Sara’s City of Secrets 1: Foothold

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Sara’s City of Secrets 1: FootholdAuthored by pobox731 Inspired by an xHamster member.Previous: “Sara’s Beach ‘bate”Sara has a voyeuristic encounter on the beach with two unknown girls”Sara’s City of Secrets 1: Foothold”Sara is an olive-skinned raven-haired beauty of Mediterranean descent. She’s recently graduated from high school and is sorting through all the normal urges, desires and hormonal-induced appetites of the age. With her mother’s sultry eyes and her father’s other classic features, her trim athletic build and encyclopaedic recall, she commands plenty of attention at any gathering. Her Achilles’ heel is that she is unusually shy. Sara is a paradox. Sara wants to see some of the sights in the nation’s capitol before her fall semester PoliSci classes begin. Her friend back home has a step-sister named Carol who lives there and Carol has graciously offered Sara a place to stay for the duration. Every little bit helps, as Sara’s got a very tight budget.Carol meets Sara at the terminal and greets her with a warm hug like a long-lost friend. The two immediately establish an easy rapport. They locate Sara’s bags and start toward the exit where a very impressive limousine is waiting. “I’m sorry about running a little late. I was in a meeting with a vendor that ran long.” Carol apologizes.Carol is a tall, lean, fair-skinned woman, with short hair of an amazing copper color. She stands a full head taller than Sara, and is about ten years her senior. She has long legs, a tiny waist and a well-proportioned chest. Her designer business suit showcases her figure.Carol’s a corporate officer for a very successful company that provides high-end catering for events in the area. As such, she has access to a great many invitation-only parties and gatherings where the powerful elite often conduct their business.”I’d like to return home now please Mr. Phelps, and there’s no particular hurry unless Sara is pressed for time.” Carol says to the driver, looking at Sara for a confirmation. Sara indicates she’s not in a hurry and then long car pulls away from the curb.”It’ll be about a 35 minute trip. May I offer you anything?” Carol asks, opening the bar. “Water will be fine.” Sara answers. Sara looks around the interior of the limousine. “Is it just me, or do limos make you a little … frisky?” Sara asks. Carol does not answer right away. She places a bottled water in Sara’s hand, leaving her fingertips resting lightly on Sara’s wrist. “Today — yes.” Carol chooses her words carefully as her bright blue eyes search Sara’s for a reaction.Sara feels herself blush and looks away briefly. When her gaze returns to Carol again, she’s still studying her.”You’re concerned about what I’ll report to my step-sister, aren’t you?” Carol asks. “Well, don’t be. This is a city of secrets, and I’m nothing if not discreet. One has to be to survive in this town.” Carol says reassuringly. “Something like ‘We had a lovely time, you saw the sights, and the entire visit went as smoothly as silk.’ Does that sound about right?” Carol suggests.Carol goes on “If you’re not comfortable with me, the kitchens are on the way. We maintain a few bahis firmaları guest suites there for visiting VIPs and you’re welcome to use one and a driver to get you around — as my guest.” Carol takes Sara’s hand in her own. “I was hoping you might” Carol kisses Sara’s fingers ” want to stay in my home.”Sara’s heart races. Carol’s clearly offering more than a sofa, blanket and pillow. Sara found Carol attractive from the moment they met. There was something about her self-confidence and ability to get results that excited Sara. Carol’s social standing and good looks further feed Sara’s desire.”I’m not … I’ve never been with … I don’t know if I’d be very good at …” Sara stammers as she collects her thoughts. Sara swallows hard. “Are you lesbian?” Sara finally blurts out a complete sentence.Carol strokes Sara’s hair. “Sweet, adorable, innocent Sara.” Carols says quietly. “I am a chameleon. I am whatever you want me to be. If you don’t like women, I can get any number of magnificent men for you. If you like both genders, we can have a private party I promise you’ll never forget. If I’m not your type, name it and she’ll appear.”Carol continues “Power is a universal aphrodisiac and this city has no shortage of powerful people. Sex is a major form of currency in my circles, and I have all the connections your heart and body could desire. If you truly want to understand how the powerful operate, I can show you things you’ll never find in a book.””If you just are not sure about your sexuality or are not at all interested, that’s fine, too. You have a safe place to stay here, regardless. I promise you won’t have to do anything at all that makes you uncomfortable.” Carol assures Sara.”I’m actually in the comfort business.” she adds. “Catering is just what established our foothold.” Carol smiles warmly. “You haven’t answered me about where you’d like to stay, and I’m afraid I’ve frightened you.”Sara bites her lip. The old, shy Sara would have found a polite way to stay in a VIP room and end up lying awake at night fantasizing about what might have been.”I’d love to sleep with you.” Sara says. “No, wait, I don’t mean sleep with you, I mean share your bed. No, I don’t mean that either.” Sara is flustered and having an unusually difficult time expressing herself. “That’s still not right, because I kind of do. Oh dear. Can I start over?” she asks. Sara takes a deep calming breath. “I’m sure your home is lovely and I’d be honored to be your guest there.””I’d love to have you.” Carol replies.”Thank you, that’s very generous. Very generous. Are you always this nice to people you just met?” Sara asks.”I see great potential in you, Sara.” Carol answers.Sara blushes. “Thank you, Carol.” Sara says finally.”Let me guess about your ‘playtime’ preferences.” Carol continues. “You’ve been with men before and have enjoyed some of it tremendously, but not nearly as often as you might like. You’ve not yet been with another woman but you think about it often. You’re thinking about it right now, in fact.”Carol was uncannily correct. Sara simply nods. She’s not yet comfortable voicing those thoughts.Carol smiles kaçak bahis warmly and glances at the clock. “We still have a short wait yet. Do you trust me enough to try a little something? Don’t worry Sara, I don’t want you to feel pressured to reciprocate until it feels right for you. I’m not a high-pressure type.” Carol says in a friendly tone. Sara nods mutely. “Foot.” Carol says, patting the seat beside her. “Are you ticklish?” Carol asks.Sara slides back into the corner and places her foot on the seat next to Carol as requested. “A little ticklish, yes.” Sara confirms.Carol slips off Sara’s sandal and places it on the floor. She strokes Sara’s foot gently as she looks from every angle. “You have beautiful feet.” Carol says. “You could model — professionally.” Carol looks directly at Sara. “I know people. People in all sorts of publishing, from international fashion to adult. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll set something up.”Carol rubs her palm down the length of Sara’s sole and back up again. She interlaces her fingers between Sara’s toes. “So pretty …” Carol says softly to herself. She licks the underside of each toe with the very tip of her tongue.Sara is nearly overwhelmed by what she sees and feels. This beautiful, powerful woman in her expensive designer business attire and in the back of her very own limousine is worshipping her feet like some sort of a sex slave! A low, lusty moan of approval escapes Sara’s lips.Carol removes her fingers from between Sara’s toes and blows cool air over them. Carol then holds Sara’s foot near her face. “Extend.” she says simply. Sara points her toes. Carol places her chin on the balls of Sara’s foot and presses against her, looking deep into Sara’s eyes. Carol slowly extends her tongue, wagging it left and right, over Sara’s toes. More and more tongue appears. It never seems to end; it’s freakishly long. Carol’s tongue reaches considerably further than the length of Sara’s toes. Sara’s eyes widen in a mixture of disbelief and thinly-veiled desire.Carol smiles broadly. “I was hoping you’d appreciate that. It’s one of my hidden attributes.” she teases.Carol holds Sara’s foot by the heel and takes the largest toe into her mouth. Her lips form a tight seal around the base, and her cheeks grow concave while her tongue swirls around Sara’s digit. Carol’s nails lightly rake the back of Sara’s calf as she firmly licks the underside of the toe and locks her eyes with Sara’s.Sara leans back and her hands grasp at the seat in an effort to steady herself. The familiar electric tingle has returned to her belly, but for a brand new reason. The warmth and wetness of Carol’s mouth and the skill with which her tongue moves make it clear that she’s no stranger to this. Sara is both surprised and excited by the way her body’s responding. “Mmmm, that’s really nice.” is all she can manage to say.Carol releases Sara from her mouth and smiles.She admires Sara’s foot again and notices the ring of lipstick she’s left. “Oh, this will never do.” she says. Carol gets some tissues from the dispenser and carefully wipes away the mark. “There.” she says, pleased with kaçak iddaa the results.Carol glances at the clock again. “Please don’t think me selfish, but time flies.” she says. With that, she carefully places Sara’s foot squarely between her legs. “Extend, then relax. Extend, then relax.” Carol instructs.Sara feels Carol’s soft warmth on her sole, and it’s intoxicating. The silk of Carols suit against her sole is a brand new tactile delight. She does as Carol requests, alternately extending and relaxing her foot.Carol’s breathing grows more rapid as she grips Sara’s ankle with both hands and presses Sara against her. Carol varies the positioning slightly as she rotates her hips. Her eyes close. “Keep going, Sara. Just like that. Keep going. Keep going.” she murmurs.Sara slips her hand inside her own skirt and begins to rub herself. Memories of her special day on the beach not long ago flood back. This time, she’s much more involved and it only serves to magnify her emotional and physical responses.Carol’s eyes suddenly open wide and drill into Sara’s. He body begins to tremble. “Oh Sara!” she says, clutching Sara’s foot to herself and nodding. “Please finish me, Sara!” she pleads.Sara wiggles her foot from left to right as well, pressing firmly against Carol’s heat. Sara now feels a lump in Carol’s crotch that wasn’t there before. Sara’s fingers dance inside her skirt. “Yes, Carol, yes. Do it. Do it for me, please?” This is as dirty as Sara’s able to speak, but her voice is sincere and Carol knows it.Carol’s legs clamp around Sara’s foot. Carol’s eyes close tightly, her nose wrinkles, and she bites her lip. She groans loudly and her entire body shakes.Shortly after her trembling subsides, Carol hurriedly gathers a large handful of tissues from the dispenser and carefully stuffs them inside her pants. She smiles at Sara. “I’m completely drenched and we wouldn’t want to display a large wet patch to Mr. Phelps, now would we?” she laughs.Carol showers Sara’s foot in adoring kisses before slipping Sara’s sandal back on. “That was wonderful, Sara.” she says, sliding closer to Sara on the seat. “I promise you a much longer uninterrupted time this evening for a proper thank-you. I know you didn’t get to finish, and I apologize for that.” Carol says. “Are we okay?””Yes, perfectly.” Sara nods and smiles.”Uhm, Carol?” Sara asks. “Are you … pierced or anything down there?””No. Why?””Oh.” Sara says, pondering her answer. “Oh!” Sara exclaims when she realizes what this might imply. “It’s just that for a moment there I thought I felt a penis.” she says.”It’s not a penis. I promise.” Carol replies. “It’s another one of my hidden attributes.””She must be huge.” Sara thinks to herself as she settles in for the short remainder of the ride.Sara’s feeling quite proud of herself. It’s been a big day, and she feels like she’s really made progress with her shyness and self confidence. So far she’s- met a beautiful, powerful woman who’s taken a liking to her- seduced her in her own limousine without even really trying- had her toes worshipped- given the woman an orgasm with her footand they hadn’t even kissed yet!All of this before the evening meal.Carol snuggles close to Sara and holds her hand. “When we get home, we can start your lessons in how the powerful operate.” Carol says.Carol lays her head on Sara’s shoulder. She smells so feminine and pretty.

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