Ready Maid Family Bk. 04 Ch. 01

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This has been sitting for a while, and I still can’t decide where I want to go with it…so I’m just going to post it and see what response it gets. I’d like to see positive feedback and suggestions, but since I write for me, I’ll take what I get.

I started this Book during a low point, and it took off in a direction I didn’t expect, but am not unhappy with.

The next chapter is in progress, but I have no idea when it may be finished.

* * *

Ready Maid Family Book 4 Chapter 1

Ten months later

Early June


“Whattcha doin, pretty?” Sara asked as she came into the kitchen. She smiled as Sylvia put her hands in her lap, scooting up closer to the table as she looked back over her shoulder at her.

“Nothin’. Just sittin’ here thinkin’ while the coffee does it’s thing.” Sylvia said, not looking at her.

“Uh huh. Guess you didn’t notice it was done. You want me to get you a cup?”

“Yeah, thanks.” Sylvia said.

“Whattcha got there…under the table?” Sara asked as she sat a cup of coffee in front of her, then sat down next to her.

Sylvia was quiet for a long moment

“Turkey baster.” She said finally, looking down at the table.

Sara nodded, smiling at her.

“Okay.” She said as she got up and started for the door. “Stay here, I’ll be right back.”

Sylvia nodded, and Sara went out the kitchen door, then broke into a run as she crossed the foyer and went into the living room, not slowing down until she was through the door of the library.

“Julie, wake up.” She said quietly as she climbed up on the bed, then shook her gently. “Come on, wake up damn it.”

“Wha…shit Sara, what are you doing here?” Julie muttered as she rolled over, scooting closer to Gage. “Go away. Sage kept me up half the night an…”

“Ya gotta come in the kitchen with me.” Sara said softly. “I think she’s gonna do it this time.”

“No she’s not…we’ve been through this…”

“She got the turkey baster out. That’s the first time she’s done that.” Sara said quietly. “And she’s not taking her pills.”

Julie rolled over and looked at her.

“How long?”

“Her last period was a little over two weeks ago. She never started the new pack.” Sara said, moving over and sliding off the bed. She reached down and picked up a t-shirt off the floor and tossed it to her. “She’s not fuckin’ Wilbur either.”

“No, gimme my robe.” Julie said as she scooted over to the edge of the bed. “I might as well feed her while I’m up, she’s gonna start screaming for it as soon as I sit down anyway.”

“Can Junior have the other one?” Sara asked as she pulled her to her feet and handed her the robe. “Wilbur done sucked me dry again while I was sleepin’.”

“Yeah, go get him, It’s gonna take me a minute, so I’ll meet you in the kitchen.”

“Thanks, see ya in a minute.” Sara said, then took off out the door.

Pulling her robe on, Julie tied the belt as she waddled over to the bassinet. She smiled sleepily as she reached down and picked up the baby, holding her to her as she turned and started toward the kitchen.

Sara was dancing down the stairs with her baby in her arms as she came out of the library.

“God I hate you.” She muttered as Sara came up to her. “You had that little monster six weeks ago, and you don’t even look like you were ever pregnant.”

“I only put on nineteen pounds, you put on forty.” Sara smirked at her. “Plus you were fat to begin with.”


“Tubbo.” Sara laughed as they stepped into the kitchen.

Sylvia was still sitting in the chair at the end of the table, her back to them as they came in. As they got closer, they could see that she had the turkey baster standing up on its bulb in front of her.

“Where are you at?” Julie asked as she sat down. She reached over and picked up her coffee cup and took a sip.

“I’ve got three days left on the window.” Sylvia said, not taking her eyes off the turkey baster.

“You want something to put in that thing?” Julie asked.

“Yeah, I think I do.” Sylvia said, turning to look at her.

“You’re sure this time?” Julie asked

Sylvia nodded, a small smile on her face.

“I think she means it this time.” Sara said as she laid Junior on the table.

Julie laid Sage next to him as she stood up. She leaned close, kissing her on the top of the head as she said, “It’s gonna be okay, Syl. We’ll be right back.”

Sylvia nodded, reaching out to pull the two babies closer.

“Aren’t you two just the prettiest things?” She said softly, smiling at them. “How could those two assholes make such beautiful babies? I just hope mine is as pretty as you are…”


Julie was back ten minutes later, and she went right over to the cabinets and took down a small bowl. She leaned forward, holding it up to her mouth and drooled a mouthful of liquid into it.

“That doesn’t taste as good as it used too.” She said as she sat it on the table in front of Sylvia. “Must be something in his diet.”

“Tasted fine to me the escort çankaya other day.” Sylvia laughed as she leaned forward and looked in the bowl. “He shot off alot more too. He must have jerked off last night.”

“Don’t even start, Syl, or that turkey baster is going up your ass…”

“Sorry I took so long.” Sara panted as she came into the kitchen a moment later holding a small paper cup. “He caught me suckin’ him, and he wanted to fuck instead. It was all I could do to get him off me and get it in the cup…”

She tilted the cup, then tapped it on the table a few times. Reaching over, she grabbed the turkey baster and squeezed the bulb on it, then dipped it in the cup and released it. There was a loud slurping noise, and she grinned as she pulled the bowl over in front of her.

“Shit Julie, we might as well not even mix ’em. There’s more spit than jizz in that bowl.” She laughed.

“Shut up and get on with it.” Julie laughed, then looked over at Sylvia.

“How do you know if your husband has a high sperm count?” She asked her.

“You have to chew before you swallow.” Sara laughed as she tilted the baster up and squeezed the bulb, then dipped it into the bowl. Two thirds of the liquid disappeared into the baster, and she squeezed the bulb again, sucking up the rest. “That describes Wilbur. That boy shoots off in clumps.”

Putting her little finger over the hole in the end, she wrapped her hand around the shaft of the baster, rocking it back and forth.

“Let’s give this thing a minute to warm up.” She grinned. “If we stick it in ya like this, that egg’s gonna run from it.”

“You got anything to lube that up with?” Julie asked, looking over at Sylvia.

Sylvia shook her head as she stood up and pushed her panties down. She kicked them off, then lifted her foot and grabbed them. She tossed them onto the table in front of Sara.

“Give those to Wilbur, he might like a change of pace.” She laughed as she shook out a towel and laid it on the end of the table, then turned and sat on it. She scooted up a little, then laid back, lifting her knees and resting her feet on the edge of the table.

“I must really want to do it this time.” She said, looking up at Julie. “I’m wetter than when I make out with you…”

She held her hand out toward her, and Julie took it in hers, smiling down at her.

Turning her head, she looked at Sara.

“I’m ready anytime you are Dr. Dawson.” She grinned.

“I really am a doctor, ya know. I got my license and everything.” Sara said as she moved around and sat down in the chair at the end of the table. “But I’ve never done this to a human before, I usually work on horses, so ya gotta gimme a minute.”

“Okay, here’s what we’re gonna do.” Sara said. “I’m gonna stick this thing in you, then you’re gonna pull yer knees up and raise yer butt up off the table. Put yer hands under yer hips to support yourself like yer doin’ bicycles. Ya need to get yer pooter pointed up in the air before I squeeze the bulb. We’ll need to let it sit for a minute once you’re in position so the baby batter collects in the tip before I shoot it in ya.”

“What’s the big deal, Sara?” Sylvia laughed. “When I did it, I stuck it in you, squeezed once, and eight and a half months later you squirted out our beautiful baby boy.”

“Yeah, but Wilbur had been makin’ direct deposits before, and after you, so…”

She stopped talking as she spread the lips of Sylvia’s pussy, and slowly inserted the turkey baster.

“Let me know if I’m hurtin’ ya.” She said softly as she eased it into her.

“Okay, raise up, let’s get that pussy pointed at the ceiling.” She said a moment later as she leaned back and got to her feet.

Sylvia lifted her knees, rocking back at the same time, then put her hands under her hips. She looked over at Julie, a small smile on her face.

“Be honest with me. Do I really look sexy like this?” She asked.

“You look good enough to eat, sweetie.” Julie laughed, brushing her hair back off her face.

“Here we go.” Sara said, squeezing the bulb. She pulled it back a little, then squeezed it again.

“Don’t move yet.” She said as she eased the baster out and laid it on the table, then pulled a plastic packet from her pocket and tore it open.

“Pre-lubricated diaphram. It’s not your size, but it’ll do what we want it to do.” She said as she squeezed the sides together and eased it into Sylvia’s pussy. She looked down at her as she inserted two fingers behind it. “Okay, you can lower yer butt, but do it slow. I wanna get this thing up against yer cervix so those little swimmers don’t leak out.”

“That’s good.” She said as Sylvia came to rest on the table. She leaned back, putting her hands on her feet. “Keep your knees raised, and your pelvis arched up a little. That’ll keep the sperm in your intravaginal seminal pool, and give our little swimmers their best chance of gettin’ through your cervix. You need to stay like that for about half an hour.”

“I have to lay like this for half an hour?” Sylvia otele gelen escort laughed, leaning up to look at her. “You’re kidding, right?”

“You can get up sooner, but half an hour is optimal.” Sara said. “Half the sperm we put in ya are already dead, half of what’s left will be dead in an hour. The strongest ones will last up to five days, just hangin’ around for a chance to sneak in. Some of ’em are already knockin’ at the door, and the longer you keep that door open for ’em, the better chance they got…”

“We’ll need to do this tomorrow and Thursday too, just to make sure.” She said as she stood up and went over to the sink and started washing her hands. “You said you had three days left on your window, so I wanna take three shots at that egg.”

“She sounds like she wants me to have a baby more than I do.” Sylvia laughed.

“I do.” Sara said as she came back over to the table, drying her hands. “I wanna do it again too, so we’re gonna start tryin as soon as I start my periods again. I liked bein’ pregnant. It felt good havin’ Junior growin’ in me, an’ me an’ Wilbur want a little girl for Junior to grow up with an’ look after. After that, I’m gettin’ my tubes tied cuz two is gonna be plenty.”

“I’m gonna wait a while.” Julie said, leaning back in her chair. “Sage took alot out of me…”

“I’m not surprised, you pushed out a ten pounder.” Sara laughed. “Junior only weighed seven. But all fun aside, you’re gonna start workin’ out with me this week. You lost half of what you put on with her, but you’re still carryin’ the other half. You were already thirty pounds overweight before you got pregnant, and that’s not good for you. We need to start workin’ on you now, cuz the longer you wait, the harder it’s gonna be to get it off.”

Julie nodded, but before she could say anything, baby Sage started crying.

“She wants breakfast.” She laughed, reaching over and picking her up. Opening her robe, she brought the baby up to her breast, smiling as she took the nipple in her mouth and started sucking.

“Just remember to save some for Junior.” Sara said, reaching up and squeezing her own boobs. “I keep tellin’ Wilbur he can’t take it all, but he just don’t listen.”

“He knows we got Elsie the cow over here, so he knows the kid ain’t gonna go hungry.” Sylvia laughed, looking over at Julie.

“Go ahead, laugh it up Syl.” Julie smiled. “Your’s are gonna get just as big, and he’s gonna be chasin’ you for milk, not pussy, when they do.”


Nine Days later


“That’s right, slow easy strokes, baby.” Sara whispered, her hands moving slowly over Julie’s leg. “All the way up, then all the way down. Oh yeah, that’s good right there…now, do it fifteen more times just like that.”

“Oh god, you’re kidding, right?” Julie panted, bringing her leg up under her as far as she could, then pushing it back so it was entended out behind her.

She was up on her hands and knees on the workout room, with Sara kneeling beside her, guiding her through each exercise as she did them.

“No, that was the first one you did right today.” Sara laughed as she moved around in front of her. “Keep going, then do the other leg, and I’ll let you rest. I promise.”

“You’ve been doing them right all week, Julie.” Sylvia said, pulling an inclined situp board over near her. “What happened, between yesterday and today?”

“It hurts.” Julie grunted as she put her knee on the mat, her head hanging down as she breathed in and out slowly. “Every time I lift it, I get a stabb…”

“When?” Sara asked, moving behind her and putting her hands on her leg. “Is it just the left leg, or both? And what part of the movement makes it hurt?”

“It’s just the left leg, and it hurts when I move it either way, but more when I pull it up.” Julie said, reaching back and running her fingers across the back of her thigh, right under her butt. “I was limping a little yesterday, but was fine this morning. But now it hurts to move it.”

“Biceps femoris?” Sylvia asked, putting her hands behind her head then lifting her upper body slowly. “One one thousand, two one thousand…”

“Yeah, or it may be the gracilis.” Sara said as she poked and squeezed Julie’s leg. “I think it’s just a strain, I can’t feel a tear, or any swelling.”

She looked over at Sylvia, watching her on the inclined board.

“If you’re going to do situps like that, don’t do more than ten.” She grinned. “I’m getting tired of telling you to leave that fat layer alone! We just got it back the way I wanted it!”

“You worry about her, you bossy little bitch.” Sylvia laughed, not stopping. “I know what I’m doing. This set here gets me fifteen M & M’s, and a bowl of fudge ripple…so shut up and make sure she didn’t hurt herself too bad.”

“She’s fine, we just won’t do anymore with this leg today.” She said as she smacked Julie on the butt. “Can you give me ten of the same lift with the right leg, and tell me how that feels?”

“Yeah, I’ll try.” Julie said, bringing etlik bayan escort her leg up slowly. She worked it back and forth several times, then looked up at Sara. “It doesn’t hurt when I do it with this leg…”

“Good, so we probably just have a strain on the one side.” Sara side, nodding at her. “Okay, we’ll take a break from these lifts for a few days to give you a chance to heal. You’re gonna need to stay off the climber and avoid squatting too. The muscles we’re talking about do most of the work there.”

“So I’m done?” Julie asked, rolling over on her back and starting to get to her feet.

“You wish.” Sara laughed, pushing her back down. “You can still do situps and pushups. You can pick which one you want to do first, but I want two sets of fifteen pushups, and thirty situps today.”

“Do I have to?” Julie whined.” My leg really hurts, Sara.”

“Get up.” Sara said, grabbing her hand as she got to her feet, then pulled Julie up behind her. She led her over to a mirror and pulled her t-shirt up under her arms.

“Look at this.” She said, running her hands over her mid-section. “You’ve lost twelve pounds in a little over a week. That’s two inches here on your belly, another two inches here on your sides, under your arms…and those ugly back titties are disappearing too by the way…you’re starting to look like you again.”

“Wilbur’s starting to notice.” Sylvia said as she rolled off the incline board and stood it up against the wall. “I saw him looking at you with that ‘oh god, I’m gonna cum in my pants’ look he used to give you…”

“I do look alot different.” Julie said softly, turning side on to the mirror.

“You keep up the routine we have you on, and three weeks from now you’ll be wearin’ your old clothes. Three weeks after that, we’ll be buyin’ you new ones.” Sara said, easing her shirt down. “After that, it’s just an hour a day for maintenance. Isn’t that worth workin’ through a little pain?”

“Yeah.” Julie said, then turned and walked back over to the mat. She sat down, then laid back, drawing her knees up. “Just keep reminding me, okay?”

“We won’t have to.” Sylvia laughed. “When the boys start sniffin’ around again, you’ll wanna do it on your own…”

“It’ll be nice to have them paying me a little attention…” Julie said softly.

“Yeah, I could use a break.” Sylvia laughed. “Since I stopped taking the pill, I’m either sucking or jerking them both off a couple times a day. All that protien, means I can’t…”

“So don’t swallow…” Sara said, grinning at her.

“Oh please, you might as well tell her not to breathe.” Julie laughed.


Eleven Days Later


“Wilbur, I got a job for you if you think you’re up to it.” Sylvia said as she came up behind him. She put her arm around his waist and started leading him toward the barn.

“Sure thing, Syl. Whatta ya need me to do?” He asked, slipping his arm around her waist.

“I got an itch I can’t seem to scratch by myself, and I need you help me with it. You think you could do that for me?”

“Sure Syl, where’s it at?”

“Right here.” She said as she stopped next to a bale of hay, then pushed her pants down and bent over, grabbing her asscheeks and spreading them apart. “I’ve been in the house for over half an hour stickin’ everything I could find in there, but nothin’ seemed to work. Then it hit me, I need the right tool for the job, and the right man to use it.”

She wiggled her ass at him, grinning back at him over her shoulder.

“So whatta ya think, Wilbur. You think you can help me scratch this itch?” She giggled. “It’s startin’ to hurt somethin’ fierce.”

“Well shitfire, Syl. Why didn’t you say somethin’ sooner?” Wilbur laughed, dropping to his knees behind her. He put his hands on her ass, spreading the fleshy cheeks wider, then pressed his face into the musky crack.

His tongue darted out, poking into the wrinkled pink rosette of her asshole. She moaned as he started licking around the puckered opening.

“Mmmmmmm, that feels so good, Wilbur.” She sighed, pushing her ass back at him. “But the itch is up inside…you’re tongue’s not gonna reach it.”

“Mmmm hmmmm.” He mumbled into her ass, not stopping his lazy licking and sucking. “I’ll get to that in just a minute, don’t you worry. I juss gotta get me a little taste of this sweet little shitter o’ your’s. The only thing that tastes better than this is your pussy, but you ain’t been givin’ that up lately.”

“Well damn, Wilbur. If you wanna eat pussy, all ya gotta do is say so.” She laughed, reaching back and grabbing a handful of his hair, pulling him to his feet behind her. “I promise, I’ll sit on your face as soon as you scratch this itch for me, so get to it.”

“Yes ma’am.” He mumbled, finally getting the point that she wanted his cock in her ass sooner, rather than later. Stepping up behind her, he pressed the swollen purple knob of his cock against her asshole and pushed it in slowly. His spit eased the way for his cockhead, but it was obvious that she had lubed her ass up before she came looking for him.

“You really do want a butt fuckin’, don’tcha Syl?” He laughed as he drove his cock deeper into her ass. “You done greased yer little butt hole up real good fer it…this here feels slicker’n owl shit.”

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