Real Estate Proposal Ch. 03

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Thanks for the comments on Parts 1 & 2. Sorry about the delay in getting to Part 3. I hope Part 4 will be finished soon. Thanks for all of the kind comments.

Robin turned around and led me to the shower entrance. With her silk stockings still on, she stepped into the steamy hot shower. The water beat against our bodies as we embraced under the steady flow. Robin backed away and held the silk scarf up to the stream of water. She grabbed a bottle of body wash and squeezed some out onto the scarf. Using the scarf, she started to wash my body. She rubbed the soapy scarf over my chest and shoulders, down my arms and across my stomach. She then dropped to her knees and started to wash my feet. I jumped a little when she touched the bottom of my feet, because I’m kind of ticklish. Robin continued up my legs across my knees to my thighs. Just before she got to my groin, she leaned in closer and wrapped her arms around me to rub the soap onto my low back and ass cheeks.

I looked down to see that she was looking up at me. She smiled, opened her mouth, leaned forward and took my entire flaccid cock into her mouth. Robin continued to massage my ass and low back as she just held my cock in her mouth. I wanted to keep it in her warm soft mouth for as long as possible but knew my efforts to be futile. Robin was doing amazing things to my body and I couldn’t stay soft any longer. My cock started to grow, inside of her wet mouth. I heard her giggle as it hardened up and popped out.

Robin slowly stood up, sliding her hot sexy slippery body against mine. She stepped away after a quick kiss on my lips and put more body wash on the scarf. She looked at me and said, “Turn around.” I leaned forward, gave her another quick kiss and obliged. I felt the scarf on my shoulder and then she washed my back. Her hands worked wonders on my body as she continued to massage me. Her delicate hands were so soft and warm. She worked her hands lower and lower on my back then I felt her squeeze my ass with both hands. Then, she leaned forward against my body and pressed me against the shower wall. I could feel her hard nipples pressing against my wet naked back. With one hand, she reached around and gently grabbed my swollen hard shaft. Next, I felt the soapy, slippery scarf slip down between my ass cheeks, slide underneath me, across my balls and up to cover her hand that was stroking my cock. Robin knew she was driving me crazy.

I felt her back away and knew that I needed to make a move or I would be having another mind blowing orgasm all too soon. As badly as I needed to cum, there was more that I wanted to do with this exotic goddess. I quickly turned around, grabbed her arms, backed her up against the shower seat and gently pushed her down into a sitting position. I grabbed the scarf from her hand and put more body wash in it. I stood in front of Robin as I reached forward and started at her neck. I squeezed some foam out over her shoulders and chest so that I could also use my other hand to thoroughly wash her velvety skin. I massaged her lovely chest, making her nipples perk up and next, washed her arms and hands. I knelt down on the floor of the tub to wash her feet. Placing my hands on her thighs, I slowly pulled the black silk stockings off of each leg.

I placed her feet in my lap, making sure to get a lot of soap on them. escort ankara I gently massaged her feet, rubbing them against my straining cock. I looked up into her eyes and she just smiled as she lifted her feet, turned them both inward and pressed the soles against my rod. I straightened my back, lifting my hips to give her better access to my cock. Even with her feet, Robin was going to be able to make me cum quickly. She held her feet still as I arched my back, slowly slipping my cock up and down between her feet. I looked into her eyes as she let me fuck her feet. It was amazing and I wanted more, but reluctantly, I stopped.

I leaned forward and set the scarf down on the seat next to her. Next, I grabbed each of her ankles and slowly pulled them apart. As I spread her legs wider, I leaned forward, getting closer to her body. I got up onto my knees and pressed my body against hers. I wrapped my arms around Robin and held her close. I could feel her hot steamy pussy pressed against my stomach as our lips met. As our tongues entwined, Robin wrapped her legs around my body and pulled us even closer together. I didn’t think two people could ever feel so close.

After a few minutes, I broke our kiss. Backing away, I kissed my way down her neck to her sensuous chest. I had to catch my breath as I once again kissed the soft swell of her breast and slowly sucked her hard nipples into my hungry mouth. I rolled my tongue over and around her nipples causing Robin to moan. I moved over to taste and tease her other breast with my tongue. Next, I gently kissed my way down her flat tummy and put my hands on the inside of her thighs, pushing her legs farther apart. I wanted to see Robins body all spread out, open and aching for my attention. Even Robin’s pussy hair was a wispy blondish color. I looked up and our eyes met. I smiled and leaned forward, gently kissing Robins beautiful soft outer lips. I felt Robin’s hands on the back of my head so I closed my eyes and pressed forward.

I stuck my tongue out and licked her pussy from bottom to top like a kid licking an ice cream cone. When my tongue flicked over her clit, Robin grabbed two handfuls of my hair and savagely pulled my head towards her body. I stuck my tongue out and pressed forward, sinking it as deep into her delicious wet pussy as far as it would go. With the way that she was sitting, my chin was pressed against her tight little pink asshole. I felt her heels dig into my back as Robin arched her back, grinding her pussy into my face.

As Robin dug her heels into my back, it lifted her ass off the shower seat. I was able to reach around and over her leg. I brought my hand down and placed my index finger in front of my nose which was pressed against her clit. I slipped my finger past my tongue and pressed it into her wet pussy. My finger and tongue were both inside her pussy as Robin continued to moan and groan humping her hips up into my face. With my fingers now slippery, I started to slowly rub them against her clit. I looked up to see Robins head arched back and her nipples puffed out at attention. It was one of the hottest, most erotic things I’ve ever seen.

I took my other hand and reached up under my chin, slipping my index finger into her pussy from below my tongue. I wiggled my finger around as I continued to lick her pussy. I slowly pulled escort etlik my finger free and slipped it down to the entrance to her ass. I slowly circled the soft tender hole and then pressed against my finger tip with my chin as I pressed my tongue deep into her pussy. Robin took a deep breath and then I heard her say, “Come on baby, push your finger into my ass and use your tongue to make me cum”.

I felt her body relax slightly as the tip of my finger slipped into her tight dark hole. I didn’t miss a beat and continued to lick her sopping wet pussy as my other hand gently rubbed her clit. Slowly, I slipped my finger in and out of her ass as Robins breathing got deeper and deeper. I raised my head slightly, to begin licking her clit when I felt her grip on my head tighten. Robin dug her heels into my back as I pushed my finger all the way into her ass. I put my mouth over her pussy and started to suck her clit. Robin let out a scream that I thought would bring the neighbors to the door as her pussy exploded into my face. I opened my mouth and drank in as much as I possibly could. Robin’s legs were like a vice against my ears. I couldn’t move my head if I wanted to. My chin had pushed against my hand and my finger was wedged up into her ass. I continued to suck on her clit and lap up her cum. Eventually, Robin relaxed her legs and pushed my head away. She leaned forward and pulled my face up to hers. I’ve never been kissed with so much passion and hunger in my life. Robins tongue was in and out of my mouth. She sucked on my tongue and my lips. She had her arms around my neck and pulled against me. It felt like she was trying to literally pull me into her mouth. Robin shoved her tongue past my lips and my teeth, entering my mouth and past my tongue. I felt her mouth open wider and her tongue touched the back of my throat. I nearly shot the load that was building up deep in my balls. Robin continued to groan as we kissed.

After a few minutes, I realized that my finger was still buried deep in her ass. I started to wiggle my finger, slowly pulling it out when Robin slid forward on the shower bench. Not breaking our kiss, she reached down and directed my cock to her pussy as she slid forward. She slid the head up and down her swollen sensitive lips and then I felt her heels dig into my low back. As best as I could, I kept my finger in her ass as I pressed my hips forward. My cock effortlessly slipped deep into her hot wet body. With my finger, I could feel my cock push into her pussy. I pressed my hips forward until my balls were squished against my hand.

Robin broke off the kiss and let out a big sigh. She looked into my eyes and just smiled. She was beautiful. The warm water continued to beat down on my back, I could tell it wasn’t going to last much longer. We had been in the shower a good long time and had used up most of the hot water. I thought Robin was going to say it was time to quit when she once again, took me by surprise.

Robin leaned forward and gave me a quick peck on the lips. She then nuzzled my cheek and placed her sweet lips up next to my ear. She let out a soft hum and then I heard her say, “Put your cock where your finger is”. I’m sure she knew that she had shocked me because I just froze. I either didn’t comprehend what she had said or I wasn’t sure she had actually escort demetevler said it. To make sure I heard her desire, she continued with, “I want to feel your wonderful hot sticky cum as you shoot it deep into my ass, just like you did earlier to my pussy”.

Without any hesitation, I slowly backed away from her, causing both my cock and my finger to slide from her body at the same time. Robin reached down, grabbed my cock and looked into my eyes. She smiled and said, “Come on babe, give me what I want”.

I smiled back at her as I pressed my body forward. I looked down to see her place the tip of my cock at her little puckered hole. Since my finger was in her for so long, the very tip of my cock fit snuggly. It was enough to get started. I resisted every urge in my body do just shove it all the way in. I watched Robins face as I slowly pushed my cock into her body, micro-inch by micro-inch. Every once in a while when I saw her wince, I’d pull back out a little and pause for a moment before continuing. I had never before had anal sex so I didn’t realize just how tight her ass would be. I was soon becoming afraid that I’d shoot my load before I got all the way in. After several minutes, my pubic bone was pressed up against her pussy. Robin asked me to hold on a minute before starting to move.

The water was starting to get really cold now. Robin even commented that she noticed the hot water was running out and we needed to hurry. I looked into her eyes as if to get permission to start fucking her gorgeous, tight ass. She pulled me close, kissed my lips and said, “Fuck me”.

I smiled and started to pull out of her ass. She was really tight. I pushed forward and Robin closed her eyes. She looked uncomfortable. I reached down and put one hand each, under her legs at the knees, pulling them up so that she would lay down more on the shower bench. Robin moved with me and ended up resting her ankles over my shoulders so that the back of her thighs were against my stomach.

The hot water ran out so I reached around and shut the water off. I turned around and looked down to see my cock buried deep in her ass. I was mesmerized to watch as it slid out and then back in. After a few strokes, she relaxed and it became easier. I looked into Robins eyes and she assured me everything was alright. I looked up for just a minute and when I looked down, I could see that she was fingering her pussy with one hand and pinching a nipple with another. I began to fuck her faster and faster as Robins moans and groans increased. The cold water had numbed me a little bit so I was able to last a little longer than I originally thought.

I began to feel a burning in my balls and knew that I’d be cuming soon. I leaned forward, with Robins legs still pressed to my chest and looked down into her eyes. I smiled at Robin and looked down into her face saying, “Are you ready to get your ass filled?”

She smiled and said, “It already is.”

I laughed and said, “I meant with hot cum, not cock.”

She said, “Oh, well then bring it on, I’ve been waiting ten years for you to fill my holes. When we finish here, we’re going to relax in the hot tub and you’re going to fill my mouth.”

With that, I leaned forward, sucked a sweet delicious nipple into my mouth and then started to pump her body like I’ve never fucked before. I tried to hold off as long as possible but when I knew it was time, I shoved my cock in as deep as it could go and then I froze, looking into Robins eyes as my cock pulsed several times, pumping hot semen deep into her body.

To be continued…

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