of our findings, the doctor cautions. Well lay the matter to rest now. Tell me, how have you been adjusting to the chastity device? To be honest with you, it doesnt feel normal wearing this thing. It makes me walk funny. But if I have to, okay. Good, good. Now have you noticed anything out of the ordinary since I put it on you? Thats the funny thing. I keep getting erections all the time. I try to fight them but they happen on their own more so than before. Very interesting. I notice youre not wearing a T-shirt under your coveralls. Is there a reason for that? Funny you should mention that. For some reason my nipples have become very sensitive. Even the rubbing of my undershirt when I wore it, just moving around affected them. Affects them in what way? Well, this is embarrassing. I had to stop wearing a T-shirt because I was getting a hard-on all the time. The less contact on my nipples, the less frequent are those erections. Thats a very interesting observation. Today well have to examine the matter more closely. Now why dont you slip out of your clothes and let me have a look at your nipples. Travis unzips the front of his orange prison uniform after he removes his black sneakers and socks. Deftly he slips out of it, still facing Dr. Gerard. This young man is not shy about undressing in front of someone else. The matter doesnt even occur to him. Watching this strip show in progress, the doctor admires the prisoners body. The lush hair on the chest, the tightly muscled stomach, the big furry thighs and legs, the broad shoulders and firm biceps on the Irishman make for a pleasing sight. Anxious to get his hands on that body again, the physician beckons him over for a closer examination. First thing let me remove the chastity device and see how things are down there, the doctor says as he moves around to the front of his desk. Pulling up a chair in front of the beefy Travis, he sits down. He lowers the prisoners cotton boxer briefs to expose the chastity device. The plastic straps are cut and the penile sheath is slipped off. As of yet the impressive cock is at rest. There is no rash or irritation from wearing the thing. Lifting up the hairy mans prick, he examines the underside. Again, none the worse for its confinement, everything looks to be in good condition. Standing up again, he says to the young prisoner, Now lets take a look at those nipples. They appear almost pink poking out of the hairy pectorals. Meaty, fat and pointed, the doctor cant wait to work them over for a good long time. Taking his finger, he circles it around the aereole of the mans left nub. He looks down and sees the slack cock start to stir. Doing the same to the other pointy nipple, the dangling dick thickens and lengthens. He takes both his hands and lightly brushes back and forth over just the tips of both tits. The awakened cock snaps to attention in an instant like it was on a metal-coiled spring. See what I mean, doc? That happens all the time, lately. I have no control over it. Is there something wrong with me? questions the puzzled naked youth. Its a little unusual, but nothing to worry about. Youre a healthy young man in your prime. You must realize that you havent had sex for a while and these things happen due to a lack of release. Well take care of these things today, the doctor reassures the worried prisoner. Falsely assuming hes going to get another pleasurable sexually relieving treatment, he smiles at Dr. Gerard. He is almost looking forward to it. Little does he know that today will be nothing like the last time. He is going to have to work real hard and endure a lot before he may be allowed to ejaculate. The doctor smiles back, secretly knowing what paces hes going to put both prisoners through. Before we get started with todays program, I want you to come with me into the bathroom. There may be some internal procedures I might have to perform, so I need to have you well cleaned out, volunteers the doctor. With a worried look the naked subject asks, Cleaned out? Internal procedures? You dont mean something like an enema, do you? Yes, of course. What do you think I mean? Gosh doc, Ive never had one of those before. Does it hurt? You may feel a little discomfort and pressure, but nothing you cant handle, Im sure. At this reassurance from the doctor, Travis follows him into the bathroom. Richard is already waiting for them with a douche bag filled to the brim with warm soapy water hooked onto the rod of the shower curtain. Already he is greasing up the rather large rubber nozzle in a rather loving way. The tip of the rubber hose looks like a little penis, the prisoner notices with a little alarm. Gee, doc, that thing looks sorta big. Im not used to having anything stuck up there. I think its gonna hurt, he worries out loud. Nonsense. Just relax and everything will be .Now I want you to spread your legs, bend over as far as you can and lean forward. Press your hands against the far wall over the tub. The naked apprehensive Irishman does what he is told. The physician spreads apart his fuzzy butt cheeks and takes a close up look at the tight anal sphincter. Before Travis gets settled in this awkward position, he feels a greasy thick finger try to ease its way past the clenched muscle. Now just relax and push back like you are going to the bathroom, Dr. Gerard suggests. Travis concentrates and tries to do what the doctor wants. He feels the finger slowly push its way inside. It feels like he is shitting in reverse. When the intruder twists itself around in there, it makes the violated prisoner twitchy. After longer than he would have liked, the probing finger is slipped out. Now, that wasnt too bad, was it? the doctor says almost cheerily. WellÉ Travis starts to say when all of a sudden Richard shoves the large nozzle all the way in. The bent over man flinches and then he feels the rush of the hot fluid wash into his guts with a strong pressure. Just when he thinks he cant hold it in any longer, he is told to use the commode and evacuate his bowels. What a relief! Much to his dismay he is given two more enemas before he is allowed to clean up and towel off. Relieved that what he thinks the worst is over, he follows Richard into the same room where an unseen Gregori Kwiatowski is strapped in and ready to go. Kelly is positioned against and secured in the same way to a similar padded device. Looking from the far end of the room, the two naked men are a paradox. Everything physically about them is the same, except one is hairy and the other smooth. They are like the two Scottie magnets that used to be so popular. One was white, the other black and one was positive while the other negative. If you brought them near to each other in one direction, they repelled one another. Whereas when you changed the direction in which they faced each other, they were attracted to each other and stuck together. So too it is with Travis Kelly and Gregori Kwiatowski. They have amazing similarities and yet just as many contrasting features. This is the heart of the punishment program: to find out how much they are alike and how much they differ in their sexual responses when put under the very same circumstances. Granted it is not a very important study, but it is well funded and enthusiastically pursued by the research staff. Maybe the donors just get off watching the videotaped sessions. Nevertheless the money is there to do it. All the test subjects within this facility associated with this particular penal institution are virile young straight men that are subjected to these and other sexual procedures. Some are studied in groups, others individually, but all of them are embarked upon the same voyage in search of answers to the mysteries of male heterosexuality and Dr. Gerard is at the helm steering everyone in a perverse direction. The black rubber gas masks are slipped over the heads of the restrained naked men. The glass eyepieces are again blocked with black sticky tape. The two men remember them from the first session and so are not yet alarmed. Richard and David fold up the white pleated hospital screen so that now the room is no longer divided. With the three assistants and the doctor in the room, neither subject is aware that a sixth man is present. Each thinks that they are the only ones to be a part of the afternoons procedure. Wasting no time, Brian helps Dr. Gerard wheel over the shiny metal computerized machine in between Travis and Gregori. The doctor designed it for his sex sessions and named it Boris. Flexible aluminum hoses from the top of the machine are screwed into each rubber gas mask. The computer will keep a record of respiration rate as well as being capable of supplying exact amounts of a number of gases such as amyl nitrite, methyl amphetamine or other sexual stimulants when required. Without explanation or reason given, all four associates escort adapazarı gather in pairs on either side of the naked Irish and Polish prisoners. The padded uprights are ratcheted back so that each mans bulging bare chest is at mouth level for each pair of lab coats. Bending over in synchronized motion, mouths open hungrily; each one targets a tempting meaty nipple and clamps down on it. Audible gasps come from each rubber gas mask. Sucking gently at first and tonguing the tip while inside each mouth, they move on to more insistent aggressive suckling with strong lips and firm pressure. They keep an eye on their mans penis for any change or movement. They dont have to work long on the sensitive tits to see the response show up in a rapidly hardening cock on each bound man. Travis is the first to spring up to a full erection, with Gregori following suit a minute or two later. Although the desired response has been achieved, they allow themselves more time to savor the tasty tits to their complete satisfaction. Today there is no rush because unbeknownst to the two nipple-punished prisoners; a triple session has been scheduled. They will be thoroughly worked over far into the night. David and Richard disengage from their assigned tasty tit and hook up the next appendage to be applied. Brian and Dr. Gerard do not leave the abandoned nipple unattended. They move around behind the tilted upright, bring their arms around in front and tenderly squeeze each stiff-dicked subjects nipples between their thumbs and forefingers. By the time the two assistants bring over the pair of appendages now attached to Boris, the pole hard penises are beginning to bubble out their first batch of pre-cum. What look like clear flexible plastic brassieres are positioned over the center of each sensitive nipple and strapped into place on the padded upright. Inside each transparent cup are a series of applications that will minister to each responsive nipple from the aereole up to the hard pointed tip. Once in place, Dr. Gerard and Brian hook up another set of flexible hoses to the squatting sex machine. They snake them over to the big erect cocks waving in the air in one spasm after another. A flexible clear plastic sheath is slipped over the broad cock head and slid down to the root of the shaft. Inside each transparent cylinder is a tiny electrode. When the situation warrants it, the meatus will be zapped with an adjustable charge of electricity to discourage any ejaculation. With this engaged, the Irish and Polish prisoners can be kept as hard as desired and blocked from ejaculating in a timely fashion. They can be manipulated either separately or simultaneously, all according to the program. This is such a valuable tool, that for the first time even the amount of pre-cum can be measured and analyzed. It is sucked in on a specifically timed cycle. Any constant intake will stimulate the swollen cock head unnecessarily and may lead to an untimely ejaculation. These things must be kept as precise as possible. Already the first batch of pre-cum from each sexually stimulated subject has been ingested and measured. It is time to engage the first feature of the clear plastic brassiere. Dr. Gerard flips a switch on Boris console. A low hum can be heard. Looking into each cup clamped over the d**g-sensitized nipples of each naked restrained man, you can see what looks like a broad paintbrush ever so slowly stroking from the circular aureole to the pointed tip. The painting brush takes dry sweeps up the underside and down over the upper side, back to the left and forward to the right. Not one section on any nipple is neglected. For Travis Kelly this new sensation is unbelievable. Each slow sweep over his hard nipples shoots right down into his hard dick. With every pass of the soft dry brush he spasms another amount of pre-cum. He cant see what is causing this super sensation and frankly he doesnt care. It just feels so good that he surrenders to it completely. Gregori Kwiatowski is having a more difficult time processing this strange stimulation. In all his sexual experience, he has never had his tits played with until the day before yesterday. Even then it made him apprehensive. And yet with this happening to him and his Polish cock so overwhelmed by it, he tries to fight it mentally by diverting his thoughts to anything else. He is unsuccessful and not very happy about it.Even though his stiff cock and sensitized nipples are in the drivers seat, the apprehensive bound young man is worried about where they are taking him. At this point in the punishment, and unachievable orgasm is punishment indeed; the three attendants leave the room for other assignments. They will be on call should their presence be necessary again. Dr. Gerard sits down at the control panel of the computerized console. Now comes the fun part for him. With all the instruments in place, he starts playing with the helpless prisoners at the flick of a switch and the turn of a dial, without having to leave his chair. The restrained naked men still maintain their yearning erections under the influence of the lapping nipple brushes. Varying the number of stimulating strokes, he speeds them up gradually until the muscled men are at the brink of orgasm and just as quickly he slows them down substantially, averting ejaculation. He can tell by their body language when they are near to erupting. After several near misses, Dr. Gerard engages another feature of the chest band. Turning off the brushes, he waits for a minute or two, just enough time for the stiff cocks to flag somewhat. With precision he lowers the suction cups inside the plastic domes down onto the surface of each naked mans much-abused nipples. He flips a switch and slowly turns a dial.The suction devices come to life. They draw the meaty nipples in and out again slowly. This happens first on the right one and then the left. Instantly the sizeable cocks are pole hard again. Pull, release, pull, release; suck in, expel, suck in, expel go the relentless nipple cups. In the process, the bound young men reflexively turn their shoulders to the left and then to the right to mimic the manipulation on their swollen nubs. Another switch is flicked. Each set of nipples is sucked simultaneously. Another batch of pre-cum, whose flow is constant now, is ingested by the Boris machine for storage and analysis. Turning the dial once again, the doctor increases the suction level. The meaty tits are pulled in and released more forcibly, almost painfully. However the pain is not enough to soften the stiff cocks one bit. Cries and moans emanate from the rubber gas masks. Travis Kelly is the most audible and responsive. His are yelps and groans of pleasure.What comes out of Gregori Kwiatowski is more in the nature of frustration and resistance. All of their reactions are put down in writing. The Irishman is lost in the eternal now. Not a thought, not an observation, not a question enters his mind. He could go on like this indefinitely. Constantly having his nipples sucked cause waves of utter pleasure to wash over him. He has even forgotten about his need to ejaculate.Pure ecstasy possesses him from head to toe. Were he thinking, he would wonder wherein lies the punishment in this? The Polasky is in a different place. Reluctantly he surrenders to the pleasurable sensations emanating from his manipulated nipples.Still he wants to cum, but not by a mindless machine. For him this is unnatural, being played with by hoses and brushes, mechanical suction and electricity. He is being indifferently treated like some lab rat in an inhuman fashion. And yet he has no choice but to yield and respond to the fashion in which he is being toyed with. Although he admits that this is far from cruel physical punishment, and yet it is fucking with his mind and affecting his sense of dignity.All through this nipple play, Dr. Gerard keeps making changes in the speed, the intensity, the frequency and the strength of the suction. Simultaneously and then first the one and then the other sore tit are worked. Easy on the left one, harder on the right and then the reversal of the pattern is programmed in throughout the course of the session. The gentler the suckling, the faster the restrained men reach the brink of climax. Even when painful suction is employed, it is not enough to deter them from near ejaculation, although it takes longer to do so. Soon it doesnt matter any more how their nipples are manipulated, either with pain or pleasure or even a combination of both. Still they approach the brink more and more frequently. All manipulation is halted. The prisoners sigh and whine in disappointment. The doctor doesnt want to over stimulate them for fear that he will no longer be able to control them. Another batch of pre-cum is greedily ingested. After a reasonable interval, during which the once stiff pricks are allowed to shrink and soften to their resting state, another feature of the clear plastic brassiere is engaged. A flick of a switch starts little whirling brushes. When they make contact with the tender flesh of the aereole, they swirl over the sensitive area in an upward climb. Just as they reach the pinnacle of the nipple, they zap it with a spark of electricity. Each spark causes the young men to flinch and jerk. At first their assent is slow and sensuous. The zap is weak and fleeting. Soon even the small shock becomes pleasurable. Through it all, the substantial cocks revive and spring to life again, bubbling fresh strings of pre-cum. Eager once more for ejaculation, they are soon undeterred by harsher brushing and stronger sparking. Even when Dr. Gerard engages all the features of the clear plastic domes, one after another, the brink of ejaculation occurs with more frequency than he would like. However the point of todays session has been proven. Once the nipple of a man, any man, heterosexual or homosexual, is manipulated in the right fashion, it inevitably leads to sexual climax under the correct circumstances. It is time to end this part of the session and move on to the next. Here is where the real punishment begins. Cum-control, although it is extremely frustrating and taxing when it is experienced by a man, especially for long periods of time, it is hardly a harsh punishment. For when the long yearning is finally satisfied, the resultant orgasm is pleasurable, powerful and overwhelming in the extreme. One such ejaculation almost makes up for the agony the man has been put through, no matter the length of time. forced milking, however is a different matter all together. The first two or three and even four ejaculations are satisfying and pleasurable. However the more often the man is forced to climax, the more painful it becomes. The over sensitivity of the penis after each cum shot increases, nearly to the point of pain.This is especially true when the man is brought to the point of having only dry ejaculations. Then with each successive dry sexual climax the pain increases in the internal plumbing from the Cowpers glands to the over active prostate. What started out as pure pleasure can turn into insufferable agony. By now, Dr. Gerard has to see other prisoners and to supervise other punishment sessions. In order to keep Travis and Gregori occupied and kept from impatience and boredom in his absence, the doctor makes some adjustments and provisions. He ratchets back the padded uprights that the naked men are strapped to. At a level parallel to the floor they can be more comfortable. He lubricates a medium sized latex dildo and firmly shoves it up each muscled mans butt, much to his displeasure and discomfort. They will get used to it over time. The anal inserts are wired into the computer system of Boris that has given them pleasure over these several hours. The doctor flips some switches and adjusts a few dials and the invasive implants spring to life. The impaled men gasp with shock. They feel the relentless vibrations buzzing their prostates, the squirming corkscrewing and the intermittent zapping of a spark of electricity. Try as they may to attempt to force it out, the dildo is firmly fixed to the horizontal surface they are lying on and cannot be ejected. Not to neglect their much- manipulated nipples, another switch starts the little paintbrushes lapping and stroking once again.The combination of the external and internal sexual stimulators will soon bring them to full erection again. That is as far as they will get. The adjustments are such that they will never get near the brink of climax. While they are left on their own, they will strain and struggle, throb and bubble constantly but they will never reach the point of ejaculation. They can be kept like adapazarı escort bayan this for long, endless hours, until the doctor and his assistants return early in the evening. ————————————————-It is sundown but for Travis Kelly and Gregori Kwiatowsky it is the Eternal Now. They have been under the cruel and indifferent control of Boris, the computerized sexual stimulation machine, for hours. The only thing that changes is the regular ingestion of each batch of pre-cum with a merry slurping sound. The paintbrushes lazily lap over their sensitized nipples. The soft yet intrusive anal implants squirm and rotate, zap and vibrate continually. Their frustrated stiff cocks bubble out a steady supply of pre-cum.The incessant low hum of the mechanical diddler joins with soft human sighs and moans to constitute the only sounds in this empty room. It is madness for the smooth prisoner and oblivion for the hairy one. The blond naked prisoner tries to distract himself from the physical urges frustrating him. He fixates on his loathing to be at the mercy of some unthinking machine. He has to admit to himself that it is producing such pleasure that he has never experienced before in his life. At the same time he feels it is unnatural and somehow dirty and degrading. He hates himself for enjoying this so much and he blames himself for being here in the first place. For him this is punishment enough. What landed him here, flat on his back, buck naked, hooked up to some indifferent machine, was his own fault. What started out in a bar in the city that he didnt know was a gay establishment put him in prison in the first place. A defense of his uncompromising heterosexuality against an unwanted homosexual advance leads him here, being subjected to even more perverted sexual acts. How ironic it all is! The naked brunette muscle man is in a different frame of mind, almost in a different place all-together. He carries no sexual baggage. He takes things as they come.Although he is unapologetically straight and never even contemplated sex with any one but a woman or two, he easily surrenders to the feelings and sensations he is experiencing. If he hadnt assaulted that fag in the shower room, he would never have had this pleasurable experience. He is the epitome of: If it feels good, enjoy it. Even so, by now he too is more than ready for sexual release, no matter how and no matter by whom or what.The two men immediately become aware of a change in their situation. The Boris machine has been shut off. Gone is the movement of the lapping brushes and the twisting, boring butt implants. Attendants remove the rubber gas masks and hydrate them with a d**gged liquid that will renew their sexual powers almost immediately. The masks are slipped over their heads again and the padded upside down Ys are ratcheted up to a 45-degree angle. Perhaps their hours of torment has come to an end. David and Brian remove the clear plastic brassieres that have cruelly tormented the naked men for so long. Their nubs appear slightly irritated which makes them even more sensitive than ever. A new kind of sheath is slipped over the now flagging cocks. This one has an inner sleeve that will pump up and down the shaft of their penises to finally reward the impatient men with that almost hopelessly longed for sexual climax. New larger rectal implants are inserted that will steadily buzz their prostates to one ejaculation after another. Dr. Gerard makes a note in todays report: Now that it has been demonstrated that with the proper stimulation a man may hold an erection almost indefinitely and the production of pre-cum is substantial, the next phase can get underway. I hope to measure the amount of semen that is produced under the regimen of the d**g therapy. This means that the two test subjects must be brought to one ejaculation after another until no more semen is left in them. In order to prove the potency of the d**gs, each subject individually will be allowed a rest period after each climax of no more than ten minutes. The time it takes to reach orgasm will be noted as well as the amount of cum that is produced in each ejaculation. The clear plastic cylinder and inner lubricated sleeve are set in motion, slowly at first. The inner workings have a sensor so that the machine can know when ejaculation is about to occur and adjust the milking process accordingly. No- mercy milking is underway. In no more than a minute a noticeable change comes over both men. The moans, groans and sighs increase in volume. They grow more agitated and their breathing is deeper. Toes wiggle furiously and fingers beat out a staccato rhythm. Their firm muscles strain against the restraints. Travis lifts his gas mask covered head off of the upright, emits a guttural moan that increases in volume and intensity. Just as he takes in a deep breath, he explodes. Fortunately the clear plastic milker is firmly attached to the root of his cock; otherwise the force of the ejaculation would have blown it right off. A substantial amount of semen is sucked up and rapidly transferred along the length of the clear plastic tubing into the heart of the Boris machine. After the last possible drop has been ingested, the milking goes into a ten- minute rest mode. In a matter of minutes Gregori follows suit with his own shot of hot cum that is thirstily gobbled up by the voracious machine. Aside from the small time separation, both men respond identically to the very same stimulation. Undoubtedly each prisoner must think that his time of torment has come to an end. The day before yesterday it was so. Imagine their disappointment and shock when they feel the infernal Boris machine come to life again and pick up where it left off. The sleeve of the milker slides up and down at a faster and faster pace. Their cocks have barely had time to flag before they are stimulated to full blown erections again. They may not believe it is possible to get hard so soon once more, but such is the case. Between the d**gs in their systems and the precise calibrations of the computerized machine, they are ready for another ejaculation in no time. Although less intense than the first, this climax produces almost an equal amount of white cum in the case of both Travis and Gregori. Their timing is a little off and yet their response and output are almost matched. During the rest interval, surely they must hope that this is the end of their session. Loud are their cries of disappointment when the Boris machine reactivates the merciless milking once again. In order to encourage them to have another ejaculation, Brian and David work on their sensitive nipples. Pinching fingers squeeze, pluck, twist and flick them repeatedly well through their third cum shot. This time the ejaculate is more watery looking and of a lesser amount. And so it goes well into the night.By the time Travis shoots his fifth load, it is barely a trickle. He is breathing heavily and covered in perspiration. Richard towels him dry and hydrates him again, but this time with plain water. From here on in, his rest period is changed to fifteen minutes.Gregori is substantially lagging behind. Well after Travis is subjected to his sixth session with the milking machine, the Polish prisoner finally shoots again. The amount of semen is barely detectable. He too is toweled dry and given water through a plastic squeeze bottle. The rest interval is adjusted accordingly. Just as Travis has his first dry ejaculation, painfully so, Kwiatowski is stimulated once again. It takes longer for him to reach an erection and even then he is not fully hard.Clearly he is in some amount of distress and discomfort. While the milking process is at work, muffled sounds of protest and rage are heard from him. Well after Travis second empty orgasm is witnessed, much to his credit, his companion cow still has not had his first.Since it would do little good to continue to stimulate the hairy Irishman, he is released from his bed of torment. Richard takes him to where his prison uniform is, still wearing the gas mask. Dr. Gerard doesnt want him to know the identity of the other prisoner. Each mans experience must be isolated for fear that the two might compare notes and thus compromise the integrity of the program.Although he is a bit shaky from his long ordeal, Travis is taken to his quarters and falls into bed. Before he falls into a well-deserved deep sleep, his coveralls are slipped off, along with his underpants and sneakers. Spread out on the narrow bed, lying on his stomach, he hardly is aware that leather restraints are buckled around his wrists and ankles. His feather pillow is slipped beneath him to raise his butt off the bed. Stretched to the four corners of the cot, Travis is a tasty temptation for Richard. The firm and round fuzzy butt cheeks are spread so that the pink secret sphincter is almost winking at the attendant. Richard straddles the naked mans muscular back and gives the much-milked man a relaxing massage from his thick neck to his muscled calves. Although it is not called for in the protocol, the attendant spreads the furry hindquarters and laps away to his hearts content. The spread-eagle man moans and rocks his hips in response. This further encourages Richard to reach under Travis and pull down his large spent cock and empty balls. They too are laved and licked extensively.It is useless to expect any kind of erection after what the prisoner has been through, but there is no harm in pleasuring him nonetheless. Unable to fight sleep any longer, the restrained prisoner falls into a deep slumber. Richard continues licking away until he is sure that Travis will not awaken easily. He whips out his stiff member, slips on a condom, loads it up with spit and slowly eases himself inside the sleeping mans rectum. Once completely in, he holds himself there and allows the warmth of the chute wash over his straining cock. It takes but a few gentle thrusts for him to shoot forcefully and copiously. The fucked man never awakens. Richard discards the rubber, unfastens the comatose prisoner, flips him over and applies a new chastity device. Turning out the light, he leaves to the music of low snoring in the dark. It isnt until another twenty minutes pass that Gregori has his first painful dry ejaculation amidst loud cries of pain and agony. Clearly he is spent and any further sexual manipulation would be useless and only prolong this session far into the night with little results. Much to the naked mans tired relief he is unstrapped from the upright and stands up on wobbly legsDavid and Brian have to help him walk into the other room to retrieve his clothes and return with him to his quarters. Once there, they help him off with his clothes and lay him naked on his cot. Their assistance doesnt stop there. Before he can protest and struggle, Brian and David have his belly down, spread limb to limb and strapped to the four corners of his cot. His feather pillow is slipped beneath his hips to raise his smooth butt off the cot.What comes next is predictable. What landed him in the prison was assaulting another bar patron for an unsolicited homosexual advance.Clearly he hates gays and all they do. It is payback time. David and Brian move the mans cot out of the corner into the center of the room. The naked man begins to protest and curse at them. David shuts him up by shoving his stiff dick down his complaining throat. Brian attacks the rear with a forceful thrust of his erect prick all the way in the smooth butt and up to the hilt. Gregori is double fucked, at both ends long, hard and fast. He struggles uselessly. He tries to buck and throw the fucker off of him in vain. Knowing better than to bite down on the cock gagging him, nonetheless he keep up a steady outcry of protest and complaint all the while he is assaulted. By the time David and Brian finally shoot their hot loads in their respective receptacles, Gregori is weakened and beyond any resistance. The fight has been fucked out of him. The bed is moved back to where it was. With ease he is unrestrained, outfitted with a new chastity device and left alone in the dark to battle his own personal demons. All in all it has been a fruitful session. The prisoners stamina has been sorely test. According to his observations, Dr. Gerard concludes: Up until the first ejaculation, each man has kept pace with the other. They responded to the stimulation of their nipples, prostates and cocks equally. After that it all went downhill for Gregori Kwiatowski and he never caught up with Travis Kelly again. Travis had more ejaculations, a greater amount of ejaculate, and a more rapid recovery time. He was easily stimulated again and again. Whereas Gregori had less of everything. Is this just a difference in physiology or can it be concluded that the more body hair a man has, the more potent he is? Is it hormones or genes that make the difference? Further study on more subjects may be called for.

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