Rebecca in trouble (part 5)

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Rebecca in trouble (part 5)Rebecca began to scream again from the fresh pain. The Judge changed the angle of his cock each time he drove into her asshole, maximizing the pain that Rebecca would feel from the anal ****. He thrust in and out, forcing her to accept his cock deep into her. He fucked her ass for over 10 minutes, forcing groans and screams of pain from Rebecca as her asshole clung to his cock. He finally thrust deep into her ass and shot his hot cum into her, to mix with the Commander’s.The other guards jumped on Rebecca as soon as the Judge pulled his cock out, r****g her ass as she moaned in pain. By the time everyone had ****d her ass, Rebecca could not even scream anymore. Her ass was a constant barrage of pain and her rectum was full of cum. The last guard pulled out of her ass and they released her arms and legs from the stool legs, but Rebecca did not move. Her body still shook from the brutal anal **** they had inflicted on her, cum dripping out of her swollen anus, blood running down her thighs.Rebecca managed to get up once everyone left and get into the shower. After a quick shower, she collapsed on the bed, exhausted from the brutal **** she endured. She quickly fell asleep, attempting to erase the past two days of **** and humiliation from her mind.It was only two hours later when Rebecca was woken. When she opened her eyes, the six men were surrounding the bed, naked, with their hard cocks ready again. Rebecca knew that they intended to **** her mouth now. They would force their cocks into her mouth and then down her throat. They would eventually cum in her mouth and force her to swallow it.The two guards grabbed Rebecca’s arms and pulled her over to the side of the bed so her head hung over the side. They grabbed each arm and pulled it to the top and bottom of one side of the bed and tied her tightly. Others grabbed her legs and pulled them open wide, tying them to the corners. Rebecca was now spread open, sideways on the bed, with her head at crotch level, hanging over the edge of the bed.”You must cooperate with the **** of your mouth, my little girl,” said the Commander, “we have already ****d your pussy and ass. You have already felt my fingers in your throat and had a taste of my cock in your mouth, now we are going to fuck your mouth. You do not have to do much, just open your mouth wide and run your tongue over the cock in your mouth. When it comes, swallow it all. If you spit any out, the Judge will beat your pussy.””It is time to begin, open your mouth,” he said.Rebecca could see him walk toward her, even though she was seeing everything upside because of the way she was tied down. As he got close, she opened her mouth to accept his cock.”Wider, I want to see your sweet lips stretch over my cock,” he said and began to push his cock into her mouth. With only the head in, Rebecca began to run her tongue over it, making it jump and harden from excitement. “That’s a good girl, keep doing that, can you taste my cum leaking out onto your tongue?”Rebecca could feel his balls resting on the top of her face. She could taste the salty cum on his cock and she knew that he intended to shoot his cum into her mouth. What really scared her was that he intended to fuck his cock deep into her throat, making her choke and cutting off her air supply. She would be forced to breathe through her nose. Even after he came, she knew that she would have to suck five more cocks and one of them would be the Judge. He was the most sadistic, and she would suffer when it was his turn.The Commander began to thrust his cock in and out of her mouth. Each time, he would force Rebecca to accept more cock and his cock would go deeper, trying to reach her throat. Two inches were in, her tongue bathing his cock as he stroked her, hoping to get him to cum quickly.”You’re a great little cocksucker, your tongue is teasing my cock, but I am going to fuck your throat soon,” he said and pushed his cock in three inches, then back out to her lips. She sucked the tip of his cock and ran her tongue over it. “You really are learning good, keep sucking,” and pushed in again, four inches now, his cock reaching her throat. Out if went to her lips and Rebecca sucked the tip as hard as she could, knowing if she pleased him, he might not force his cock into her throat.The Commander now gripped her head tightly and Rebecca knew it was time. The next thrust would be brutal and would begin the **** of her throat. She sucked in as much air as possible as she felt the Commander thrust his hips forward, propelling his cock deep into her mouth.”AAAAGGGGG, GGGAASSSSP, WWWRREEETT TCCCCHHH,” moaned Rebecca her sounds cut short by the thick cock entering her throat. Her throat was suddenly forced open by the large cock. Five inches of cock was buried in her mouth, but five inches were also outside her lips. Soon all ten inches would be buried in her mouth and throat.”GGGASSSSPPP,” cried Rebecca and she sucked in as much air as possible before his cock began its descent deep into her mouth and now 7 inches of hard cock was buried in her. “AAAAAAGGGGG,” her stomach began to convulse and shudder from the ****. Rebecca tried to swallow the cock, but it did not matter to the Commander. Her silky throat was massaging his cock.His cock was again pulled from her throat but the return trip back down became faster and faster. The next time she was forced to accept 8 inches of cock, the next 9 and finally the Commander, in one brutal push, forced all 10 inches into the pretty teenager’s mouth, forcing over 5 inches in her throat.”You mouth is exquisite, it is milking the cum from my balls”. He reached down to her neck and felt his cock in her throat. Rebecca was trying to squirm to escape the **** of her mouth and throat, but she was bound tightly. She began to go faint from the lack of air, when he pulled his cock out.”You’re not going to pass out on me, that would be too easy”, he said. “You are going to feel every thrust of my cock and feel my cum shoot into your mouth. When I cum, I want tuzla eve gelen escort you to flutter your tongue over the tip of my cock. Do a good job, or you will be punished,” the Commander said.He began to fuck her face, his balls slapping her face, his stomach bruising her lips as he smashed into her, forcing his cock deep into her mouth. Rebecca could not do anything but accept her fate. She was constantly choking on the big cock and her stomach felt like it was going to turn inside out. He throat bulged open and then shrunk back down, and then again was forced open. Over and over again.”I’m going to cum, open wide and flutter your tongue like I told you,” he shouted. He pulled his cock from her throat and pumped it with his hand into her mouth. Rebecca just barely had a chance to catch some air when he began to cum. She fluttered her tongue over his cock as she received her first load of cum in her mouth. Her mouth immediately began to fill with his cum. It was heavy and salty and tasted awful, but she knew she must swallow it. She began to cough from the large amount of cum filling her mouth as his cock shot another load of cum onto her tongue. As she circled his cock with her tongue, another load shot out.”Suck it down, you cute little teenwhore, drink my cum,” the Commander said, shoving his cock into her mouth one last time as he shot his last load of cum deep into her throat, causing Rebecca to choke on the mouthful of cum she had.He pulled his cock from her mouth, wiping the cum onto her face. Before Rebecca could swallow all of the cum, another cock was forced deep into her mouth, pushing the cum into her throat. The gagging and choking began again, as tears formed in her eyes as her mouth was again ****d.The Judge was the last to fuck her face, and he abused her again. He would force her to swallow his cock and would not pull it out until she turned blue and almost passed out. She was not lucky enough to pass out, forced again to suck in air as the Judge again brutally fucked back into her throat. The Judge ****d her mouth and throat for over 20 minutes, Rebecca thrashing about in her bondage, gasping for what little air she could get until the Judge began to come. He forced his cock deep into her throat and Rebecca could feel his cock coming in her throat, forcing its way down into her stomach. He did not pull out until she had swallowed all of his cum.He pulled his cock out of her throat, but kept it in her mouth. She could feel it growing soft in the warm confines of her mouth.All of a sudden, she felt a shot of salty liquid fill her mouth. He was pissing in her mouth.”Drink my piss, if you drip any out of your mouth, I will beat you senseless,” said the Judge.Rebecca began to swallow the first load, when her mouth was empty, the Judge shot another load in.”Swallow faster, I can’t wait all day,” he said, spraying piss into her mouth. Rebecca swallowed, but as soon it was gone, her mouth was filled again. Four mouthfuls and he was still pissing, Rebecca continually swallowing, trying not to retch.”I can’t wait all day,” and he shoved his cock deep into her mouth and into her throat. As soon as it entered her throat, he began to piss again, forcing the piss deep into her. Rebecca could only lay there, forced to drink his piss.They left her alone again but she knew they would be back again.As Rebecca lay on the bed, she could only think of the pain and humiliation that she had been forced to endure. Since her arrest, she had been stripped naked numerous times, examined intimately, given a forced enema, ****d in all of her orifices and lastly the Judge had pissed in her mouth forcing her to swallow the vile liquid. While the others had been brutal, the Judge was always worse. He took great pleasure in causing Rebecca the maximum amount of pain and humiliation.It felt like morning. It was difficult to determine because her cell had no windows or clocks. They had finally allowed her to clean up again and this time she was allowed to sleep. Rebecca slept for short periods of time, but always awoke from the slightest sound. She was afraid that they were coming back again to begin her torment again.Rebecca cringed when she heard footsteps coming toward her cell. It was only a lone pair, so maybe they were just going to be bringing her some food. A key was placed in the lock and the door opened and Rebecca gasped when she saw the Judge. This was her worst nightmare. He was bad enough when with the others, what would he do to her now that he was alone.”Please, don’t hurt me anymore, I will do whatever you want. You have already ****d me, what else do you want?”The Judge slammed the door shut and strolled over to the locked cabinet, a cruel grin on his face. He unlocked the cabinet and Rebecca could see that she was in trouble. The cabinet was full of torture instruments. Whips, paddles, spiked dildos, nipple clamps, chains, handcuffs and many items that Rebecca did not even know what they were, but she did know that they were meant to inflict pain on her young tender body.”We are going to spend some time together, alone. The others are not around and this part of the jail is soundproof. I so love to hear you scream. I have many instruments that will do that exactly. Quickly, get out of bed and get over here,” he ordered Rebecca, watching with his evil grin as Rebecca got out of bed, already naked and walked toward him.Rebecca stood next to the Judge, trembling in fear. One arm was raised, covering her breasts and the other tried to cover her naked pussy.”Hands to your side, you have such a beautiful and delicate body, do not try to hide it from me.” The Judge stood to the side of Rebecca and began to run his hand over her face, whispering to her “Relax, I am going to do whatever I want to your lovely body and you cannot stop me, so you might as well make it as easy as possible.” His hand ran down her arm, toward her breasts. She felt them begin to run over her large breasts, searching for her nipples. She trembled tuzla otele gelen escort in fear.”Yes, I do love to abuse your tender nipples. By time I am finished they are going to be very sore and tender,” his fingers searching out the nipples, forcing them to become erect. His fingers began to manipulate them, rolling the nipples, squeezing and stretching them. Rebecca moaned in pain, as the Judge’s fingers became more insistent, pulling her nipples from her body.The Judge released her nipples and grabbed the leather cuffs from the cabinet and dragged Rebecca toward the pyramid. If the Judge did what Rebecca thought he would, her pussy would be soon riding the ridge of the pyramid. It was built from two sheets of wood, forced into a point. The point was very sharp and had rough edges.Rebecca’s wrists were put into the cuffs and attached securely. The Judge went to the switch on the wall and the chain began to run down from the ceiling. The hook at the end of the chain fell in front of Rebecca. Her wrist cuffs were attached to the hook and the Judge began to move the chain higher again. Her arms were pulled higher and higher until they were stretched high over her head, forcing Rebecca to stand on her toes.Rebecca’s shapely, young body was stretched high, her breasts standing tall, her legs forced into a strained position. The Judge returned with a set of ankle cuffs and attached them to Rebecca. Another chain was lowered from the ceiling, this time engaging her left ankle. It began to rise, raising her leg higher and higher, forcing all of Rebecca’s weight onto one foot. It raised past her waist and the Judge continued to raise it until it almost pointed straight to the ceiling. She was now naked and vulnerable to the Judge, bound tight. His hand ran over her naked stomach, moving toward her pussy. His fingers ran on her smooth hairless pubic mound, searching for her pussy lips.”Can you get your pussy wet for me Rebecca,” his fingers searching between her spread pussy lips. One finger found her pussy and began to enter her, forcing itself deeper into Rebecca. His finger pushed in then out and then returned again, this time with two fingers spreading her pussy open. “I know you like this, you act like you don’t but I can force you to cum, now give me some of your pussy cream. Wet my fingers.” The Judge’s fingers continued to masturbate Rebecca, three fingers now pushing into her pussy, massaging her cunt walls. His other hand pushed back her clit hood and began to pull and squeeze her clit, forcing a groan from Rebecca.”Yeah, that’s the way, get wet for me. Come on, just think of what I am going to do to you.” Rebecca’s hips began to move slightly, trying not to enjoy the Judge’s masturbation of her pussy, but unable to prevent it. He pushed his fingers in deep and spread them, forcing Rebecca wide. “I knew you could, look at how wet my fingers are,” his fingers glistening from her pussy juice. He took those fingers and moved them back to Rebecca’s asshole. His other hand began again to finger fuck her cunt.”See how your pussy juice makes it easy to finger your tight asshole,” and one finger pushed into her anus, opening her up. Rebecca pushed forward, forcing the other fingers into her pussy. “Your asshole grips my finger so tight, even after r****g your asshole, you are still tight.”The Judge abruptly removed his fingers from Rebecca, her eyes opening in surprise. “I don’t want you to cum yet, young bitch. I am going to keep you horny and on the edge all day.”Rebecca’s leg was released from the chain and was allowed to return to the ground, but the Judge put a thigh strap on both of her legs. He grabbed her left leg and bent it back until it was pushed against the top of her leg and was attached by the thigh strap. Her right leg met the same fate. Rebecca was bound with her legs tied back. She would be unable to support herself if let down.”No, not that, it will hurt so bad, my vagina is too tender,” begged Rebecca as the Judge began to move the pyramid between her legs. When she was situated with her legs on both sides, he began to lower her onto the peak.When her pussy was only one inch from the top, he stopped it temporarily so he could fold her pussy lips back. He wanted to make sure she suffered the maximum amount of pain. The chain again moved down, forcing Rebecca’s pussy to ride the ridge, her weight pushing down hard.”Oh, God, that hurts so bad. I will do anything, just let me off of it.””I will do anything I want to you anyway and right now I want to see your pussy suffer.” His fingers moved to her open pussy, again, beginning to masturbate her. “See, you’re still wet, you love this you little pain slut,” his fingers rubbing her clit, forcing her pussy to cream.”OOOUUUCCCHHHHHH, OOOHH, God, you are cutting me open, don’t force me to move,” her hips moving slightly from the forced masturbation, but the sudden pain as her pussy rubbed on the rough point forcing her to stop any movements.His hands pushed against her abdomen, forcing her to push backwards, eliciting a scream of pain, as her pussy was rubbed raw by the wood. His other hand pushed on her ass, forcing her back the other way. “I love it when you do it yourself. Feel your pussy being abused. Soon it will be sore to the touch. Then I will be ready to begin your torment.”Rebecca gasped as the Judge moved to the cabinet and returned with a pair of nipple clamps and two weights. “Don’t put them on me,” she begged, but she knew that the Judge was not even hearing her. The only thing he wanted to hear from her was her screams of pain.He pinched her right nipple, forcing it to become erect. He pulled it from her body, stretching it out, forcing Rebecca to move to relieve the pain, but rubbing her pussy on the sharp edge. Rebecca watched as the clamp opened in front of her tit and she cringed as it began to force itself over her tender nipple. The clamp snapped shut hard on her nipple. “OOOOOWWW, you son of bitch, you’re tearing my breasts.” The Judge tuzla sınırsız escort released the clamp, the weight pulling her nipple down, stretching and tearing as it pulled.”Now, that’s no way to talk to me,” and his fingers made her left nipple erect as he abused it. The other nipple clamp forced another cry of pain from Rebecca as it pinched her nipple and the weight tugged it toward the floor.Rebecca was slumped forward from the nipple clamps as she rode the pyramid, forcing her clit to now rub on the board, screams of pain coming from her lips. Her asshole was now exposed and Rebecca could not see as the Judge moved behind her. She could feel his fingers rubbing around her exposed anus and she feared what he planned to do now.Suddenly Rebecca jumped forward, screams coming from her lips as her pussy was rubbed across the edge. The Judge had a long pin and stabbed it into the outside of her anus. “I have many more for you, relax, this pain is only the beginning, I have much more for you.” Another pin entered her anus, blood dripping from the hole made by it. Rebecca’s screams were almost continuous as the Judge pushed more pins into her tender anus, circling it with over 10 pins, each time going closer to the center. When all were firmly pushed into her anus, he ran his fingers over them, forcing more screams from Rebecca as it brought fresh pain to her tortured anus. At the same time, her pussy was being rubbed raw from the movements trying to escape the cruel pins.His hand played over her body, eliciting fresh screams as they pulled on the nipple clamps, brushed the pins or pushed her pussy over the edge of the pyramid. Rebecca’s head swam in a sea of pain as she was constantly forced to accept the new wave of pain crashing over her.The Judge returned with a cigarette lighter in his hand and again disappeared from view. “I know you’re a hot cunt, let’s see how hot you are.” He lit the lighter and pushed it over the head of one of the pins. Rebecca screamed as the heat spread from the head of the pin all the way down to where it was pushed into her anus, the pain shooting through her body. Rebecca screamed as he heated each individual pin, fresh pain mixing with the lingering heat from the previous ones. Rebecca’s body shone from the sweat caused by the torment she was undergoing.The Judge stood in front of Rebecca’s face. “Please, I hurt so bad, no more. I can’t stand the pain.””There is much more to come.” His fingers sought out her pussy, pulling on her clit. “Can you get wet again, if you do, I will pull out the pins, otherwise, I will light your asshole up again.” He began to masturbate Rebecca again. She fought the pain in order to get her pussy wet for him. He continued to rub her clit, spreading her pussy lips and running a finger into her cunt. He had to push her up to get into her cunt, so Rebecca got a brief reprieve from the edge of the pyramid.”Yes, you are starting to cream your pussy again,” his fingers continuing to masturbate her. “Keep cumming, a little more and I will take out the pins,” two fingers now pushing deep into her pussy, her pussy juices coating them.He abruptly stopped again, forcing Rebecca’s pussy hard down on the pyramids edge again, fresh pain bringing her back to reality. Rebecca screamed as the Judge began to remove the pins, one at a time, slowly pulling them out, but making sure Rebecca felt the maximum amount of pain as he did. Her anus now had ten burnt and blooded pinpricks.The Judge returned from the cabinet with a small whip. It had five strands of leather, each with a knot on the end. It was built to inflict the maximum amount of pain to the flesh of a female and the Judge was an expert in finding just the right place for the whip to reach.”You are really going to sing for me now, your screams are making my cock hard. When I am finished whipping you, I am going to fuck your asshole. But I am going to do it while you are still on the pyramid.”The whip began to beat against her body. The Judge first started on her back, Rebecca’s screams egging him onto more brutal punishment. He moved down to her ass, the ends of the whip reaching between her spread cheeks, the knots tearing at her burnt and punctured asshole. He pulled her by the hair, forcing her backward, giving him access to her clamped nipples and breasts. The knots brought fresh pain from the clamps on her nipples, forcing her breasts to bounce, swinging the weights, eliciting more pain.The Judge lowered the chains slightly, allowing him to push Rebecca back, her asshole now rubbing on the pyramid edge. This gave the whip access to her spread pussy. The whip beat the already tortured flesh, the knots beating between her pussy lips, beating her clit. Rebecca was hoarse from the screaming, the pain making her crazy. Her body was criss-crossed with whip marks, her nipples bleeding from the nipple clamps.The Judge finally stopped. “You’re lucky I need to fuck you, otherwise I could whip you all night.” Rebecca screamed as a new batch of pain shot from her nipples as the clamps were released. The chain was lowered further, allowing the Judge to push Rebecca, so that her ass was now at the edge, cutting into her beaten pussy.He pushed Rebecca’s head down, forcing her to lie almost flat on the pyramid, giving him access to her asshole. “Unless you want me to fuck your asshole dry, you better get my fingers wet again.” His fingers moved into her pussy from the rear, three fingers this time, forcing her open. He began to masturbate her again, fingering her cunt until she started to get wet again. “Yes, I can feel your pussy juices beginning to run again, keep going, my hard cock needs some of your juices on them. A little bit more,” his fingers massaging her cunt walls, spreading the juices onto his fingers.The Judge removed his fingers from her pussy again and placed two fingers on Rebecca’s asshole and pushed in hard, forcing a scream from Rebecca as her anus was forced to open to accept the cruel fingers. “You are still tight even after us fucking your asshole before.”The Judge moved behind Rebecca and she could feel the helmeted head of his cock rubbing her pussy juice up to her asshole, preparing her for the r4pe of her asshole. She knew it would be painful, as he would force his cock deep into her asshole, pushing her forward onto the edge of the pyramid.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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