Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 25

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Sally lay with her head on Mark Horton’s chest flicking at his penis, “Mr. Horton you’re leaking,” she giggled as copious amounts of pre-cum escaped from his shrinking member. She gathered it up on her finger and tasted it. “Yum! here try some,” She gathered some more and presented it to him. He licked the finger clean. Pre-cum was always better tasting than the full load he thought, almost none of the musty/musky semen flavor.

They had just finished a wild sexual session. She had cum three times, each with great intensity. He had cut it off before he had climaxed, saying he didn’t want it over yet.

She relaxed, her fingers completely surrounding his shrinking penis. She was thinking of what had transpired so far that evening and how his cock got so much thicker but not a lot longer when he was excited. Then she thought of something related to a previous conversation, “Oh! Debate!” she blurted out. After all, Mr. Horton had been the debate adviser when she was in high school.

“Debate?” he asked, startled. She briefly stopped her hand movements.

“Yeah, that’s one of the reasons I won the amateur night contest at the strip club.”

“Debate?” Mark’s curiosity was aroused.

“I kind of have this knack for knowing what turns guys on. Maybe ’cause I’ve sex with lot’s of guys. I did it unconsciously at first and then more deliberately during debates when there were male judges. Debate gave me practice.”

“You, what? Seduced the judges?”

“Well, I guess, kinda. I thought of it as more just encouraging them to vote for me. I’m sure it wouldn’t have worked unless I also did a decent job arguing the proposition. Anyway, debate honed my skills. I just put them to work in the stripping contest.” She went back to exploring how the skin slipped back and forth so easily overt he shaft. “Like it isn’t attached at all,” she thought as she pulled as much as she could past the circumcision point and completely over the tip.

He had propped himself against the wall with a pillow (there was no headboard). He relaxed, gently caressed the thin, almost bony female form laying next to him, his hands spending extra time on her breasts and butt. He didn’t want her to lose her arousal while he was losing some of his.

“Sally,” he introduced something that had been on his mind, who is Maylee? I absolutely do not remember her.”

“Maylee?” Sally drew a blank. She was concentrating on her phallic study.

“At the strip club she said she had been a student of mine.” Before going to the motel, Sally had convinced Mark to stop by a nudie club where her friend and another of Mark’s students was a stripper.

That jogged Sarah’s memory, “Oh! Maylee. Sarah says she was head cheerleader in the class a year ahead of us. She was the one who convinced Sarah to start stripping.”

“Oh, I had thought she was in your graduating class. It’s not always easy to remember all he students from years ago, especially mediocre ones. If it weren’t for the swingers party, I’d surely have forgotten about Sarah early next year.” He did vaguely remember a sophomore cheerleader trying to get him to change a C+ on a mediocre paper to a B by flaunting her body and flashing her eyes at him. He wondered if that had been Maylee. But there had been several incidents like that. He knew he was a decent looking guy and there were constant rumors that he had sex with one or more students.

“Mr Horton,” Sally had noticed his attention drifting off, “Mr. Horton, you okay?”

“Oh, sorry, Sally, just reflecting on past students and the way some girls try to use sex to influence grades.”


“Yes, really. I’m pretty immune to it. It was a bit difficult my first year or so when I was younger and the girls were closer to my age, But now it’s a real turn off when it happens.”

“But you went with Sarah to the swingers party, and now you’re here with me.”

“I went to the swingers party because of Sarah’s Mom. Remember I wasn’t supposed to have sex with Sarah. And neither you or Sarah ever tried to get any special favors in school.”

“Sarah’s Mom?”

“Yeah, I insisted on meeting her to be sure Sarah wasn’t just playing a prank,” He remembered the meeting, the beautiful older woman making overtures and the way she ‘inadvertently’. kept touching his penis. “She’s something else.”

“Yes she is,” Sally admitted, continuing her ‘advertent’ penis touching.

“When I saw them both at the strip club I had assumed that Sarah was stripping because her mom was.”

“Nope, the other way around. Her mom decided to try in the business again because Sarah was doing it.”


“I guess she was a stripper before Sarah was born.”

“When her mom told me she’d give me special attention and make sure I have a happy day did she mean what I think she meant?”

“Don’t know what you thought but if you thought she was offering to fuck you then, yes, I believe so.”

“Do they allow that?”

“What canlı bahis I understand from Sarah is that there’s some kind of arrangement. The cops look the other way as long as there are no complaints.The manager somehow screens regular customers and lets them know who they can offer it to. They do ask for an extra tip. And sometimes both Sarah and her mom go back together. They kind of advertise it, “Astrid and Valkyrie, take mother and daughter back together!” Sally laughed.

“Astrid and Valkyrie?”

“Sarah and her mom, stage names.”

“And Sabrina is yours?”

“Nah, I don’t have one. Just made it up tonight.” She decided she had enough relaxing. She moistened her tongue and began repeatedly running it along the ridge under the tip and then up the underside to his pee hole. It came to life. “Just for you. Let’s fuck some more.”


“Condom this time?”

“I’ve got one.” She took one off the table and expertly unrolled it onto his now hard cock. “There! Ready to give it to me.” She started sucking on the tip. Mark pulled her legs and crotch closer to him and began gently stroking her substantial flaps. They responded by growing even larger and softer. He watched as they spread apart in anticipation of penetration. A penetration he provided with one, then two, then three fingers. It was tight so he didn’t do a fourth. He moved them in and out, pushing against her cervix on each stroke and swirling his fingers around it. Once more Sally moaned with pleasure.

“So, Sally, are you planning a lot of sexual activity when you get to Stanford?” He asked calmly as his fingers worked their way with her, paying special attention to her G-spot and clit.

She was a bit taken aback by the simple question and tried to answer despite her rising arousal. “I don’t … know,” she said, unevenly, “I’m thinking it … won’t be like … Oh! … now. More women for … the … guys to hook up with… I’m not the … best … looker on the block. I … doubt AH! … they will be … as good as my guys.”

She wasn’t just being humble in saying she wasn’t the best looker. She had no figure, being straight as board both front and back and side to side. She had almost no breasts. Her hair was always tangled and frizzy. Nothing she did could hold it down. Her nose was large and slightly crooked, her mouth too wide. She did have large three quarter inch long nipples, substantial labia and a smile that she could use to great effect. And her dark brown eyes, when considered apart from the rest of her features were large and inviting.

“As good as your guys?” He continued to just swivel his fingers in and out.

“The clit, God damn it, the clit,” she was thinking but said, “I had them … all trained to satisfy me. Ohhh! don’t stop… I kind of think … most college guys will be the AH! AH! the ‘wham, bam, … thank you ma’am,’ types… Not at all what I want. Ohhh!”

“Of course not.” He quickly moved both their bodies and his cock was fully inside her almost before she realized what he was doing.

“And you’re probably right about the ‘wham, bam’,” he added as he began pumping into her.

She raised her legs and spread them to better receive his thick, pleasure giving organ. Her body slid back and forth in time with his thrusts.

He grasped her breasts and rubbed his fingers over her nipples. “And you are much more attractive than you give yourself credit for,” he nibbled her left ear.

“Oh?” she smiled.

“You had a whole room of guys lusting after you tonight.” He kissed her neck. “You certainly had me captivated.” He nibbled at her right ear. “And you got enough guys excited to win an amateur night stripping contest.” He was kissing and sucking at her nipples, not stopping his pelvic thrusts or reducing their rhythm.

The conversation about her sexual attractiveness along with his actions had her reaching peak excitement, “Yeah,” she gasped. “I” .. “guess” … “You’re” … “right.” The last word gasped out loudly as she felt an oncoming orgasm.

He sensed the meaning of the increased volume and jammed his penis home more quickly and more strongly. Her body shuddered. Despite his calm manner of speaking he had been in a state of high arousal for some time and had been awaiting her cumming. As she shuddered with a shrill squeal he grabbed her body close to his and thrust into her so hard he lifted her body from the mattress, one, two, three times. Her vagina began pulsing in full orgasm and he exploded with a low moan making two more hard thrust in with no intervening pull out. He collapsed to her side, keeping himself fully implanted inside.

As the last of his semen drained, she encouraged him onto his back, doing her best to keep his dwindling cock inside. She failed and it came out, leaving the cum filled condom behind. Perhaps because of her extensive sexual experience, Sally always had her wits about her and reached down to remove the dripping bahis siteleri latex from her cunt before more than a drop or two fell onto the sheets. She quickly lowered her mouth to his crotch and licked his balls free of semen. Then she engulfed his two inch long, slightly more than an inch thick, shrunken cock licking off any of the remaining sticky substance. Still sucking, she pulled her head back and it stretched to three or four inches. “Penises are such funny things,” she thought as it popped out. She giggled aloud.

Handing him the used condom she said, “Take this and clean yourself up. I’m going to take care of this.” she indicated the bed and licked off the palm of her hand. He did as she requested. He was thinking that he had come much more quickly than he had hoped. He was clearly still aroused.

She straightened out the sheets with some difficulty, they slid around so easily. There was a small wet spot near the center. It didn’t go through and she wiped it dry with a paper towel from the overnight case “fuck kit” she kept on hand for all her sexual activities.

Mark came out of the bathroom as she was arranging the blanket and tucking it in. “Here help me with this,” she requested pleasantly, reaching for the bedspread. The two of them threw it on and she expertly turned the bedding down.

She threw her arms around his neck, and pulling herself tightly to him, they kissed. He held her loosely and gently massaged her back. “That was absolutely great sex,” she told him as their lips, but not their bodies separated. “1000% GREAT!” She kissed him again and released her hold on him. “Jump in, I’m going to the bathroom.”


“I should get back,” he said with reluctance. “I’ve got classes to teach tomorrow.”

“Oh, Mr Horton,” she pouted, “Can’t we spend the night?”

“I don’t see how,” he said with little confidence, beginning to be swayed by the expression on her face. “I’ve got no change of clothes or, even a toothbrush, and I’ll need a shave.”

Sally reached into her fuck kit and brought out toothpaste, a new toothbrush still in its container, a razor, a can of shaving cream and a masculine deodorant. “I’m always prepared in case the guy isn’t,” she sang. “And no one will notice that this one of your grey sport coats and this pair of your dark slacks is any different than any other. All white dress shirts are alike and no one cares if the black, white and blue diagonal striped tie is the same as yesterday’s or not. I doubt your underwear smells enough to matter.” She actually picked it up and sniffed heavily, “Nope, good to go, you’re set.” She smiled broadly and enticingly. “When are the classes?”

“10:30 and 2:00.:”

“Plenty of time to make 10:30. I know you’re already as prepared as you need to be. And you’ve gotta be tired. You know sleeping here instead of going home would best.”

He wasn’t totally sure there would be a lot of sleeping and rest in the motel, but he knew what he wanted and her face said “stay” in such an enticing manner that he wordlessly slipped between the sheets.

She walked into the bathroom. He looked at her figure from behind. “Lack of figure” might be more accurate: no waist, no hips, no butt, totally flat sides and back. skinny legs and a disordered mop of mousey brown hair. What did she have? There was the almost 3 inch gap between her legs from which large vulvar flaps extended, and even waved back and forth as she walked. They definitely drew his attention. More than that he knew it was in the way she smiled and acted so interested in him and sex.

He was tired and already asleep when she emerged from the bathroom. She slid in next to him, pressed her crotch against his leg, and lay one arm on his chest. She began teasing at his chest hairs. Not wanting to wake him she resisted feeling his cock or balls. but she did allow her hand to make forays into his pubic hair as she fell asleep.


Mark awoke. Sunlight was creeping in through the edges of the curtain and shot through a few worn pinholes. It took him a few seconds to realize where he was. He reflected back on the sensual evening before. The rumors of him being involved with former students had come true. First with Sarah, fulfilling the “cheerleader” part of the rumors, and now with Sally. Despite the considerable pleasure, he was beginning to wonder if it were worth it. And it wasn’t that the rumors might intensify, it was something inside himself. He was already feeling more sensitive about it. And worse, he was enjoying it, and wondering about other former students. “What would Maylee be like in bed?” His cock began to stiffen.

Looking at Sally, her arm still over him, he speculated again about her power over men and where it came from. A look at the alarm clock on the night stand assured him it wasn’t much after 7. He calculated he need to get away by 9:30 to get a fast breakfast and make it to his 10:30 class. bahis şirketleri He rolled on his side and Sally stirred.

“Hi, Mr. Horton.” She popped up as if she had been awake all the time, and smiled her broad, winning smile. “Nice night last night, huh?” Her hand went right to his testicles and began massaging them.

“Yes indeed,” he acknowledged.

“Let’s fuck again!”

“We need to be on our way back by 9:30 and have time to get ready.”

“Over two hours! Plenty of time to fuck AND shower together,” she smiled and pushed him gently onto his back. “Let me ride.”

She straddled his hips and sat on his partially hardened penis. She wiggled back and forth until she felt the staff centered between the folds of her labia. Then she moved her hips back and forth, bringing him to full erection and lubricating him with her juices.She leaned forward to be sure her clit participated in the vulvar massage. Then as she felt the tip of his cock reach her vaginal entry, she rose. The staff rose with her and she slid slowly down on it until she was sitting erect with his manhood fully engulfed in her womanhood.

“So Mr. Horton, A good looking guy like you …”

“I’m OK looking,” he interrupted to admit.

“More than OK. Your looks are why there are all those rumors about you having sex with a student of former student.” She didn’t miss a beat in her ride.

“You think so?”

“I know so. Every girl in the school fantasizes about having sex with you and the rumor makes such a thing seem possible, if only vicariously.”

“But every girl? What about the shy, the timid, the modest, the innocent. Like Pamela Roberts, or Kate O’Reilly, or Eve Wilson?”

“Those shy and innocent ones are the most likely to have fantasies. Take Kate, for instance. There was that poem.”


“Oh, of course, you might not know about it. That was in Mrs. Thorp’s class. It was Junior year.” Sally explained, without missing a beat while she rode him at a gallop. “She assigned us to write poems using some technique or other and had the student’s read their poems to the class. I don’t remember Kate’s poem in detail but it was about this garden. There was stuff about the wind caressing the walls and the rain vibrating the gates and stuff about flowers opening their petals. The specific language made it clear what the garden was. Then there was this sequence that started with a pink pony gently pushing it’s head into the gate. The pony began moving into and out of the garden. As it did so it grew and hardened into a huge horse that barely fit inside. It crushed against the ivy walls and began moving in and out ever more quickly. It’s movements brought rain that moistened the garden and then there was this earthquake that opened the door into the vault at the end of the garden and the horse rose up and breathed out a stream like cream of white butterflies. The butterflies flew into the vault and one of them alighted on the sleeping princess, awakening her. I can only give you the general idea but the language she used made the poem seem very explicit, at least to me. The boys seemed bored. I was wet and I think Mrs. Thorp was masturbating under her desk. Mrs. Thorp had had the class discussing the symbolism in each of the poems but with Kate’s she quickly called on the next student. Anyway, Kate is definitely not immune from sexual fantasy.”

Mark had been massaging her breasts and nipples as she told the story and had begun thrusting his hips up to meet her descending crotch.I can see what you’re saying,” he told her, trying to imagine the small, thin, shy girl he remembered reading a poem like that to the entire class. “Maybe she believed the symbolism wouldn’t be so apparent,” he thought. That would fit what he knew of her personality. His mind imagined that he was thrusting into Kate. “God,” he thought, “I’m really attracted to the good looking but not overtly sexual A students. I wonder if Kate would …” he shut down the thought.

“Anyway. Mr. Horton how come a good looking guy like you doesn’t have a girl friend?” She leaned forward and kissed him.

He had a bit of trouble refocusing on the present, “Kind of personal.” He kissed back and began thrusting harder into her willing cavity.

“And what we’re doing is completely impersonal,” She said, bringing herself down, hard onto him and holding there. His upward thrusting paused. She squeezed her vaginal muscles against the hardness inside her to emphasize.

“You’re right,” he admitted. “Just never connected and then got too interested in teaching to be looking for anyone.” That made him start considering the entire pool of former students. Imagining one or another of them riding him he repeatedly thrust up hard.

“Never connected?” She allowed herself to slide up and down on his shaft as he did the hard work.

“The couple of women I did get close to wanted someone with more prospects and ambition than someone who aspired only to be a high school English teacher.” He grunted as he thrust up,wondering what a former student might think about her former High School English teacher.

“I’m sorry.” She began swinging her hips in a variety of ways to vary his sensations.

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